Ward 69 At Saint Virgos

Once upon a time, my astrology teacher told me in an aside that Virgos (all Virgos) had either nurse fantasies (sexual) or doctor-nurse romance fantasies. He was quite insistent.

But then again, his ex-wife was a Virgo. And he was Aquarius. There could have been some residual angst there. Virgo and Aquarius never quite get over one another.

When asked about the topic, the Virgos of my acquaintance murmured “no comment” or deftly changed the subject.

Virgos: Do tell?

79 thoughts on “Ward 69 At Saint Virgos”

  1. Virgo & Venus Rising Virgo

    I double-concur on this; My biggest love was an Aquarius and we tried but kept imploding; it was a double heartbreak for us both. I was in fact the nursemaid to his deficits, always fixing everything. He was always spinning out into thin air and I was trying to ground, ground, ground us both. It was intensely kinetic and i will never get over this profound love; but there was definitely a nursemaid/patient aspect to the whole thing; I was always profoundly aware of his wounds but I also knew he was profoundly aware of mine. Poignant stuff.

  2. I’m coming late to the party, but I couldn’t resist adding my own few cents to this.

    I’m a Virgo with Taurus rising. I have a Sun-Moon conjunction in the early Virgo degress and a Jupiter-Venus conjunction in the latter degrees of Virgo (my Mars is in Gemini). My boyfriend has both his Sun and Moon in Virgo (Venus in Leo, Mars in Libra). None of us have ever had such fantasies. Student-teacher fantasies and daydreams of spontaneous eruptions of passion, on the other hand…

  3. Virgo, with Libra rising, Leo Moon…nope, never a nurse-doctor fantasy. I was in lust with my heart-throb OBGYN for some time, but that is more patient-doctor, does that count? And all of his patients were drooling as well. Also, doctors are around germs all day, I couldn’t handle the idea of slipping into bed with someone that is probably most definitely carrying some sort of rager staff infection. Not to mention…doctors are known womanizers, I would be overcome with jealous fits thinking he was sleeping with his staff. No no no! I am wildly attracted to the mayhem character from the allstate insurance commercials. Is that tres virgo??? He is a Leo in real life…not normally my type, but I do love the bad boys….

  4. Virgo ascendant, pluto and uranus … no medical fantasies at all And, I have had some crazy ones. But this would be last on my list. Maybe it’s a Sun thing.

  5. 7th house cusp at 13 Virgo. Moon, Uranus, Pluto and boxes loaded with asteroids in Virgo. I suffer no fantasies about docs and nurses. When I think of them I smell alcohol swabs and cringe a bit.

  6. virgo sun, venus in libra, scorpio asc. moon in lion!

    and NO , I do not have fantasies of drs. and I actually date a doctor and we kinda play like I was on a medical check out but besides that and me playing when I was a little kid the doctor with my cousin it’s an usually fantasy for me the whole dr thing.

    I’m more into huge tall blond nordic vampires or elvens…

    c’est la vie!


    1. Virgo Sun, Mars, 12th House here.

      Definite yes to student-teacher fantasy. Definite yes to nurse fantasy.
      Definite yes to nurse-doctor/student-teacher combo fantasy!

  7. My Virgo ex LOVED to rescue, his history was variously depressed, chronically exhausted types with stress-related psychosomatic stomach pains – what a turn on! πŸ˜€ then he met me and the roles reversed – I was the one playing doc and picking up the mess on the floor. Certainly spot on here!! :-))

  8. Definitely! I work in a hospital by kind of fate, thought I would be a good nurse and applied to Uni, was accepted, had a moment of clarity and declined!(thank the gods!!!). Of course I have always underestimated my abilities, now I see that I could have been an excellent doctor!!! Virgo fantasy???? MOST LIKELY!
    ps What kind of weird shite is this Merc Retro???
    pps I NEARLY FORGOT!! I had a delicious affair with a young doctor once!!

  9. ifvirgosruledtheworldwedwhipyoass

    Virgo Sun and others, Cancer rising, Aqua moon & Scorp in Venus.

