Uranus in Taurus For Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

For Aquarius and Aquarius Rising people, Uranus in Taurus is different. It’s their ruling planet or rather, their affiliate planet. Aquarians don’t acknowledge hierarchies. They’re still so influenced by Uranus that they change when the Uranus sign does.

Everyone gets a seven-year ‘change-everything’ itch as Uranus changes sign. It’s just super-accentuated for Uranians.

The ideal Aquarius ‘change’ is profound and sweeping. Grumble about this sign as much as you like, they back their beliefs. They don’t intend to change friends every Uranus-sign-shift. But their values morph. The new Aquarius frequency just tunes out the static. If you’re not The Signal, you’re probably static. Or on the same frequency in which case you’ll avoid one another aside from incredibly in-depth conversations once a decade or so.

Admittedly, they also get off on making big moves. When Uranus is your ruler, sorry, influencer – you know the moment. It’s seasonal and as innate a bird knowing when it’s time to fly. You’d think this would make the evolution calm but no. The Aquarius/Aquarius Rising moving house/life changes tips are straight from Dion Fortune’s Psychic Self-Defense – The Classic Instruction Manual For Protecting Yourself Against Psychic Attack.

And yes, that is the perfect indicator of how they feel about something once they’ve deemed it off-frequency/the past.

Uranus In Taurus For Aquarius and Aquarius Rising People

So what has Uranus in Taurus bought for our Aqua/Aqua Rising? Well, it was to be a verdant sanctuary compared to the previous seven years of Uranus in Aries. That began in March 2011 – cue the semi-psycho Aquarius drive toward independence on all levels – and ended in February 2019. And ever since then, they’ve been manifesting a mountain of Uranian-tweaked Taurus traits.

In fact, Aquarians have morphed like mad, embracing reclusiveness and social distance well before it became compulsory. They’re not being deliberately competitive when they reveal that they don’t bulk buy toilet paper because they make activated chia papyrus that is also anti-inflammatory or self-rinse with alkaline hydrogen water. D.I.Y. and the right to repair are very Uranus in Taurus and Cv-19 has amped trends already in motion. But it’s annoying when you’re excited about fixing something and the Aquarius is building their own vacuum cleaner via channeled instructions from Ives W. McGaffey.

The other manifestations of Uranus in Taurus for Aquarius, Aquarius Rising, and – in some cases – Moon in Aquarius?

They’re Sensing Ley Lines And Hearing LED Lights

They’re now extremely conscious of land. Not land as in real estate but land as in locus genii – place spirits – and ley lines. They don’t care about its cost or current, official identity, they’re parsing history and metaphysics, sometimes obsessively. Impress a Uranian about the land they’re researching. If you are one, how frustrating and limited are most records?
Related: a new appreciation of history and esoteric texts. Going back to primary source documents is the only way to avoid propaganda and bias. The elusive route to an Aquarians heart now consists of Jstor credits and insider knowledge of secret maps.

They talk to trees, keep track of birds, and now feel everything in their body. When you’ve been subconsciously eating to feel more physically substantial, the sensitivity can be overwhelming. If you’re feeling vibrations beneath your feet or suddenly hearing LED lights, you could combat it as a sensitivity. Or see it as part of an Aquarius power-up and snuggle into your couch/situation room chair to assess what it means.


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  1. Omg yes. I’m aqua rising and my bf is Aquarius and we text all day every day for the past year and a half, talk maybe once a month on video. We always make our “big moves” at the same time, which we feel innately in our bodies. I have been eating to feel more physically substantial. We always let go of things or people when they become “static” or not the right frequency. And if one of us is holding onto something because of attachment, we check each other on it. It’s like running a relay race with each other and we keep passing the baton and only verbally communicate to pass it and the rest of the time are getting info from source energy. My bf has recently of late been *very* interested in land.

