Cancer Characteristics – High And Low

Cancerians can be confusing but this list of their traits, divided into positive and negative, will help you decipher them.

Positive Cancer Traits:

EMPATHY: Cancerians ooze simpatico emotion in the same way other people sweat. They can relate to anyone: the celebrity going through a nasty divorce, the addict who stole their iPhone. Just confiding to one of these folk is soothing. They are excellent at assuring one that “everything is going to be all right,” issuing profound advice and putting issues into perspective. They’re mood alchemists, turning foul moods to fair.

ARTISTRY: Cancer is the sign most likely to be a fulfilled and successful artist. Modigliani, Gustav Klimt, Rembrandt, Frida Kahlo, Marc Chagall, David Hockney are but a few of many. Their poetic psyche picks up on emotional nuance and honors the forgotten.

ALLURE: Crab People are dangerously alluring. Devotees hover around them, avid for every detail of their latest hair issues, unresolved adolescent angst, or creative blocks. Emotional intelligence coupled with beautiful liquid eyes is a devastating combo.

GENEROSITY:  Kind by nature, Cancerians are set to auto-nurture. They’re feeders, a comfort zone in motion. At any one time, they tend to be mentoring a variety of folk. They understand the quirks of children, older adults, the disadvantaged, and the lovelorn. The Crab’s home is often a haven for the psychically displaced. They give shelter and like to withdraw into their cave with their chosen loved ones.

PSYCHIC GENIUS: Without fanfare, Cancerians pick up on a lot of signals. Their perceptions are eerily apt, and they are exceptionally gifted in the realms of psychometry: picking up vibes from objects and places. They do well to take up home-witchery arts such as feng shui, geomancy (harmony with the environment), or space-clearing. But their mysterious powers are just as useful in career and commerce.

RESPECT: Cancerians make sure they do events like weddings or Christmas correctly. They are good at maintaining photo albums and keeping up with every single niece and nephew. They make fabulous family historians; so do Capricorns, but it’s an attempt to find ancestors of status. Geminis don’t bother because they can fib about it. Pisceans look into the family background to find an excuse for their conduct. Crabs do it because they genuinely revere their family story.


SULKINESS: Okay, so Crab People are really into feelings but, guess what? Sometimes it’s just their feelings. They invented the Power Sulk. Huffing out an inky black fog of disappointment, they use their psychic powers to beam a “you screwed up badly” message. Ask what’s wrong, and they’ll say, “nothing,” before zooming off to call an ex-lover in secret. They never forgive but will pretend to forget. Then they’ll release the recriminations as a shock tactic when you’re not doing what they want. They think nobody understands them and nobody does.

SUBJECTIVITY: Crab People are capable of boring everyone else to tears with subjective accounts of their feelings. They believe urban myths but get hurt and pouty when someone scoffs. Why should any conversation be exciting or amusing if the Crab is in the mood for a good wallow? Your refusal to feel their pain or lower your vibe to match theirs counts as a transgression.

NOSTALGIA: This is the only sign which seems to think things were always better in history. Never mind plagues, witch-burnings, or lack of sanitation, weren’t the frocks lovely? Didn’t they make beautiful furniture in those days? Think French writer Marcel Proust (Remembrance of Things Past) yearning over the taste of a cookie from yonks ago.

Crabs are perfectly capable of bugging someone over an apparent whim of memory: “Surely you remember?” They can become haunted by a snatch of song and stalk around for weeks trying to make everyone else recognize the thing: “You must remember this, it goes ‘dum de dum de dah.’ It’s at the back of my mind.” But a lot of things lurk at the back of Crab’s mind. Not all of them need daily dredging up for reappraisal.

GUILT-TRIPPING: Which Sun sign is the greatest guilter of all? It always comes down to a play-off between Virgo and our Crab. Virgo is better at verbalizing. If you want pithy words to drill straight down into your guilt complex, just let a Virgo down one day. But the Crab method of guilting is more diffuse. They can glance at the culprit and leave them in a heap of remorse.

Virgo does it for a hobby, but Cancer is the guru of guilt. Cancerians plan blame-storming expeditions. They answer the phone in a voice rich with recrimination. Or drunk-dial a former lover not to say “Come around right now” but to make them feel guilty for wrecking Crab’s life. They can deliver dinner party “victim impact” statements years after you lost a book they lent you.

