Are Christmas Babies Astrologically Significant?

Hey Mystic,

I recently found out that December 25 is the rarest birthday, and also the birthday of a handful of ancient prophets. I was wondering if there is an astrological significance to this day, or am I just having a status crisis right now? Lol.

Much Love from the Curious “Christmas” Baby.

Hi Curious Christmas Baby,

Thank you for this interesting question. Until now, I had no idea it was the most rare of birthdays. I just checked the stat and yes, aside from the once every four years only date of February 29, December 25 is the least common birthday.

Cynically, it may be because if a mother is having a C-section, it would be unlikely to be scheduled for that day. In fact, the most common birthdays in America, England Australia are September 16, 19 and 26.

Xmas seems to be a more popular time to conceive, rather than give birth.

The 25th of December is the Sun at approx 3-4 degrees of Capricorn which MAY have some super esoteric meaning that I am not aware of. But i always thought it was “sacred” due to being right after the Solstice.

It WAS however, the birthday of Mithra – the Persian Sun God – who was also worshiped by the Ancient Romans, especially the men of the armies, as he was fairly patriarchal and blood-thirsty as a God.

Mithra and his December 25 birthday were a.k.a Sol Invictus or the “Unconquered Sun.” This is the “invincible Summer” referred to by Camus centuries later.

Mithra performed non-stop miracles, was born of a virgin mother and had 12 disciples. Many elements of his story – including the birth date – were “adopted” by Christians.

Adonis – son of Aphrodite a.k.a Mari or Sea Maiden was also said to have been born in Bethlehem close to this date, witnessed only by shepherds etc.

Yule was a Pagan Solstice festival long before Christianity. Many of the current Christmas customs comes also from Saturnalia, the (Northern Hemisphere) mid-Winter festival intended to honor the Sun at its lowest point, the longest night.

So you are special in that you’re a Solstice child, born at an extreme time of the year and near the turning point of the invincible Sun. Solstice people often enjoy turning points and when you’re born near the Winter solstice, the comeback moment is particularly compelling.



And – from Clarissa Dolphin:

Adding to the extremely rad mythological and astronomical dynamics outlined by Mystic, the science and preternatural experience of the December equinox is pretty interesting to consider.

Since astrology is (historically/unfortunately) Northern Hemisphere-centric, residents above the equator are very familiar with the long nights of winter that kick off around Christmastime. 

Every equinox / solstice (cardinal solar seasons 0° Aries, 0° Cancer, 0° Libra, 0° Capricorn) occurs during an extreme point in Earth’s axial tilt, impacting the literal amount of light reflected onto the planet from the Sun.

Aries is light returning, Cancer is maximum light concentration, Libra is light fading out and Capricorn is minimal diffuse light in the Northern Hemisphere. 

This begs the question, does light = life? E = mc² status, gravity bending light. Does the physics of the earth’s seasonal tilt influence terrestrial birth rates?

But if that’s the case, then are sh*t tons of babies born on or around Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere during below-the-equator summertime versus the birth rate in above-the-equator winter?

And also, seriously, aren’t dark nights baby-making time? Apparently, in the United States, most babies are born in July and August, spawns of when their parents got freaky around Christmastime.

One thing I find fascinating about modern humans is our artificialness, not imbibing the astronomical impacts of celestial forces in the way our primeval ancestors did.

Could it be kind of simple, that darkness gets people under the covers and then when the Sun is out, there is an inherent physiological gumption to roam around outside and do sh*t?

What do you think?

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  1. My ex-hubby was supposed to be born on Dec.25th, but ended up coming on the 27th…after a cyclone had ripped through his hometown.

    Both his maternal grandfather and maternal uncle were born on Dec.25th though, which makes it strange that he was also supposed to be born then.

    We used to celebrate Christmas on the eve of the 24th, then head to uncle’s place on the 25th for a massive birthday party.

