Haute Scorpio – Low Scorpio

HAUTE SCORPIO IS INSCRUTABLE Mysterious by nature, Scorpio is the only sign which can carry off a chic yet compulsive-obsessive aura. Do they have hobbies? Stuff that they just dabble in? No. They tend toward deep and abiding interests in subjects to do with sex, the occult, and other people’s money. Method-acting was invented by a Scorpio. So was the Rorschach ink blot test, where one’s reactions to blobs apparently reveal all manner of deep issues. Scorpios don’t feel the need to tell all. They can have whole years missing from their resumes and just shrug it off. Or they murmur “No, thank you. You must understand that after that night in Morocco I can never touch gin again.” Get the picture. Picture is private.

HAUTE SCORPIO IS DISCREET Unlike some signs of the zodiac, Scorpios do not stoop to scene-making under pressure. Someone naturally winds up on their secret crap list but they retain glacial serenity without grizzling. A secret confided to a Scorp is a secret forever safe. But, if you arouse their enmity, your secret could possibly wind up being used against you in the most excruciating fashion.

HAUTE SCORPIO IS SEXY Scorps are the sexiest sign of all – sex appeal simply oozes from their very pore. They tend to go to extremes of being either wildly celibate or deeply immersed in sexuality. Think Prince Charles and his intended reincarnation as Camilla Parker Bowles’s tampon, Larrry Flynt who founded Hustler magazine, Helmut Newton’s fetishistic fashion photography, Shere Hite’s Hite Report, in which she provided stats on the length of orgasms and the number of sexual positions. Robert Mapplethorpe’s nude photography, actress Vivien Leigh’s (Scarlett in Gone With the Wind) apparrently legendary sexual appetite… Scorpios love to get it on. Actor Richard Burton was a celebrated rake who used a “throbbing sensation in my penis as a sort of barometer of when something important was going to happen.” Fashion designer Oleg Cassini said of Princess Grace of Monaco: “She had a very powerful sexual personality.” All Scorpios do.

HAUTE SCORPIO IS STRONG A Scorpio can get blood from a stone. Scorpios are brutally self-aware. They don’t flinch from self-examination. Nothing you can say gets to them because they’ve already thought of it. It’s how they remain impassive in the face of the worst provocation. Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is what they do. The great explorers Captain Cook and Christopher Columbus just kept going until they saw land. Canadian singer kd lang grew up in a place where being vegeterian was almost as difficult as being gay and somehow thrived.

HAUTE SCORPIO IS SPOOKY Is the Scorpio spookiness nature or nurture? There is something profound about this lot. They have powerful instincts which they often obey. When Robert Louis Stevenson wrote his strange tale, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, whose spooked psyche was he drawing inspiration from? Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, or maybe Dracula himself? Because they have the ability to focus on other people so strongly, they can be highly intuitive regarding another person’s needs, and can channel information that another person requires. Even the most seemingly plaid Scorpio is on some level operating as a medium, transmitting light and energy to those in need.

HAUTE SCORPIO IS PRINCIPLED Scorpios operate on an inalterable value system, one which remains in place despite vagaries of fashion, taste or common opinion. They are a noble people sticking to their own standards of what is correct, no matter what. The ancient Greeks saw integrity not as some nebulous goody-goody concept but as oneness, the very Scorpio trait of presenting exactly the same version of oneself to everyone, whether a pauper or prince.

LOW SCORPIO IS OBSESSIVE “I desire?” The astro motto for out Scorpio should be something along the lines of “I obsess”. Ask Scorpios not to obsess and they obsess about not obsessing. They will stay up all night chanting a non-obsessive affirmation or sit their scrawling the words “I will be less obsessive” a thousand times in red ink. They will become secretly obsessed with getting to the psychological roots of their obsession. Their idea of getting over an ex-lover is to drive past their house only twice nightly. They can be vile dinner party guests; they are so into their precious authenticity that they lose sight of how intensely they are boring everyone.

LOW SCORPIO IS PARANOID Paranoid? Scorpio? Of course not, they scoff. Scorpio just wants to know who sent that big moth to fly in their window. That disappearing lunch box is a plot by their child to discredit them. Someone says ‘’you’re looking well’’, Scorpio thinks it’s a curse. Scorpio’s social life can be conducted like a resistance movement – there are dozens of ‘’cells’’ of friends, each knowing little or nothing about the other. They do a lot of snooping which, should you stoop to it, would count as a betrayal but is completely understandable on their part. They peer into bathroom cupboards, not like Libra or Pisces, to see what products you’re using, but to find out about any medication or products having a possible sexual link. They micro-examine telephone bills with particular interest in mobile phone calls made when their partner was out of the house. They perform exhaustive Internet searches. They enjoy the concept of private investigation.

LOW SCORPIO IS VINDICTIVE Scorpio’s not-so-secret motto is “retaliate first”, and they do. Their methods are subtle but devastating. They like messing with other people’s emotions. They’ll let you know that they know your little secret. They play games to incite jealousy. They draw you out to talk in vulgar terms about sex or money, then withdraw, a slight smirk of contempt playing across their manipulative face. Scorps can juggle a thousand revenge agendas in their minds. It’s never too late. They can feed crap into other people’s minds about you without anyone guessing a hint of Scorp’s true and biased emotions. If a Scorp feels that you have violated their so-deep honour system, their ethics are then able to be ditched at the drop of a hat. It is because Scorps are so paranoid that other – perfectly nice – people are like them that they are so rigid about shredding credit-card statements, having people sign up pre-dating agreements, and keeping love letters or erotic photographs stored in mysterious locked boxes.

LOW SCORPIO IS GRUDGE-BEARING Okay, so not every Scorp takes up voodoo or looks for a bat to sacrifice when they want a credit limit increase or for their would-be lover to telephone. As any Scorp will tell you, they are not control freaks. They just completely freak, if they are not in total control of everything. It is a miracle that, given their obsession with sex, they are not all professional S & M experts of some description. There is something so disconcerting about having a drink with an old Scorpio friend when you find out they’re still in a stew about not having been made a school prefect. British historian A. J. P. Taylor said of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas that he “was a detestable man. Men pressed money on him and women their bodies. Dylan took both with equal contempt. His great pleasure was just to humiliate people.” Remind you of anyone? Maybe there was a slight personality conflict happening there, but it nevertheless sounds like a very Scorpionic syndrome.

