How Virgos Show That They Like You

How do Virgo women show that they like you? This is the definitive discussion on the matter.

As anyone with their own website knows, you have access to analytics that reveal web traffic, page views, and the searches people make that lead them to your site. So usually, in the case of this site, they are fairly standard: “horoscopes” or “Gemini 2017” or, you know, something like that.

Then a search term the other day caught my eye: How Virgo Women Show That They Like You. It is evidently a really popular search term in general.  I immediately asked my friend Not-The-Typical-Virgo for her insider information and got the response “Aloofness.”   That’s for like –  as in when you fancy someone. That seemed to be the vibe of the question.

For normal, standard “like,” the apparent Virgo M.O. seems to be that the Virgo – of any gender – will begin to try and think of things that they can do to help you.

But if it’s a deeper feeling, potentially sexual and/or romantic, the Virgo defaults to “aloof”…apparently.  Can anyone else elaborate? Next time this anonymous person performs this search on Google, the answers will be right here. That is my goal.

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  1. Virgo sun, pisces moon. When (scorpio sun, cap/aqua moon) ignored me for another person, I ghosted her. It was only then I realised that we drifted apart way back. Maybe I ovverreacted idk. Whenever Im jealous, Id always blame my crush and not whoever they preferred over me.

  2. Virgo Sun conjunct Pluto here. Prone to a scorched earth policy, I have enacted a policy of entire-other-gender aloofness just to be safe. The awkwardness of liking is too disturbing. I have to admit that also having Uranus conjunct Libra Moon and Aquarius ascendant may contribute to this utter dependency on pretending the other half of the human race does not exist. Please don’t take it personally. It’s not you, it’s me.

  3. My gf has moon in virgo and yes she is very distant that doesnt bother meni let her have her space, i shiw her attention when i feel like it we both kinda understand each other and she is very scared and guarded..

    If you dating somekne with moon in virgo they will ignore you if they like you it happen to me i thought about leaving her but i stayed and oh boy she worth it so if your wih a moon in virgo stick with her through bad and good..

    They work too much, no free time, they choose their family over you, and once they choose you its forever..

    Her moon virgo, mars pisces, venus aries, sun taurus
    My moon cancer, mars aries, venus cancer, sun leo

  4. Virgo is often so sensitive that they are fearful little bunnies. But being intellectually inclined and smart little bunnies to boot – they smother that dirty emotional state with CONTROL.

    So many of the control features are useful (triple checking, OCD, wariness, persipacity, hyper observation skills) but it’s good to remember the original motivation for them IS or was at some point, Fear.

    I suppose the opposite of control is Piscean Flow, and boy do those two need each other.

    Aloofness is emotional control mechanism set in reaction to fear of being cast adrift on a sea of uncontrolled, unappreciated, unrequited and therefore unsafe feeling.

    Setting the scene romantically with music and candles as mentioned above is nice – but also another attempt to control, refine and regulate the overwhelming chthonic forces of sex.

    1. Amen to that! And when you’re a virgo with scorpio venus, things MUST NOT fall out of control, although inside a volcano is lurking.

  5. Gemini with Virgo rising (and Pluto in the first house).
    Can’t do the aloof thing 100% (Venus and Mars in Kataka) but my bff says that she knows I really like (love) some one from the fact that I do shut up suddenly when the person said the room.
    More then the aloof per se I do a “aloof so I can study you from the distance” which I think is my Pluto.

    1. “When the person enters the room” not “said the room”.
      I wish I wouldn’t do that. I want to be a flirty Scorpio; they are the best. Every time I am around my Scorpio girl friend I feel like a total douche bag near some sort of Hollywood filrting super start.

  6. This applies to ladies with Venus in Virgo as well. I’m not a solar or virgo rising, but my Venus in Virgo defaults to aloof or helpful, guilty as described!

  7. virgo rising. I used to avoid or detach from those I most liked because it’s too overwhelming.
    I used to talk to those I didn’t care either way for and they Would often think I was some fan girl with a shrine to them in my house.
    Now I broad spectrum aloof.
    Still working on the Aqua door stopping. I think it has to do with time travel.

  8. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot


    Oh that is too good.

    As a virgo I attest that advice is our way of showing affection. Fixing mysterious health problems, making over your vitamin regimen etc.

    Aloof? Maybe, but I thought that was more leo. Aloof in the early stages yes, because as natural pessimists we don’t want to get our hopes up if person is unavilable, or turn out to be dodgy. We don’t want to lead anyone on or appear desparate.