  2. According to my very ancient 13 month Lunar Calendar 0.00 to 1.59 Capricorn are interpreted separately from the remaining Capricorn degrees, these 2 degrees representing the day of the Solstice & what is termed “The Nameless Day”, these are associated with Cancer, Moon & Lunar Deities; in effect these are Seagoats subruled by the Moon.
    Interesting that during the 3 days that precede Christmas Day December 25 (December 22, 23, 24) the Sun only moves 2 degrees. Odd.

  3. I am a midwife in the public hospital system in OZ. We catch babies whenever. Unless obstetric emergency then we have to wait for Dr. Thank goodness, for all those babies who want to come when they ready!! All astrologically correct!! Always work the holiday season on birth suite, but I don’t think there’s much special about date, as it’s epic religious appropriation. Much more inclined to be awestruck by Walpurgis night/Beltane babies and Hallowe’en and All Souls Day bebes.

  4. hmm! I am having my first child and the due date is Dec 25th.
    Of course due dates are almost never spot-on… But this was interesting to read!

    1. I was born on my due date. My dad was a dairy farmer up north where the local hospital had one doctor. Anyway the doc was so sure I wouldn’t be born on my due date he went fishing. Mum went into labour that morning at 7 am but had to wait 3 hrs for him to be retrieved, and it held me up ! The difference in my astro is huge between when I could have come and when I did.

      1. Isn’t it something that women in labor are told to wait and hold a baby in so that a doctor or midwife can arrive in time? I’ve always been of the opinion that the baby and mother’s body KNOW when it’s time to come! Do you feel like you resonate more with the time you would’ve come? I suppose everything happens for a reason, so you’re likely exactly who you’re “supposed” to be. 🙂

    2. congrats! Thought I would quote this, “Naegele’s rule which i use almost everywhere in the US for calculating due dates is faulty on at least two points: his method is not based on scientific fact so much as personal observations of women in his practice. Few women have a 28 day cycle and ovulate on day 14”.

      Having said that, my two were in two days of their due dates!

      Congrats Mirela, enjoy your little prophet/prophetess.

      1. Exactly! I have irregular cycles, so there’s really no way of telling when baby will show up. Initially my feeling was the winter solstice/dec 21… We’ll see! No matter when it happens, I am already head over heels in love with this kid. 🙂 Thanks.

  5. Interesting question. I was due on the 24th but staying in until the 27th. I am the black sheep of the family (not self-imposed, the relatives could see it from day 1, apparently) and am a very lateral, creative thinker but don’t suffer fools well. I guess these are strong traits for most Caps.
    Loved the bits about Mithra. Thanks.

  6. kataka/gemrising/scorpmoon

    The Carina “14 image is very beautiful and I feel sad in my interpretation of it. Is it a tattoo for a baby who has passed away?

    1. No I don’t think so – Saturn is associated in ancient mythology with the black sun – the sun in midwinter – hence Saturnalia being right after the Solstice. To me this image says Saturn – Eight – Ace of Cups – the Sun under duress – Invincible Summer

      1. That pic makes me think about the fact that they recently discovered that the Earth’s water predates the SUN.
        We are roughly 80% melted interstellar ancient ice blocks. 😯

        So to me the sun in that pic looks like it is saying, ‘Oh here we go, there i go melting things again… Now what?’.

    2. To me, this painting is a representation of the dark sun in winter, the earth which is represented by the urn (rose symbol stands for Isis/Mother Goddess) and of the human sacrifice (ashes). These sacrifices were conducted during Saturnalia – for the guarantee of the sun to rise again another year.

  7. Equilibrium Girl

    I was due to be born on the 25th Dec but my Dr was away on hols so basically Mum was encouraged to lie down and not do much in case I decided to pop out. I ended up staying put for another week (sleeping in – nothing’s changed) and out I came on the 31st. My Dr was off somewhere else that day too so the midwife delivered me.

    Awful time of year to be born. Xmas/ b’day “joint presents” my whole life. Plus everyone is usually busy or away so they have no time for you. Can be a lonely time of year for me – oh, and I’m turning 40 this year so that’s kinda starting to kick me in the guts a little. Blergh. Age. I guess I’ll just sharpen my Cap cheekbones and strut around feeling the increasing wisdom 😉

    1. I agree. I was born on 12/25 and it’s really one of the most boring days of the year for a birthday to fall on. always an inconvenience to spend it with friends or go anywhere fun.

      on the bright side, I work a schedule with public holidays so I never have to go to work on my birthday.

