Dating The Zodiac: Taurus

Once I dated a Taurus who… oh GOD I have never dated a Taurus. Technically, it would be brilliant for me – I have Jupiter in Taurus and I like cows, really.

But I think my Aquarius Rising must repel them. I mean, there was half a date once, decades ago. He was about 1000 years older than me.

I would honestly not have been surprised had he revealed a vampire-like familiarity with the times of Casanova or the Dark Ages. And control-freaked the fuq out of the waitress in a way that actually felt unsavory.

Then he lecture-ranted about how vegetarians (eg; me) were really bad in bed because they limited themselves or were scared of “the flesh” or something.

He said that my political views were irrelevant and that I should stop dying my hair so that he could help me “get ahead” in television. He looked out the window and sighed stoically when I spoke but referred every 2nd sentence to “when we make love” or “when I bed you.”

So – and I know this does not reflect well on me but I was very young and it was a Uranus transit – I sprinted out the door when he went to the lavatory. The waitress held the door open for me and hissed “go, go” in empathetic solidarity,

But THAT Taurus was clearly not typical of the genre. They are renowned for being psychologically adequate, cute looking (Venus ruled and all) + fantastic in bed, are they not?

Your thoughts:

Pegasus reveals… ‘Have only ‘dated’ Taurean women and what gorgeous women they are. Superb taste does the Venus-ruled have. Just THERE for you with nourishment and a soft couch. The Cowgirls make fine friends.’

And akapluto is spot on:

‘Long ago, before life brought on the monsoon of Aries men, I was only dating Tauruses. Being Scorp rising that seems to make sense but no no NO. Can’t do it anymore.

Good: they are not afraid of commitment Bad: you must do as they say and be married to them. Good: they love food Bad: time to get fat Good: They really do that romantic/chivalrous sugar daddy stuff reeeallll good Bad: It’s because they know everyone and everything has a price.’

Thoughts on Taurus and dating?

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  1. It’s funny….Taurus is historically the sign I have the least connection with and clash with the most. And I’m a Gemini on the cusp of Taurus with a whole lot of water/earth influence – doesn’t seem like it’d be such a problem. I asked a psychic once about this…she bases her reading on your birth chart. She said because I had only one planet in Taurus (Mercury) and it was not aspected or conjunct with anything else in my chart, Taureans and Taurean traits probably cause me to feel challenged. It IS frustrating having the Geminian lightning-fast brain with the slower form of expression – I often feel like my words can’t keep up with my thoughts.

    Anyway, so…needless to say I am not attracted to (nor do I attract) Taurus males. Yet my first kiss ever was with one! He was very cute and I met him just before I was leaving to go abroad. He became a bit fixated on me and sent me a letter shortly after I left that he was in love with me. Ummm…we’d been out twice. So there’s my one experience with dating a Taurus.

    He popped up again in my life a few years later – weirdly, my Aqua friend had a crush on him.

    Now…I have absolute horror stories of having male Taurus bosses…but that’s a tale for another time.

  2. I dated a Taurus for three years, and even lived with him for a couple! I’m an Aquarius rising, too. He had a Leo rising, so we seemed like a natural pair, at least at first. I have a Leo sun, too. And he had a Scorpio moon and with my Pisces moon, well, I have to say I felt completely safe and cherished with him.

    He was beautiful too, I met him at a fashion show and he was one of the models. So where did it go wrong? Well we were both young, both idiots, and while we were individually ambitious, the two of us together made for an incredibly messy apartment and an extremely sedentary lifestyle. Never tell a PIsces moon she doesn’t have to do anything, because she totally won’t!

  3. Not your typical Taurus Mystic. I’m not astrologically gifted (but I am a gifted sensitive/empathic – something I see the same but you observe the inner universe rather than the outer. Same gift when you observe your inner universe as great and infinite as the outer universe, as it is. I just don’t know how to read star charts or astrological terms (we’ll say rudimentary level).

    Now for some inner astrology, he may be a Taurus but depending on ALL the celestial entities or objects in place during his natal chart he may not be your typical Taurus. Every object (entity) in the universe has an effect on your traits including black holes (we’re in one – that’s what space is) so concerning your date he may have had Sun in Taurus (or Taurus in Sun – not sure about how they say that in astrology) but looks like other Entities plus environmental conditions (for instance a stubborn Taurus may lose his stubbornness while growing into adulthood for whatever reasons; there may be plenty) may have created an atypical Taurus.

    It’s funny because I’m your typical Taurus: Stubborn (in a positive way most of the time), Loyal (to a fault), Persistent (also to a fault), and Generous (when I can be), with your more negative traits, I can be lazy, stubborn (in a negative way sometimes) although I wouldn’t say I’m psychologically adequate (and I’m not trying to talk down on myself since being sensitive leads me through all kinds all kinds of ups and downs. Imagine what a shaman would feel like or channeler. My life can be hectic. Maybe you could do a reading for me one day. I’d like that.

    Long story short:

    I would have cut the guy off as soon as he control-freaked the fuq (your word – which I’ve started to use btw ;P) out of the waitress and told you “…that my political views were irrelevant and that i should stop dying my hair so that he could help me “get ahead” in television.”. Since the Celestial Entities do control traits and EVERYTHING even down to the atoms and DNA that make us it depends on multitudes of things that make up who we are. SO your Taurus just isn’t your typical Taurus other then that if that’s really how he is time to put astrology down and read with your heart (if a female was like that with me during a date I would leave…) and that’s my advice.

  4. YES!! I dated a Taurus with scorp rising and Gemini Moon – Im a Taurus with Scorp Moon and Gem rising.
    The relationship WAS all about the physical yes, but it was trying to end it was terribly difficult for either of us. It took years.
    Unfortunately he did play a lot of head games and sleep around.
    it was though, very intense.

  5. I’ve got a it of a ‘thing’ for a Taurus fellow at the moment, but he doesn’t see me that way, so I’ll have to settle for friends – sigh – but a truer friend you could not ask for. One of my oldest friends is also a Taurus man whom I’ve known since I was 16, is the of only person I know who’s never been unemployed and has just retired after 34 years in the he same job – only a Taurus eh? The only Torro I ever got up close and personal with was the duddest of dud roots.

  6. Have only ‘dated’ Taurean women and what gorgeous women they are.
    Superb taste do the Venus ruled have. Just THERE for you with nourishment and soft couch. The CowGirls make fine friends.
    So perhaps the CowBoys are just as hot?
    A Taurean man would be my choice if it weren’t for the delicious Sagg ones around. Funny how taste changes as when young it was all musicians and artists now they have to be over 6 foot and built like a brick outhouse to turn me around.

