Which Mars In Aries Experience Are You?

Which Mars in Aries experience* are you? Is it like lockdown resolutions where you start out planning to make your own spirulina and pasta but end up with garish and vaguely insulting “same again?” suggestions from the food delivery algorithm? 

Or in the Mars equivalent, you set up your mission H.Q. and scale every goal to be suitably extreme. This Mars trip has a soundtrack, a primal thudding doof of a thing. Fuq taste. Mars needs music that speaks to the adrenals, not the mind. When you’re Mars-attuned, you can look like you’re “doing some laundry” or “checking email.”

But mentally, you’re advancing on all fronts, streaming across harsh terrain, eyes squinting to scan for threats and opportunities. If this were only Mars in Aries – in isolation – it would be so simple. You’d speed and swerve, invent the map on the fly and aim for a pure momentum play.

But Saturn squaring? It’s like you invent a hovercar, paint it red with your favorite rune on the side and just as you’re getting up velocity, you have to stop and supply some bullshit tire permit.

Resentment Is Like Assigning Elite Paratroopers To Guard The Local Mall

Time Wasted Trying To Tell Government A.I. Your Magical Hovercraft Does Not Have Tires: Ten trillion hours. Yes, Mars is hyperbolic and more enraged by delays than hostilities or obstacles. Fight Skill: Saturnine compliance tasks at high-speed or done like a pit stop. 

With the Pluto square, you could splutter to a halt – having burned all your self-assurance fuel seething with resentment or envy. Fight Skill: Targeting. Bitching it up in your mind or being that narrow is like setting your elite paratroopers to guard the local mall. 

The Jupiter square is not nearly as problematic; you run low on stamina or money but reanimate it, like in a game. But what if it’s a gamble? Is your sense of mission inspired or just common hubris? Fight Skill: Objectively assessing the odds. 

And if you’re trying to ignore the Mars in Aries experience, it’s still there, bobbing around like a cage fighter or an Aries eager to interrupt. 

You may as well go all out. So how are you going with it? 

*Mars is in Aries – the sign it rules – for an insanely long period of time, late June 2020 until January 2021. It is further amped by sharp-angle alignments with Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. 

67 thoughts on “Which Mars In Aries Experience Are You?”

  1. With Sun, Mars and Jupiter in Aries I think I might be feeling this a bit. My new fight skill is to subvert (or is that invert?) my standard modus operandi …. by remaining calm, poised and in a state of (relative) inaction – instead of initiating and charging forward. This is partly to lick and heal old battle wounds and partly to let my dreamy Pisces moon take the reins whilst scanning (neutrally) incoming opportunities. And let go of the resentment of the years (pain, rage, fuuuuury). The result? My Mars experience has been my teeny social enterprise run from rural SA has been given a lot of love (thank you angsty Melbournites et al in lockdown) and am picking up peeps from all over the world (so can continue to support disabled artisans in Cambodia during their horror year), ran a crowdfunding campaign for a mob of bush artists that went beserk, found the best psychic ever, and have been approached (invited, supported and offered patronage) to stage the mother of all comebacks… (and there’s more, lots more) …I take none of this for granted. I try to do as little initiating as possible, stay off social media (obligatory when running a cyber business) as much as practicable and put my head down to get the work done and keep hanging with plants. Oh, and then there’s been the friendships and the King of Wands, and King and Knight of cups, the Sun, the High Priestess, the Moon, the Ace of Pentacles in my MM Tarot this week .. and healing…. thank you universe.

  2. Wow, having just experienced those three squares to retro Mars this week I am stunned by the accuracy. Love these fight skills tips! Wish my ‘objectively assessing odds’ skills were better though, ahhh..

  3. Red Lipstick Virgo

    Wow been doing some epic healing around my Father and my masculine side (quite unexpectedly) it’s all unconscious and body stored trauma release – very powerful and not surprised given then Astro – think I am chanelling it to a very positive effect.

  4. Hmmm wel Aries rising here – I have got a hell of a lot done this year – battlefield job trying to persuade a section of regional Australia that a new cultural centre is exactly the injection of awesomeness their town needs, a stalled Reno reinvigorated, a long term relationship resuscitation and my motto: perfect gets in the way of done. With natal Saturn conj mars in cancer and gemini merc retrograde , I’ve developed patience with obstacles and have come to see the divinity in delays – universal will is stronger than personal will. However, that Jupiter square has knocked me around with wild energy fluctuations. Hard to get shit done when I can hardly get out of bed.

