Pretending To Be Capricorn

Pretending to be Capricorn for career reasons? If not, why not? People have been doing it for centuries, as this spin from an Ancient Roman emperor reveals.

“Whatever form the so-called publication of his horoscope took, we can be completely certain that Augustus wanted the world to know what sign he was born under. Let me refer you to the three images you’ve seen in this article. The first one is a coin, one of several Augustan coins featuring Capricorn. You can see the name “Augustus,” and the sea-goat holding the globe of the world. Augustus is Capricorn, in other words, and as the cosmocrator (master of the universe), he’s got the whole world in his hands. While Augustus’ rhetoric in words was putting forward an image of himself as “first among equals,” the astrological imagery of this coin is putting forward an unmistakable bid for autocracy and even kingship.

Pretending To Be Capricorn Secured His Rule

“The next image is the most famous cameo portrait of Augustus, the so-called “Gemma Augustea.” The woman placing the crown on Augustus’ head almost certainly represents the oikoumene, a Greek word meaning “the inhabited world” (we know this from similar representations on coins where the image bears a caption). Just behind Augustus’ head is a round lozenge containing a small image of Capricorn the sea-goat. We have a fair number of other Capricorn artifacts that probably belonged to private individuals, and these have been found throughout the empire. My third image, another cameo, is an example. The young man swimming the waves is both riding on Capricorn and probably also to be identified with Capricorn. His features, shown in profile, are recognizably those of the young Augustus.


“Why Capricorn? We don’t really know. Augustus’ sun sign was Libra. Capricorn was probably either his rising sign or, more likely, his Moon sign. What particular qualities of the sea-goat made this sign especially appropriate for Augustus? Again, we don’t know for sure. Possibly because Capricorn, then as now, was associated with stern moral authority.”

Astrology In Ancient Rome: Poetry, Prophecy & Power.

Fancy being an Emperor in the days when it afforded you unrivaled power but you can’t just say “hey, I’m Libra.” Pretending to be Capricorn was THAT good a career move. 

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  1. Well, well, well, who’d a thunk this topic was such a hotbed of academic inquiry, viz, check out ‘Augustus and Capricorn: Astrological Polyvalency and Imperial Rhetoric’.

    And howzabout this from Wiki’s entry about his mum:
    ‘Suetonius’ account of Augustus mentions the divine omens she experienced before and after his birth:

    When Atia had come in the middle of the night to the solemn service of Apollo, she had her litter set down in the temple and fell asleep, while the rest of the matrons also slept. On a sudden a serpent glided up to her and shortly went away. When she awoke, she purified herself, as if after the embraces of her husband, and at once there appeared on her body a mark in colours like a serpent, and she could never get rid of it; so that presently she ceased ever to go to the public baths. In the tenth month after that Augustus was born and was therefore regarded as the son of Apollo. Atia too, before she gave him birth, dreamed that her vitals were borne up to the stars and spread over the whole extent of land and sea, while Octavius (his dad) dreamed that the sun rose from Atia’s womb.’

    Capricorn mother moon, anyone?

  2. It would be quite cool if there were some secret magical operation behind the choice of Capricorn symbolism, so the coins doubled as ‘worldly power boosting’ personal talismans or some shizz.

  3. re the actual topic, maybe the roman astrologer in the senate or whatever advised that he do so… same way people change their name spelling to advantage themselves of auspicious numerology etc..

    1. Lately I’ve been daydreaming about changing my name. Feeling it’s time to vibe a different name and a whole new vowel arrangement.

      1. Change it!
        It’s a wonderful thing to feel the breeze of a sea-change. Changed mine & I love to hear my name on strangers lips, it’s like fresh music for a Stradivarius ‘cello.

        1. As always Andy your speaking to my hearts x
          I’ve no idea what to change it too. But the idea of letting go of the birth concept attached to your name. Which is really just saying “I can’t live up to your expectations of me. I’ve just got to be the eyes (i’s) in living”.

          I really don’t like that I am named after a town, pucked off a road map to stop an argument. Perhaps I should paint myself a positive back story? Because I’m a better kinda broken now.
          Sorry that last line is what I was humming as I walked the dogs along The Point today.