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  1. Amazing post. Just so absolutely true. Love the Greek definition of integrity as being the true haute Scorpio. These are stars we aspire to 🙂

  2. I would say I’m both high and low…more high than low. I have been accused of being obsessive about things, which I can admit. If something bothers me, it will stay on my mind for a VERY long time.
    And likewise if something makes me happy.

    Being manipulative? I have been accused of this but honestly, it’s not true…not on a conscious level anyway.
    Anytime I’ve been manipulative it was to gain love/acceptance but it was never with the intent of hurting anyone.
    I believe ALL people can be manipulative but Scorps seem to be called this more than any other sign…quite unfair.

    I can hold a grudge for a long time, but it depends on what the person has done and the severity of the offense, and whether they have ever apologized.
    I’m not vindictive (usually) but if you have hurt me with no remorse…well, I will most likely be smiling when something bad happens to you. I don’t give a fuq. I might even do a little happy dance while smiling at my enemy’s misfortune.
    I’m a kind and caring person in general, so if a person can make me hate them, there is something wrong.

    Paranoid…not really. But I will say that after some bad experiences, I’m much more careful about who I trust.
    I used to be very open until I got burned one too many times and now my defenses are up until a person shows me that they are sincere.

    Inscrutable…sometimes. I know that some people find me weird or aloof because I generally don’t share too much about myself most of the time, but I like to be private.
    Again, that goes in hand with being careful about who I trust. I remember some catty (female) friends of my husband asking me a lot of personal questions about myself and it annoyed me, because it was really none of their business.
    Being a perceptive Scorp, I could tell that they were fishing for information so they could gossip, not actually trying to get to know me.
    I wasn’t about to give them the satisfaction so I remained cool and kept an enigmatic smile on my face while offering cryptic answers. It frustrated them. 🙂

    Sexy? Hmm…I had a VERY high sex drive in my teens and twenties, which a lot of people disapproved of because y’know, good girls aren’t supposed to like sex.
    I will say that in the past I certainly did live up to my reputation as a Scorpio female…’tis all.

  3. Honest to goodness I have read everything here, and God help anyone who comes into the circle of a low Scorp…who gives a shit about understanding these fuckers…and who would want to be treated with such abuse, vindictiveness, coldness and manipulation.

    I was just on the receiving end from a low Scorp…successful, money, power, ego, god’s gift to the world and to all women, but cruel and heartless beyond words. It has emotionally destroyed me to be treated like this and I am a tough aries woman. Never known anyone to be that cold…and yes he drew me out to talk about things, past loves etc, only for me to see the glee he had and the contempt.

    No boundaries, no rules for himself, emotionally shutdown and yeah I saw the obsession with sex and porn, fine but for fuk’s sake just be normal about it…

    Never again,

  4. What fantastic post! After realizing the importance of a rising sign (I’m Virgo/Scorpio rising) I can see that I’m doubly obsessive and vindictive with the Virgo/Scorp mix. Plus doubly loyal…so long as I am never crossed, lol!

    Great post, very spot on!

  5. With a Scorpio Moon, Uranus and 3rd cusp (Pisces Sun), I am mostly Haute Scorp, but can be obsessive and a little vindictive. Okay, a lot. But people don’t mess with me much either. Haute-Lo Pisces was pretty spot on too. I wonder if people resonate more with their Suns or Moons.

  6. wow how funny! i wonder how requested mystic repost this? only b/c i just asked on the “how to get over the blues post” (or w/e it was called) how i could do that with my moon in scorpio in the 8th house– and someone responded by posting the link to this exact post. haha weirddd!

  7. “They play games to incite jealousy. They draw you out to talk in vulgar terms about sex or money, then withdraw, a slight smirk of contempt playing across their manipulative face.”

    This in my experience is one of the worst traits of low-scorp. I am still processing having an experience with scorp x-friend of this kind. We were travelling together at the start of the year, and she involved me in some sick power sex game that was going on in her head. It was mostly harmless on the outside, but it showed me very clearly her pretty sick manipulative ways, and I dont think i will ever trust her again.

    I say one of the worst because there are some other traits Ive come across… father was scorp, and he was terribly fucked up and violent, dark brooding, blaming, alcoholic, so yes I agree with the tendency towards addiction… Also an old friends partner (who i have nothing to do with for such a long time) is scorp, and he was so dark, I was terrified he was gonna committ homicide on her or me… just got the fuck out!… I think these low scorp power plays are very dangerous, and the manipulation potentially life damaging.

    As a scorp rising I have battled with my own demons, but the gemini sun, always seems to pull me out of the darkness, and move on fast. It also means that I can see through these games, manipulations, and merde, and i have no interest in sticking around to see if they evolve. I love the depth, insight, mysticalness, sex talk, ability to face the darkness and transcend it, of the scorp, but yes I have no time, for any low scorp behaviour… off with their heads!

  8. I just remembered that my mother is a Scorpio! MM mentioned Scarlet O’Hara (or Vivienne Leigh), but my mom vibes more Mellie!!!

    Hilarious since she does NOT reveal any of these Scorpionic traits readily. She can be obsessive. She’s very religious. She likes powerful men. But she’s so “mom.” Funny to read through all these inner workings posts—which btw sound much more like me than anything I would associate with her! I feel like I’m a scorpio even though I’m not. I wonder if it’s my Sun conjunct Pluto and the swarm of liliths housed in my Scorpio sector? But I can so relate to these tendencies. Just CANNOT see it in my mom, except that the maxim she lives by is “kill them with kindness.” So one of her favorite sayings has the word “kill” in it and smacks of revenge:)

    Fallen Angel—feel better soon. you were lucky to get away from him. and it does feel like a poison to be emotionally entangled with someone like that. Even though your wings are lovely, I don’t even think you’ll need them to survive. you can (and have) walked away.

    1. Sounds like my Mum, multiple conj. Scorp. Very religious, verrrry silent and submerged, extreme fear of humiliation, but also ‘principled’.
      P.s. check the date of the comments – tho’ am sure FA appreciates your kindness. 😉

  9. This might be relevant to my interests. Even though I’m a Gem, I have Scorpio rising, and Uranus and Lilith in Scorpio. I definetely feel identified in some of these (secrecy, self-examination, also a bit on the obsessive and paranoid side…). Funny enough, two of my besties are Scorpios, and when I’m with them I feel great, as in incredibly inspired. They infuse in me a great desire to create and to improve myself and the world surrounding me.