  9. virgo moon conjunct mars here – when I am in the process of uncovering an attraction to someone on the surface it appears I am ignoring them when internally I am focusing an immense amount of energy on them. it can be confusing to potential lovers but some see through it and eventually the attraction normalizes.

    1. for example, I’ll have a get-together at my house and I’ll invite potential lover/attraction over and pay the LEAST attention to them once they arrive.

  10. Year of the Phoenix

    Paralysing shyness + deep tricky feelings = apparent aloofness

    Virgo Asc Sun conj Pluto SN with Venus in Leo 12H AND Chiron in 7H (yes to most of it Piscean) my Scorp Moon just adds to the emotional undertow

    Crushes, I’ve had a few. I realise now of course that most of these were completely invented and I still catch myself at it.

    Case in point current boss is nice to me I create a future for us! Why! I talk to him as little as possible and do my best to make eye contact and am sure he is convinced I find him repugnant but in fact just weirdly amusing myself with a faux crush till someone else freaks me out for real….

    My stellium of Jupes/Merc/Uranus give the first impression of cool friendliness up for a chatness which can hide the shyness with everyone who is not hot to me which compounds to apparent uninterest when inside I am alive with it

  11. I find Virgo women fairly direct and clear about what they like and dislike. The only secret is listen and engage. Unfortunately a little too fastidious and critical for my liking in the long run. But I do remember a male scorp friend telling me his Virgo girl took an age setting the scene ie candles music.. before they could ever just have sex.. ?

  12. From observing many Virgo female friends it seems like a mix of aloofness plus obsessive internal dialogue/ observing details about the crush? Lol
    Male Virgo flirting: Male Virgo friend/ hookup yelling (in front of a group of other friends) “WHY do you have a stupid braid in your hair?” to me. He was at least 50 ft away and it was a minuscule tiny braid. That and offering help with projects.

  13. Pisces stellium in 7th house, I always have a crush on someone. But Virgo rising, anyone would think I didn’t know my crush existed.

    Case in point, I was recently invited to the birthday of the man I’ve been in love with for two years by his girlfriend. We all work together and my other co-workers were surprised I was invited having no idea that he and I were even friends. We are.

    AND even despite major Neptunian alcohol consumption that night, my secret remains intact.

    1. A fantastic- fantastic!- film regarding unrequited love: “Letter from an Unknown Woman” What a masterpiece, albeit obscure as it is Chinese… I saw it at an art house movie theater ten years ago and it touched me so deeply. I was doing Love Zombie season at the time, pretty hard core and it was not something I had experienced before… The gossamer beauty of the movie, combined with the powerful emotional landscape just brought me to tears. And that has happened just a handful of times in my life… Higlly recommended!

    2. Agreed. This one is pretty safe though as I’ve always known it will never be more than friends and that he and his GF are so well suited and I happen to really like her and can see he’s madly in love.

      Also, rationally I know he and I have more of an intellectual that emotional connection. Unfortunately my feelings go deeper than I’d like but the closer we become as friends, the more I’m able to just see him in that way.

  14. Aloof? No. Observation? Yes. Quips? Yes. Most definately.

    Me – Virgo Sun, Mercury, Venus. No flirtation / relationship has ever not been led by wordplay, and even letter writing. Is true love if books are exchanged.

  15. My Aqua has a Virgo stellium. Moon uranus conj Pluto and mars, all I can state is he’s a clean freak about everything remotely lusty but his Aqua sun just makes him different. In mate date he plays an immature card, he’s as likely to poke you or cast an offensive remark your way. Just to gain attention. If you like he he tends to wander off stating they’re just stuck up !