    You so don’t want to know. I work as a Dominatrix & have my own SM studio. Not a room in my house with a crappy milled pine 2×4 cross painted gloss black, a sh*tty “throne” and some cheap sex shop PVC whips…

    No dear reader, apart from my two other rooms, I have a vintage-styled operating theatre complete with functional lighting, entenox machine (full anaesthesia), NO2 machine, stainless steel hydraulic ops table, B&W checkerboard floor and my varied collection of gear ranging from supported breathing from the 50’s to the 80’s to my antique Japanese “enema” syringes. (please note the correct spelling @daividl)

    I find the stainless steel gear excites me because it is machined to enable access to the body. (Oooooooh) I also find the notion of intubation thrilling for this too, although I only regularly practise rectal and urethral catheterization. (Ahhhhh) I find the notion of an artillery of shiny gear paired with a professional & emotionally removed person in charge INTENSELY exciting.

    Do you need more?

    1. Yes we need more!!! You sound so familiar, you write with such ease.. I want to ask who you are and if you frequent this forum regularly and are writing under a pseudo nomme de keyboard?? But that might not be the right etiquette with tackling a Virgo, Rising Cancer with Moon in Aqua…
      Seriously, ‘intubation’ and ‘catheterization’, where do you come from just jumping into the forum like this?!! I love it.

      1. ifvirgosruledtheworldwedwhipyoass

        I write with ease because I am comfortable with it. I don’t post here regularly but this is not my first. Yes, I am writing under a nom de plume, such as that “ifvirgosruledtheworldwedwhipyoass” is not my birth name. Regarding etiquette, I must have enough other gear in my chart for me not to care about that. Where do I come from just jumping on this forum like this? To be a total wanker and quote a chinese sage from the Cha’an (Zen) school, “I don’t know”. πŸ™‚

          1. ifvirgosruledtheworldwedwhipyoass

            I must say I am very underfed on fiction – I really stick to non-fiction… Perhaps intense medical bondage with full sensory deprivation, light anaesthesia, full catheterization then being read to by a psych nurse? Mmmm… Oh, sorry… πŸ™‚

    2. The Leo Socialite

      So what do you tell people you do for a living and how do you find your clients? It must be a very expensive set-up!!! Can you do a survey of your clients sun signs or something? Scorpios i betcha.

      1. ifvirgosruledtheworldwedwhipyoass

        I tell some people I’m a pro domme, others that I make fetish clothing.
        I find my clients thru the web, yellow pages, twitter and print ads.
        I has been bloody expensive to set up but my protestant work ethic and general Virgo-ity has seen to that. It has been most costly in emotional energy. Re a survey of my clients charts, Mistress/client relationships infrequently stretch this far. I don’t actually know the real names of even some of my regulars. My work is the coal face of some men’s insecurity about their alternative sexuality so it’s a first name basis with most. It’s also not industry standard to ask names in OZ as it can be in other countries such as the US. So no, I wouldn’t say that all clients are simply “scorps”. πŸ™‚

        1. wot a shame! You might have assisted in making a stinker (ahem pardon the pun) of a movie into something less turgid (soz more puns – Mercury ruled)!


  10. I have always had a soft spot for medical play and white latex

    virgo mars, NN, jupe, lilith, saturn
    moon venus/neptune 6th house

  11. Ha ha! Sitting in hospital cafe after having my blood works done by a ..Virgo Nurse! They are 40% Virgos at this hospital by my reckoning. We did a survey of the floor last time I was here having a baby – and they all love astrology. Oh, Blog Boost thought! Advertise yr site in hospitals MM! πŸ˜‰

  12. I was going to say, no, never!, then I remembered that about ten years ago when I had a truly awful negligent hospital experience, I ended up having a crush on my GP ( spent so much time with him, hard not to) and fantasizing about the head surgeon….who was horrible to me. At the time I thought it was strange but out it down to the Stockholm syndrome.

    Yeah, what is the virgo/ Aquarius thing? I have had plenty of aquarians best friends. They are often to be found working together in humanitarian areas, too. Blogpost, please, on the subject.

  13. No medical fantasies at all. Sun and lots of other planets in Virgo (one of the mars and neptune conjunct in Scorpio generation like Über). My nurse mum often came home with blood on her uniform, and she was a fabulous, and rather rude, raconteur so it was all shit, piss and blood over the dinner table : / Not conducive to fantasies. I can still smell hospital disinfectant just by thinking about it. Lots of my fantasies feature snow – lovely clean snow LOL.