  7. Patti/Skyler Rosey

    I’m a Taurus sun & moon. I do NOT like a waitress or any food prep person who has a sloppy appearance. I am VERY fussy about my food. I do cook almost every day or night and yes I can be stubborn a shell and a pain in the ass too. But I’m loyal and treat people like kings and queens until they turn on me. I’ve never dated a Taurus, that I know anyway.
    Funny thing is my Aquarian daughter was madly in love with a man who shared my birthday. Her Mars and rising are Virgo so she never approved of anything I did. Lessons my dear….

  8. queenofthejungle

    I dated a Taurus once — Taurus Sun and Taurus rising, an exceptionally handsome man with slightly soft, feminized features. He was a rebound relationship after divorcing my Leo first husband (two Leos in the same house seem to clash over who is in charge). My ex was nine years older than me; the Taurus was nine years younger, so I think it was the pendulum swinging and letting me see the age difference from the other side. The sex was great, and he had many lovely qualities (artistic, intelligent, loyal). But, the relationship was ultimately doomed by the age difference and his over-attachment to his mother. I also think he must have been having a Uranian transit at the time, as I was the exact opposite of the type of woman he was normally attracted to.

  9. 8th house taurus here. Also mercury, venus, mars, chiron, vesta, and juno in taurus. Libra rising and aqua moon in the 5th house

    How can anyone who knows astrology over generalize one sign given how many variables factor in to a personality. For as taurean as I am, its all tempered by so mant other things.

    The taurus that I find difficult are those with too much fire, especially aries. I once dated one who had the same stellium as my taurean mother. Both also have scorp rising. Could not deal with the arrogance. I know that I can be unwavering sometimes, but I’m quiet about it, not boastful.

  10. I didn’t.
    Though there’s one… 1000 year older man who’s been talking frequently with me, in a way it’s become a little bit weird. Not in a sick way, but sometimes when we talk there are awkward moments when I ask myself “Did he just say that?”.
    My Asc in Taurus perhaps attracts him, especially since he has Venus in Taurus…
    He’s very warm, subtle… Has great taste and it’s just so comfortable to talk to him and be with him.
    He better not pass the borderline.

  11. Well, the person I like is Pisces Sun and Taurus Moon. He does have bovine eyes (I always thought his eyes were like a baby calf before I made the association) and when he looks at me they’re misty and teary. Once I could see him fixing his stare on me alone from ten feet away, with wet and glowing eyes. Taurus people are a bit of a mystery to me. And as parents they are more mystifying to me. My grandmother was a Taurus and she didn’t particularly strike me as a good mother to my Cancer mother, who was in turn very nurturing to me. I am Capricorn and my sister is Aries with Taurus Moon and we get along emotionally very well. This Pisces Sun, Taurus Moon and Gemini and Mars Ascendant is a more complex situation. It’s like he can’t stand his own feelings sometimes. I don’t take it too personal when he gets like that. I feel like he trusts me and feels comfortable enough to have an awesome time when I’m around but other times he wants his space. I think the Taurus Moon compels him to bond and the Gemini aspects cause him to lose focus and not stay put doing one thing with one person as so does the Pisces. Oh, how he’s gotten into my head…

  12. Have no idea about the men but I worked for 1, 2, 3 Taurus women. Insecure, jealous, workplace bullies. All with ideas above their station. Too stupid to realise their ambitions were thwarted by their inadequacies, not by dark forces of evil. Similar to lower Scorpio women.

  13. Oh good grief. He sounds horrid.

    I adore my Torro. He has mercury in Taurus too. I have mars, ceres, and midheaven in Taurus.
    We are peas in a pod, even when we don’t agree, which does happen.
    We love to cuddle, watch movies, sleep, drink and eat, make passionate love. He is very attentive. Feeling blessed.

  14. Triple taurus - cancer rising

    My “people” are sturdy in relationships! And our views. It takes me forever to find someone I fancy- but once I commit it’s real. And possessive. I’m sure my Taurus x3 energy makes me even more frustrating- but if you’re patient with us we will love you for a long long time.

  15. Loved my Toro.. But he was cusp guy so I toggled between the toro and gemmy sign for him. But yes.. He was amazing in bed!! Wouldn’t consider being in bed with ever again. I am glad I met him.

    Not sure where or what is going on in his life. I hope he is happy!!

    1. Hi Virgo Ellie I’m a bit surprised by your comments re: cusp of gem and Taurus
      I’ve seen you comment for a while on this site so I assume you’re pretty clued up about the basics of astrology at the very least – my question – do these cusps personalities really exists?

      He’s either a Taurus sun or Gemini sun with other signs the planets of their personal birth chart

      Does the cusps actually make an influence?

      1. Hi Aries Girl.. Yes, after learning so much from Mystic and others here I now look at both signs. I am also on the cusp so I read both Virgo and Libra. Also, Mystic also encourages us to read our sun and rising sign horoscopes. And with me my rising sign is Libra. For the toro/gem… I never got the deets on his birth time.

        I am a true believer of the astrology signs descriptions. I think they can be so accurate especially when you are dealing with an unanswered question. For example: my brother is a social butterfly and he is an Aquarius. He enjoys people and people respond to him. We had a falling out.. I am a Virgo and think I am right therefore I stand up for myself. I did not respond well to him. He won’t talk to me. So I think because he is an Aquarius loving the attention, but now I am disappointed with him he won’t initiate contacr. He is hiding. I need to find out his other signs to see where the hiding is coming from.

        I hope this example helps a little.

        One to him.

      2. Oops sorry, I am working off a new tablet and missed your main question about cusps. I added more info than WS needed but I do think being on the cusp has an influence. I hope others chime.

  16. Seems most of the stories are about awful Taurus men. Sorry to hear about the bad experiences.

    My father is a Taurus and a lovely man. Loyal and true and still madly in love with my mother after 35 years of marriage. Slow to anger, very affectionate. Steady as a rock.

    I’m also Taurus (woman) and obviously I think I’m a catch. I also have some Sagittarian influences so that probably helps shakes things up a little.

    Strengths: steady, loyal, warm and easy company. Natural authority. Kooky, funny, an strange balance of being a total oddball yet sharp and respectable. Open minded about most things you might do in the bedroom.

    Weaknesses: can be a little boring when too comfortable. When I’ve been depressed I can be very selfish and paranoid and far too hung up on what people think about me. Yes bad Taurus is the worst. Takes grudges to the grave.

  17. I was with Taurus for 3 years. I am a gemini with moon in Taurus, and of course in my early 20s I left him for Aries and broke his heart because I just wanted more adventurous guy. I was bored I thought. But he was actually and still is the best guy I ever met and the most suitable for building a family and creating strong partnership. I think they are one of the more stable signs for marriage and staying by your side in times of trouble. They are also very kind at heart.