          1. My name came to me in deep trance.
            Maybe you could visit a hypnotherapist or PLR Practitioner (it’s still hypno, they just tend to be a little more interested in the spiritual like B. Weiss) with finding your ‘true name’ as your goal?

            Have one friend who just felt the call, ran inside and flicked open a book and there it was!

          2. 12th house virgo

            I struggled with my name post-divorce. It took me 3 years to decide what to change it to. I thought about a lot of different options, and ended up just dropping my last name. It was like my ideal name had been there. I think it will find you, one way or another. Your name. Its really just being open to claiming it as yours. Its a big step, and a powerful one. Good luck.

            1. I like that answer 12HV, it will come to you. Because I don’t want to go and see someone to find meaning in my name, that’s your life’s work anyway. Just feeling that change is coming my way. I am even going on a group blind date. He doesn’t know he is being set up tho. Our mutual friend had a premonition about us and she has never been wrong with her psychic knowings. It’s been years and years since anyone has been remotely interested in me.

  4. For a long time I had the phrase “I use” in my head, when considering the plight of Capricorn. Which is so one dimensional and doesn’t allow the depth and capacity of these fine folks to shine through. Soul mining ancient relics of the psyche or researching lost times, seems to be the Capricorn domain.
    MM it’s always an education with you.

    1. hah. it’s interesting as I was rethinking the cap motto recently too. I’m glad you have too 🙂

      I think “use” is a term that has fallen into disrepute. nowadays we say ‘used’ to devalue something, ‘s/he’s a user’ = they take and don’t give back…but let’s think about it … utility is a trait that we value highly… otherwise ‘it’s unusable’ ‘useless’ ‘no one knows how to use it’ – and off it goes to the tip. a waste!! I see the “I use” of capricorns” to be a sign of resourcefulness, with a practical appreciation of all of the tools, ideas, people and pathways at their disposal and the long (and high-altitude) view always in sight… goats can’t help themselves, it is in their nature to climb! and be idiots, if anyone has watched clips of goats jumping on trampolines lately 🙂
      [ whether that view is one that includes other people, well that depends on the Cap as with any sign and their best/worst ]

      1. I fuqing love this Pi, I get so fuqing sick of the usual interpretation of ‘I use’ to be that we will climb over whoever to get wherever. Your interpretation makes much more sense! x

        1. Caps can have a problem looking at their actions through the eyes of others, as being trampled by a goat hurts. People aren’t the Mountain after-all.
          I <3 Capricorns. They can access a great emotional depth but if not nurtured or supported in finding ways to express that level, they can fall into depressive, addictive and suicidal tendencies.

  5. EveryONE wanted to be Capricorn I reckon.
    You never hear about Emperor Gemini So-and-So (squee!).

    Astrotheme has him as a triple Virgo – Sun, Asc & Moon – wow..
    Did astrologers do the Ascendant same as today then I wonder.

    And why oh why didn’t they finish the Rome TV series?
    Seriously pains me to think on that.

  6. Thats easy, Capricorn is sign of the elder, the administrative chief-
    the one in charge of all and everyone (isn’t it?)

  7. I love it. Cappy Envy!!
    Well what ruler wouldn’t want to be a Capricorn! Problem is – Kings and Emperors are born to the position, they don’t earn it, so unlikely to be a position commonly held by Caps.
    And, I’d like to think, no natural born Capricorn would be so arrogant / vulgar as to put there face on the back of the common currency. Hardly screams humility does it… But then again, it is a tradition, so I guess they could be swayed…
    Personally, I’m more concerned about the odd third leg that this sea-goat seems to have, pointing backwards under its fishy belly…??? Or is it riding through the sky on a sleigh perhaps? Like that other benevolent Cappy, Santa Claus…?

    1. I’d like to think, no natural born Capricorn would be so arrogant / vulgar as to put there face on the back of the common currency.

      Hahahaha!😁 Yes and no. Part of me thinks, well…someone has to do it, lol! Other (dominant) part is like, fuq no!

  8. Love it Mystic!
    it seems that the ancients where totally obsessed with mythical half creatures – Capricorn, Centaur, Faun ect.
    They where seens as the combination of 2 worlds –
    eg. Centaur: Insticts and Intellect
    Capricorn: Earth and water

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