Daily Mystic For Friday 8 to Sunday 10 July

If you’re sensitive to, um, Uranian Vibes,* you will already be beginning to sense the Sun-Uranus sextile in all its skittish, hypermagical glory. Think ‘synchronicity at scale’ and renewed ingenuity. Yes, despite everything that is going on.

That’s the core story of the next three days, aided by an independence seeking Mercury-Lilith conjunction and that is square Jupiter, amplifying the whole deal. Whatever conversations or inspiration flow you’re having, they/it can expand without warning.

Therefore, keep your consciousness and dialogue directed toward whatever you want more of. Avoid engaging with Chaos Addicts OR going a bit nuts with promises/gambling.

Enjoy the weird magic – it’s been a while,


*I realize this sounds dodgy lol.

Image: Robert Beatty- Libra, with a Mars in Leo to Neptune in Saggo trine: his site is mind-blowing

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