The Living Your Best Leo Life Award

The winner of the Living Your Best Leo Life Award is Alain Robert. The “French Spiderman” is not deterred by his rapidly approaching second Saturn Return. In fact, he’s just released a techno disco track.

He’s climbed over 170 skyscrapers but never on a Monday, as he considers it less optimal for publicity. “If there is no media, there is no point,” he says.

He has the Sun, Mercury, Uranus and the North Node in Leo. Now that’s a stellium. He’s singular, self-actualizing and unabashedly climbing after his bliss. He’s Leo to the bone and apparently a medical enigma.

His website has this:

Quote : I had given Alain  a bad prognosis and he has proven me wrong and for that I thank him. I look  forward to learning how he did it “

Dr. Gèrard Hoël, Surgeon.


I like him. It’s so easy to picture him throwing an epic Quadruple Leo tantrum at a “bad prognosis” and then making the surgeon ‘acknowledge’ his error for the website.

A Mars in Gemini guy, he says he gets vertigo when he is on the ground. “I cannot handle the horizontal.”  I visualize him at the mirror between climbs, his mercurial Mars antennae twitching for opportunities like the promotion he did with Dwayne Johnson/The Rock’s Skyscraper.

As the prototype winner of the Living Your Best Leo Life award, he’d handle his own styling; some bleach to get that crunchy Eighties look and possibly some self-done filler injected in at the same time he does his B12 shots.

32 thoughts on “The Living Your Best Leo Life Award”

  1. Oh wow AND Leo Rising? I did not realize he was on Astrotheme – too perfect if correct. But actually, I feel like he could have Jupiter in Pisces Rising – it explains the climbing, the exuberance, the disco-tech, and his goo-goo eyes. I don’t think he looks feline enough to be Leo Rising. I am going to email him to clarify.

    1. That would be great!
      No he doesn’t look feline enough. His face has something of the elvish about it – like some illustration out of a Brian Froud faerie book or oracle. Shaman for sure though.

  2. Uber Leo.

    Love this post Mystic. Great clues into working a stellium. Maybe it’s because it’s Leo this has me inspired and wanting more posts like these.

  3. You can also add Leo Ascendant to this loco Leo.
    His dedication to his skilful shenanigans reminds me of that MM post a while back about that young woman in the 1920’s who kept breaking out of jail in really flamboyant ways (also a Leo)
    I love these people.

    1. & love how in true Leo style he’s determined to create a mane – though i think that more than a fair share of his body’s zinc & silica production goes towards the maintenance of those .. talons! Just imagine, it would be like being gripped by a pterodactyl.

      1. It is But if you’re resistant it takes massive jolts to gain your high Hence his dare devil thriving on adrenaline and risk taking.

        1. The house of how you express your joy & creativity outwardly into the world. So yeah, Sadge has to show up. And he does wear turquoise pendants. I’ve noticed he has a few of them.

  4. The Living your best Leo life award.
    enough said really.
    love the photo, like it really takes two cops to escort this guy.. just props.
    this guy lights the way

    1. ‘like it really takes two cops to escort this guy’ – for media purposes, I reckon Alain would agree only if there would be a minimum of two. Like some kind of rider condition he has going with the Multiverse (along with ‘no Monday climbs’)

  5. LOL! That put a smile on my dial, and inspires my little Leo trio to trust that self-assured drive. Do you think he will have an icarus moment?

    1. Doing a lot. He has Saturn-SN in Aquarius 6th H – but ruled by Capricorn.
      It is opposite his Sun-SN & squares Neptune-IC & MC forming a Grand Cross.

  6. I love all the people I learn about on this site. He reminds me a little bit of Gianluca Vacchi but Alain has way more character.

  7. You’re for sure going to get a message from him when he sees where all the referral traffic is coming from. (Cue well known Carly Simon track)

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