  2. Sun Moon Aquarius, Ascendant Taurus with Venus in Aquarius and this is so spot on it hurts – I extricated from my family – ended up living in my car stuck right outside of camp pendleton and now in my new place I had to replace all the led lights to led grow lights (for plants) because – I guess I’m a plant? Also my new place surrounded by birds -theres a honeysuckle bush in my backyard so I have buku hummingbirds on a daily basis – there’s also this one blue jay I swear is a blue avian watching over me that sits in the bush with the hummingbirds around them. How are you THE BEST astrologer ?!?!- just joshing there are no hierarchies but you are much to my preference!!!

  3. Aquarius Sun/Scorpio Rising/Aries Moon

    The past two weeks I’ve bought two cubic yards of topsoil to try and plant a wildflower field in front of our high desert home since I imagine we will be here most of the year. Additionally I’ve started growing herbs and lettuces inside (soil), something I’ve never had the patience for.

    We have an annual guest on our property this time of year, a roadrunner who nests in our large juniper tree. Now in the past two weeks has taken to bringing me lizards and snakes at our back French doors, doing his mating dance, crest up and wings open, banging the glass and smearing the window with his lizard offering. He barely runs away anymore when I approach. He’s started following me window to window throughout the house the past three days.

    We live in a beautiful place (Santa Fe NM), full of energy for sure, and all I want to do is run to the beach in Santa Barbara CA and get the #%^1@ out of here.

    1. I’m Aquarius Sun, Aquarius Moon, Scorpio Rising, Aries Venus. Your signs struck me when I saw them so I just had to stop and say hi. We share all the same signs, just in different locations.

  4. My moon is at 4 Aqua (I’m a double sag) so I have Trans Sat almost conjunct and Uranus square my moon. Not a very easy ride.Yes I’m surrounded by greenery, but I separated from my husband of 23 years (a Scorp Stellium in 9th with his NN conj my moon). it’s a very lonely time, confined with my cat and dog for almost 2 months, but truth is that I was also confined last year (I’m a 12th house sun). Almost no personal calls or contact and yes, got very much into astrology,cards and other esoteric stuff.

    1. Wishing you comfort in your solitude. I have been there. I know this sounds trite, but I can promise you it will get easier. x

  5. Botanical, bird and soil referencing from so many Aqua Uranian people here! With art! Here’s my revelation, thanks to you.

    Earlier in the year, i am Aqua Venus NN IC, i opened up the entrance of my place. Literally! With unexpected help of some Aries and Caps removing the windows and enclosing structures, plus starting the tree garden. The heightened simple planting, plus sense of beauty and air with a particular bird calling it part of her territory, all have all been a blessing during this season in strange time. Somehow at the opposite end of home has come clearing, Tower and 8 Pentacles both.

    There have also been massive psychological realisations, crashing apart, renovation begun stop-start-whence- before, so painful and such genius Trickster energy i have been needing.

    Once in past Uranian times before this birth cycle, i know i was a painter and that is why i do not paint now (kookaburra fam just laughed as i type!) I found my first ever painting from a class i took two years ago. I didn’t know the teacher was BOTANICAL in style, it was all last minute. I hated my canvases but one now is back. The others painted over, the ones i felt more me but went against the grain of what we were taught to do as i heart surrealism.

    1. I should say, a Scorpio friend died yesterday. It’s not just all light with the birds and the botan8cals and the art. It’s just that she was all about gratitude and showering life with it in her generous uncompromisingly Her always understanding and sweet Way. She was an Artist, by trade and in friendship xxxxxx

        1. milleunanotte

          Thank you. OMG when even the most vivacious young Scorpio is gone, despite the shock, i see people around truly KNOW she has been embraced by death. Weird, but clear. The place is bursting with flowers. Never seen so many, constant stream of florist artistry. She was such a beautiful Scorpio xxxx

  6. What timing. My triple Aqua friend contacted me out of the blue last month. We were in each other’s lives up until mid-2011 and then gradually lost touch until there was nothing there.

  7. Yes lawd.

    Hi I’m an Aquarius rising Mars in Aries.