  10. “I think adept specialist cunnilingus should be included in the haute category” AMEN to that…… I got myself a Scorpy boy and not only is he very, very, very adept but he is also very, very keen. Every single woman (but one!) he has .. ahem… encountered has come back to him numerous times just on the off chance he might be free for a roll in the sack with him. If I hadn’t witnessed it with my own eyes I would have thought it was all just another one of those “Scops are so hot in the sack that women slavishly follow them” myths – but these are repeat visits from several women who should know better. I used to get really threatened by them but now I laugh it off… and feel kind of sorry for them

  11. How wickedly delicious of you, PlutonicFemme!

    I still have fond memories of my Scorp ex. I loved how he was so earnest in his determination to be a gentle man – even when he was wildly angry! He was the best bf I’ve ever had. He was definately a haute Scorp and I think I still love him… Venus retro…? Is that you…?

  12. This Scorpio found Mystic’s article a bit of an eye opener. I know I have fallen into the low on the obsessive front and perhaps the paranoia – hopefully without causing too much carnage. Boy, it’s tough being Scorpio – but mystic has given something to aspire to – thanks
    Just wish the Leo who promises the world to me in small rare doses, and then simply drops off the planet incommudicado, would let me show some loyalty to him- sigh –

  13. I used to think of myself as “Darth Daddys baby girl” but that’s changed. I’ve really transformed a lot of the lower traits. It’s taken YEARS to do it, but I have.
    I don’t spew venom any more… because I’ve learned that everything I do is a reflection of “me” …. and nobody else.

    I’m always amazed at how accurate you are Mystic. You’re such a treat to read.

    (and I’m sooooo tired of this cold.)

    1. Good for you scorp !
      Took me years to get my Neptune problems wrangled too!
      I thought of your post after todays venom filled scorp rant from the ex.

      My ex (scorp rising) was coming over to lend a hand fixing a broken down item. I was entertaining thoughts of the good times, picked up the phone to check time and it rang in my hand.
      Ex: the @#% dogs ran off ! I haven’t even been to work yet. those little #*&@ !! I’m not gonna make it !
      Me: (thinking) Good morning to you too ! Figures. Saw that coming.
      Venus retro, right ? What was I thinking ?!
      I prefer my own company anyway…whistles off happily…

  14. LL you are spot on, surely that is another low scorp trait. My Scorp Tormentor sefinitely thinks he does not deserve love methinks, as he is so self destructive. Any thing good that enters his life, he then sets out to destroy, as if he does not deserve any joy.

    1. Salacious, I SO agree. Did you know that Le Scorp was literally about 3-4 months away from possibly moving back to the City of Angels where I bask?? By all accounts, if he had for a moment stopped, realized he had a problem and asked me for help, I could still very well be involved with him.

      Yet like your Scorp, there is a very distinct pattern of self-sabotage, and as much as I feel violated and victimized by his actions, I cannot help but feel he stabbed and sullied himself first before he did others. He has abandoned his soul.

      And that is difficult to see. Scorpions are the sign of depth, it is unfortunate his is only an empty abyss. We’ll be ok, you and I, won’t we?

      I hope so. Hugs 🙂

  15. Yes, I think that is a common Scorp-type trait. Often Scorps have to go through a lot of drama and BS in their relationships before it finally sinks in that A) it’s not worth it and B) they deserve better.

    I hope the Scorp you know is with someone who makes her happy now, Leonine Libran, and I also wish Fallen Angel all the best in her future relationships. Just be thankful the scumbag is out of your life now, FA.

    1. Why thank you darkhorse! I am amidst full blast Aversion Therapy i.e. studying the reality behind all the lies he told in order to balance out my emotional affinities to memories I normally associate as “good” since at the time I did not know any better.

      I AM thankful he is out, but also very aware he isn’t completely…the poison lingers on and I know it will take a while. In the meantime, without risking further contact, I posted this in one of his usual trolling-for-sex spots:

      Perhaps worth a laugh?

  16. Leonine Librarian

    You know I was just thinking there could be another low scorp trait. A trait that underlies a lot of low scorp toxicity. I’ve been remembering a scorp woman I knew that was able to give of herself really generously. She would set up community organisations that really helped a lot of people…help enable other people to harness their inner strength to make positive change in their lives…but for herself…no.

    In her male relationships I saw her attract every dead beat loser user who would just grind her into the dirt….and she would accept it like it was her due. That somewhere in her she truly believed she could only accept love if it was brutal. I got angry with her one day and said ,’have you got some sort of fuqed up internal list that you have to go through before you believe you can be with someone that will actually praise you for who you are?’

    She just looked at me and said, ‘Yes I think I do.’ Heartbreaking. It seemed as though she hated some part of herself so strongly that she couild not chose anything but hurt…and yet as I saw, she was able to give so much understanding to people that really needed acceptance…just unable to accept herself.

    1. damn, I have seen this before and have been there before.
      It is some internal self-loathing or self-sacrifice that is extremely unhealthy.

  17. Leonine Librarian

    Shell my little brother is a scorp…and he is one of the sweetest most kind loyal men I know…massively protective of his children…I find it very funny when gets my Virgo sis and I to act as a buffer to his Gem wife…who does live with him day and night…thankfully she just rolls her eyes at his pleas for sisterly protection.

    We weren’t all raised together and he had a wretched childhood…in their early twenties the now gem wife told him he had to get his rage under control…so he took himself off to therapy and managed to convince her he was a good life time bet when she returned from Europe. Her timely intervention gave him the chance to resolve a lot of things before our mother died, and his father’s death too.

    1. oh yes, they are fantastic when up (aren’t we all), and the loyal passionate bit really has come out of late. Though I can also see the holding on to a grudge thing – we were all affected by our parents split in diff ways, though it surprised me recently how much the one I thought was least effected (and whom is the most scorp) still carries the chip. I do apply to gem eye rolling thing.
      Its the first time I’ve looked at charts for parents/brothers. My mother and I are both gems with venus, and merc in taurus, my dad is a taurus with merc in taurus, and my brothers are both mega scorp, with everything else in either libra or sag. Its almost an us and them above and below the line planet thing.
      Also kind of interesting to see the diff btw the two of them as having most other stuff in either libra, or sagg. Their same same but different makes much more sense now.

      1. shell out of curiosity, how diff are your Scorp brothers with other stuff in libra vs Sagg? I do think it is clearly seen in how they react, fume and froth etc.

        Hey darkhorse, at least you recognise you need to deal with stuff and that in itself is a new start. Good on you for being open and admitting that there are better ways.