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the ones that have ruthlessly hurt me the most. cancerians!!!! control freaks too


thanx this a cool photo nelson mandela rocks cos he changed the world


Thanks! I’ve searched this photo of Nelson Mandela! 😉

sydster cancer

i was touched by the description. it seems to be that all astrologerians love to disdain cancers. i read astrology to find the beauty of my sign for i know that i am an awesome cancer. keep up the cancer love.

Triple Cancer Chick

Gulity of ALL of the above. More haut than lo these days I hope. My Saturn returns was a doozy and I no longer do a lot of guilting, sooking etc. Life is too short to take things so personally. 🙂


My child has scorp rising, cancer moon and aries sun. As you can imagine he is quite cute, it is hard to be cross with him…he is on the go, never stops..but will always give me a kiss and a hug and wave me goodbye at the school gate….super protective and very loyal, a bit jelly when he doesnt have my full attention…. Me-Cancer sun and sagg moon….i think we are one of the more outgoing cancers..but I I tend to be a bit attached to the past and can become so subjective with my feelings of the past, add… Read more »

year of the fox

omg that’s so sad sweet pea. That’s what happened to another Cancer friend of mine too. Couldn’t give up the wacky weed and cigs…baby died. 🙁 Very touching.


Thank you for this generous and provocative post, Mystic – it is lovely to read about oneself in such detail! xx


my sister (aqua) has cancer moon and she is an amazing, thoughtful present giver


Oh, and I never get given presents quite like the presents that come from my Crab friends. One, knowing I love vintage, hands over some pristine, unique 1930’s garment every time I see her – with an airy ‘this made me think of you’. She will have found it months before and kept it aside for me, wrapped in tissue paper. The other, when asked to procure a few unobtainable edibles for me, stationed offshore – sent the most incredible package of beautifully wrapped things that she had collected from all our friends, including a piece of jewellery that I… Read more »

Year of the Fox

I agree! I know some people think Libras are good at getting gifts for others but Cancer gifts are usually awesome, something rare, one of a kind, vintage, old, and well thought out for the recipient. They are great to go shopping with esp if you go to a flea market or thrifting.


I know two low crabs and two high ones. The low ones: my wicked step-mother – who actually told me age 5 al-la Jane Eyre that she couldn’t have me near her children (my half-brother and sister) because I was a bad influence – this meant I wasn’t allowed free access to my dad. She’s since realised what this meant to a small child, and now she apologises – she is reformed and I love her but don’t trust her still – if this is possible (it is possible to love someone you don’t trust!). The other Cancerian is her… Read more »

cheshire cap

I’ve never met a Cancerean I didn’t like. Maybe it’s a Cap thing but I’ve never had a problem reading them because to me they are so predictable when I know them well.

Cancereans often have recognisable laughter. Linda Goodman called it the Lunar laugh and they seem to have a full repertoire from insane giggle to belly-laugh

Libra with Scorp Planets

Thanks Mystic, you have just explained a lot about my Cancerian father, especially why he puts up with my Gemini Mother who is a world champion guilter. I didn’t realise dad was in on the whole subtle guilt trip!

Year of the Fox

Hmm…I know some haute crabs and some low ones. I tend to get along with them as long as we have a family or friend vibe. I’d never date one unless there were some seriously STRONG compatibility indicators, which I’ve never run into on the street. Most astrology things I read about have Pisces being all the drunks and drug addicts but it seems I know an inordinately large number who are Crabs (without a lot of Fish in their charts but maybe Neptune). My own pops comes to mind but he managed to overcome it. One of my old… Read more »

fluid feline

That’s me batsh*t loony you wicked fox 😯

Leo sun/Kataka moon/Fish rising

year of the fox

LOL! *runs away to hide*

Their haute side is that they care a lot about the people they are with. You will have no better protector if you need one. My best friend from high school and my current business partner both are Leos with Cancer Moons. I dig their style but man when things go sideways, their “plans” to get out of their situations seem a little crazy to me.