  14. Absolutely no Virgo at all, even my Virgoan house is intercepted but have a major doctors/nurses/hospital thing stemming from my childhood. Father Christmas used to bring me plasters and bandages in my stocking, dream of all dreams would probably have been a wheelchair or some crutches or even just a real stethoscope. Also had some X-rays I used to love playing with but anything to do with medicine, death, disease and I loved it. Kind of creepy in hindsight but totally obviously Scorpionic.

  15. Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon, – I’m a nurse and definately don’t have nurse/ dr fantasies. It all seems too much like work…..

  16. Virgo sun here, Leo rising, Scorpio moon.

    Never had a doctor/nurse fetish. Maybe it’s my personal combo, but they just seem too sterile for me.

  17. Virgo SUN, RISING, VENUS & PLUTO here. Doctors and nurses don’t really fit into the typical Virgo sexual fantasy, which if it is truly indulged, usually involves all that is FORBIDDEN.

  18. Can’t say they feature in my fantasies but thinking about it I have been attracted to several doctors I’ve met. Maybe it’s because they’re so clean? I tried a perfume today that smells like washing powder.

  19. So I’m currently co-writing with a Virgo who recently created a character who would, basically, get a boner for anything in a Doc’s coat. But said character ended up with one of my drag queens instead of a doctor. πŸ˜€

    Must ask Virgo bestie if he’s into doctors… He’s never said anything about it before, tho’.

    SPEAKING OF, Margaret Sanger, the famous sex educator and birth control activist was a Virgo.

    1. Oh oh! But I only just now remembered, that co-writing Virgo actually hated doctors and always refused to go to the hospital when she was sick. So who really knows what’s going on there.

  20. Virgo Moon and SN here….there are doctors I’ve found to be hot, but I don’t have a particular fetish for them. I am a Graduate Nurse but I work on a Peds floor for a reason…….so that I don’t have to deal with pervy adults.

  21. virgo sun- and definitely no. now, i *do* have a science kink, and a teacher thing, so… maybe it’s a manifestation of a sort of broader virgoan intellectual authority kink?

    my aunt, who is uber-virgo, is a nurse (and fantastically terrifying), taking after my grandmother, who was a scorpio nurse w/ a virgo rising (she was known to make doctors weep if they did their charts wrong).

  22. year of the fox

    I only have Venus in Virgo but have dated plenty of Virgo men and most do NOT have medical turn-ons. A lot of them are rather plain but they tended to have a lot of Libra in their chart. :/

    I’m not into the medical fetish thing, but I do tend to gather a lot of teacher-student (unequal) sort of energy in relationships.

    1. Fox, isn’t the gathering of teacher-student energy in relationships because you have Saturn in the 7th (if I remember correctly). Also signifies attracting the afflicted?

      1. year of the fox

        It could be. Sometimes I am the “teacher” and other times I’m the “student” it seems. I think I’ve only had one relationship where it’s been nearly equals (my Libra stuff craves this).

        I’ve also heard from another astrologer that when you date signs that are next door neighbours…like Virgo is to Libra, you naturally set up that kind of student-teacher situation.

  23. Not me. I was hit on by a Dr a few years ago when I lived overseas and got typhoid. All I can remember was hissing at him “stop talking and give me my drugs”. He then went and told all the people working in the apartment complex that he was my boyfriend. Freaky. Has turned me off doctors for life.

  24. Preponderance of Virgo here. No doctor/nurse fantasies, but funny about the consenus of attraction to men in the mental health field. I do share that, and recently had brief fling with a psychiatrist. The attraction was the way he probed my mind.

    I wonder though if Virgo men are more likely than other signs to have French maid fantasies.

  25. Never crossed my virgo mind once. Ugh. So creepy and sterile.
    But I also really hate mixing certain things- like I cannot eat in the bathtub, and food just should never be a part of sex. Maybe this is like that. Sex should never be a part of medicine?

    1. I hear you Lauren! I have mars in Virgo & hate the idea of breafast in bed! The crumbs!! Ewww, not to mention other food spillage.. LOL

  26. virgo sun/venus here ,

    i dont have any fantasies with doctors, instead i am afraid them , especially the dentists , so SPOOKY.

    but i have/had fantasies with my teachers (or any kind of “guru” to me).