  18. I had a love zombie episode with a Taurus woman in my early twenties. The thing that prevented me from becoming totally entranced was in soooooo many relationships at the same time! Just doesn’t sit well with me.
    However, I was grateful for her assistance in coming to terms with my own sexuality.
    Totally enjoyed the heat, sensuality and passion! Oh hang on a minute, I have had that in all of my relationships, lol! 😉

  19. Whooooh! I had a Taurus lover with mars in Scorpio and a brilliant, intelligent mind around 8 years ago and those memories are still an aphrodisiac. He was unforgettable. But married……I enjoyed being his mistress immensely

  20. The Leo Socialite

    Heh heh heh. J’Adore the pictures going with this series mystic.

    okay, Taureans. I have three.

    Taurus Number One: a renowned in his day rugger stud (World Cup level) with a body that i still recall with extreme fondness and a wide on. His conversation was very limited, a list of all the foods he liked and did not like. A list of actresses and models he thought hot and those he thought not hot. A list of all the streets he had lived in. IT DID NOT MATTER. We communicated at a cellular level.

    Taurus Number Two; a gynecologist with a celebrity client base. his nickname was Goldfinger. To his credit he absolutely refused to reveal a single detail of any of his clients personal bits or anything. Very discreet. Long graceful fingers and ability to locate G Spot AND tell you about the implications of the latest research. Vast wine collection. It did not go beyond a few “sessions” as he was, alas, married.

    Taurus Number Three: a girl or should i say woman who seduced me in the middle of the “complimentary Ayurvedic massage” she had offered me. Amazing body work and the reason i still get aroused by the smell of neem oil

    None of these Taureans and i had any sort of intellectual rapport. I don’t think they are people. I think they are elemental supernatural sex spirits from another dimension.

  21. My taureen ex had a lot of aries as well but was never the my way/highway kinda guy, That was more me and thats my Low leo trait. However , he was loyal,romantic, a wonderful father but a dud in bed and poor on intimacy.
    We are good friends still and work really well as shared parents.
    Current man has mars in Taurus so is glacial relationship wise . Is has taken him 6 years to realise we should stick together but now it is divine.
    Love his earthy sensuousness.

  22. I dated a super sexy hunky rich fun Toro for a while. We had to break up though – it started in his HSV. He yelled at me for putting my feet on the passenger dashboar, lounging, while we were cruising. I asked him not to yell at me and he said ‘You women have got the vote, what more do you want?’

    And that was the end of that.

  23. Hilarious …yes tried one ..cliche taurus …cute , bovine like eyes ..loved food ,wine ,sex ..owned a winery and cooked me dinner in his kitchen on our first date breaker – obsession with 5 am wake up sex ..snoring and farting in bed …me Pisces with freedom addiction ..literally ran away . Break up was bad ,he wanted his books back that he loaned me . Suffered guilt for years about this one until I read up on Taurus men and realised how they are all like this..not sure I could do one again . Though I loved the warmth /hugs and sex ..the drone like conversation about banal things had me screetching inside mercury in Aquarius does not handle Taurus conversation I dont think ..

  24. Long ago, before life brought on the monsoon of Aries men, I was only dating Tauruses.

    Being Scorp rising that seems to make sense but no no NO. Can’t do it anymore.

    Good: they are not afraid of commitment
    Bad: you must do as they say and be married to them

    Good: they love food
    Bad: time to get fat

    Good: They really do that romantic/chivalrous sugar daddy stuff reeeallll good
    Bad: It’s because they know everyone and everything has a price

    Good: they have great taste or at least know what is valuable/durable. Material geniuses
    Bad: Can be allergic to spirituality

    Good: they don’t give up
    Bad: they don’t give up

    1. 🙂 lol.
      Good: Amazing musical ability & sexy singing voice.
      Bad: Ltd use of speaking voice yet loud thinkers (gears audibly shift as they figure out which tone of inarticulate grunt to respond with).

  25. I’m an older Taurus Sun, Taurus Rising, Cancer Moon and Mercury in Taurus. (Venus in Aries and Mars in Gemini).

    Reading all these posts has given me a some brilliant insights into myself and in particular SagiTaurean’s comments about being ruled by Venus. Maybe that explains why I love to talk for hours, love shopping with women or men (even shoe shopping), can get quite emotional over all sorts of stuff, love romantic comedies and beautiful scents and perfumes.

    In my younger days I could have been considered mad bad and dangerous but time and a determination to grow have mellowed me. I look back on those younger days with a certain amount of horror but the fact that I have lifelong friends says, I hope, that I was not all bad. I was and am kind, very loyal (possibly, as Sphinx said ” to the point of witless”), protective and yes, will stubbornly stick to a commitment. I also had the legendary Taurean Demolition Temper but have had to well and truly harness that energy and use it for good. Insecurity and jealousy have been a problem for me but I now take the view that I don’t want someone who does not want me. Just working out where that point is can be difficult. I am not good with cryptic love. I like people who speak the same love language as me and are affectionate. I hate coldness and hints of affection.

    Although I am possibly considered reckless, and was especially in my younger days, there is usually measured purpose to it. For example, I have rescued four people from drowning over the years; all bar one were in very strong currents. I spent the last 15 months protecting (saving) a friend from a domestic violence situation involving ice, bikies and corrupt police. I was proud to find I still had it in me.

    I have dated two Taurean women and got bored with our sameness but have some wonderful Taurean women and men friends including my only son.

    This post has been very positive for me. We need to be able to recognise our dark side.

    Blesses xxx

  26. The Leo’s business partner is low Taurean with the ability to be haute, but the Leo has to really hold him to it, and is a lesson for both of them.

    toro’s got it in him to grow and he had a pretty f’uqed up childhood, was abused and asked to leave home as a teen. He has a desperate need to control the people around him, and he does it with money and food (a good cook of course) he’s not harsh in his words.
    Sometimes I get the white magician as a tarot card for him, and sometimes the devil with the man and woman chained to him. I get along fine with him when he’s haute, he has Virgo moon, so smart as a whip and much tidier than my partner!
    But sometimes hearing his voice makes my skin crawl, I know there’s something out of whack and this is usually confirmed by the Leo, something dodgy or selfish going on. The Leo is learning to stick up for himself, the toro is realising he can trust Leo to stick around and not rip him off, but won’t take crap either.

    My father was Toro, aqua moon, Venus and merc in gem, a really funny man, graceful, dapper, I still get comments from his relatives about how much they loved him (he’s been gone 30 years). Lots of photos of him as young man dancing with different pretty girls, (always a cigarette in his hand in every photo, and that is mine and the Leo’s vice too, tho I don’t smoke a lot these days).
    A wonderful father, we were very much loved, taken interesting places, given books, art materials, taught woodwork and dancing, regaled with stories of his job at dinner. He brought us back our grandma’s jewellry and was big on giving me pearl earrings and ring etc. would roll down the car windows at stop lights and sing opera and laugh, while I hunched down trying not to be seen. Lots of lectures on my wayward behaviour eg. once I was caught shoplifting, and he said “that any daughter of mine should stoop to this”…I never did it again.

