Daily Mystic For Friday 25 to Sunday 26 March

The Moon will be in Capricorn then Aquarius and the Lunar Nodes are activated, accentuating your awareness of time cycles. It could also inspire some astute micro-moves, positioning yourself for something more speedy or definitive with the New Moon next week.

However, the main vibe du jour is Venus conjunct Saturn. It’s in effect from now until Tuesday, no matter where you live.*

If the mention of Saturn evokes a shudder, chill: Venus-Saturn isn’t frivolous but has benefits. There is a metaphysical and a practical component – mix and match as required.

Practical Venus-Saturn: Getting the measure of specific relationships and allocating or re-allocating your resources accordingly. Defining boundaries. Aquarian-ish romantic innovations introduced with airy ease. Attending to the business end of any alliances – eg: shared funds or establishing basic principles re parenting. Think structural. And, as Venus is also your aesthetic and creative sensibility, the next four-five days are fab for lucidly planning out the sort of things you’d usually intuit or feel your way through.

Metaphysical Venus-Saturn: Sensing the esoteric gravity of certain relationships, romantic phenoms and style eras in your life. Sombre, wise reflection and realizations around Venusian matters. A stray comment that makes you more aware of time and how it intersects with your current image. Being called on to advise someone much younger or who is in a predicament you were once in and associated semi-shamanic perceptions around this. It would be like deja-vu but an upgraded version.

*This is not one of the astro-alignments where the exact moment is super important but FYI it is exact on Monday 28 at 19.27 Universal Time.


Image: Mattia Lau

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Corduroy jeans

Love the artists you introduce us to, MM. You really are a ‘broker’ or agent? of art, culture as well as astrology and history, all at once, and even then, I haven’t even scratched the surface. Hmmmm, and as for Venus and Saturn – vintage, classical, historical decor/fashion/photography?
Idk, but thank for the art project idea. 🙂

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