  27. Virgo Sun, Mercury, Lilith here.

    I love the whole taking care of people thing, hate to see them in pain. Besides, I want them alive for interrogation, dammit. Haha.

    Not to bothered about doctors, though. They’re incredibly messy, in my experience. Shrinks, though. Intriguing – yes, but a little scary because for some reason I think they can read minds (yes yes I know I know). Much more enthralling.

  28. Bull with sting in tail

    Tell me he wasn’t dissin’ the Mystic

    But hey…. hyper smooth MM

    Physician heal thyself…. done.

  29. Just want to say mm that your daily emails are, and have been such fantastic and apt advice, direction and description of the times. Really brilliant. While I have not been Neptuned in the way of the last post, though did have Neptune trine Venus yesterday and dreamt of whales that were dolphins; nor have I any nurse fantasy, maybe doctors – the good ones who care a lot are quirky earn a shit load of money etc. So even when I don’t rate to the posts on the blog, the daily emails just bang it on the head for me. It’s like you’re in my diary… and I just follo w the schedule and it all works out! Brilliant.

    1. Have to echo your sentiments PG. Scorp/Cap here… As for the Virgo question… my mother is a Virgo and she actually loathes, LOATHES having to nurse the sick — has no patience for it. She did marry a doctor though….

  30. Love the picture. I used to see books with covers like this as a child stored up in the attic….my first brush with sexy images. I Think the doctor/nurse aesthetic is popular for lots of signs. I’m a capricorn and I think it’s hot. My husband is a Sag and I know He would go for it. I know some people are phobic about doctors though. I think I read that the Nurse role play was the biggest turn on for men.

    1. I know so many Virgo nurses!

      Not been with one myself, Virgoan type Leos yes but a pure blooded Virgo no so can’t comment.

  31. Greek males of a certain age take EVERYTHING as a come on. Gem gfriend had to fend off long time *old* Greek handyman after he grabbed her in the kitchen with “Mummy” and then attempted to suckle her breast. Revolting.

    1. year of the fox

      I second this! They are super sensitive thinking you are flirting with them, from my limited experience.

  32. Virgo Rising. I actually DO have a nurses’ costume, but it was a touch too close to home already considering how naturally attentive I am already – so the fantasy factor wasn’t that great.

    And I dunno about other parts of the world, but the only time you’ll ever see THAT type of nursing uniform here is during Halloween, now they all wear pyjama scrubs with juvenile prints designed to knock your libido out from here to kingdom come.

    Granted, yes, it makes it easier to accept having the nurse approach you with intrusive sharp objects.. but I like my puncturing a touch more hard core. If you’re gonna make me bleed, whine or plead, at least dress up for it…

  33. Please nurse Sybil, no,I,I, another… aenoma? ….. No John , it’s not what you think, the doctor feels an oily handjob right now would be the correct treatment for your leg spasms …damn this war

  34. The Leo Socialite

    My Virgo friend will kill me if she ever reads this but she is forever harping on about how sexy she finds various television doctors, is obsessed with grays anatomy and cricked her ankle falling in gutter perving at apparently well built doctor in operating greens with stethoscope; he was walking along street. He helped her up and offered to “treat” her, i swear she crapped on about it for like a century afterwards.

    I have pathological fear of doctors, hospitals the whole thing, if i feel at all ill i go to the hairdresser and then the naturopath, doctor is like LAST resort and i don’t even care if he is hot. So leo is the opposite of all this. OH MY GOD once had b.f who i busted looking at pornographic nurse shit and he was a Libra but i always thought he had virgo in him.

    1. Love your preferred order of treatment: hairdresser then naturopath. I presume the naturopath is only consulted if hairdresser has failed to cure whatever ills LS?

    2. That sounds just like my Libra ex, he has strong Virgo in his chart. Denied that he does have raving nurse fantasies but I KNOW him.

  35. Virgo Sun & Venus here:

    No, no, no. Never had such phantasies, neither nurse nor doctor.

    I am actually afraid of doctors…I do not find anything erotic about the smell, clothing or profession.

    Aries Rising, Mars in Scorpio conjunct Uranus.
    Libra Mercury, Leo Moon.

    1. Virgo Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto and I never ever entertained the thought once either.
      I also have a fear of doctors and clinics and prefer natural homeopathic/naturopathic clinics instead.

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