    He had his share of grief, but generally hid it. Once, after my mother had left him, I was in the kitchen with him and accused him of not not loving us, and he walked into the pantry and cried.

    1. ‘Hearing his voice made my skin crawl’.
      So you have understanding of the power of sound, Ronnie,
      and how dissonance and timbre is a sign of something awry in the energy?
      My acute hearing is a double edged sword (as are most sensory gifts), voices tell me so much about the person’s mental health, era, mood and education.

      1. Oh, I completely agree, Pegs. Energy out of balance is what it is. Sometimes I can just hear in his voice that he is lying and it grates on me.
        Must be so hard for you to be in constant earshot of the chaos next door :/ wish I could help somehow. Something in what Sphinx advice gave me an image about if you can channel archangel Michael’s flaming sword…
        Can I just ask a bit of advice if you read this Pegs (or if anyone has the same experience) why do you think my hands have gone kind of puffy around the knuckles? Not painful, but a bit like little fluid sacs, is it arthritis or bursitis?

        1. Michael is certainly my go to, have a glorious depiction of him and his sword close by and did some petitioning just yesterday 🙂
          The Legal Road is being trod, slow and methodically going by the letter of the law that i have a right to peace & safety in my home.
          Hands have direct energy connect to our heart, change of season can have a strong effect. Bursitis don’t think, but some karpel tunnel and/or something going on in the elbow.
          Self massage for circulation. Arthritis means fire in the joints i believe = painful.
          Medic check Ronnie first tif not gone in 10-14 days.Then referral perhaps a Hand/Arm specialist. There are so many practitioners now in the physio arena because of our lifestyles.

          1. Ah merci buckets Pegs!! I thought you might have an idea about this as you are so well versed in bodywork. As a matter of fact there is some circulation and elbow stuff going on. Will follow it up.
            Bummer to have all these aches and pains springing up as time goes by and nearing 50. The spirit is a bit pissed off with the vessel (body) though I know I should take care of it more.
            Is Michael in the helpful friends/influences sector (of fengshui bagua) in your home? Hopefully he will manifest as a real helpful legal personage to help you fight the good fight xx

  27. Reading about how people find toro mean boring is actually more dullthan anything else I can think of. Just cuz they bored you doesn’t mean you should send everyone else snoozing too, people.

    If your gonna date any Taurus, you better like, nay, LOVE food. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  28. ….credit card i’d lent to him in our early days because he was consistently running out of money. Needless to say, our days of living together as a couple and planning a wedding together were numbered, uncomfortable and ridiculous. What had started out as earthy, sweet, mesmerizing sex had become a chore because he was always complaining about how it wasn’t enough and it was always the same (he called it “pizza sex”). He continued to tell me how i should be living my life (even making another list for me of steps I needed to take to improve), I continued to rebel. By New Year’s eve, he was breaking up with me because his Mother told him to. I was mortified and hurt like i’ve never been hurt before, but all these months later I feel like writing her a thank you note.

    Of course, the actual break up/split took a few months to happen. He refused to let go of me – or my rent-controlled apartment. We lived in cohabitation and misery until the following spring – me getting as drunk as possible every night so i wouldn’t have to be there for the sex. Him continuing to let me know how much he loved me despite the long list of things that were wrong with me, things that no other man would ever be able to get past. He continued to insist we would get married someday, that he would never leave me or abandon me, that we were going to work things out.

    And then one day I walked into our counseling session to his news that he’d signed a lease and would be moving out that weekend.

    But it still wasn’t over! His new apartment was a block away from mine, he literally had to drive up my street to get to his, and so we continued the codependency from a few blocks away. He continued to do absolutely everything for me – but this, again, was just his way of having control. Finally, after a series of fights that seriously jumped the shark, we decided to take a month off from any contact with each other. To get together after 30 days and decide how to proceed.

    I spent that time doing me: doing as much yoga as possible, taking as many walks, trying to see the friends I’d abandoned during my love zombie days. When the break was nearing it’s end I wrote him a long letter detailing all the things I felt I’d done wrong, the things I truly wanted to change about my side of the relationship. His reply the next day stated that he’d met a new girl, was in love with her, and wanted to thank me so much for showing him all the ways he should and would never ever treat her.

    Within weeks he was taking her to parties and shows, flaunting their new relationship all over Facebook and Instagram. Within a couple of months they’d moved in together.

    Nothing had ever hurt so hard. The betrayal was overwhelming. I found myself repeating “It Hurts. It HURTS . IT HURTS!!!!!” out loud to myself at all hours of the day. But finally, after the hits kept coming, finally I realized he is That. Much. Of a Dick.

    Oh but Taurus wasn’t done with me yet! I got emails saying he missed me in his bones, that dreams of me were the only respite of his grief over not being able to see me. I got birthday presents and job tips. Requests to meet for dinner.

    It’s over a year later and despite our mutual friends and interests, I still haven’t had the misfortune of running into him. But it’s bound to happen someday soon.

    Thanks for reading my rant. And stay away from low-Taurus – they will slowly creep into your lives like mold and take twice as long to let you go. And thanks, new girl, for taking that bullet for me. xx

    1. Oh my gosh, this guy was heavily emotionally abusive to you. I hope you’ve had some time to heal.

      Abusive men can be any sign, too, so I don’t want to imply that this is a signature of Taurus, not by any means. Abuse will play out in different ways, for sure, depending on personalities and astro.
      I had two different abusive boyfriends when I was in my 20’s. One was a Leo and the other was Scorpio. I just see them as abusive men, though, not saying anything about their Sun signs. I know one of them, the Leo, was abused as a child so he grew up to be an abuser, which is classic.

      What a world! Ugh!

      1. Yes! Thank you so much. I totally didn’t mean to imply that all Taureans are abusive- this story is just an example of Toro jealousy and control issues getting well . . . completely out of control.

        1. That’s interesting- my Taurus was also the servant in his family- more towards “the fixer”. Making sure everyone (including loony dad) was ok, taken care of, fed, on the right track, etc.

    2. What a story! You re told it so faithfully which tells how thoroughly you have been working through all the debris, which, can only be a good thing for you.

      Did you guys have heavy pluto links?

      1. Thank you! There’s been a lot to process (despite the double novella length of my comment i left out heaps of similarly amazing details and incidents) but it made me work through why on earth I would let myself be treated that way, and for such a long time, when he showed me red flag after red flag from the very first days. And that is helping me begin to understand my own Pluto issues.

        Pluto issues. Ha. Yeah. Mars conjunct Pluto in the 8th opposing our composite Sun at 29 Pisces (which makes me think it was the end of a very long story). I have Moon opposite Pluto in my natal chart and the Zap Zone was hitting my Moon this entire time. Now I’m dating someone with the same Aries Moon / Libra Pluto opposition as me so we have that opposition in our composite as well. Maybe I didn’t learn so much after all 😉

    3. Yuck. Just like my first bf, toro sun with a lot of cap… My excuse for sticking around was that psychological abuse was normalized for me (narcissist mom). That relationship woke me right up but it took 2 years of feeling chained to a humongous pile of sh**. I suspect he’ll be sending you those gifts & gushy emails for a long time. I started fwding them to the girlfriends but even that didn’t seem to make a difference.