    Uranus in Aries kicked off an extreme independance in me; think living off the grid, building shelters, boundary pushing and intense spirituality tests and relationships. The first time for everything. Self employed, self-directed, self-generating.

    Now, I’m considering a career in government design, going through an extreme electricity diet, and cut even more stuff out of my already ‘clean foods’ list.

    The morph is real.

    1. I love this! You learned all the stuff during Uranus in Aries and now you can help others learn the lesson through the new career. I’m also a Mars in Aries but the transit looked different for me outwardly though I do feel a lot more confident in my ability to get things done than I did at the start.

  8. I didn’t know hearing led lights was a thing but it makes so much sense. I recently decided that it’s too self demeaning to assume my extreme sensitivity to enviromental factors is some sort of disorder or mental problem. It’s just how I am. And it is fine. Not aqua rising but quite Uranian innately.

  9. Uranus conjunct my ascendant so he’s definitely my influencer, here I thought I was channeling Pluto. Decided yesterday I just needed to let go and get on with it. Let go or be dragged.

  10. “If you’re feeling vibrations beneath your feet or suddenly hearing LED lights, you could combat it as a sensitivity”

    I have been fighting my innate sensitivity my entire life as I felt all it did was bring me pain, and in the last few years especially, that pain has been very physical and literal. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been trying to not fight the sensitivity and to train it to focus on the appropriate things. I’ve always been so in my head and that’s the only place I felt comfortable but with so much Taurus and earth influence in my chart I especially need my feet on the ground.

    I hope this is my era! As an Aquarius w Taurus moon and rising. Being triple fixed change is still harder for me than many Aquas I think.

    1. murasaki muenja

      I’m an Aquarius sun and triple fixed person too. I resonate so much with your entire post. Being sensitive to the point of being dysfunctional for most of my childhood and just now starting to go into my body to address all the harms I’ve been through. I have a stellium in cap including Saturn and the north node, so this has really been a time of reckoning. Trying to remember that healing is spiral not linear, and be gentle with myself as I go through these changes.

  11. Aqua Sun/Jupiter in 11th. I’m not so much interested in the history of a place as knowing what’s under the concrete. That and daylighting, ways to make my garden both more efficient and chaotic, beekeeping, good sheets, maintaining working from home/virtually post-pandemic, and keeping one step ahead – these are the things that interest me now.

  12. My IC is Aqua & Taurus rules 5th – but i NEED earth under my feet and trees to hug. And my partner tells me i’m developing an unhealthy relationship with my rescue monstera.
    It’s been 8 weeks of no walks… no earth under my feet, and my Uranus is sitting opposite in my tenth H amid my colossal stellium like a ticking time bomb.

    1. Hang in, babe. It’s been brutal in your part of the world. Hope you get to feel the ground under your feet soon xx

  13. this resonates to so much to me, making so much sense why Ive had a 360 degree turn around and just want to cook,eat do my Astrology, Naturopathy and watch Netflix

  14. This, this, THIS. Moon in Aquarius intercepted in the first house. All of this is dead on for me- I was just thinking about ground spirits and am so grounded but yet flying along as usual as well. Making changes and upgrades gladly in almost every realm. I feel so strong powerful and independently connected. Lol 😆

  15. Suprisingly, since uranus got to Taurus I can’t stand most music, with the exception of some instrumental stuff and a single chakra balacing album, lol

    Yes to the locus gennii and familiars – been befriending all the strays that hang around my apartment block

    Also ridiculous impulses about grabbing my mom and a couple of pets and moving to a little farm on the hills

    Aqua and saturn rising

  16. Ohh yes!! To the hearing ley lines and led lights!! Talking to trees, keeping track of birds and feeling everything in my body! This is my exact reality. I actually replied to yet another conspiracy video sent to me by a healer friend this morning with, sorry I can’t take anymore of this in, I’m tuning into my body, singing, meditating with trees and reading! Just before I read this! There is SO much static in the ether I’ve gotta keep it simple. I’m a Moon in Aquarius in the 8th house, and Uranus is part of my Grand Air Trine in Libra. It began its transit in the tail end of my 10th and is just about to move into my 11th house. I am loving Uranus in Taurus! Thanks always Mystic for the stella insights and confirmation!