        1. in some ways i think it is hard to tell – cause as adults our relationships have been limited by being in diff parts of the country, and rarely being all together at the same time. But, had some enlightening interactions with them both of late so based on that…
          ScorpBro1 (SB1L) has sun, merc, venus, jupiter and neptune in scorp and moon, mars, uranus in libra, saturn in taurus and pluto at end virgo. When I see him at home with kids juggling work, mortgage, family etc and am constantly telling him he’s turned into our dad – grumpy stressed out old man routine – he’s only 39. He loves his kids, gives them lots of time, but also whinges about it in a good naturedly way that is still whinging. But saw him recently on my turf (sans job, children etc) and he was much more playful (which is how i remember him as a kid), and yes all inquisitive about my sex life.
          ScropBro2 (SB2S) has sun, moon and merc in scorp, venus and neptune in sagg, pluto and uranus in libra, sat in cancer, mars in taurus, jupiter in aquarius – so slightly more dispersed… He had anger management issues as a kid/teen, would internalise and then lash out (and was middle child), but i think got better when he found sagg like things to channel energy into, be good at. I always thought of him as much harder to read/know than SB1L, but as an adult, and now that he is soulmated, he’s opened up, chilled out a lot. Defn not having children and defn decided investing in himself is the way forward. I think he is now the more balanced of the two.
          Both have parent related grudges SB1L whinges, SB2S internalises, both have the ‘principled’ thing which even SB1L’s libran stuff doesn’t seem to help balance. Both are uptight and thus I get a lot of joy out of letting loose my gemini flittery silliness on. As it was just both their birthday’s I sent text messages typing out the happy birthday song and then sang it to them when I called. SB1L, the more playful of the two called me a fruit bat and implied I was silly for my silliness, SB2S thanked me gratefully for the song and clearly appreciated the thought behind it.

  18. My brothers are both scorps. Mega as i just discovered. One has sun, merc, venus, jupiter and neptune in scorp, and the other has sun, moon and merc. I feel an odd sense of relief we all live in diff parts of the country, as I only tend to see the loyal passionate bit.

  19. Aeris, get a Cancer into bed and he may yet surprise you.. though I have a weird and somewhat unfounded (I suspect) theory that June Cancers (and yes I am one) are far more raunchy than July ones… perhaps because we’re so near Gemini we like to love strike your mind first?

    Prowln what you reckon?

    I have absolutely no real basis for this, just some random thought..

    1. well I’m an early July crab and have Gem on the Asc, so I don’t think I count as I’m quite honestly not like other Cancerians I know. But I put a bit of that down to Aqua mars … oooo errrrrr. I’m very rarely attracted to Cancer men either and only had a very short fling with one. Fuq he was boring. And a Scorp moon!! … talk about ripped off.

  20. With my Moon, Merc, Venus and Uranus all in Scorpio and Mars in the 8th House, I have to admit that it has taken years to see that long-festering resentments and hatred do actually poision you in a way, and that it’s far more constructive to just do the best you can in your own life and leave it to fate or karma to deal with other people’s bad behaviour.

    I wish I had realised this earlier, after wasting years being ‘the grey lizard’ that Linda Goodman spoke about in her books instead of being the eagle who soars b/c they have the power and wisdom to rise above it all.

    1. unpredictable pisces

      its OK darkhorse – part of the scorpy journey is probably exactly the transformation you have gone thru. everything is as it should be xx

  21. Its in their eyes, straight away I know, oowww, scorpio … you can fall into those eyes. Its like those old Time Tunnel episodes, falling into the bottomless spiral.
    Ive always got on with scorps, learnt a lot from them. Esp about sex. Thanks guys.

    1. OOh, right on about the Sex Ray Vision davidl..never met a Scorp who couldn’t Stare Sting. Very sexy always. It’s almost like they are morse-coding your brain with sensual messages in staccato typing…

  22. Matt Sweetie Pie you be careful of that”friend” of yours. Methinks low Scorps are attracted to us Sagg’s as they cannot understand why we are happy and positive even in the midst of storms. I have found the low types relish bursting our bubbles and then savor watching us become sad – even though it might only last a few minutes.

    1. REALLY? yes i agree – they are naturally drawn to our out-there enthusiasm’ which just seems to foriegn to them. then they try to bring us down! HOW DARE THEY lol!
      im glad i’m not the only one!

    2. unpredictable pisces

      oh interesting – I”ve had that with an October scorp who I now keep at a safe distance. she could be a real nasty piece of work when it came to bursting bubbles. as a pisces with gem rising and i guess her scorpness couldnt hack the flippancy and bouncing around . I do love scorps – in fact I want more of them (the good ones) in my life as there are way too many of the others and scorps make it interesting – or will go along with whatever you’re doing that’s interesting. the others often just dont get it. ahh my little scorpies. come to me my pretties 🙂

  23. One of my “friends” (And i put the quotation marks because im everyone’s friends yet this one is just edging my boundaries!) is sooo a low Scorp – Vindictive & Grudge Bearing YES YES YES! she is a blonde 5 ft tower of pure low scorpionic evil!

  24. Sigh . . . you people think it’s easy being a Scorpio? Just imagine if you had these haute-low angels and devils arguing cantankerously in your brain all the time.
    I too have to laugh at how accurate this is. . . yep, I’ve got all the letters hidden away, and relentlessly turn over every rock to see what’s underneath. Taurus rising, though, so people are sometimes surprised when the Scorp shows itself.

    1. Leonine Librarian

      Even when I only knew about my sun sign, and didn’t know I had a scorp moon, I would NEVER of thought it EASY to be a scorpio….

      NEVER EVER EASY… passionately, whacked in dark interesting ways, like people that live their life with a leonard cohen/Nick Cave soundtrack explaining their interior workings, intense, profound, but not easy.

      I do love the emotional sonar of Scorps too…but then for the most part I’ve had positive experiences with them..

      1. What, you other sun signs DON’T have Nick Cave type soundtracks going on in your head all the time? I thought it was normal …Lol

    2. Venusrules, I have taurus rising too, as well as venus in scorp. My leo moon must be what stops me from being too dark and full on. I LOVE a good clutter clear, throw old love letters away with glee (the long ones I keep for a while, but rarely longer than a year.) I don’t have a locked box under the bed, I don’t think its good for current relationships to keep old photos/letters from previous lovers.. and I don’t like the energy old love things like that hold.. I like reinvention, and I like it to be complete, about every 5 years or so. I move cities/get rid of almost everything I own/change careers in roughly 5 year cycles. This time round, my partner of the last 5 years came with me. You never know what the future will bring, but I don’t see my future without him, no matter how many other changes I bring into effect.