  29. Still recovering from a 4 year relationship with the Double Taurus, Pisces Rising who entered my life as the personification of Pluto’s square to my Moon. For the first two years he insisted he was Polyamorous (“It’s just my sexual orientation, like being gay. I’m physically incapable of being with only one woman!”) and I, being disillusioned with relationships in general and also an Aquarius, gladly went along with the experiment (he had not actually tried to have a Poly relationship until me).

    Controlling? Check. From the very beginning he let me know every little thing he found displeasing or off about me, and poking at my every insecurity as a way to convince me do things his way. He actually introduced the polyamory concept by telling me that I wasn’t really his type, “I’m more of a boob guy” post sex one Saturday morning. Me being all fire and air and free spirit I was a barely any makeup, hippie-dippy cowboy boots all the time kind of girl when we met. Double Toro routinely bought me fancy molded cup bras, Essie nail polish and perfumes. He was quite open about his constant search for another girl who would appeal to him in all the ways (physically and otherwise) that i did not: I was too short for him, too emotional, my clothes made me look “poor”. He had nothing but positive (even glowing things) to say about all of his other dates, but when I’d see these girls on facebook it didn’t make much sense to me why or how they were good/pretty enough and I was not. My self-esteem was gradually eroding – all the work i’d been doing on myself since the break up of my first marriage was leveled in six short months.

    So why did I stay? For one, Daddy Issues. For two, we had so much in common, such wonderful times together getting wasted on the blue devil hoochie juice and talking about music and friends and everything in the world til all hours of the morning. He was the most affectionate man I’d ever known: hugs that felt like the safest warmest blankets, tangled around me all night long. I was convinced he would realize how much he loved me someday soon. And even if he didn’t I was free to date whoever I wanted right? Might as well see where it went in the meantime.

    Two years into our relationship I made the decision to return to my hometown where my parents had an apartment I could stay in. I had been unable to find any sort of stable employment for over a year and could no longer sustain my life in Los Angeles. Double Toro agreed to sublet my apartment here until I could make it back. He organized my entire move home, I barely had to lift a finger. We continued to talk and text constantly, and though he’d always refused to call me his Girl, he continued to insist that I was the best friend he’d ever had, that if he was only monogamous he totally would have married me by now. We missed each other horribly but thanks to the internet were never more than fingertips away.

    When he got off the plane to visit me the following Thanksgiving he made the declaration that he was completely in love with me, that I was the only girl for him, the only girl in the world he could ever feel monogamous about, that now I *was* his “girlfriend”, and we were going to figure out a way to make this long distance thing work. Upon his insistence, we drove straight from the airport to downtown and got matching tattoos.

    The months that followed were full of horrifying, verbally violent arguments and epic fits of jealousy on his part. It became clear immediately that I was not to have any male friends, or even continue friendships with male friends i’d had since college. He even accused me of sleeping with one of my girlfriends after we went dancing one night. Double Toro is an IT guy for a living and had helped me fix some things about my mac via remote desktop shortly after my relocation. Soon enough that winter, I realized he had been watching my every move on my computer ever since: he knew what I googled, what sites I went to, what mixes I was making in my itunes.

    Oh but he was only so jealous because he loved me right? Nobody would EVER love me like he loved me. And, after all, I was the one who’d insisted on “Monogamy” so I’d better make him sure I was being faithful. I spent more and more time alone, at home, not wanting to ruffle any feathers. We traveled back and forth to see each other every 4-6 weeks. The good times, the reunions, were wonderful, mesmerizing, affectionate. He started buying me more and more gifts, special presents and letters always arriving in the mail. By that Spring, he’d proposed. He was going to bring me back to LA and marry me!

    That summer, days after he moved me back to California, he sat me down and presented me with a strict, line by line budget that he and his mother had written for me so that I could afford the Couples Counseling he’d decided we desperately needed, with the counselor he’d already chosen. This was, to put it mildly, infuriating – considering he still owed ME money for the credit

    1. oh dear… The only Taurus I ever dated was “Polyamorous”.
      Controlling and a tight-arse with money!!
      He ended up marrying his child hood sweetheart. The Polyamorous thing was just an excuse to sleep around.

      Polyamorous = ethical sluts.

      1. I liked a Capricorn who did the same exact thing except he married his first girlfriend. Well, those two certainly deserve each other.

  30. My parents were both Taurus (mom now dead) and born on the same day.
    Sex was kind of a big deal for both of them.
    FF is also born on my parents mutual birthday but I think he has sex with his right hand and his Amygdala more than actual human beings.
    Aqua moon and Aqua rising.
    He still emails me. Pretending to be someone else but letting me know he knows I know its him. The way only a fucked up forensic psychoanalyst would. Lol.
    I mostly just ignore them.
    Oddly enough I am sublimely happy.
    Those alchemy baths are something else hey?
    Sage smudged my vajayjay today and more feng shui and writing.
    Just had reading with the amazing Steve Nelson.

    Breathing is goooooooood.
    Bathing is gooooooooood,

    Life is beautiful.

  31. Bad game. That’s all it is. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m sorry you had to I through that, M. (Moon in Taurus 29”)

  32. OMG it’s all true. Controlling. And full of themselves (they know better than us mere women) and he thought he was good in bed!!!! Completely selfish. And 8 years older.

    Half a date!!! Wish I’d been so quick on the uptake 🙂

    1. Running from the bulls

      Yes, there’s always that poorly disguised, sexist condescending tone in their voice if you don’t see eye to eye on something – which is something I can’t sense from males of other signs exclusively…..And man, can they hold a grudge!

      1. It is true. I LOATHED my dad as a teenager despite us being very close growing up because of this…the condecension. The lack of respect for emotional appeals or explanations of any sort, even if it’s presented with logic.

        I think part of my dad’s karma is to dismantle this. He treated me and my two sisters like boys growing up (which was great then because I was a tomboy, not so great later). Guns, horses, motorcycles, hardcore manual labor chores. I think he really secretly hoped the youngest had been a boy. He was very angry all the time when we were in high school but he has softened a lot in the last five years and we actually have pretty good communication now and mutual respect.

  33. Yes, and currently. The guy I keep banging on about is a Taurus! This is the SLOWEST progression of a relationship I’ve ever experienced. He is quite controlling in a sort of surreptitious way…..hard to explain. Very good in bed, sometimes kind of forceful. I’ve never had someone ‘control’ my body before, like, a couple times he has taken my arms behind my back and held his hands over my hands there, strongly, while he’s behind me during sex.
    We do sit on the couch for hours talking and drinking wine, listening to music. That’s our ‘routine’. I’m trying to break us out of that…but he has a pretty intractable personality from what I’ve seen so far. At the same time, he seems somewhat suggestible from me…….
    Another thing he has is Mars in Libra retrograde, natally. For some reason, this seems significant as I’m trying to figure out his actions.

