Daily Mystic for Monday May 22

Mars arrived in Leo over the weekend – perhaps you felt it? Low on tactics or subtlety, Leo Mars vibe is big on courage and chutzpah. Know it by a sudden surge of impetus to confront the things (or people) who have been dampening your Fire. Or, deliberately or not, contributing to dwindling self-confidence and a small dry lawn where once there was a savannah.

The challenge with Mars in Leo (and this goes until July 10, by the way) is not to amp up your confidence but to channel it correctly: you don’t want a performative stunt or briefly satisfying scenes – you want to win. Or, more definitively, to achieve your suddenly more illuminated set of goals with as little cost to yourself as possible.

Mars is – as I write – opposite Pluto in Aquarius with the Sun (ruler of Leo) in a harmonious trine to Pluto. The Sun is also sextile Mars. This does favor daring, stagnation-busting deeds and you will be riffing off the New Moon fresh start energy.

However, as Mars is also square Jupiter in Taurus, ensure you have every single fact or byte of data that you need before charging into bureaucratic realms. A robust level of preparedness + amplified helio-Leo martial flair and bravery = success. This applies from now until the 25th. Note that you’re probably quite clear about direction or what you want – mindset and open assertion are more likely to be the challenge.

For a visual, you could always see yourself walking with loyal lions at your side?


Image: Arthur Rackham – Lily and the Lion – this is the most intricate fairy tale and I never even heard of it until now!

24 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Monday May 22”

  1. Wish Upon a Star

    Mmmm, I had an interesting dream last night.
    I had an upcoming Maths exam and I was dreading, procastrinating. On my way to the exam I forgot my calculator, so I had to go back and get it. Then on the way to the exam I was walking through some bush and I came across a male lion. He nonchalantly walked up to me and looked at my triceps and his eyes said they were nice and yummy. I happened to have to two legs of meat with me. I dropped one and he started eating it. I ran and threw the other one at him. I got away.

    I ended up at some strangers house and they welcomed me. They were having some get together and I told them about the lion so they locked all doors and windows. I glowed in the fact that I had missed my maths exam and would not have to do it at all.

    Then some boring man bailed me up with boring conversation. He had hang ups. I could not get away.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I have Jupiter in Leo 2 degrees conjunct Venus in Cancer both 5th house. In the dream there were sleeping babies and children. I would have rather been with them than the complicated adults.

      Also when the lion in the dream approached me he was quite charming and was standing on his back legs.

      Any thoughts about this dream would be appreciated. It is not that clear to me.

      1. Hi Wish, a very original dream you had!
        I wouldn’t know how to explain it exactly, but what strikes me is the physicality of the dream and appetite plays a big role too:
        – A male lion standing on his hind legs (physically big and strong
        -Eying your triceps in an appreciative way (you are admired for your physique
        – Two legs of meat that were devoured by the male lion (body parts being devoured)

  2. MoonstoneMagnolia

    I spy with my little eye, Mystic’s current Astro in corresponding colours…. fire engine red for fire ….. moon in Gemini, late degrees. Mmmm natal moon 4th House. The tech in the wee cottage has still been crazy, apart from the broken plates, et all. No, the latest being, the weird auto change of words, often to salacious offerings with no bearing on my original proffering which needs a spell check…. weird.
    As for Hekate exact 13 degrees on my cancer plethora (stellium) in 5th, apparently it’s a 5 star ride. I wait with baited breath (Shakespeare)

    Mystic, you asked what I liked about the new style? … the colours, the weekly Astro pics, ie the divine artistry of Pisces and Leo, so apt. AND, underlined, that they are the same each week, bright, cheery and recognisable forbthe non-visual, non-artiste, Ms Little Leo, intercepted house, but fixed and cardinal, loves the security of seeing said same pics each week – and, the gorgeous daily changing pics ie today, of the mystical woman with the soft lion. Moon in Gemini gets bored (apparently), but the 4th house in Taurus, my home house where Gemini dwells, likes tech, and frequent changes. Tell that to my Pluto in Gemini 1910 cottage full of antique woods belonging to mum, photos belonging to brother and all granny’s China. I won’t go on, even I’m getting bored! Narcissist in training.

    1. Thank you – I am not sure how I never knew the fairy tale now either, it’s so evocative of Ishtar and co.

  3. MoonstoneMagnolia

    Wow Mystic, holy Batman. As per your daily email bible and daily personal horoscopes, it’s all go for usually demure 1degree, 5th house Leo, with 5 crab planets hogging regal front of house. Now it’s big silver, no blow dry or combing, wavy haired lioness (capital L)… flouncing in her leisure suit (no, not leopard skin, prefers regal jewel colours) in chez Tauren lair with countess Claire, chocolate pooch triple Leo. Think Mick J, without the showoff antics. More friendly sagg “9 lives” Keith, after whom she named her mighty Subaru.

    Meanwhile back at the chilly east facing ranch, we’ve been holed up for days …. bereavement anniversaries galore, new realisations abundant and clear. Wading through blocked out physical and emotional memories and memorabilia of dad, my only brother (both Pisces, like my rising sign) and recently my mother’s (a strong Leo with no natural maternal leanings). No rush, I’m a sentimental hoarder, all those crabster planets conj Jupiter, mouthy on paper, introverted wordsmith on yet another gap year it seems.

