The physicist Marie Curie was arguably the most plutonic/scorpionic person who ever lived. The discoverer of radium and polonium attained her qualifications in the 1890s, under onerous conditions (poverty, sexism), drove her genius to near breakdown to generate epoch-defining new science and enjoyed a passionate love saga amid one of the most turbulent times on record.

Curie had her Sun in Scorpio conjunct the Midheaven (enduring reputation) and opposite Pluto in Taurus – Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio so to have it opposing suggests enormous, chthonic performance pressure on a daily basis. Not only that, her Venus, Mars and Saturn were also in Scorpio.

Marie Curie was thus a quintuple Scorpio and her Scorpio “stellium” was all in the 10th house – the vocational sector. Saturn, her chart ruler as she was Capricorn Rising, as part of the Scorp cluster emphasizes the Scorpio/Plutonic vibe further.

And to complete the picture, her Pluto in Taurus was trine her Ascendant in Capricorn AND the North Node in Virgo. All the Scorpio was grounded in a Grand Earth Trine involving the Scorpio ruler.

If you take the purest definition of the scorpionic temperament – investigative and obsessive, keenly interested in the unseen and power – she was the epitome of it. “Nothing in life is to be feared,” she said. “It is only to be understood.”

This is from a woman who routinely walked around with test-tubes full of radioactive isotopes in her pockets, admiring their spooky green glow. Not that their danger was known at that point, of course. Marie Curie actually coined the term radioactivity – she won two Nobel Science prizes for her research and was the ‘face’ of a zeitgeist that put radioactive particles into multiple products.

By the time the dangers were discovered, she was ultra-radioactive and so was everything she’d ever touched.  Even so, she lived until her late 60s, passionate and productive despite gliding around like a nuclear reactor in meltdown and with enough radioactivity that today even her labnotes and cookbooks are still kept in special lead-lined museum viewing boxes.

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  1. I must be looking in the wrong place. Where on do I enter my chart data and the asteroid info? I was born 26.10.78, 11:47am in New Jersey, USA.

    1. goldfleece-risingfish

      Hi Lauren, left hand side, cick free horoscopes, then click horoscope drawings + calculations, extended chart selection. Scroll down to additonal objects, enter astroid 7000. good luck.

  2. Sorry NOT, no way Paltrow Curie-like nor capable of. Insipid, vapid – not to mention fatuous. As for looks, complete antithesis of Mme C. The GP about as radioactive as a parsnip.

  3. Mystic's Scorpio Intern

    A stellium in Scorpio? You have one! Multiple planets conjunct. Intense… You can feel things super deeply, and hopefully bring back some fab insight when you surface from those depths.

    For your house system, go to with you birth time plus add asteroid #7000 for Curie

  4. I think I may be a “mega-Scorp” too. An astrologer told me some years ago that my chart was super heavy in Scorpio, which I took to be a rare thing but maybe it isn’t so much. I have Scorpio in Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Uranus. Romantic ups and down in my life have always been intense and turbulent, and I remember reading somewhere that having the influence of so many water signs in one’s chart could make it feel like you’re drowning whenever Scorpio takes over your emotions. That metaphor has always stuck with me.

    How can I find out where my Curie is in my chart? I’m not as knowledgeable on the non-planetary aspects of astrology. Oh, and what does it mean to have a “Scorpio Stellium” as Spirit mentioned above?

  5. What a woman, what a family she produced too. A full legacy of scientists.

    My Curie is in Scorpio, conjunct Sun + Uranus!

  6. Mystic's Scorpio Intern

    Thanks for welcome Baristagem 🙂

    We must have much to learn from Ms Scorpioactive..

    Oh and btw, meant to say merc cnj pluto in scorp too.

  7. Mystic's Scorpio Intern

    Hi all, I’m proud to introduce myself as MM’s new Scorpio Intern. Lucky me! FYI, Sun combust Venus in Scorpio and Mercury tight conjunct Pluto intercepted in the Midheaven.

    Curie’s in my Shadow Zone (7th)..

    1. Yes, welcome you lucky girl! A Scorpionic intern makes Mystic a lucky lady too! Is there a better sign for an intern? Probably not.
      All maids/butlers should of course be Virgos… Sorry I keep thinking about the white sheets on the Virgos in bed post.

  8. My ex hubby is a mega scorpio. Focused, physical, tons of energy, got into profession at 19 and rose in the ranks. He works in forest health by replanting forests and thinning out forests for maximum health and fire safety. Not scientific, but nature oriented.

    1. Actually, that’s an appropriate career for a Scorpio, because Scorpio is about regeneration, the Phoenix rising from the ashes. The cycle of life and death. So the destruction of forest to make way for new growth fits right in.

  9. cool. My Curie is 8th House conjunct Pallas with Jupiter/ Venus close.
    Echo the interested in healing and hidden energies bit, thx !

  10. jeez. enough scorpio? 🙂
    marie curie conjunct saturn (end of) virgo
    I was not aware of a link of science and scorpio, plutonian delve makes sense though. I am fascinated by discovery but lack perhaps the discipline.

    I had a science phase when I was a kid. It was around the time of my attempt to make perfume from flowers. Had big egypt phase. Tried to find the correct temperature and time rate of how long you could freeze insects and bring them to life so I may learn to one day freeze myself and so I could live in the future. I kept messing with the strength knob in the freezer and ma was constantly finding insects in cassette holders with while I timed them. Also tried to make embalming fluid. hilarious.

    1. sounds interesting Ms. I’ve seen frozen butterflies used at a wedding. they a re boxed up and the guests let them off at apropo moment. seems a bit cruel to me.

  11. Mine is in the 1st in Scorpio sitting right between the Sun and Mercury (conjunt Merc). I have so much Scorpio my heart breaks. sigh. I need to send you my chart Mystic.

  12. I`ve got a Scorpio Stellium …including Sun….Pluto conjunct Asc …and multiple aspects to Pluto.

    A Mega-Scorpio… not a good thing.

  13. Mine in Sag in 8th house closest thing is neptune 12 degrees away.

    Love science but not the establishment, went to uni and studied this stuff but the way it is taught takes alot of earthy diglience to stick it out. The fun is sucked out (cummon science IS fun). The physics field can appear still very much like it would have been in her day but with a smattering of colourful girlies, though they still look out of place.

  14. Fascinating. My Curie (as well as my P Fort, Vertex, Eris, Juno & Ceres) are all in Aries in the 8th house.

    Self-discovery through Scorpionicity? would not seem too far off..

  15. Curie has been my heroine since childhood.

    The asteroid named after her (#7000) is at 20 Libra in my chart, biquintile my Chiron in 14 Pisces. I have no idea what that means, or if the placement “really” matters, but it makes me happy to have her among my stars.

  16. She is also the apitomy of the female in a male world statement. Especially in her time – a woman scientist – science was def a mans club, she even wasn’t accepted to study at university in her homeland until later in life. Luckily she managed to dig deep and stay in there and succeeed. Amazing woman and fantastic role model for girls, first female nobel prize winner and of course her life was challenging and sometimes sad, but she has to have been happy with her achievements, particularly for opening doors for women, as she drifted out of this world.

  17. She sounds similar to my multi conjunct (mega?) Scorp brother. He is a biologist and breeds reptiles as a hobby. Entire basement filled with aquariums full of snakes and lizards.

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