    Also had a 15 years long friendship with another Taurus guy once who actually at one point asked me to marry him. He is a quite well-known artist in ceramics (earthy!) and I met him by answering his ad to be a nude model when I was about 21 years old. We ended up becoming friends over the years and only fooled around ONCE in that time. I wasn’t that into him, physically. He was a lot older than me and I just wasn’t that attracted, and yet I was into him in every other way. We were very compatible on many levels. We cooked together a lot, drank wine, listened to music, talked about art, layed around on the couch for hours or in the hot tub… I should have married him, I think. He definitely would have provided a lot of material comfort. He was a bit ‘my way or the highway’ too….our friendship ended in an argument because I wouldn’t do what he wanted and I felt like he wasn’t respecting me. It didn’t have to do with sex or relationship, it was something logistical, can’t remember now the details…

    I have a lot of Taurus friends and have always appreciated their energy. I’m Aqua Sun, but have Pisces Moon and Mars and Cancer rising, as well as Venus in Cap, Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto in Virgo.

    1. Floweeeerrrr child!!!! Oh how your current situation sounded very similar to my previous and significant heart break.

      Aqua sun Taurus moon packed 2nd house and libra mars retro!

      Idont have any good sorry 🙁 he was way too controlling and I ran for the hills.

      He fit the mars in libra trait in every way. How frustrating for a man to have this placement….


  34. My dad’s one. Then my mom is a Sag, like me. They’re still married, pretty happily so, and so dating a Taurus always feels like exactly what I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve had relationships with three or four of them over the years, and it does indeed feel like coming home — for better or worse or both at the same time.

    I’m never sure if it’s been a good thing or a bad thing that I never seem to be the right girl for them. Certainly if I’m privileging evolution over all else, there is a reason why I do not have a carbon-copy version of my mom’s life. I’m my own person. The parental astro-drama is theirs. I need to find my own life, and no matter how sadly I move on, it is always with some relief.

    The last one I was with shut all of his blinds in his house. I’m the type that doesn’t even have blinds on my windows. I need to see outside. I need to know what the weather is doing. I need that sense of a bigger world outside. He didn’t feel safe that way. I understood, but I can’t be happy shut up like that. The window thing represented a whole set of fundamental differences that would have been very hard to reconcile. My Libra stellium is always shouting at me to reconcile them at any cost. Pisces Asc wants to merge. Sun conj Uranus in Sag/Scorpio has a hard bottom line when it comes to certain non-negotiable freedoms — and no one pushes me to the point where that stubbornness is laid bare like a Taurus.

    I ultimately have to count it as one of my blessings that I’m not married to one. I do not think I’d be doing as well as I am on my own.

  35. I spent almost a week texting with a Taurus a bit ago. He was the most boring human being I have ever encountered. Endlessly asked me questions like “on a scale of 1-10, rate your responses to situation abcdefg,” and “which would you prefer, blah or blah.” It was like a job interview with (extremely impressive, and after the second day, the only reason I was talking to him) dick pics. Steadily, endlessly, every few hours for days, he’d pop up. Ugh. The clincher of doom tho was that he had the worst, most unimaginative taste in music EVER. Finito, buddy. I’m sure he’ll make some equally boring (and hot, fit, successful, ambitious-yawn) woman very happy. As long as it’s not me.

  36. I have had strong feelings for 2 Taurus men in my lifetime. Very caring, complimentary, good at showing affection, great conversationlists, creative as hell, driven, good in the sack, they like to party … etc. However, they thrive off of routine, and tend to get stuck sometimes. Also they take FOREVER to make a freaking decision. BORING. Maybe it’s my Scorp rising and Sagi moon, or Aries dominated chart … but I am a girl taurus sun – and i dont take long to make my decisions at all. I am probably the opposite. I also get bored of routine, and need stability but variety at the same time. Personally I would like to date an Aries or Sag. Maybe a Cap.

    One thing we are not, is dumb. I think the men tend to be slower then the women tho …

  37. Taurus sun here – first man I ever slept with, Taurus. Unfortunately he was also mentally ill… I think he has been in Montana protecting the wild buffalo since he ripped my sweet little 16 year old heart out.
    Taurus men… I’ll pass
    Taurus women we are much happier, I think being a woman in a sign ruled by venus is much preferable to a male … All Taurus and Libran males seem frustrated to me…

    1. Yes yes yes to the frustrated Taurus/Libra guys! There’s a certain amount of entitlement involved in being Venusian and it can… be worn very awkwardly on the male of the species.

  38. Sphinx is right about the women. Mostly. My oldest friend is Toro and she may as well be bowie! That’s haught tho. Base is just well, base. Heewhaw

  39. Yup! Henry Cavill is a taurus. I’m sure he’s the only Taurus I’ll ever date again. i dated one — now a director. I was told I’m good luck for the men I’m with – at least the ones I truly loved, because they climb to the top and they have. So this Director Taurus I’m referring to has since touching (or rather f****g the golden goose (me), haha. Taurus: full of themselves!!! yawn yawn yawn. Egotistical bores. I’m an aries with lots of cardinal. I get bored with them real fast. A good romp in bed with them never talking is a good time. Although that wouldn’t bode well for my love of dirty talk. I know late July leos (so much fun!), as well as Aquarius. Saggies are super fun too. Virgos are too pouty and manipulative (maybe immature). August leo/virgos are selfish and immature (I refuse to play adoring audience to anyone). Aries (like myself) can be fun but can be seriously selfish also. Geminis are super fun. I love cancer (my 7th) — they are caring, tender, and oh so good in bed. Libra (they love aries, but I’m not really attracted to them, except for venus in libra – i love venus in libra). Scorpio (I like them — I don’t commit to crazy). Capricorn (my rising sign – I haven’t met a cute or exciting one, yet). Taurus — boring! Next……

  40. No. They are the second sign. Unevolved, brutal they may bed you good once or twice but they are primitive and childlike. Good looking staunch and stoic, farmyard in their thinking. Pure but dumb ox.

  41. No. Super mercurial here. I just can’t with the Toro’s in real life.
    Silent, stubborn, slow, loyal to the point of witless…

    My Sun is in the 2nd though? Why can’t I feel the love? 🙁
    My passions run Neptunian & my 12th ruled by Taurus… But no cigar, thanks Toro Freud tho Robert Pattinson, Jet Li, Channing Tatum, Albrecht Durer, Immanuel Kant etc all seem totally hot! I hope to hear some nice stories to educate me on how wrong my thoughts are.

    The Toro women are fabulous people!! Tough, focused, smart & gorgeous. At least that’s mi experiencia.

