Daily Mystic For Thursday 16 June

Regardless of where you are on the planet, the next 70 hours or so are super-Saturnine.

That is, the Moon is currently in Saturn-ruled Capricorn and it is heading toward Saturn in Aquarius, with that conjunction occurring on Saturday/Sunday.

The exact time for it is not important. It’s more that this energy can feel gloomy or constricting and, of course, there are few light diversions in the atmosphere at large. But don’t let this sink into a slough of despond or self-guilting: I have the antidote!

Go with the vibe rather than resenting or fearing it.

(1) Think long-term – gaze backward and ahead, take in the entire scope.

(2) Gather legit data to use in your planning material – it’s harder than you might think but push for it.

(3) Confront whatever you’ve been low-grade freaking out about with an analytical, detached consciousness.

Whatever you have to climb or climb out of, you can do it with focus.


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