  5. ok, think this is my peak mars experience…
    had to call the police as the guy above me decided to have yet another party above me at eleven o clock at night…i hate it, he sounds like he’s coming thru the roof, i get so tense and adrenalised
    his ‘mates’ then started being arsey with the police!
    they sort of got quieter but i could still hear em
    so selfish
    the day i move out of here will be sweeet!

    1. I’ve had issues with neighbours upstairs too! I’m trying to be all zen about it, but every now and again I lose it, so I’ve been working hard on shifting my focus and finding ways I can improve the situation. Looking at what’s within my control and solutions oriented rather than sitting with what infuriates me and letting the tension build up in my body. Home is supposed to be a sanctuary.. Best of luck x

      1. thankyou-i have told the landlord and he says he’s changing the locks in 7 days, so we’ll see
        but yes i could modify MY response to it…i get so adrenalised & fearful, dont know why
        best of lick with your situation xx

      2. I had such situs quite some time ago, and may I say, it’s absolutely normal to have an adrenal fearful response. Because you need your sanctuary, like everyone, and your need may not match more extroverted/oblivious neighbours. I did also feel like i was just broken somewhere, and not coping with what others seemd to. But i learned other neighbours hated the same situ and did nothing only because they hated to draw conflict or retribution.

        As an owner now, i can still be in the same apartment horror with neighbours. I thank my lucky stars for mine, even though they revolve (much more frequently before Covid19). I reckon being a renter accentuated my sense of uncertainty, and probably also reflected that in very real ways. I try to advocate for all the renters in my building. But I am not your neighbour.

        I am not even going to TRY with the headphones suggestion, or any other “helpful” ideas bc i do not know your neighbours nor what would work. However, complaints from more than one tenant can have a combined impact.

        Sounds like your landlord is as good as they can be under policies they must abide by. That’s actually a grace. Another thing, but which takes time which noone may have, is the little chats among other neighbours. Not about the crapstuation, necessarily, but kind of checking in and being interested apart from that. If anyone of you people can, that can help.

        Wish you all fortitude, peace and a lucky break xxxx

      3. thankyou so much, ive only just seen this-should i get a notification if people reply to me?
        the good news is-he left tonight!!!!!
        the relief is immense
        thankyou thankyou thankyou
        still got traffic noise, but hey ho, at least i know it dies down after a certain time.
        thankyou for your good wishes, i hope i never have this again xxx

      4. He left?!?!?! Brilliant!!!
        Traffic noise is unsettling, but also constant, in waves. If you can’t yet take it as white noise, you will know you’re still sensitive to Wight noise ( look up what a Wight is). I accidentally had headphones tuned to nothing again this morning. Long story short, musical choices interrupted by domestic thing, and just kept going with increasing peace of self, smiling and waving to neighbours, popping out.

        Just saw a raven wing up from greentreed horizon to cross a wisp of cloud in a blue blue sky. Listening now to a new artist from the Nairobi ambient scene. Ah bliss! Nearly called another owner about a property issue, and my own voice pronounced ‘Shabbat’ – he will be at his Temple. So, with my own choices of sound and silence, am I.

  6. This is off topic but I just wanted to thank you Mystic for this weekend’s wonderful Daily Mystic message. It was all about the Jupiter-Neptune trine, and – such wonderful synchronicity – I read it when on a little break from watching ‘My Octopus Teacher’ on Netflix. A film about an exceptionally intelligent sea creature, if that isn’t a perfect expression of Jupiter-Neptune energy! Also, the Moon has just moved into Cancer, another water sign. The film is beautiful by the way, recommended for lovers of nature and the sea in particular…

  7. Unicorn Sparkles

    Yesterday the other half went into meltdown as the website he was consulting for a quote suddenly inexplicably ceased to exist. The phone number he was calling to book a medical procedure diverted to an error message their head office had,”never heard of before” and the alternate number he was given rang out. Over and over. When I rang the number it was answered but as soon as he took my phone he was put on hold in a press #, press $, press % sequence that then led to another 25 minutes on hold. Watching him was like watching a self perpetuating squash ball bouncing around the court, gaining momentum, turning into a small fireball and then punching its way through the wall. His hovercraft does not have tyres.