Thats me three Scorp Sun/Cancer Moon – does an Aries rising redeem me? I like moon in cancer – all the people I know with it create the most amazing homes, where people walk in, and are instantly comfortable, always amazing food on offer, clean sweet smelling beds, and boudoir like bathrooms for lounging in the bath with wine and smelly stuff!
And bat-sh*t looney? Well yeah, but in a high functioning flake kinda way!!

year of the fox

I think they have a high/low mode like how MM does the sun signs too. If you are one of the high ones maybe you can turn around my opinion! ^_^ Yeah totally –best homes ever– and if you get invited to a party or are a house guest it feels like you are at a wonderful spa or castle or something else cozy. Best hospitality. They are super psychic too! In the low mode, I get annoyed at how the ones I know are suckers for a “pretty face” male and female alike. With the business partner, she totally… Read more »

cancer/gem rising

My birthday 2day and the more I read I realise even I hate cancers. I’m not friends with them, they are too prickly and moody, I can’t understand them and I am 1. I think about the people who love me, live with me and are my good friends and I can’t understand why they would put up with my crap. I wouldn’t, if I met someone like me, I’d do my best not to get involved or I would guilt and shame them until they were more humane, feel it my duty to keep pointing out that they are… Read more »


Oh dear. Me norf node is in Canther. I fink I’ve got the low Crab fing down pretty good. And me ex, the narthithitht, thertainly had the charmths of the haute version– to a T. Sumfing to athpire to. ( Not the narthithit bit). Tankth for dat. I don’t know why I’m typing with a lithp.

Sumfing I have found with Crab people, ith that theem to atthume they are the only one with feelingth (thumtime). And can be hellishly cruel to otherth.


I really do NOT work well with cancereans – sorry everyone – but they ALWAYS want to stay in the one spot, never change and are often very protective of others (even people that they dont even like) i mean seriously but this Saggo is totally against the clingy crab!
ps. bad experiences with a cancerean leave you feeling like this


oh hell yeah I can be nostalgic LS, but about my personal life, experiences etc …. just not that into glorifying of ye olde days. Victorian era – syphilis, poor sanitation, sexism … Wild West – pongy, rough, too many cacti … etc etc. If I glorify anything it’s the future when we meet the aliens and get to travel in wormholes and cool interstellar motherships and and … must be my aqua mars 🙂

scorpalicious robot

and your Sagg moon too i reckon.

cancerian annie

Self awareness is a wonderful thing, and you only get better at it by practicing…but oooooh sometimes a mirror is so hard to look into….!!!

aqua tiger

I know a Crap who is the most vile person alive after his 4th glass of cask white, which will usually go from 3pm to 3am daily. After he drives everyone in the room out the door with his ranting over and over about … how wonderful the past WAS… he then gets nastier by the glass … I once lost it and said to him ‘if you must be such a bitter old drunk at least do it in a nice fine white linen suit ‘. He then told me the reason he is F’d up is because at… Read more »


I’m with Nat … no mooning over the olden days here. I think another hi crab trait is the loony and wicked sense of humour … it’s the coping strategy for all that emoting and having to deal with cyclical mood swings.

fluid feline

That’s true prowln – know 2 Cancerian gals with loony, wicked humour style, hadn’t thought of that aspect before.

Wish Upon a Star

Loony and wicked sense of humour. Love it, and relatable.


Oh so good, smiled, laughed, wept, then found you had started these with mine. back to smiles. Some talent you have Mys 😉 Cheers


Love these ‘Hi-Lo’ sign posts Mystic. You are spot on as usual. As a Cancerian Sun I concur with Crab ability to reach some of those Hi traits. It can be bloody exhausting being everyone’s Empathy Aunt – I don’t ask but people just tell me their secret stuff. People often tell me that I am so calm and together… so they feel OK dumping on me! (Maybe my Neptune Asc… attracts projection?). I need lots time alone to restore my balance & energy. Could I add cooking to Hi list? Most Crabs I know are pretty handy in the… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

I have Mercury and Venus in Cancer. Gemini Sun 4th house.

Neptune rising also. I totally relate to your 2nd paragraph. Attracts projection. If only I had a mobile mirror.
Maybe I’ll try reflective sunglasses.

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