  16. Having said all that though we honestly can be engaged you just have to find the Virgo vibration and chances are if you like a Virgo enough you have already found the ear or are naturally attuned to our vibe. Most of us desperately want to be coaxed out of our self guilting benders and as long as you don’t behave like a total barbarian will respond positively to any sincere, non generic attempt to engage because hell is not just other people but also our own sense of isolation. We might drag our feet at first or appear skittish but we’re human and earth signs too don’t forget. I feel like we are always typecast as the purists and the hairsplitting harpies of the zodiac but as others have mentioned that is an extremely mutable quality and usually a defensive strategy against life feeling chaotic. It’s as if we have slight autism or a tendency to whatever our negative Virgo personal / current Virgo hang up is but really once that is acknowledged it often disappears pretty quickly. Anyone who’s had a fling with a Virgo knows that we can be as distinctly kinky and perculiarly perverse as we appear stand off Ish to the uninitiated. What we will not do is be insincere or cliched or do something simply because it’s expected of us. We get quite enough of that ‘at home’ already.
    Anything vulgar or tacky or obvious is morally repugnant to the Virgo nature but its a bit like being on a first date with Grace Kelly or something- don’t assume that the ice queen demeanour isn’t hiding a volcano or that the white gloves mean her hands don’t get dirty. Maybe she wears the white gloves because she’s so conscious of the fact that they do but that isn’t something she’s comfortable showing the whole world. We’ve all been out with someone who appears glacial until she had a glass of wine or relaxed into something altogether different once it felt safe to reveal more. We are just guarded i think and dislike nastiness or harsh brassy unrefined whatever it is but given time and specific attention we come out to play as much as anyone else. We just have diplomatic immunity from vulgar vulgarity and similar states of popular paparazzi type events. You’ll find us quietly lurking in the VIP vipasina area, if there is one, otherwise we’ve probably gone home to rehydrate and sleep!

    1. loving your words Invicta, applying your exuberance and love of description to ‘how things are’ in a cool literary way – you’re sounding so clear and aware. XXX

      1. As a long time appreciator of Virgoness I love this description…I only have asteroid Psyche in Virgo but it must have quite an influence as all the Sagi fire and Libra air not withstanding, my default setting in any romantic situation is **aloof**. (And I have no intention of changing it.)

  17. venus in virgo conjunct pluto virgo. sun in libra. both taking place in sixth house. YES TO IGNORING and gaging the depth of the others interest. i my case,with venus conjunct pluto,i need to see who has pull. me or thou.

  18. Haha! So accurate! I am dating a man with Virgo ASC and he def is aloof but I’m OK with that since I have Venus in Virgo exactly conj his ASC. I have been told I get aloof too. I wasn’t even sure he liked me at all on the first date because he didn’t try to snuggle or touch me. He asked me for permission to kiss. Lol! Sexy! He hates PDAs but getting better at stuff like holding hands in public. He is super helpful though.

    1. yeah i know right?? Surely that means the apocalypse is coming? It obvs takes a lot of celebs to shift into the next dimension before luck can change for me. :p

      But yeah remember that Gem guy that i was all worried about ghosting me or whatever back this summer? He came back at the end of Nov. and so far has stayed and has been stable…..(ghosting reasons very complicated and of course had very little to do with me..but yet i was in the wrong place at the wrong time so I sustained damage from it all). PF I hope you find the Pisces or Cap of your dreams soon. I read about your adventures and wow…

      My goal now is to stop worrying when the shoe will drop or the rug will be pulled out from under me. It is like I have permanent PTSD from the goings on of 2005 – 2015 and can’t trust in the future anymore. So much work I have to to do on myself now.

      1. best thing for a bloke. you give me hope PF, that men actually remember the women they have / had a thing for. coming from someone who men seem to forget a lot. OMG how’s THAT for self pity hahhahahahaahahahahah shut up pi

      2. That’s what I thought. I thought horny is not what he meant.but hey 2017 right around the corner… Different times for sure! 😛

  19. Virgo sun, scorpius rising , leo moon…last time I was in love a cook a special and hard working leal for this…scorpius\leo couple I tottaly fell with.. And for lust well let’s said I became a total sacred ho Ishtar priestess thing for them.. i guess i’m more into the shamanic virgo type…but that’s when I got the confidence(motives) to do that.. Aloof it’s usual more in social situations.

  20. I think the explanation for the aloofness is that Mercury, Virgos ruler is the lower octave of Uranus, ruler of Aquarius: Goddess Aloofa, Queen of Detachment.
    And yes, a Virgo who likes you will immediately try to do things to help you. (4 planets in Virgo)

  21. We’re not avoiding you, the light is just so much softer over here and we really don’t do loud very well.. It’s noisy where you are but this area has better acoustics .
    It’s not Virgo that is aloof so much as all the other signs have no understanding of the nuances of human relationships and personal persnickety ness.

  22. Really not feeling the aloof thing. I am an uber Virgo and have definitely pursued anyone I was actually interested in (though after a consideration period of contemplation, during which I was certainly trying to be around them, just unwilling to move fast).

