For When Pluto Is Your Muse

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For when Pluto is your Muse…but Mercury is Retrograde. Mercury first hit Pluto on December 20 but it’s still ongoing. This is a New Moon near Pluto and Mercury has two more hits on Pluto to make before Feb. That [ Read more…]

dark skinned hand model with jewels and red acrylic nail manicure. Her hand is on a white vintage telephone with mysterious markings on it instead of numbers

The Scorpio Frequency


Happy Scorpio New Moon People! This one was near Mercury and so yes, it came with a message and/or window of opportunity. Decipher it and heed it to ensure more consistent transmissions from the Scorpio Frequency. Scorpio, of course, brings [ Read more…]

Happy New Moon


Happy New Moon People! It is in Gemini and on Mars + Eros + Sappho – enough vim & poetry to satisfy even the most jaded P.I.A.B. It’s also a renewal of zing – as ANY New Moon is but [ Read more…]

Happy Pushy New Aries Moon

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Happy New Moon in Aries! Okay, so i spent the Dark Moon skulking in a strange Eighties Decor Tapas restaurant with Sicilian Scorpio, scheming. What else do you do on a Dark Moon with Sicilian Scorps? Then, because it really [ Read more…]

Yoga at railway station

New Lunar Aqua Vibe


What to make of a New Moon in Aquarius NEAR asteroid Icarus (just thought I’d throw that one in there) with support from worldly Saturn AND Mercury going retro-bats? It’s fully in favor of an upward morph, via unconventional (at [ Read more…]

Sex, Money, Metaphysics & You

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Insights and movement around Sex, Money, Metaphysics, Values, Old Baggage, the Occult, Spooky Schizz – ridiculously weird news days, strange dreams and relationship strategies that would make Machiavelli or a Borgia swear in their sleep – there is NOTHING this [ Read more…]