The Pandora Papers

Wow! How cool is this synchronicity?! Retro-Mercury is exact conjunct asteroid Pandora and a gigantic data leak exposes an unprecedented amount of potentially “explosive” intel?

Asteroids should not, logically, work but they specialize in eerie synchronicity like this. I also love the idea that whoever named this project is clearly switched on.  There are apparently 2.04 terabytes of data to be released/revealed over the next week.

I’ve been saying that this Mercury Retrograde will be uniquely litigious and I think this fits the bill.


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  1. is it just me who thinks Putin’s fillers are shockingly bad?
    I know it’s not the worst thing about him but what’s the point of having all that power if you’ve got terrible fillers in your face and everyone’s too scared to tell you?

  2. Just wanted to thank everybody for the endless laughs I’ve had reading the comments, in these “heavy” (Neil from Young Ones voice) times… (also, disclosure – my natal Gazstar is alone unaspected in Cappie, perhaps squinting at/semi-sextiling my natal Neptune in Saggie. Love asteroid astrology – Signed, My natal Pandora is cj my natal Hekate at 13-14 Aquarius, trine this new moon.🤯🙌🧝‍♀️). Xoo

  3. Many moons ago, heard someone tell of a nordic country, Sweden, Finland maybe even Denmark where they head hunted fledgling politicians from Universities, those with excellent grades then paid them shitloads of money so they got intelligence with (unlikely or less) corruptness. Utopian thinking or for reals?
    Often wondered how much Trump’s handshakes earned him whilst President.
    Power to the People she says waving a fist.
    (Oops that tired me 🙂
    Waving flowers was too softcore.

    1. Being a politician is actually a career here in Sweden. They indeed get paid decent wages and benefits. Their private lives are not dug up by media. The family can have a relatively normal life. The kids can bike to school. The flipside is that we only get career politicians – those that choose this at University level. So, in times of crisis, there is no scope for a maverick to quickly take charge. It works very well as a long term stable democratic tool.

      1. Hi Darling, so it must have been Sweden by the sounds. But wasn’t Trump a maverick?? I know what you mean though, an arriviste arrives outta left field so to speak and has brilliant policies to shake things up 🙂

        1. To me yes, but more than that he was an avant garde performance artist or something. I don’t exactly know what he was yet and probably people will hate my saying this but I see him and AOC as being two sides of the same coin. They could well have been headhunted by the same group. There’s this theatrical over identification they both do which is incredibly charming to anyone who feels represented by their archetype and has felt ignored or invisible or even scorned by the centre. It’s more performative than substantive their appeal and the effects of the kool aid are so intoxicating that any rational critique brings on a knee jerk emotional reaction (derangement syndrome) and renders the drinker incoherent and unable to remain rational. It’s as if you’re insulting their most treasured personal darlings. I’ve tried talking to friends who in other ways I’m close to and we can discuss things with objectivity, good faith and humour but touch ye not that topic or handle the vomit barrage of incredibly subjective niche talking points shot out of the media machine gun. Blink. Sigh. More yelling.

          1. Also, and this is my shadow stuff, like both of them I cannot resist an opportunity for unwarranted provocation and egotistical hubris. I’m actually jealous they’ve managed to use their outsized personalities to such effect whilst I languish miserably in London with only my sewing machine, podcasts and this blog for consolation 😮‍💨

    1. I read that too – wonder where Pandora was 18 months go when journalists first started reviewing files for “public interest”.. I can’t imagine a central decision maker also following asteroid astrology for this first drop, but – anything is possible!! X

    2. The first leaks / hacked info was 2016 (Panama papers); a year later the next big batch was named Paradise papers; now in 2021 we have received the Pandora papers.

    1. I call him Fuqerburg. There’s a whistle blower there too about how they ignored the damage done by instagram to influenceable youths.
      Hope it was a deliberate cyber hack that cost them a billion and with shares falling 5%.
      Wish was 50%.

  4. !!!!! That is batsh*t. I wouldn’t think whoever named it *knows* about the Asteroid…but who knows? Of course, now I’m looking up the activities of Pandora in my and others’ charts and natally. Trezzz interesting.

    1. That’s it! I am continually surprised by weird asteroid synchronicity even though Mercury sq Pluto is the main astro-play here. Also, this Mercury/Pandora conjunct Putin’s Mercury-Neptune – fyi

          1. Can TOTALLY see this. His completely dysfunctional relationship with his *mother makes this a dark Gary in extremis. It gives him that sinister man of mystery, danger & grift persona. Culturally he would not go surfing like Oz Gazza – this Russian Gary’s relaxation pass time is wrestling bears in Siberia. His relax wear is mostly army & camo, though i’ve also seen Putin rocking double denim when visiting orphanages.

            *I seriously urge you to look up Vera Putina – even just the last para in wikipedia…. shivers.

              1. Yes! it’s the pan-continental Gaz wear, and the more white washed, the more hard core Gaz …. now considered vintage. (My fave description of it is the *Canadian tuxedo*)

    2. It’s BONKERS! Another crazy asteroid synchronicity is in the Covid-19 chart. When the Chinese revealed to WHO & the world that there was a new & potentially dangerous virus on the scene back in 31-12-2019, Pholus was also conjunct Mercury on the MC.
      Pholus was a Centaur & is connected to healing & in modern times viruses. In the myth, he is the one that opens up the flask of wine whose scent sends all the other centaurs into a drinking & fighting frenzy in which he dies & Chiron gets the injury that never heals.