    1. Also agreed. I love a Lady Taurus. I had a Taurus roommate for a few years and she loved Tiger’s Eye jewelry. She had little Tiger’s Eye button earrings and they were the most perfect thing on her.

    2. Yes my sis has Toro moon, and several good girlfriends toro or toro moons. Goodness and steadiness, I find, and not dumb AT All. Maybe not brash, or fiercely assertive with their intellect, like um, an Aries gal might be. Thank goodness for that though 🙂

  42. “They provide, you obey…” Brilliantly put. Too bad my five planet Sadge stellium and Scorp rising doesn’t do “obey.” My Taurus ex-husband certainly had this framework in mind for the ten years we were together……

    And yes, anger that can tear down any wall. Especially when it meets equally fixed Scorpio anger fueled by all that Sadge fire.

    He probably would have been a great lover if he had been more playful and less adamant about lovering being only his way….

    We have a stunning Taurus sun, Virgo moon, Aqua stellium daughter though. She is the best.

    I won’t date them now. Ever. Bad idea for us both. They do seem strangely attracted to me though…..gotta be that seventh house placement in my chart.

  43. electric eel libran

    I recommend taurus for 1st timers. They will not hurt you physically. Def good at sex but horrible at intimacy, and that is coming from the “robot” of the zodiac. I also find them generous, at least with their money. Certain prized possessions, no, but money provided they don’t consider it a prized possession yes.

    I actually find Aqua and Taurus staying together for a long time. I don’t know how happy such unions are, but seems stable.

  44. Running from the bulls

    LOL Mystic, that is funny but so real too. Toro guys are like the sugar daddies of the zodiac – they provide, you obey. But the good thing is that they do vibe that really early on, so that those people who want to run, can do so….. I’ve narrowly dodged a couple myself – can’t even bring myself to go through the ridiculous events again – I just remember being stunned at what they were proposing – in a nutshell “my way or the highway”. I had, up till that moment been wrongly thinking that that kind of man did not exist anymore, much less in my age group…..Yet they do – how does that happen in this day and age? In their favor though, Toros can be attractive in that 17th or 18th century kind of way – if you’re into benevolent despots ruling your life.

  45. Liberating Venus

    As a note aside, I wonder when it was evolution got so far out of whack as to allow the male of the species to take over the selection process when it comes to mating. In nature, it’s always the female who gets to pick, and the male had better either put on a good show & perform or else ship out. That’s why male birds and such are always more colorful – they have to impress the ladies. Something is fuqed up when the tables are turned like this and a guy automatically assumes you’re just going to spread for him without him doing any work…..uh, WRONG! It’s contrary to Mars/Venus archetypes – Mars goes out & exerts himself to gets what he wants, Venus relies upon the yin power of attraction. One is active, the other, passive. I’ll be damned if I’m going to have to resort to clubbing men over the head in order to get some – just sayin’, LOL!

  46. Husband is a Toro-rising, and our second date (I held out until the second date!) he was very Taurean, and while his Aries sun is my kryptonite (I’m such a sucker for those Rams!), his Toro side is where a lot of my favorite bits come from.

    Actually, that second date started off terribly. Our first date had been one of those walk all over the city talking all evening late into the night, then kissing sweetly and holding hands at the end kind of dates. Date two was dinner and a movie, and the conversation just wasn’t. happening. I was working up a sweat trying to get him to talk, but I felt like I was only getting one word answers, he was just focused on his sushi. It seemed so bad to me, and such a “what the fuq??” after our first date, I even texted a friend during the movie to say “I don’t think this going well :-(” (yes, WITH the sadface.)

    After the movie, conversation got a bit better, as we, you know, had a movie to talk about. We get to the corner where my apartment is, and rather than bid me goodnight, he says “Do you have any wine at your place? I’ll just pop into this store to grab some to bring up.” Ha! Lil’ ol’ Pisces me was so stunned by this presumptuousness, as well as the seeming about-face, that I just sort of nodded and upstairs we went.

    Well, we came upstairs and YOU CAN PROBABLY GUESS WHAT HAPPENED (and, I’m just going to say that what *everyone is saying about Toros* is true of Toro-rising, in my experience as well!) Afterward, we’re lounging sumptuously in my sheets and talking and drinking wine in bed, and he’s waxing poetic about how good it was, how good our bodies felt together, how good in bed I was, all this very sensual stuff, and I get all moody (PISCES!) and slink out of bed over to my bedroom window sill to smoke a cigarette out of the window and stare out over the city lights. He’s, naturally, confused and asks “what’s wrong?”

    As a former-and-trying-to-reform-easy-and-loose woman, I guess I was a feeling a bit of did-I-bed-him-too-soon? anxiety mixed with hating that you couldn’t just do what feels right without things getting strange or being seen a certain way, so I say to him “I don’t know, I just…didn’t want this to be just about sex.”

    I don’t turn around, but after a brief beat he says, “you know I’m completely in love with you, don’t you?”

    Well, no, in fact, I’m stunned. So I put out my cigarette and turn to look at him, searching his face, I guess, for any indication of whether he’s insane, some kind of psycho, pathetic, putting me on, fuqing with me, etc.

    But he’s half propped up in bed, my sheets loosely gathered around his hips, looking the very picture of the Platonic form of Man in Repose, with the most stoic, yet serene look on his face, like falling in love with someone can happen any time and when you know, you know, and he now knew, simple as that. As though he were less concerned with my answer or his pride, and more simply determined that I should know he meant what he said and was no fool and could be trusted to know himself.

    I was even more stunned. It was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, and in that instant looking at him, his very certitude won me over, like a magic spell or a trick of hypnosis. I’m all water and fire with a lofty moon, and I’d been floating around and burning everything up and crying and just all over the place for so long, and in that one instant, looking at him, his strength, his conviction, but most of all his ease with himself and *in the world.* I’d never felt really at home in the world, and I still rarely do. But in that one moment, it was like I’d found my tether to the ground, at last.

    I crawled back in bed and curled myself around him, finally saying “I don’t know if I’m ready to say it back right now. But I really loved hearing you say that.” And he seemed pleased with that. That I should be pleased and know he meant it was enough for him right then. Well, I think it was only a matter of hours after that until I did say it back.

    And now we’ve been together for over six years, with the ups and downs that most people experience. And sometimes I wonder if it’s not so much that he still really loves me, as that he had decided that night that he did and isn’t going to back down from that — that sheer stubbornness keeps him insisting that he does.

    But most of the time, I suspect that love and the decision to love are not really any different. Maybe it’s just a distinction invented or clung to by us water signs of the world, a way to add or invent depth. Now that I’ve got my connection to the Earth, such worries don’t plague me as often. When we’re cooking a delicious dinner, and drinking some wine, and talking and laughing, and rolling around in bed together, when I’m pooled around his utter solidness, it’s hard to feel like anything is other than as it should be.