  25. My Scorp Sun sign fits me, as I am an investigative freelance Journalist and hold numerous Gold Medals in grudge-holding….I was also a Zen celibate for several years ( by choice )

      1. Oh Scorpalicious, I did Zen Celibate for three years before, also by choice but can I just say?

        I am so looking for a horse – well, even a pack to ride out of Grief Town. haha

          1. Watch out World! haha… seriously, so am I!

            Am even thinking I should schedule a Messrs. Tues/Wed/Sunday arrangement – I’d do all 5 days but I must earn my crust!

  26. “keeping love letters or erotic photographs stored in mysterious locked boxes” guilty I think its romantic never will use for blackmail however never ever
    “They peer into bathroom cupboards” guilty i think its smart to know what you are dealing with and what drugs they on- I do it to good friends!! but would never tell them and again never use the info against them .

    I only ever use secret info for good not evil if at all. I work in a HR department and ahve to keep lots of secrets and do it well.
    Moon and eros in scorp – no surprise.

  27. Leonine Librarian

    I think sometimes my leo sun and scorp moon mutate…as I have people tell me stuff, really personal stuff without much prompting…(I did once get a job partly because my face is apparently so open that people will automatically come to me for help)…but anyway people spill their guts to me regularly, and sometimes, it’s just too weird even for me, and my open open face just shows my discomfort, which may be interpreted as disdain?

  28. I don’t relate to some of the darker scorp stuff, which is why I chose the name ‘upbeat’ but yeah, a lot of it is bang on. I am not above obsessive internet stalking but doesn’t everyone do that sometimes? I mean, how else do you get your ammunition, I mean information?
    I have a hilarious astro book that says something along the lines of ‘Scorpios are never late. It is tactically unsound. They arrive early so as to sit where they can make sure the sun is slanting into the eyes of whoever they are meeting, just to unnerve them.’ I don’t really do that, but “tactically unsound” made me laugh out loud with recognition.
    I am friends with countless scorp girls, but only one of two guys. I find them totally different to each other. I would never date a male scorp, I did once, it was awful and obsessive, and not healthy. I also find October born scorps are waaaay more full on, and a little bit crazier than the rest of us. Does anyone else find that?

    1. LOL !….. My very first serious boyfriend was an October Scorp ( I am a November Scorp )—we had a hilariously obsessive relationship with each other —lots of intrigue, spying, holding of grudges, revenge….., His birthday was yesterday, and I had a good chuckle on how wacked we were to each other back in our teen years ! I still carry a bit of a torch for him after all these years……I recently found out that he now lives deep in the woods, like a hermit……And No, I never dated another Scorp after him….too much melodrama.

  29. This freakin grass diet is making me too tired and cranky to blog. And it’s only day one! hmf

    But one must muster one’s energy to have a word about The Scorps. Well all the haute ones I know channel that obsessive energy into something useful. It could be their art, their sport, being the Chief General Surgeon or joining the French Foreign Legion … whatever Turns The Scorp On. Even if in this incarnation they are doing some major Zen non materialistic jag, they’ll do it full on by hibernating in the back of beyond with only rusty tin cans and a pair of thongs for company. They are excellent parents. Intensely loyal and protective of the nest, yet not above giving the kids a good boot when some tough love is required. Nothing gets in the way of family ties, even if the Scorp is the first to admit that their family of origin is full of fuckwits. They all have a serious dark side which they’ve somehow come to accept and relinquished the need to act out on excessively.

    The low ones … well it has been said mostly above. Scorps are prone to addictive behaviour and if they don’t sort it out can get into massive substance abuse problemos – and they really go down into the gutter with it. I’ve met heaps of teetotaller Scorps who recognised early on their obsessive compulsive tendancies and the need for control, mixed with mind altering substances are a really bad combo. They’re not that big on health issues like a Virgo, more on maintaining a modicum of sanity.

    Low Scorps who’ve turned to the dark side of the force tend to meet with tragic ends, or at least have catastrophic events occur in their life. Like one I know had a simple accident (slipped on some stairs) which ended in a 10 year chronic spinal injury. It was only when she started to sort her shit out that the health issue resolved with it. Weird eh?

    My advice to any Scorp … I mean this applies to all, but I think particularly sensible for Scorps … is to never, ever, ever let anger fester away into resentment for long periods of time. It will eat away at the Scorp and make them ill both mentally and physically.

    1. scorpalicious robot

      prowlncat, thanks for taking the time to write about Scorps. It’s much appreciated considering how cranky you must be without your gourmet diet. Your take on things always interests and amuses me.

      Point taken on the festering resentment. I think living well is the best revenge and once read somewhere that revenge is like drinking poison but expecting the other person to die – so true! I always think of that quote whenever i notice feelings of resentment starting to surface. It’s okay that they surface but i take care to not let them fester.

      1. cheers scorpy, thanks for saying that and I’m feeling a bit better now. Refocused. *nods*

        yes that’s a great quote … I’ve heard it before somewhere too and try to follow my own advice on the resentment front as Cancers can ruminate in self pity over slights real or imagined for bloody ages! lol

        1. Hear hear. The Cancerian Pity Party can at times resemble a bottomless well though surprisingly we suddenly put our heads up and the skies have cleared, annoying everyone else in the process, haha..

          Wow, this is so spot on about Scorps Prowln..specially after seeing that Le Scorp had a sexual addiction that masqueraded itself into my thinking there was anything I could do about it. I specially agree about channeling the obsession towards their art/interest/purpose so much so I am nodding earnestly with no one to see me do so.

          If I may confess, though I am generally not an ill wisher, I do sometimes hope that a tragic event would halt Le Scorp..if not for his sake then for those he preys on. Or preyed on a la moi.

          1. It will. The universe is patient … even more patient than the Scorp … and will wait for an appropriate time when the message will thoroughly sink in. But you don’t have to worry about him anymore do you? 😉

            Stay away from men for awhile unless you can find yourself a hunky masseur.

          2. Whoa, Uber babe.. I am SO loving that site! Guess where the Xmas bonus is going to…haha..

            Hunky Masseur is a great idea too, I think I just don’t want my body’s last memory to be of him, and somewhere is the urge to take myself back that way, to let go of the pleasures I associated with him..