  17. Yes to the birds. 2 tawny frog mouth owls 5m away watching me read on my lounge (I hear them hooting at night and imagine they are sending me blessings). Butcher birds, carrawong, crow and dove all calling to each other now. I had 3 disgusting palms removed and wondered if some ley lines where impacted. The bats kept getting electrocuted so powerlines were involved.
    I am Taurus Sun Aqua Rising and this CV19 sh!t is doing my empath head in. Everyone is so angsty and their vibes are hard to protect myself from. I have always thought something a few moments before someone actually says it. Like ‘mmm who gives a crap better send me some tp soon.’ Husband starts telling me story about a lady he met at the beach, socially distant, who had her 1st box delivered. MF I’ve bought 18! WTH! Waiting waiting…
    My Woolworths collector seeds from last year are all being harvested, the rockmelons are insane.
    Less traffic means I can hear the neighbours kicking off. Time for some headphones, music and Sun.

  18. What if you’re none of the above but are heavily Aquarian with with Mars & Jupiter and bunch of asteroids in that sign? Will this still apply?

  19. Yep, you are right about the locus genii and the research! I’ve just discovered Mount Analogue by French surrealist writer Rene Daumal. A journey in search of a symbolic mountain. So good, I’m really off on this. Also Remedios Varo also referred to it in her paintings Ascension to Mount Analogue. Loving Aqua in Taurus. I’m a super Aqua with 5 planets Aquarius and Aqua rising!!!!

    1. I will have to check Mount Analogue out. Sounds fascinating.
      I understand locus genii so well. Visiting Sedona has a feel I can’t quite explain. Vortexes are energy and Sedona is abundant in them. Another that comes to mind is Max Patch in the mountains near Asheville, NC. My ascent to the top was spiritual. There had to be vortexes there as well. The other that comes to mind is Natural Bridge in VA. I will never forget the feeling of that sacred place. “Nature church” I called it.

      1. Thanks for sharing these magic places I will check them out. I am in Australia and have Mt Ninederry right on my doorstep. I would like to visit the US one day and the National Parks with amazing rock formations. New Mexico, Georgia O’Keeffe country. I’m an artist and landscape is my thing and locus genii and the romantic landscape.

        1. New Mexico is beautiful from what I drove through. I am right next door in Arizona but barely been here a year. I have so much exploring to do. Let me know if you ever visit!! ^_^

  20. I was just going on about my love of routine but there is also a part of me that gets a new download and changes up at the drop of a hat. Like a flash of lightning. I can do routine when I need to but it does not define me. I’ve always been something of a gypsy getting pulled in different directions from time to time. Ive currently been daydreaming of leaving the US (can you blame me?!) and pulling an epic stunt. It feels quite Uranian. I am not strongly Aquarius but I feel I can relate. My sun is progressed to Aquarius and natally, my Venus is there. Uranus also opposes my moon, which rules my chart. This quote from Sylvia Plath (Aquarius rising) sums it up (sometimes I feel like I channel her)

    “I saw my life branching out before me like the green fig tree in the story. From the tip of every branch, like a fat purple fig, a wonderful future beckoned and winked. One fig was a husband and a happy home and children, and another fig was a famous poet and another fig was a brilliant professor, and another fig was Ee Gee, the amazing editor, and another fig was Europe and Africa and South America, and another fig was Constantin and Socrates and Attila and a pack of other lovers with queer names and offbeat professions, and another fig was an Olympic lady crew champion, and beyond and above these figs were many more figs I couldn’t quite make out. I saw myself sitting in the crotch of this fig tree, starving to death, just because I couldn’t make up my mind which of the figs I would choose. I wanted each and every one of them, but choosing one meant losing all the rest, and, as I sat there, unable to decide, the figs began to wrinkle and go black, and, one by one, they plopped to the ground at my feet.”