      1. I know!!
        Skarab I am so with you on this issue.
        Also googled that actress you mentioned in the Linda post.
        Most beautiful woman ever.
        Particularly now.
        More so than ever in the context of the current mortality reminder avoidant / nihilistic youth worshiping/ hedonistic death wish social delusion.
        There is something powerful about showing every gorgeous mark of time.

      2. I knew the astro of that day was out-of-control appropos but I didn’t know about Pholus, Skarab! I know Mystic is saying that it’s like these weird drive-by synchronicity events that are peak asteroid functioning, but whenever I try to convince peeps about the asteroid phenom, I bring up Gary!

        1. Our mate Gaz – he’s the bloke you call when you want a job done. I noticed he was working in stealth mode from Scorpio in a tight & surreptitious semi-sextile supporting Pandora-Mercury on the day the news was spilled…. coincidence much?

          1. OMG I knew it!! Gaz had to be in there somewhere. Can you imagine the Gary papers? They’d be rollie papers, mate!

          2. RIGHT?!?!?!!? Over in the natal chart arena, EVERY ex of mine who had goofy 80s stoner hair has a prominent Gazstar.

  5. Snap! So wanted to mention this and synchronicity or intuition had me opening MM and abracabra here it is! Was wondering if it was an ‘all is being uncovered’ by Pluto (as the underworld) busting Capricorn (as $ representative) ass.
    Pandora box indeed! Hope closed it off or was that written at the bottom of the box.
    Heavenly Pandora opening up Mercurial communications.

  6. When Pandora opened the box, knowledge discord but also hope was released. Perhaps, this is just what the masses need to know that there is hope that there will be accountability.

    1. ‘Things are not getting worse,
      They are getting uncovered.
      We must hold each other tight
      and continue to pull back the veil.

      Hope absolutely.

      That’s my wallpaper for phone found on Pinterest and posted on FB.

  7. I knew you’d be all over this Mystic! Can’t wait to hear more on this from your perspective once more is known.

    These are the blessings of Mercury Retrograde!

    1. All copacetic Invicta?
      In the cheer squad for Pandora with me?
      Wouldn’t mind to be loaded up totally like an ancient priestess-queen with Pandora jewellery.
      Fashion and beauty is my default interest when not reading complicated life changing tomes with a side of biology -pathology thrown in.
      Hugs across the oceans.

      1. 🤗 so much pandora cheering going on here Pegasus. I’m absolutely loving this
        enjoying the sewing so much I’ve started hand sewing too now. It’s incredibly soothing and works better than machine sewing for those fine details where I need total triple Virgo accuracy 🤗 Using bedsheets donated to the mask making initiative (women’s institute) at the start of the pandemic as a patchwork fashion project. 🤗 massive hugs back 🤗

        1. popped up to post script this comment
          clarification as this is in the public domain
          The reason I’m using (reusing actually) the donated bed linen from WI is because they will otherwise end up in the skip. I didn’t nick em. 🙂
          unfortunately preloved fabric, particularly bed linen has a faint smell of its ex lover’s pheromones. It’s problematic for masking purposes so WI ended up buying fabric for their masks and scrubs.

          1. Yeah bed linens are so personal and not only pheromones but the energetic imprint of the previous sleeper are there.

            1. Yeah, it’s not been an issue for me so far. I thought it would be. Much like my inner radical minimalist existential dread of “clutter”. It’s sub optimal absolutely but I can cope. Particularly when I’ve sewn the garments myself with love. I love buying new fabric. It’s like a heroin addiction. But reading about the fashion industry and how grossly unsustainable it is has softened me. Also mixing it up with other fabrics from my stash and totally reincarnating it seems to be fine. I’m viscerally sensitive to vibes so if I’m drawn to a fabric that’s good enough for me. I’m currently typing this in a pair of rust coloured and blue pyjamas made entirely out of some rando’s old bedsheets and I feel nothing but comfort and have been sleeping and lounging peacefully in this pair for months. So. Yeah you know. The refashioning process definitely transforms the energy emg. I’m never much into the fabric itself but by the time the garment is finished and if it fits well. I’m stoked. 😁

              1. Bear in mind I’m a devout carnivore which possibly makes me immune. I like to think my vibes are more powerful and dangerous than any residuals

              1. Have loved your whole thread on this, Invicta 😂💗💗 And you are totally channelling your Pluto transmutation, and performing energetic magic. Intention is magic. Thus, hand-sewing beautiful.🪡🌹🧵

                1. Thanks Earthstar 🌸
                  I was laughing yesterday when I wrote that because yea it is a transmutation and very Pluto. Saturn has been massively helpful for me too. And This. Website and community 🌸

        2. My grandmother taught me hand sewing, the tiniest stitches and what type to use for different fabrics. She used to make golliwogs for fetes until they were outlawed as politically incorrect.
          Much younger twin cousins still have theirs on their beds, now collectors items, the patchwork handiwork just beautiful.
          Sewing can give you such a sense of pride looking at the stitches.
          Reminds me of the song ‘Season of the Witch’ saying you gotta pick up every stitch 🙂 first sung by Donovan (’66) but listen to Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger’s version.

          1. yes! It’s changed my life. Sounds insane but it’s true. The zen like feeling of making something rather than only consuming feeds me. I have so much hunger and an embarrassingly huge appetite for consumption. Jupiter rising, Having a prodigious output has balanced me. It’s a practice and the only kind of meditation like practice I’ve been able to continue with under all circumstances. Because clothes. Haha

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