            But since we’re on this, here’s a confession. Interestingly enough as sex mad and obsessed as Le Scorp was, he was fantastically unimaginative and unlearned in bed. Don’t get me wrong, he was good but it always seemed like the barriers he needed to break weren’t all that far and most of the time, I almost would frighten him with introducing er…new ideas.

            One time, I did something that resulted in him not being able to look me in the eye for a good hour after, not that it wasn’t good. I simply found it perplexing that something adventurous I shared would result in such distance from someone so…supposedly oversexed.

            But yes, patience is a virtue.. though I am not going to wait around for too too long…something tells me I can’t.

    2. Prowln grass diet and all yet you are tres on the ball. Yes, Yes, Yes to all you said. I am just so sad that I did not discover this site until after I met my Low Scorp Tormentor/Dementor. Afraid he loves his family but has been bad news. His own daughter a November Scorp is now pregnant at age 15 to a violent boyfriend of 18!!!! So the chaos continues. I am so hoping his daughter will come to her senses and give the child up for adoption rather than raising the child in Squats etc.

      I just feel a deep sadness for low Scorps as it is just so unnecessary. My Scorp is playing games with signing of papers. So exhausting that I am close to saying “stuff it” as I dont think he would be capable to taking me to court etc later. Then again just to be vindictive he might! Sigh/groan why are Scorps soooooo draining of the life juice?

  30. thanks scorpinthesky and salacious sagg! all is calm again, for now and until next time but it was nice to vent xo

  31. Hey FA so you too have finally said enough is enough. The Era of my Scorp is ovah too and I wish you were closer so we can lick our wounds together!! Nah actually I am not into Pity Parties but I sure would have liked to have given you a hug and had a toast to a fab future Scorp – less.

    JenGem and Crabwoman my sympathies to you too and I so identify with the stuff you have gone through.

    However, I must say in defence of Scorps that the Haute Scorp tendencies are truly fab……when they do surface.

    I must say some night I have “felt” watched and after reading what you guys say, it gives me the creeps as he would be the type to park and see if I have any male visitors. In fact he asked me if i had met anyone and I went Huh? Can’t you understand that I am tres wary of guys at present?

    My Scorp girl friends on the other hand are great pals but it is always me who has to call them and organise get togethers etc. Yes, the world does revolve around them and they are so surprised if you find their behaviour questionable!

    FA hang in there gorgeous one. I am sure there is a great guy out there who will truly appreciate you in every possible way. xxxx

  32. Ah, I have been in absencia… but must respond to the catalogue of lows and highs…I think a Scorp once befriended truly is a friend for life. They also have the ability to be quietly and strongly compassionate, i.e. they do not deride your sudden vow to never touch alcohol nor do they sit upon any a high horse, they get you may fall off once in a while. Hey, they have. But for this their support is more humane and fully compassionate.

    Low Scorp? What can I say? Because people I have just unequivocally let mine go. Yes, the Era of Le Scorp is Ovah. Officially. There is incense burning, or the smell of my own intestines mixed in with that.

    But to add (as per my personal experience) low Scorp can indulge in some solid melagomania – any arguments you may have about the earth rotating around the sun must be rethought, as apparently they are the center of it all. Now, mind usually these are low Scorps in daunting ego crises. Which mine was in.

    And still is.

    Hence, my flight. I still love them though.. they are beautiful people who when balanced, wear their wounds so well to serve mankind. Pity mine didn’t.

    1. scorpalicious robot

      hey angel, was wondering where you’ve been all this time. We missed you!!

      Can’t believe it is finally OVA with your Scorp.

      Hope all is well in your world sans Le Scorp. x

    2. Ha, I thought a Scorp post might just flush you out of hiding FA! So nice to see your graceful avatar again. Was just wondering about you the other day. O.V.A.H. huh? You must have been very strong FA. Hope you are OK. Healing vibes to you x

    3. unpredictable pisces

      oh FA. top work darling. Sounds like you have been doing some serious Processing / analysing. much hugs, champers/tea and support from this fish

    4. FA my homie crab! I was thinking of you the other day and wondered if your absence had anything to do with That Scorp. Well if it’s over more power to you … look after yourself! 🙂

    5. I have missed all of you darlings as well! But as you know fervently flapping my wings in escape can be quite a preoccupation. It seems that when relationships end, it is not only love that dies..

      Scorpalicious, yes, it is OVA. How can it not be when I have run out of fingers and toes to count the many dalliances that have occurred. For apparently as I was thoughtfully, carefully piecing myself together, feather by broken feather, he had been busy recreating yet another set of lives, lies, et al.. with many, many others.

      It seems I had unwittingly become the crossroads where all his worlds collide and what a searing vision it was. Woman NOR MAN was safe. I am a cross between having my brain bent and puking my guts out. Inanna bless my path as I am her this very moment.

      It happened yesterday, rather resoundingly. And to think that just a few weeks before I had been inundated with male attention that as luck would have it, is amazingly absent now, hmm. I dilemma’d over the temptation, could I hurt him as he did I, could I betray him? I was confounded by the realizations that dalliances, at least for me, still left one with the hunger to receive what was longed for from the loved one. So I stayed my path…

      Only to find that he never ever did. Apparently, I have by default indirectly slept with the Eastern Seaboard and parts of Asia. A full blown sexual addiction. He never failed to tell everyone else he loved them, and so it seemed that no ground was ever holy. The revelation would render one deaf and dumb, and apt to gouge one’s eyes out. To be blind at that moment would have helped perhaps, or alleviated the burning sensation of the truth searing into one’s soul. Yes, I thought, that sizzling sound IS my heart frying.

      But as usual, I do not have the benefit of ignorance. I feel numb and unfeeling. Surreal. Many parts of this recalls how I watched my mother die last year, in that bed, gasping unconsciously for air. That act just an impulse left in her body when everything wondrous and real that was her had already gone.

      That’s what this is like..for as much as he has given me poison, I still saw him with tenderness, those flaws, those moments of soul that peeked like sunlight out of this raw drive, maybe I was just a glimmer in the air watching when he came into the world and remembered, that like the rest of us, he was born innocent. But to watch him dive into a hell of absent satisfaction, it is an act of love as well to let a loved one have their will. A painful one.

      I embrace this loss with the satisfaction I had embraced this love with. It is the truth. And so I told him that I never wanted to see him, speak to him, email him or ever hear from him again, this I said, is what we have to live with now. I am sure he is too spoiled for choice to notice, and in a few weeks time when the numbness abates, I will be howling like a wolf driven insane.

