The Brides Of Saturn


There is a peculiar syndrome that can strike after Saturn Return and before Uranus Opposition. A.K.A. during your Thirties. That is the phase when people can become a Bride of Saturn – yes, any gender. And while the astrological Saturn [ Read more…]

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Astrology For The Lovelorn

Astrology love compatibility queries generally fall into five different camps. And they can be broadly answered with five distinct responses! (1) Unrequited Love Agony. The unique hell of encountering your perfect-for-you, Everything person only they are not available for intimacy. [ Read more…]

A New Constellation

The Rite Of Passage Transits


The rite of passage transits occur to everyone at about the same age, regardless of your individual astrological chart energies. So, you can plan for them! They are like milestones and they loosely go along with each decade’s big birthday. [ Read more…]