    1. Wow, thank you for writing all that. This is so beautiful. Like I don’t know what’s going on with me this morning but I almost teared up…

      My dad is a Taurus and he is very much like that. He told all his friends when he was leaving the navy that he was going to California to marry the first pretty blonde girl he met. And then he did. Been with my mom for over 30 years…the decision su

      1. Cut off, sorry.

        Supersedes the relationship itself and while I used to think that was a bad thing now that I am older I think i get it.

        1. Wow, what a story about your dad!

          It’s funny, isn’t it? The way something can make our perspective change. Often it’s time, but sometimes it’s an event or a person. If you’d told my younger self even 7 or 8 years ago that I would define love or what I wanted out of a relationship the way I do now, I would have laughed in your face, I think. And my answers are by no means for definite in some ways, but my assertions or less strident, and I definitely appreciate a level or quietude in my emotional life that I would have actively rejected earlier on.

          1. Yes, I’m transitioning more to something like that as well. I have so much stuff going on in my brain and so much that I want to do in the world goal-wise that instead of looking for stimulation from a partner like I did before (as in number one criteria) I am looking for, literally, a partner. Someone I can build stuff and bounce ideas off of in our incubated shared space who I can support in their passions and who supports me in mine. I’d like to have a more quiet, simple existence enjoying the small things here together. Lots of support but lots more space. Of course I still need them to understand me…but that’s not, like, the primary goal.

            I have to say that my dad scored big time. My mom was absolutely stunning back in the day and my dad was just a fledgling engineer in the early 80s getting started in life but they had the same goals and it worked out very organically. My mom is extremely feminine, mothering, and shy (double Cancer) and my dad is very stoic, earthy, and hard-working so they’ve got some compatible astrology. They both have Libra moons and I believe my dad has Venus in Cancer.

    2. I’m so happy this is a positive and beautifully rendered tale Pisces. As should be when water meets earth, it’s either mud or an archipeligo. Adore each other, so proud he said it and so proud you heard. Blessings

    3. “Love and the decision to love aren’t really all that different.”
      So perfect. Absolutely. Wow.
      What a beautiful story! Thank you.

      1. Reading this makes me want MY Taurus (currently on-off) even more.

        Like R said, I am appealed by the more comfortable everyday relationship at this point in my life. I’ve had every possible/every which way/over the top scenario…..can’t take it now at age 46. Need something mellow and loving……really appreciate and value that now. Could never do the high drama again. I really just don’t have the energy/Qi for it. I have been quite fatigued due to health issue (and age?) the past few years…… Honestly, I just want to be plain old LOVED for once in my life before I die!

    4. Lovely story! I think you need never question love – just whether it’s expression meets your needs, & it sounds in this case like it certainly does. Heartening, thank you.

    5. Oh my. I may have stumbled upon this when I needed it most. A Taurus sun and true node – I have been in love with a Cancer for years, but have just come to this place tonight where I am beginning to question my Taurean loyalty in all it’s extreme glory and endurance. I think I made the decision the first moment I saw him years ago that I wanted him as family but it has been such a long journey and he still feels so far away. There should be a book called… “When the Taurus turns away… and other tales from a Cold Day in Hell”

  47. Liberating Venus

    Reflects badly on YOU?! You can’t be serious, my dear! HE was the one presumptively (and erroneously) assuming that you were automatically going to spread your legs & sex with him – how disgustingly arrogant! No, darling, you were rather polite about it all things considered and and did him a favor. If it were I in your position instead, there would have been *a scene* – and that’s putting it mildly. 😉 Whatever little dignity this creep had, I would have made sure to take it with me on my way out the door – kiss my ass, ya jerk, because that’s the only way you’re EVER going to get anywhere near The Land of Milk & Honey, aka my yoni!

  48. Year if the Phoenix


    My twin sister did. She confirms the good in bed.

    He did tell me he loved me years later – but that was at a dance party and he was on lots of drugs

  49. *giggles* … that’s funny Mystic. I would’ve sprinted and dumped the garlic bread on his head on the way out. What a sleaze.

    Yes I dated a Taurus … a double Toro in fact.

    I just don’t want to go there right now.

  50. I dated a Taurus man once – a jazz musician. Very cute, very sweet, very….silent. Conversations were mostly me trying to pull information out of him (though he honestly seemed fine with me providing most of the talk). It just got really boring after a while.

    He gave me almost zero opposition. He left it up to me to make almost every single decision. Where we ate dinner, what movie to watch, what music to listen to, even what shirt he should wear sometimes! Now that I think about it, maybe he was subconsciously looking for a dom. I’m super-cardinal so I’ve got it in me, but I want someone to challenge me! Spar with me!

    We lived together for about six months. Yes, he had a lot of stuff, it drove me mad. I prefer a minimal aesthetic.

    I’ll admit it was one of the most “comfortable” relationships I’ve ever been in. He was dependable, good with money, super-chill. He made me breakfast on the weekends. Brewed his own beer.

    It was the kind of relationship I want to be in when I’m retired, though. To this day, he’s the only ex I’m still friends with, probably because there just wasn’t that much passion there to begin with.

  51. All my big love histories have been withTaurus menos, and is not like I have only 2 big loves (I’m capricornio with aqua rising) so I just L O V E them, they are protective (not like the Daddy cancerian type) practical, eccentric, funny to die, charming, financial grounded, and yeah GREAT in bed if you want to be with a natural and instinctive cavernman.

    Things I don’t like: not so muxh ambition in them, they are too much sence and sensibility, and when their anger is out if control the can tear down any wall.

    Anyway they were and are my first choice

    1. One of my significant ex’s was a Taurus Sun and Venus, and he was an absolutely lovely guy – I can vouch for him having all of the positive Taurean attributes you’ve listed above. But the lack of ambition eventually drove me nuts. (I like sitting on the couch, but only while I’m secretly planning my next coup…) In the end, I realised he was not the one for me, but I do hope that some other sensible woman (perhaps with a little less fire and air in her chart) has snapped him up.

  52. Scorporation, Inc.

    Omg Mystic, what a *douche*! Definitely not the typical Taurus. Your dine & dash was epic: you saw your opportunity & you grabbed it. Sun Tzu would have done the same. All hail the Uranus transit 🙂

  53. I dated a super sweet taurus for years, even with my aqua ascendant! My in cancer was very well taken care of however. But….we could have kept going forever….but he took his time with EVERYTHING. He was evolving in his own sweet time, my aqua ascendant took over at some point and I flew tearfully (cancer sun mourned) out of that sweet, comfortable, safe and secure domain.

    I saw him 20 years later. He was a late bloomer, but he has aged well and happily and has anchored himself as an architect (they must build), the guitar still gets a riff in told, and the records gather no dust. He seems to relish in his family life, while I still flit about with dreams if true love.

    Wouldn’t change a thing about him.

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