      1. Amanda aka AbsintheDragonfly

        Dec. 24th baby here. I completely relate to this hassle of trying to get together, and the doubled up gifts!

        I always insisted if they wanted to double up the gift, it must be in birthday paper 😀

        1. Another 24th baby here and always combined pressie.
          Even had a birthday party when i was young that my mum organised on the 24th and no one came because they where all to busy with christmas…

          It’s also the one day a year were you can’t take a day off cause it’s to busy….
          But at least i can go shopping for interesting things and lots of yummy food lol lol

          1. That is terrible that no one came to the birthday party. 🙁 Im sorry about that.

            And I thought I had it tough with my bday being in November! (I always got combined gifts too)

  8. “born on April 5th with his sun/mars/eros/psyche in Gemini”: something not adding up there? April 5th is Aries sun, no?

  9. First things first – this Agnostic loves her some JC Superstar. But I watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Phantom of the Paradise a hell of a lot more often 😉

    It’s alleged that Yeshua aka JV was actually born on April 25th. Ditto for the Prophet M. Keep in mind my sociopathic ex who was born on April 5th with his sun/mars/eros/psyche in Gemini and Cancer placements said that, so, it could have been his narcissism talking instead, lol. But yes, Yule inform Xmas. What do snow and decorated trees have to do with Christianity – absolutely nada.

    1. Exactly there is a whole Jesus tag on this site, Jesus was not a Capricorn, Jesus – A Leo, Jesus Was an Aries etc etc.

      And don’t start me on Easter…the nadir of all stolen Pagan festivals, complete with eggs, bunnies and its very NAME coming from the Dawn Goddess…So hypocritical.

      If you have not already read Barbara Walkers Encylopedia of Myths and Secrets. Mindblowingly awesome.

        1. Those guys worship fish! Not that fish aren’t worthy…I’m just saying, that’s a long way to go to cover up a lie. Truth is always far less upkeep, regardless of what you think you gain with a lie.

      1. My Goddess library circa 2000 when I was appraising second-hand antiquarian metaphysical books was beyond amaze-balls. I still feel pangs that I sold it for pennies because there were many rare titles and classics like the ones you pointed out.

  10. Eh, it’s only rare because it’s one of the least staffed days of the year in birthing centers and hospitals in the Christian parts of the world where Christmas falls on Dec 25.. So only the most unpreventable births take place on that day. It’s not something that’s explained by astrology.


      Nice statistical analysis. My son was born on the 24th, if it wasn’t right then and there our doc (a great warrior maiden and natural birth champion) would have left for vacation and we would have gotten The Mean Lady who would have drugged mother into a forestalling. In fact his conception was Jupiter/Node trine my natal sun, and the later stages of pregnancy (his mom was bedrested; I held a full-time job, and kept the house up while putting 3000 calories daily into the two) began my Saturn transit. Saturn = the world is crashing down, and you somehow become a father, chef, home contractor, excel master, writer, careerist, ass-kicker, no-nonsense, yoga-slim, perfectly graying, perfectly balding (lmao) perfectly OK human being.

      1. Talk about alignments…my boy’s conception was Orcus conjunct my natal Venus (our natal Venuses trine), Saturn conjunct my natal Moon (he’s a Cap sun), Jupiter/NNode trine natal Sun (he’s a Saggo rising), Mercury/Mars doing a Grand Air Trine with my natal Mercury and Mars. Sometimes I think our children bring themselves into the world. That would totally be my Son. He was supposed to be a preemie!

    2. Problem with that theory is that the more populous countries either aren’t very Christian (India, China) and/or don’t have a highrate of doctor-assisted births in hospital.

  11. Grandmother on my Dad’s side was born on 12/25. She was an entertainer. She played the harp in the ’20s and was in the first all female orchestra led byPhil Spitalny. She was a firecracker! I wish I knew her much better than I do.


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