    My brother is a Virgo and he spends a lot of time flirting with whom ever he’s interested in. His wife met him when he wouldn’t stop talking to her in marching band.

    My dad is also a Virgo and he and my mom met when he was on a date with someone else. My mom recognized him from a holiday party at work and went up and sat right behind him at the movie and talked to him the whole time (she’s a Pisces with everything else in Scorp). But within a week he’d dumped all the other people he was dating and was “aggressively pursuing” her.

    Though my first great love was a Virgo rising and he was incredibly aloof. Of course, I knew I was getting somewhere when he knew my name (unlike everyone else he talked to). I spent months trying to think up ways to hold his interest and hoarded every little tidbit I could get about his life. We were together for six years, still friends, he named my kid, etc. But I did eventually move on for someone more human, and he for someone more emotionally stable.

    1. If we remember your name it’s not just a crush.
      If we remember your name the odds of us being able to have an actual conversation diminish exponentially the more we fancy you. Aggressively pursuing you might be the very thing that gets us off the hook and lets us feel satisfied that we checked you off the emotional to do list, we played our part and showed up, were emotionally available etc but then you did that other thing so we are justified that it didn’t work out because that thing you did would have been the thing that would destroy everything anyway. Meanwhile just letting it unfold well, that would be scary!

  23. Both my parents are virgos, my mother does the annoying Virgo thing where she asks loads of questions, even if she knows the answer or knows you don’t know or the answer doesn’t matter.. (My Virgo friend does the same.) She also cleans ferociously for certain.. friends of my father.. etc. My father and Virgo-ex do the aloof thing but it’s not so much about playing hard to get as just getting overwhelmed by a feeling of a certain energy they can’t control.
    Virgos are weird

  24. If it’s any consolation at all we are hating the fact that we’re doing it and patiently waiting to be reincarnated as Leo Sun with Scorpio Moons and Venus in Libra while we are coyly avoiding you. Besides we feel as if we might have a blocked pore and our favorite white shirt has a stain we just noticed and honestly it just isn’t a great life for us at the minute but give us 25 years or whatever and we might even leave the door slightly ajar. If you promise not to touch anything or say anything or do anything we might even invite you over after we’ve finished panicking and cleaning and preening. Oh but it’s getting late now so maybe not because we have to be in bed by nine and we didn’t sleep well last night so yeah, um maybe just see you next lifetime when we get payback karma for fastidious freakery

    1. When I was younger I was being pulled around by my 8th house Mars in Leo and a devil-may-care Sag Asc. Weee! What a ride! Now that I’ve fulfilled my biological imperative and learned what rashness and hormones can do to a life (Oh I learned A LOT!) I have begun to fully embrace Venus in Virgo…Ok, maybe not fully, but all this aloof and care-taking and is it right and maybe next lifetime because right now I have a self-care regimen to keep up with that is really quite satisfying and having you sleep over would interrupt oil-pulling, alchemy baths and house smudging. So, yeah, you’re interesting and adorable and I will find you when I want to, but please don’t call.

    2. oh god, me too invicta me too, the reincarnation thing lol.
      i’m wondering if my psyche in virgo is punching above her weight as sole inhabiter of virgo in my chart. I do anything I can to avoid imposing myself on an object of love unless Everything Is In Order In My Life. Why would i inflict imperfection and disarray on them? The only time is if it is straight-up lust, so whatever, I got what I wanted (hi aries planets). Not realising of course that the other person is most likely – not always tho – way more chill than I give them credit for (taureans, aries, etc). So much of my learning to relax and let myself exist is to own the (perceived) flaws and not let it stifle my desire to grow, love, connect, nourish.

      sorry to keep commenting on such a virgo-specfic post – i am actually something here!

      1. * n.b. I saw the typo and in the interests of letting things go I am not going to correct it, no siree, nope, la la la, look at me being all Ok about things, people don’t care that much, i’m living and getting on with my life! etc

        1. Hrm, as mentioned above, I have the same Psyche placement, but I do not have this reticence to Share the Mess of Me–which include some major OCD issues around cleanliness and fastidiousness when it comes to bodily functions. Perhaps that’s an Mars in Aries in the 7th house? Or Pluto Rising/conjunct AC/Uranus/Lillith in Libra? Anyways, I would really love to meet a Haute Virgo…to quote Mystic yet AGAIN, re: Virgo + Aqua): “Both are most particular about how life ought to be lived. They’re a pair
          of raving cranks. Once Virgo learns to stop seeing their idiosyncrasies as
          awareness and the Aquarian’s as bloody-minded eccentricity, these two can
          blend beautifully.” YES!