  8. I have a question for Libra Suns/Ascendants regarding these Days of Mars: Are you powering gracefully ahead like Legolas? Whatever obstacles are thrown across your path – & there have been an infinite number since the ZapZone – you vaporise effortlessly with your Mirkwood bow? Is this a new dawning for the Fair Ones, i wonder?……(dear god please let it be so)

    1. My birthday is tomorrow. This Mars is opposing my natal Mars in the 8th house. I’m just like…dealing with it. It’s fine. I cut my finger today while chopping potatoes. Learning to be less neurotic

      1. Happy birthday, libraquarian, and may the birthday wishes last all month (my leo friend assures me they do, and either side!) Late but sincere blessings xx

    2. Love the Legolas comparison, Orlando Bloom, real-life Libra, really personified the best of Libra in that role 🧝‍♂️ My ex is a Libra and he certainly had a hell of a time, in the most literal sense of the expression, during the early Zap Zone (in his then relationship). He has remained gracious though, and may have more depth to his character than before.

      1. Hahaha, Legolas emoji. Yes, i wonder if all the harsh challenges since the ZZ have honed their combat skills and now with Mars opposing it’s all systems go? My partner is a multi Libra & I’m in awe of his focus & drive through this Mars epoch, esp since the retrograde. It’s as if the positive powers of Mars & Venus are fuelling him. Like Attila the Hun but with excellent manners.

    3. I’m reading about all the other Librans and getting slightly jealous (keep up the good work you Legolasses though!!). I’ve been a mess. My natal Mars is conjuct my Sun. The most Martian thing I’ve done since Mars entered Aries was participate in a martial arts tournament – but I flagrantly failed there in a really embarrasing way.

  9. Just checked the post linked above and realised I’m a mars person.
    Had no idea but oh yes it makes sense now.

  10. Ignore? Right now i’m in a hotel room & over my bed is a classical art print of Mars riding in his chariot wielding a large sword, next to another print of Mercury. It’s almost too blatant now.

      1. Mars has just been informed he needs to supply that “b-s tire permit” for his chariot *horses rear* *Mars blames Mercury retrogading over in next pic* 😄

  11. THIS >>>>>>> “It’s like you invent a hovercar, paint it red with your favorite rune on the side and just as you’re getting up velocity, you have to stop and supply some bullshit tire permit.”

    1. “Time Wasted Trying to Tell the Government: ten trillion hours.” 🤣
      This is how my Mars TSquares always feel BureaucraWasted time tick by! I’ve learned I prefer dealing with the private sector, if I had to choose. And no, not private multi-fingered-in-many-secret-pies institutions (church run things, for example.)

  12. Whatever has happened in the past week or so has amped my clumsiness. My right hand is covered in bandaids – burns, cuts, bruises and grazes…Also five or six near accidents on the road (cars coming out of nowhere) and witnessing two bingles (thankfully not major). I have natal Mars in Scorpio in the 12th so I’m accustomed to enemies/antagonists appearing out of the mist – but this is really challenging me! Flashes of rage notwithstanding, I’m considering tattooing ‘expect the unexpected’ on my forehead…

    1. Mystic corrected my Mars as late 1st house, rather than 2nd cusp. So, if my experience can enhance yours, i know that any breakages or near misses to do with what i usually wield well (knives, glass, fire) are actually linked to poorly managed speed. We call it Rushing. We may call it Zooming Ahead, Getting the Crap Done ! But it always tells me i’m more tired than i know, to slow down and be careful. I’m a strong 12th house and that sort of stuff, so i remind you that you share the roads with tired, stressed out, poor judgers. Everyone is late to something. You will reflect everything Mars at this time. (My Mars in Cap would like to add, have insurance details and basic first aid in your car. But i know doing this can both empower and worry.)

      I’m getting the Retro Merc in Scorpio, and my 12th is 0 degrees. You are my message, i feel, thank you.

    1. Me too! But I’m learning to harness it better. Sometimes it feels like trying to reign in a run away horse, though, it’s never easy.

  13. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    THIS: more enraged by delays than hostilities or obstacles. 
    I need to learn to be patient and bide my time

  14. I love this.. somehow this feels like the story of my life in short .. (?) (I don’t know if I’m interpreting my chart correctly but I do see some similarities..). In fact, my profession is fighting (lawyering) the government about all sorts of permits ..

