Do You Have A Galactic Birthday?

Do you have a Galactic Birthday? What even is a Galactic Birthday? It’s when you’re born on one of the days of the year that feature the Sun (or Earth) near one of the points that connect our solar system to the wider galaxy.

And if you were born during a meteor storm that also counts because meteors are interstellar – old cultures saw the people born during these showers of shooting stars as standouts, usually in a good way – ie: you would have been deemed shamanic or gifted with unusual powers.

Find out if your birthday – or that of someone close to you – is galactic below. These don’t come with ‘delineations’ btw, because there are none. But you’ll spark your own and many of the classic scientific definitions, especially the older ones tucked away in the Smithsonian-NASA’s astrophysics archives, can be surprisingly inspirational.

January 3-4

The Quadrantids meteor shower – short and spectacular, with often up to 100 ‘shooting stars’ an hour, the Quadrantids emerge every year from a point near Arcturus – the Bear Guardian/King Arthur star. The ‘parent’ comet is still unconfirmed but the meteor stream is thought be from a gigantic comet chronicled by Japan, Korea and China in the 15th Century.

January 5/6

This is Perihelion, when the Earth as as close to the Sun as it can possibly be. It’s also when the Earth’s motion is the fastest, as it speeds up in response to the Sun’s gravity. Another maximalist indicator? Visually, the Sun looms largest in the sky at this point.

February 6-10

Peak of the Alpha-Centaurids meteor shower. They come from the Alpha Centauri star system, for years the top contender for nearest extra-terrestial intelligence. That theory was canned in May 2019, after Proxima Centauri zapped out the strongest stellar flare ever recorded – 17 septillion joules. It’s now rebranded from ‘potentially habitable’ to ‘weird physics.’

March 15-17

You were born with the Sun conjunct newly discovered (February 2023) exoplanet TOI-5293A – nobody has given it a fancy name yet. It’s huge – bigger than Jupiter, hot – more than 3000 degrees Celsius – and fast-spinning – a year takes 20 Earth days.

March 17-22

Regardless of whether this is your Spring or Autumn Equinox, the Sun aligns with the so-called South Galactic Pole at this point and the Earth itself is near the North Galactic Pole.

April 20-23

The Lyrids, arguably the most iconic Meteor Shower of all, peak at this time. Chronicled and annually awaited for nearly 3000 years, they “emerge” from the Lyra constellation and, like January’s Quadrantids, can produce up to 100 ‘shooting stars’ per hour, including some stunning fireballs. They’re extra-radiant every 60 years – 1982 was the last ultra-amped Lyra display.

May 19-22

These birthdays are when the Sun passes by the Pleiades star cluster – the Seven Sisters/Seven Hathors and a whole host of other associations – with its array of mind-boggling interstellar features and the stunning Merope Nebula.

June 16-23

The Sun is opposite the Galactic Center at this time, conjunct the so-called Anti-Center. It’s not ‘anti’ as in negative – it’s just that the Sun is as far out as it gets in its orb. Earth, on the other hand, is closest to the G.C. at this time.

It’s also the Solstice or close enough. This is not only when the Earth’s axis tilts to its most extreme but also the Sun crossing the Galactic Equator, the point where the Ecliptic plus the Galactic plane converge. It’s like a junction where one of the highways goes straight to town or country and the other to the wild magical unknown in both directions.

July 3-4

These birthdays are at Aphelion, when the Earth is as far away from the Sun as it can get. The orbital rotation mode apperently slows and the Sun – whether it’s Summer or Winter for you – seems smaller because it is further away.

July 27-August 3

The Sun moves through the Beehive or Praesepe cluster – 1000 stars that move as one and probably were one at some point. It apparently has leaders and renegades even. This ‘star dynasty’ has been known for so long it’s even cited in myths describing the battle between the Olympians and the Titans.

September 20-25

The Sun aligns with the North Galactic Pole and yes, this aligns with the Equinox also. It’s interesting that the Solstice and Equinox points are all galactic – referencing remote phenoms in a vast cosmological matrix that (technically, officially) has only become apparent with recent advances in space-tech.

October 20-23

The peak of the Orionids Meteor Shower. Breakaways from the basically famous Halley’s Comet, they appear to emerge from the most widely visible constellation – Orion, near Gemini.