    3. Lol, white shirts are so Virgo. But I just don’t think Leo with Scorp Moon is so adviseable having this combo myself – maybe Pisces or something? They are too extremely extrovert/introvert, it is baffling to others!

      1. It felt like the ideal placement for a confident Sun and most moon-y est moon I could think of. When I put in my astrological reincarnation request I’m going for Leo Sun, Scorpio moon, Mercury in Virgo, Mars in Aries, Venus rising and in Libra or maybe Gemini. The outer planets, they bite your ass either way but oh I’d love me some good old “right where I’m supposed to be placements. Oh and do I get more trines and less squares for good behavior ?
        If so I will strive with every ounce of Virgo to be better with all the Sag enthusiasm I can muster (erm no more than I already do, there must be a way to do more. I wanna kick back next life and like chiiiiiiiil man. 🙂

        1. Ha! Nooo, ask Mila Kunis my kinda astro twin – Scorp Moon kinda destroys everything it touches – unless it’s destined to stand. It’s not a fun bucket list Moon!

          But I have to admit I always adored my positive Leo Sun. I feel it’s always been a merry influence and I love the trine to my Saggi Neptune.

          My reincarnation request would be Saggi Sun, Libra Rising, Moon in Pisces, Mercury in Gemini, Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Leo…

  25. Venus And Sun in 12th house Virgo. Aloof. Yes. Whether I like you or not. I guess when I was young I made an effort to be where the object of my interest would be. I would gather information to diagnose them and my feelings for them.

      1. oh, this.
        I can’t comment as a virgo here, obviously, but this year i’m embarking on a campaign to get better at eye contact. love-wrecking shyness has lost me one too many chances and is over-rated af.

        1. Haha… oh I LOVE looking and happy to be looked at in return.

          Sometimes I’ll look (laser beams) waiting for the return gaze.

          I’m typical Scorpio in that regard

      2. And being looked AT by the object of lust is like having someone hold a magnifying glass over us when they themselves are the sun!

        1. I’ve started being a bit more brazen too. Holding the Sun’s gaze for a count of 9 or 10 and only then looking away with a smirk and glint in my eye! Time will tell if it’s working. It’s complicated….

  26. Virgo sun venus Scorpio 🙂 ignore, and shift attention to someone else. Bestow popularity to someone else until insecurity confession arises from target of affection with the question of “why him?”…hehe answer: why him indeed. You have no idea you are my world right now.

    Set up ears and eyes when not physically present because staying in another state or country is essential (because upper lip begins to sweat during conversion and I don’t like losing control) oh and secretly help.

  27. Camoflage. Any and all camoflage techniques and skills will be engaged because as prowincrab wrote love/lust is very difficult. We may be totally fires a-blazin’-out of control “inside” but we will NOT be seen on the outside anything other than poised, cool and flawless.

  28. Lol you’re funny Mystic.

    I think Virgo finds unabashed “love” or “lust” very difficult.

    Not that they don’t feel it … it just doesn’t compute and clashes with their schedule of How Things Should Be.

    The default strategy of “trying to help” is a very typical pass-agg Virgo power play. They like to stay on the top of the power and control pyramid by seeming like the cool therapist/guru with a hotline to some special knowledge/general know it all … because they are uncomfortable being vulnerable and like … human.

    Whilst they have this strange, deep love of humanity, they also have this weird disconnect to the viscerality of life.

    Like they are quite happy to mop up snot and poo for their children or a sick person. But if you’ve got a bit of spinach stuck in your teeth over dinner they will be deeply disturbed. Their bathroom might be quite frankly disgusting and yet if you have a pubic hair out of place they are immediately turned off sex.

    They frequently (and openly!) discuss their food intolerance, bowel movements and skin complaints. But if you accidentally fart it’s like you’ve poisoned their entire immune system.

    I’ve known a HUGE amount of Virgos. You can’t judge a Virgo purely by their sun … you have to know their other placements. Virgo is mutable so it will change depending on their moon, asc, venus etc.

    1. This makes a lot of sense! I know a lot of Virgos too (I think because I have a lot of 6th house planets?), and I feel like the “aloof” comment doesn’t really apply to them. My husband is Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Merc and Saturn Virgo. I knew he “liked” me – it was quite obvious. But all those Virgo planets are 7th house, and he’s got Leo Venus and Scorpio Mars… so maybe he’s a bit more intense about that than a typical Virgo.