    I want to do and be everything.

    There were also two owls in my neighborhood settling in to raise a little owlet I’m sure. I saw them quite a bit for a while. I would often feel the one watching me out of nowhere. I also see roadrunners, quails, humming birds and hawks (I see hawks quite a bit!) Bird magic is one of my favorites. I love the symbolism and wisdom they bring. Be light and free in this life…

  21. Obsessed with having my own home…looking to move to a new regional city, with a decent arts scene plus good beaches, and have been looking at real estate in this place for around 12 months. We shall see. But I do know March 2011 led to a chane and a rollercoaster. BUT also discovering my scribe vibe. Aqua rising, Gemini sun, Asc trine Sun. And a stellium in my 4th house. Thinking how work fits into this is a part of the thinking process. But open to a move and to a change of work

  22. Aqua moon conjunction Venus and very recently I am drawn to making botanical art, it feels like my future. It’s a world away from words and thoughts, which has defined my life so far.

    1. I started an Art journal in March with the botanical theme. It feels right, and present in my thoughts. I am a writer by nature and have used words most of my life. Words are not working@ this time.

      1. Thanks Barbara, I get the words not working so much but hadn’t put it together until I read this. I make a living from words but they’ve lost their energy. I am hibernating all my books and replacing them with art supplies and images I am inspired by.
        I am now using words as a means to an ends.

  23. Changing values every 7 years makes a LOT more sense now. I’m aqua rising. Hopefully I will get the money situation in order during Uranus in Taurus.

  24. MutatisMutandis

    aqua rising. obsessing over leaving software to become a botanist/soil scientist. not exactly a ‘new’ urge but it’s been out of control since the new moon. I did not go to uni because am a natural with the computer junk and made it rather far without doing so, but I am deeply burnt out and feel called to create new plant species. have been writing my resignation letter to hand to the bosses on Monday but obsessing that I am having an ultra-uranian moment and was able to be talked into taking a 2 week leave before resigning on Thursday.

    1. Space to think is a savvy move, MM. When could you start your studies? You need to apply for your course, so there is a lead time before you make the change. Your software skills could help you earn while you are studying, and will always be useful, but if you have savings to live on while studying, even better. Having experienced being burnt out, I found it took a little while to defrazzle. Had niggly health issues on the way through this process, so whatever you need to do to stay in best health is also important.

    2. MutatisMutandis

      I seized the momentum on this urge and went ahead and applied to the program despite the wider uncertainty ongoing due to the virus and my own career (still on leave as noted above). And I got a note this morning from the prgram administrator that I was being accepted and my file would be updated in the next few days! Normal timeline for acceptance is months but all bets are off now. This is a fully-online program and at no risk due to the personal distance guidelines.

  25. Aquarius sun. Last summer I moved from the city to a rural area, so I can garden more and be closer to hiking. I also began studying plant medicine. I recently felt connected to the original owner of the home (who is deceased) that I now live in, and started researching old records to learn more about him and the house. My first night in the home, as I was walking into my kitchen toward my phone on the counter, Siri randomly said “welcome home”. It has felt more like home than anywhere I have ever lived. My Aquarius sun is in my 4th house.

  26. Aqua rising. I downloaded your Uranus in Taurus meditation last year and saw my grandfather for the first time since his death in 1996. During the meditation, I saw him give me a small, solid gold rake. He was an agronomist, later turned lawyer who worked to ensure families had access to land where they could grow produce to sell and consume.

    The current economy got me furloughed and now I’m back to the island where he lived, staying with my parents, saving money and investing in land and gold. Kinda spooky kinda awesome.

    1. I don’t dream or recall dreams often but I’ve had recurring horses and being with and riding horses. One really big black horse. He was stunning and felt great to ride. I used to keep horses, first ride age four. They were quite a part of my life but I left that all behind in 2005, suddenly my dreams are filled with them.

  27. An an aqua sun, mercury, and Venus, this is spooky spot on. I started my bird and plant photo journal a couple weeks ago!

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