  15. So doing the Saturn fight pattern and dealing with the system from the inside just to get things done, telling 10 trillion times that it’s all good and just sign off on it …… aaahhhhh. Rewriting reports because you do it in chronological order, which they have never seen before, yes i’m a cap and yes that’s how most people usually write reports. And time is counting down to move to other work and still waiting.

    1. This. My usual feeling about inefficient and/or poorly delivered adminichanges at work (to be more “streamlined” 🙄 or tick off a “wellbeing” box 😬😤.) How is efficiency or wellbeing served without consideration of the middle tiers? The lowest tiers actually need middle-tiers not running behind the 8 ball.

  16. I’m making an effort to be courageous and fair but also not too tolerant. I found myself taking a stand today against someone who was being an energy vamp and acting like a bully. Just being really badly behaved and to one of our teachers. I’ve obviously developed drama deflection skills too because she tried to draw me into a “talk outside “ and I said bluntly that I just wasn’t interested. She made a huge show f weaponising her perceived victim status but I refused to take the bait or get sucked into some kind of rivalry. It’s interesting to watch people vying for dominance in a social situation. Mars in Virgo, 10th house. Conjunct my Mercury. And Sun. The 48 years of handling the Saturn squares to my sun moon and mars has made me bully proof.
    Un manipulate able too.

    1. Just out of curiosity, are you a teacher yourself, Invicta? Sun-Mercury-Mars in Virgo would be suitable for that, it seems… And very good at telling it like it is in verbal conflicts, I assume 🙂

    2. Oh I just had to have a pointless conversation and of course argument/discussion with the captain. I kept telling him look this is so pointless. It’s done, it’s over, it’s organised now shut the f*** up but no he just loves to rage. I literally cannot be in the same space as him. I think he also got pissed off because leave days have fallen in my favour and he has lost out on his argument. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  17. ‘It’s like you invent a hovercar, paint it red with your favorite rune on the side and just as you’re getting up velocity, you have to stop and supply some bullshit tire permit.‘ 😂

  18. Mars is hanging in my 10th house, cozying up to my Jupiter and squaring everything I have going on in Capricorn – my stellium and transits.

    Somehow I’ve been rather chill. Sure it may be the cbd and ashwagandha – otherwise I’m sure id have lost my cool by now – but isolating myself and working from home have done wonders for avoiding all the merde out there in the world. I’m just fine here until well after the US election is over.

    I figure I can’t control the world but I can control myself and keep things in check to focus on what’s important (hello 6th house stellium)- my career apparently. And channeling this mars energy into my workouts. It’s done me a world of good and my adrenals are in great shape for once. 💙

    1. After three months in lockdown in the spring I can honestly say I felt fabulous. I had lost weight and was feeling almost serene. The adrenal stuff seemed to be at bay, stress headaches and desperate anxiety were all but gone. But now the end of the season I am feeling frayed and exhausted. Again. What is this world about,,. Do we have to near kill ourselves to exist.

      1. I think we could only really understand how much we kill ourselves over the day to day struggle by having a chance to step back from it. Remote work is the way to a happier healthier society! I hope it’s a sign of things to come, and you can find that peace for yourself again!

        At least we can let go just a little more now we know it just isn’t worth it and better IS possible.

  19. if anyone needs music that speaks to the adrenals, Byron boys Parkway Drive’s albums Horizons, Deep Blue and Atlas are somehow both a salve to the soul and a bass drum thumping, guitar wailing war cry. 🖤

  20. Crikey, this guy should be added to your Aries Eyebrow post. Enjoying this so much, for the comedy and the good-handed inspiration of Fight Skills 😃

  21. tMars is my co-ruler and has roller coaster over itself, Pluto n MC.
    Now being nice for a few days while I refuel with a flame thrower.

  22. I’ve been running high octane fuel into my red beast but apparently the fuel filter needs a ream out. Celery is the new unleaded!

  23. It’s like you invent a hovercar, paint it red with your favorite rune on the side and just as you’re getting up velocity, you have to stop and supply some bullshit tire permit.’ LMAO!!! Yes!!!! Spot on 😀 Hilarious… only, too true!

    1. I had not seen your comment yet, Alex, but I quoted the exact same sentence just now. I find it supremely funny and very comforting at the same time! Thank you Mystic, you sweetened my day 🍒

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