    2. Sweet jesus, that is all so true. Seems like hypocrisy, but i also think it’s a kind of pride test: this is my NATURE, my natural self and abode…Can you rise above and take it, take it all?

      They don’t mean to test you. They’re testing the imperfections of themselves in the face of what-might-be-love.

    3. i have to admit i am a bit confused about the uninvited and regular oversharing of personal health issues. I am a pisces with gemini rising and a capricorn moon. I am in all honesty the worst audience for these bizarre status updates. Polite shows of caring at best. For everything else there is a doctor, and the internet. I truly can’t help with the strange rash, or stomach pains, sorry.

      1. wait i think i just figured it out. It’s how virgo types bond. Same way leos talk about their latest status thingo and cancerians share their feels. or gemini’s share information (i’m still not sure how pisceans bond. probably staring into space together hahaha)

      2. Well Virgo is the opposite of Pisces right? So Pisces “bonds” by basically merging with the entire experience of whatever … being watery. Virgos are very attuned and beffudled by the machinations of theirs and other people’s bodies. The body itself is almost totemic for Virgo I suspect.

  29. I’m not sure if this applies to Virgo males though. they seem to go for “utterly situation-appropriate” rather than immaculate preening. Virgo rising though? possibly.

    1. One of my Virgo males was Defo into the preening. Ironing jeans, etc. Extremely particular about his wardrobe/grooming…multiple showers a day, etc. In the early days, this, combined with the aloofness should have ticked me off…in true Aquarian fashion, I just kept trying to shock him into laughing. Until I broke through (there was Moon in Libra in common and he had Venus and Psyche in Gemini and Mars in Scorp–catnip to my Venus in Pisces, so there was the groundwork for some simpatico), I thought he was merely tolerating me until I left for my next destination.

      1. hahah! he probably thought you were refreshing in your aqua-ness… his mars in scorp (agree on catnip) would have enjoyed trying not to take the aqua bait but in battle with the gemini things that thrive on fun bait..

        1. You nailed it. Once I broke through, that shit was ON. But then I had to go back to my real life, he freaked out and I had to “break up” the LDR four times due to how mean he was about whatever he’d fixated upon. So you see the Gemini just couldn’t let the banter/playfulness go…when it turned out I was moving back to his country and we’d actually be able to have a real life relationship, I think his multiple Virgo-ness picked up his Mars in Scorp like a sword and scorched the earth. Sigh. Don’t get me started on the *other* aloof Virgo…he still texts…probably because his Psyche is in Aqua. (Mine is in Virgo, actually which may explain this series of run-ins)…

          1. ouch, …
            yes the virgos i have been entangled with tend to cease contact. but the banter remains, whenever somehow we cross paths. Like you my only virgo is psyche 😉

          2. and you must have got under his skin for him to want to take no prisoners 😉 . kind of sounds like him expressing hurt feelings in a scorched-earth virgo way rather than major show-stopping flaws on your part. time out is definitely required to regather personal awesomeness after you’ve been sent under the virgo x-ray/UV forensic unit/editing process especially if that process was intended to hurt not heal.

            1. It’s really too bad that Virgos have this idea that “crushing” is “messy”…Maybe it’s cause all of my Libra or Aqua Sun but, I think it’s fun! And I really enjoyed the quick wit and repartee with the two Virgos. But again, you nailed it with #1: It’s been 1.5 years since the fire. He made one attempt over the summer: “I couldn’t ignore that you were living in my town even if I wanted to.” I was like, well, shoulda thought about that before you said the meanest thing that possibly anyone’s ever said to me, chief! Can’t go back to anyone treating me that mean. A girl has to have standards even if she understands WHY someone did something or how they “acted out of hurt” or damage or whatever.

              That Psyche in Virgo is a bitch. Like Mystic says: “But Psyche in Virgo frets, yearning
              for someone to show the same grasp of her details. She
              wants to be finessed, to have someone remember her
              favorite poem or the thread of the conversation from three
              months ago.”

              I’d like to point out that Mystic did a report for me and this Virgo, and this was one of the sentences: “Ready or not, these two mess with one another’s minds from the
              second they meet.” LOL! Go Mystic!