    Retro mars in Sagg even cracks a mention, all seemingly negating beastly natal sun square Scorpio 9th house. The red Alert underlined in bold….Sun square Ascendant … a tad alarming amongst the joy of embarking on a fab few transits. “Can’t be worse than sun square natal Saturn”, she muses, tossing back her silver, wavy locks, as a favourite plate smashes, unaided, to unpolished floorboards, shards and all. Yesterday it was the frame Pete gave mum containing a wee pic I snapped at my favourite beach many moons ago… and the trifecta, moths in last of my precious gifted wool rugs, hatched eggs and all. Ms Venus in Virgo hesrky heaved, just like adoc Martin with blood, we’d been here before.

    Little Leo is sort of ok, better than this time last year, it was Mum’s silk rugs she’d sent home from India, on a mid life crisis sojourn, leaving her teens to fend for themselves at friends…that’s for sure.

    My pooch is my mental health care plan and doesn’t need renewing after six visits. I love her more than life itself. She’s a champ, certified and dated 2014 from the royal show “best of breed”. Proud Shirley temple mother type moment from the mistress with flat feet and zilch prowess on the field. VIP Ms Naomi meals, won’t get out of bed for less than fresh hormone free slightly heated chicken. Shes worth it atv75, not out, as an ex working / baby making girl, retired gracefully to the south west Life was meant to be easy. She earns her keep.

    These were some of my lightbulb moments shared on a late night one fingered binge on my ancient cracked mini iPad.

    Oh, yes it’s Venus in picky Virgo detailing the minutea (sp)
    Bon nuit,

    Ps. Love the blog and musings by the regulars and not so regular too. Thank you Mystic.

    Pss you too Wish upon a star… you’re wise beyond your gentle years. I believe we may have similar charts, despite my dinosaur status.

    You’ll need a stiff bevvy or something stronger, before boldly embarking on this midnight tome, my annual rant

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Pooch = mental health plan. No need to review after 6 visits: love it. Yes rant away. Its like you are downloading. All good for mental health.

      Thank you for your kind words.


  4. Went down the rabbit hole of folktale classifications (after clicking on the link associated with the picture), which is serendipitous for my dream-recording venture. Thank you! I always walk away wiser having read you, Mystic!🙏

    Also, does that folktale and that painting remind us of Strength card (the Major Arcana for Leo!)!

    And just realised why this tale led me to think about my dreamscape. Leo is my 12th House. Supernatural, dreamscape Martialism.

    1. I thought so tooooooo!
      It has such gorgeous shades of allusion to the handless maiden and other classic stories. The way the various leitmotif’s are layered together is exactly as mystic said *intricate*

      1. (One of) The basis of my proposed venture is the universal topography of our dreamscapes and fables – no matter how geographically, culturally or chronologically separated their civilisations. So, your words are a great affirmation that I am not the only one who notices the thread between random things. 🙂 Thank you, Invicta! Now, off to read about the Handless Maiden.

    2. Yes to Strength card correlation, for sure & your dreamscape is about to be populated by Lilith, Mars, Venus + Sappho!

      1. Prophetic words, Mystic! This morning’s dream had me peeping into a room full of sex workers – multiple women together, unashamed of their sexuality. Also, it required considerable effort via climbing, walking long hours in the mud and slush to reach their lair. I couldn’t have come up with a more Lilithian, Sappho-istic, Martian symbology if I conjured it up consciously!

        1. This is amazing – do you feel as if you have climbed/slogged through to reach a certain level of unabashed sensuality, self-acceptance etc?

          1. Sensuality, yes. Self acceptance – work in progress. The familial patterns of Victim-Saviour complex are so hard to break. I laugh every time I read your words ‘Saint Virgo Stunt’. 😄 Accepting abundance and good things has been a karmic lesson for this lifetime. Giving is SO much easier.

            Yesterday, was healed a bit by a teacher in a shamanic healing session, containing drums, earth element stones, fire breath etc. In the trance, I saw specks of amethyst light – which is new to me, usually see green in my meditations, and a deep sea creature completely submerged in green liquid, that my teacher interpreted as Salamander spirit, representing times of restoring balance – giving AND receiving. Reminded me of the deep sea god Circe encountered while asking for it’s poisonous tail that accidently killed Odysseus and transformed Scylla.

            Anyway, Leo season and transits always turn out to be an evolutionary leap for me, something I had not previously associated with 12th house. Almost like travelling up to The World in Major Arcana and resetting to Fool on a new level when Virgo season arrives. Mars and extended sojourn of Venus in Leo is going to be SUCH an elemental rejuvenation for anyone tuned in. Thank you for drawing our collective attention to it.

            1. Wish Upon a Star

              I wish an aqua sea green tranquility upon your dreamscape to balance the mental focus.

              Rest well, tranquil 😴 sleep.


              1. Many many thanks, Wish. I need your boon because the weekly horoscope literally predicts insomnia. 😁😁

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