November 23-27

The Sun passes the Blue Horsehead Nebula, familiar to many because it’s super-photogenic. Oddly, it’s a Dark Nebulae but various reflective phenoms give it an indigo/ultra-blue glimmer and of course, it can resemble a horse’s head. Like Ophichius and Orion, it’s a stellar nursery – stars are born in there!

December 14-16

The Sun aligns with the Dark Horse Nebula – a gigantic and genuinely dark star cluster that is dense enough to conceal whatever lies behind it. Speaking of galactic mysteries, see also the Great Wall!

December 16-23

The Sun aligns with the Galactic Center and crosses the Galactic Equator. This is a super-intense zone and while it’s standard to talk about Saturnalia and the December Solstice as a seasonal thing – especially in the Northern Hemisphere, where it coincides with mid-Winter – I wonder if ancient cultures somehow knew of this being essentially our Sun’s Sun?

December 28-January 2

The Sun passes the fabulous Messier-22 – a cabal of celestial anomalies, black holes and beautiful blue stars, including the one at its center.

Even if you have no natal points near any of these zones, it can be interesting to observe the dates. Thoughts?

13 thoughts on “Do You Have A Galactic Birthday?”

  1. I don’t fit any of these but I was born in the middle of the night of the new moon with zero illumination. Have always found comfort in the dark.

    1. “Comfort in the dark” resonates with me also.
      This year I discovered I was born on a Full Moon. Which gives way to the natural amplification of the full night sky, as certain full moon’s draw an intensity of magical magnetism.

  2. I was born on 24th september, but to be honest I never felt that equinoxes were special. I’ve always been particularly excited by solstices instead, even before being into astrology. then I found out that my jupiter is at 0°cancer in the 12th, hence my love for summer solstices in particular. in italy we celebrate on the eve of the 24th june, but I always felt the magic of the 21st june, especially when I was living in the countryside. I remember wearing specific clothes and make-up for no particular reason on the day, and being extra happy if the 21st fell on a weekend and I could go out dancing 🙂 <3

  3. Wow!! That Galactic alignment article is so cool, I’ve struggled to understand the Mayan calendar & he has outlined & pulled together all those parts of the puzzle, so amazing!
    Thank you Mystic 😊

  4. Yes! But I wonder if it explains some of my strange birthdays. I’ve been rear-ended at a stoplight by a pair of 13-year-old girls who stole a car, conked over the head by a mugger and awakened in the emergency room, and most recently, had massive heart failure! As a consequence, I’m wary of birthdays.

    1. Hi BillyD, i obviously don’t know you but nonetheless, your post about your birthday experience was alarming – please do take good care of yourself!! All those events really cover the broad spectrum of “inauspiciousness”?! Did I read you talk about your Leo sun before, is it in the “Beehive” cluster..? In any case, try and protect yourself with whatever tradition(s) you follow – carry a pouch of salt, or sacred mala, or pic of favourite deity – and maybe the odd mantra. Positively activating Aquarius sign in your life at that time, could work too (for balance)?. Anyway, fingers crossed from this reader that you have much better (and safer) bdays!! Good wishes to you. ☺

  5. Whoo-hoo! I do! May 22nd. Seven sisters connection actually makes sense. There are many myths about these stars related to sacred women’s ceremonies and stories, which I have a long-standing interest in. Thanks Mystic for the heads up x

    1. Interresting! My birthday is May 21st, and i grew up near mountains called the seven sisters. Can you tell me more? Or where to read about more? I find it very mysterious and interresting!

  6. I saw a shooting star recently. At the time it was a moment of natural wonder or was it an optical illusion? As the Oracle asked me to look up for the old star for navigation. These dates hold a significance for many reasons. MM you’re always onto it, I thank you for guidance, intelligence and wisdom.

  7. Is there an “orb” for this??? You know when you kind get a small swish of this rather than a full blown whack.

    1. Sure! And also, there are mini-eras when the outer planets are hanging out at one of these points, so a bunch of people are born with the ability to perceive something more, for want of a better word, out-there. What’s swishing you?

  8. I have Sun & Mars at 25 and AC at 27 Gemini opp GC and Neptune on my DC at 27 sagg… and NN conj sun, Mars and Ac. I have seen many futures… never sure when it’s my energy I am feeling… and my whole life feels like one big mission. Like even ordering a coffee. 🫠 exhausting at times…

  9. I was! I’m 26° Sag sun. Always operating on multiple levels, which I’m obviously used to but it can be too much for other people. I get alot of “how does your brain work?!” and “your brain is hilarious”.

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