      But NO MORE. So thank you darlings, Uber I LOVE that poem. I do not know if falling gives me back my wings, but one hopes.

      Salacious, this decision was in no way premeditated, rather it lurked like a snake going for the jugular. But it’s true. I knew you had left your Scorp, and I feel for you, but like you, I cannot live a life of pretense. I may have an extreme tolerance for truth but a life of quiet desperation isn’t something that wears well on me.

      Prowln, those were some wise words to Scorps..those wounds they fester, mutate and find ways to create more pain – as usual your viewpoint is amazing. I shall be here more often now..and will bask in all of your healing glow! Thank you flowers…

      1. scorpalicious robot

        fallen angel, sometimes your comments are like reading excerpts from a novel. You’re so good with words. It’s a gift.
        Perhaps you can put your thoughts/grief to paper as a form of therapy… could even turn your experience into a book?

        You fell once before and you will rise again i’m sure.

      2. Yes scorpy is right … you have amazing writing talent. It’s so poetic and romantic. I’d pay good money to read someone who could write properly like that … unlike what passes for literature today.

        Anyhoo I can relate FA. When the axe fell on me and the Toro it was very devasting and whilst he had not exactly bedded an entire continent I figure that was only due to his massive insecurity complexes than from lack of desire.

        The good news was, it was the darkness before the dawn. Ok so the darkness lasted awhile and lots of peanut M&Ms were ingested during this phase. But after THAT I really got stuck into some radical life altering self improvements and haven’t looked back. Six months later I still have feelings for the Toro, but I would not have him back unless he’d managed to move up the evolutionary scale rather significantly and most of the time I thoroughly enjoy my life which is now full of fabulous friends (who I had been neglecting), a cool career that’s really coming together and I just feel brilliant!

        And so will you! Engage with the process of healing sista and you will rock in no time at all! Better that than be stuck with That Scorp who sounds like he was more like a rock around your ankle holding you back then a proper nurturing, loving partner – which is what you deserve. So fuck him off and don’t look back.

        That’s an order! 😉

  33. I’m going to go out on a limb here. Seems a lot of the lower Scorpios I know like causing scenes (as long as they are controlling it) and flame wars. (or maybe it’s just i’m good at provoking. I’m not sure.) If a major meltdown is involved, i rarely find Leo involved, which is usually fingered for drama, but instead a local Scorp. I’m surprised that scene causing wasn’t discussed on this list.

    1. mmm i think maybe they are more hi-drama than scene stealing – at least in my case. also they ramp up the size of the ‘wound’ that they have received and so bang on abt who did this at work, or at the pub, or at the family christmas – boring with a capital fuqing ‘B’

      as aries says ‘selfcentredness’ – i have never seen anyone with such a narrow perspective.

      and correctly, as indigofish says they just target the other person(s) incessantly… it’s so obsessive.

      i used to think about the (ex) wife – omg god how could you have been married to that bitch? and then guess what? i was the ‘bitch’ that he was married to….

      1. mmm just realised that looked like i meant aries was selfcentred. no i mean aries is spot-on with the comment that scorps are selfcentred. (just to clarify x)

        1. ah yes that makes perfect sense! Yes Lower Scorps do go on about themselves as if they are the main hero/ine of some sort of twisted novella. :p If you dare (like me) point out to them how weird it is that they think the whole world revolves around what they do, they get really insulted and mad.

      2. it’s like they have tunnel vision. that obsession is very flattering when they are pursuing you but when it’s over… and yeah it’s so boring to listen to them carp on about how this person or that person has a set against them and has made it their life purpose to make the scorp’s life miserable. talk about overestimating one’s level of importance.

    2. scorpalicious robot

      maybe it’s my Cap rising or Sag moon or Venus in Libra but i LOATHE scenes of any kind and can’t stand to be the centre of attention! I only retaliate if someone pokes me non-stop.

      1. Same here, about hating to be the center of attention. Sun in Scorpio, Gem rising, Sag moon, and Venus in Virgo, for what it’s worth.

        A scene in public? Only as an absolute last resort, and even then there will have been a couple of warnings first.

      2. I loathe scenes (almost too much). I’d rather die than cause a scene. Although my Gemini daughter on the other hand…

  34. I’ve had a few scorp boys. one in particular used to fly that flag all the time, boasting that scorps are gold-medallists in giving head. funny cos i thought he was soooo ordinary. such a let down… though he thought he was brilliant in so many ways but failed to live up to his own hype.

    1. LOL! I find this true too. Scorps have excellent PR and i think they are great folks but i find them ordinary in bed.

        1. I guess you found The untypical very “low Scorp”, and that is an “anomaly”, those are usually the very self-destructive ones.

          And being friends with at least 12 Scorps – my most loyal friends), you have to understand that there is so much passion (in everything they do, specially in bed) that it requires the Scorp to be self-confident, self aware of “gifts” he has received, like any other astrological signs, but again: the Scorps are interesting cause they represent several times the “bad boy image”, yes they can be “mean” – the confident Scorp – and even “cruel to women sometimes”, but I would argue that the opposite is in fact even worst, a mad or rejected female is pretty lethal compared to the “Scorp Tail”. Now, Remember their unique “phrase’? “I DESIRE” And the phrase is the best to represent them. And I DESIRE, AND THEREFORE ITS CHANCES TO HAPPEN INCREASE ( sounds crazy?…Try it yourself, and maybe your Scorp will take you places so “high”you only hear about on TV. It is sad to see all the “gifts” given to Scorps, but quite a few, don’t even believe in Astrology, or worst, in themselves. And so, “The Bad Bed Experience” will be the consequence, – since there is no confidence, just words of how they would like to be, or will be. Now, what is funny, is that both of you went out w/ Scorps, and thus you “saw something there”…sometimes the lack of ability to “teach and inpire” your Low Scorp” about his potential in actions, not words was not there. Scorpio needs a very “powerful mate” that will challenge them in all aspects of life, but the fact is that Scorps make you fly higher than the “rising of the Phoenix” -Maybe you should read about that one too.
          An aware Scorp, that know the “aura and power” they have, will make me sick listening to their ex-wives, girlfriends, … Calling me for advice on my friends….Amazingly, each one has a list of women so large, that for a Leo like me is pretty hard to my “ego”. Maybe we were created no to see the world so high as Scorps do (with the Eagle symbol) and just live as high as we can in our “ordinary lives”…Sounds boring right?…and so I will look into finding a female Scorp.
          Good Luck to both of you. A Leo Helper

    2. I suspect this may be true … Being interested in sex to the point of a serious interest or hobby doesn’t necessarily mean you will be any better at it, just better informed and more enthusiastic lol! Good lesson in that to not get stuck on your own PR … It’s tempting though … But I think it can overwhelm people a little and sometimes I find I end up acting more sexual faster than would be prudent for the development of a relationship, because there is PR to live up to!!