    2. My husband is a Virgo and when we first met, he had adorable dreadlocks. A week or so later he cut them all off when he was coming to my parents for dinner. We moved kinda fast because I was leaving the country in a month…

      We did break up once or twice and each time, he changed something about the way he looked. But he is Venus rising in Leo, so there’s that.

      1. I am currently fascinated by Leo rising types. I wonder if his constant um costume changes were part of the Leo rising MO of ‘what is the perfect look for me on this occasion’

  30. Early Virgo experience- they “help” with intensive critique because you are worthy of improvement. my Virgo BF used to return love letters to me with red inked changes.

    1. Yeah, I have Sun Venus Mars in Virgo but with Aries Moon and Gemini Rising, not particularly “aloof.”

      Well groomed (at least for me), trying to start intellectual conversations, and *noticing* everything about the person…. which can definitely lead to some “helpful suggestions for improvement.”

      1. tbh though, as a pisces with a poor understanding of how i come across to the world, i actually appreciate this virgo feedback, provded that its delivered with an underlying grasp of ‘who I Am’.

    2. Oh my… this made me laugh out loud.
      Strangely my Virgo rising totally understands. Red pen. Maybe even footnotes;-)

  31. Oh that’s easy – they do an INSANE amount of personal grooming! Every eyebrow hair will be meticulously tweezed, they will have an absolutely perfect mani-pedi, will be smoother than a baby’s bottom due a recent shave/wax, have had fresh haircut/dye job PLUS a facial AND microdermabrasion sesh (the ultimate in exfoliation!), will fret over choosing the perfect makeup/lotion/potions – they fuss, BIG TIME! If their prep to see you involves a near bride-like attention to having everything “just perfect” and many hours of labor, they’re totally into you. They also tend to fidget a lot during the date.

    I’m not a Virgo, but I’m Sun conjunct Hygiea – I understand the Virgos well. I have a Virgo Sun and two Virgo Moons in my immediate family, plus a dear friend who is a Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto.

    1. yes absolutely…you have perfectly described a virgo…am a virgo and am so so fussy at times that i myself sometimes think why am i….mood swings and over analytical issues i have in me….am an introvert shy but when it cross limits i come out from my shy zone to absolutely opposite like i am gonna slap the person hard or sometimes just ignore with harsh words which pinned hard than the slap

  32. Having a melodramatic run with two separate multiple-Virgo males in the past couple years, I can attest to this. My anecdotal further suggests that if they have already done their “One True Love” Virgo experience, when they begin to feel other “True Love” manifestations, they will immediately focus on any and/or all negative aspects of your personality and inflate them to cartoon-like degrees, and–no matter what sort of state of disarray their own lives are in or how much they themselves have been fuck-ups–will snottily outline them to you as reasons that you are not worthy of their attentions. Why they feel the need to do this instead of just disappear with a sort of typically proper and fastidious “This just isn’t working out,” I’ve no idea.

      1. LMAO. You are right! But if you even clapped eyes on these two (much less spoke to them) you’d know why that never occurred to me.

        Thank you for the name! I shall call the 2014 -2016: My Unlikey Mr. Darcys Phase.

  33. Crushing is so inconvenient for the ego at the best of times but you know it’s going to be messy
    And one dislikes nothing more than being a mess
    So one avoids

  34. Yes
    Virgo sun mars and mercury says IGNORE THEM!
    Sag rising and Sag mood means EPIC FAIL – every time but yes
    When we fancy you, that is the automatic default Virgo MO
    I’m not saying it makes sense but we are nothing if not bashful

      1. Virgo sun, sag moon and rising here too – so true chronicgirl1. I do have mars in scorpio so I am trying to engage with my inner scorpion.

    1. Virgo in mercury chick here & I’ve gotta admit that yeah, distant and aloof is my ‘courtship style’. As one would imagine it doesn’t work very well, lol! Fight that impulse if you’ve got it. Totally counterproductive!!

    2. That’s funny I too have sun, mercury, and mars in Virgo and a sag rising. Interesting. I definitely do the aloof thing and things don’t generally go anywhere. Additionally my Venus is in Leo so I am looking for the “grand gesture”….

  35. Virgos are far from the clingy type, they are independent and perhaps a but reserved. They are turned off by TMI, or nosy people. Less is always more with Virgos. Don’t expect hallmark cards type of romance. Quality over quantity. Substance over artifice. Virgos are one of the most loyal signs out there but they demand a high level of personal integrity, and authenticity.

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