    3. Oh I love you guys… plutonicfemme, can I have that number now PLEASE? Or will that involve a hefty plane fare to Oz?

      Hmm, as for the hype, yes, I will have to agree that there are definitely times that happens. YES, I Fallen, EX-Le Scorp lovah, am agreeing to that.

      I think the “living up to it” puts a lot of pressure on the performance aspects, I just want to mind-meld which is far more dangerous at times..the times I haven’t been thrilled about it was when it was sort of sex as sport kind of thing. And other times when it was the simplest, tenderest thing was the most intense.

      Interestingly enough, I find Uranians to be good lovers..excellent skillers, mad tongue skills…ahem

      1. the best ummm oral skills?? …. Venus in Virgo. Taurus .. anywhere. Leo’s … some of them.

        I’m one of the “underwhelmed by the Scorp in the sack” brigade. I find they like talking about it, thinking about it, obsessing about, plotting and scheming a bazillion scenarios about it … but not ACTUALLY doing it. Obviously I’m only referring to the men here

  35. this is not even funny – was married to a lo-scorp. it was like a long dark nitemare. o-scorp come across as fun, charismatic, confident but brrr underneath something lurks …

    over time lthey only are able to concentrate on the ‘1 thing’ that you are not doing for them and take their cue from there and act out with all sorts of bizarre unreasonable antics which they self-justify. they are completely twisted and bitter abt stuff from last week, last month, 20 years ago … what a waste of time they are for a sane person, a complete burden and attention seeking in the extreme.

    when i left my lo-scorpio husband (yes same, damaging the ex-wife via the child with no-shows, bad behaviour alternating with roll-over dog like behaviour etc) the counsellor said to me ‘you don’t realise it yet – but you just dodged a bullet’ phew – how true!

    1. jengem – it must’ve been a harrowing experience to go through that divorce. the one who gave bad head had ditched his wife when i came on the scene (no prompting from me) and proceeded to launch a systematic attack on her from every angle he could. it was vile. i couldnt stand to even observe from the outside what he was doing to her. it was like a sport for him. yet he would act like he was so kind and nice and loving. *shudder* he started low-grade stalking of me for a while after i left (longer than we were together) but he eventually stopped .

    2. Sounds like we met the same Scorp man! yes, we did indeed dodge that bullet!
      I am so grateful I left. I seriously am contemplating tattooing that on my arm- a badge of survival.
      I felt like Persephone who kicked Pluto’s ass and took over The Underworld.

  36. In one of her pop astro paperbacks, Linda Goodman says that inside every Scorpio woman is a secret desire that she be a bloke…I’ve met some pretty hardcore Scorpio gals, but dunno if I would ever find out they felt this way! In being a Scorp, its locked in the vault…

    1. Yep she’s right. Although being a fully functional hermaphrodite would be even more fun.
      Acting like a girl sometimes seems like a drag act. I like men so much I’d like to be one, sort of. Although not sure I would swap multiple orgasms to get a penis.

      1. ditto- I am tomboyish but very much dress like a girl, but just can’t overdo it or I feel like a women in drag also.
        Androgynous and elfish is what my true nature is.

  37. The Leo Socialite

    I think that this is spot on as usual but i do love Scorpios for being so clear. eg if you transgress one of their boundaries or offend them, they will calmly tell you that it is a sensitive area for them or something. They will not just disappear without any notice like geminis or librans do. They have ethics. I also fancy one unreservedly at the moment to the point that i have erotic dreams about him and suchforth. So i am revising everything mean that i have ever heard or said about them. Sexually charged and supernaturally adept? I am there and happy to help them work through any issues of revenge etc. IN bed.

    1. I want someone like you to be in love with ME! Working out issues in bed seems like the best-laid plan. Freud invocation intended.

      Plutonic – I had never connected that with my sun sign but I feel the same way. I HATE being forgotten. And will obnoxiously mention it if I have met someone for the second time and they don’t remember. More stuff to work on to get hauter I guess!

      1. Occasionally pretend not to remember. Worse though, I feel empowered when people remember me and I don’t remember them. Terrible! Must change that. Bloody confessional blogging!

        1. you guys are funny.

          I confess I “fail” to remember people I am trying to escape…that’s less of a tendency that frankly repeating to them what they were wearing, what they said and how etc when I met them – which come on, is a bit scary.

          Someone once quipped, “you have a memory like a fekking spy”…

    1. hmmm, wonder if a scorp moon would create this tendency too…

      in the past have made a point of being seen as often as possible by an ex with a bit of “in your face” i wont be forgotten attitude…only if i’m the one slighted tho…

      1. Leonine Librarian

        See this is where a leo sun with scorp moon comes in handy…I’ve not really even considered being forgotten….oh and my ego sets nightly in the west…sheez.

    2. Scorpio rising here, and this year I broke up with my bf of almost 5 years. While I admit I’m still heartbroken and a part of me still wants to patch things up, the prospect of his forgetting and not giving 2 shits about me is both terrifying and incredibly offensive lol…

    3. Oh dear. This is me, too. Why do I think act and feel like a Scorpio when I’m not one??? I don’t get it.

      I love all the Scorpio honesty in these posts tho!

  38. Good one Mystic! That’s eerily familiar. The high stuff is a nice cuddle.

    “they are so into their precious authenticity that they lose sight of how intensely they are boring everyone” and

    “There is something so disconcerting about having a drink with an old Scorpio friend when you find out they’re still in a stew about not having been made a school prefect.”

    Ouch. Thanks for the heads up. I will have to work on those ones!

  39. it’s like black and white, love and hate, my connections with them. I have experienced such beautiful friendships with scorpio over the years but as I pick up the pieces, again, this morning of my taurus daughter with her baggage with my ex, her father, the extremely lo-scorpio – I struggle today to remember the GOOD with my connections with them in the past. But I will, thanks for this post because the honesty when they are haute is unique and irreplacable. think I might take up some of that voodoo myself though 😛

    1. Sorry about the scorpio-burden you now have to carry. Your daughter must love you very much for being there for her.

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