Your Pluto In Aquarius Pivot

Maybe you’re totally ready to get it on with this next-era astro and you’re glancing at this en route to your new H.Q.

Or perhaps your Pluto in Aquarius pivot is postponed while you work on your ankle stability? You could be completely over it already – the politico-cognitive dissonance, A.I. everything, the latest UFO spin

Where-ever you’re at on the spectrum from ‘wow‘ to ‘can we cyber-hibernate?’, it’s a good time to think about your natal Mars. No, not in a shamanic warrior mindwarp retreat with shrooms or spartan ice-bathing in caves way. We’re not even doing deep analysis with this – relax and read on.

Why Mars?Β 

(1) Eclipse Season is imminent and the next New Moon is a Solar Eclipse in (Mars-ruled) Aries. The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse that follows is also Mars-aligned. When the astral atmosphere emphasizes Mars Vibe, conscious control of your birth Mars energies is a must.

(2) Because in an epochal, rapidly evolving phase like the present, it’s an asset! As I said in The Natal Mars Reveals Your Go-To Tactics, your Mars is the part of you that’s reliably upbeat about your potential. It’s stamina, spunk and the antidote to corrosive, drip-fed insecurity from fuq knows where.

While you can read that post or your Astral DNA report for more on the Mars aspects, here we’re focusing on your natal Mars sign and house. Read on for some suggestions – if they seem over the top, remember that if you don’t assign Mars something to do, it’s the sort of archetype that creates rogue missions or spectacular yet disproportionate outbursts.

Know your Mars and for productivity with or without turbulence, keep it busy.

Mars in Aries/Mars in the 1st House

Your strength is raw courage and front. Even if you think you don’t have these attributes, ask someone objective. A Mars like this can pull off genuine start-ups and reboots – wiping the previous whatevers from all but deep memory and beginning afresh. Momentum matters.

Mars in Taurus/Mars in the 2nd HouseΒ 

This is the Mars of no quarter – once the strategy is set and your mind set, you don’t budge. In a Kung Fu movie, Mars in Taurus/the 2nd house would let everyone else waste energy with flashy moves while they quietly pulled off the heist. People generally only doubt your stamina or determination once.

Mars in Gemini/the 3rd House

Information warfare – as in you always know more than the competition or people you’re leading – and the ability to speed-parse s***t on the fly are major assets of this mercurial Mars. While others are still scoffing or boggling at the incoming thing, you’ve already downloaded, assessed and/or deployed it.

Mars in Kataka/the 4th House

Your Mars is security-conscious so you’re unlikely to blow resources on vain-glorious feats or an experiment. Informed by primal instincts, strange magic that generic people deem superstition and a penchant for Byzantine strategies, this Mars prefers hush-hush victories – the delayed realization of others is part of the fun.

Mars in Leo/the 5th House

Secretly as stubborn as a Taurus Mars, this Mars specializes in showmanship and high-energy stunts. With your flair and events planning nous, they rarely fail and can save you untold grind. In fact, subterfuge and tactics that need a long time to unfold, are unlikely to bring out the best in your Mars. You need a scene to think around.

Mars in Virgo/the 6th House

You can outwork anyone and few would dare challenge you on that ground alone but this power can end up co-opted into the service of another. The true Virgo/6th House Mars strength is hyper-focused research intensity – faction and fluff disperse in the laser-beam of your investigation. If info is power, you’re a megalomaniac.

Mars in Libra/the 7th House

Diplomacy and relationship-building are your strengths but these skills are underwritten by a remarkably lucid philosophy – unswayed by fads and feuds, this Mars brings objective wisdom to any dilemma. It also means even if you do mount a coup or assert yourself in a particular situation, you often meet with little resistance.

Mars in Scorpio/the 8th House

It’s unfashionable and nobody has to know but Scorpio/8th House Mars people are often ultra-motivated by vendettas or, at least,Β  multi-layered goals. Without passion, even the most sensible or obvious ambitions seem hollow yet with it, you’re good at the targeted, obsessive ‘how the fuq did you do that?’ style of accomplishment.

Mars in Sagittarius/the 9th House

Panoramic breadth of vision and the ability to spin a big picture to potential investors (or yourself in moments of doubt) are core Saggo/9th house Mars talents. This is a Mars that’s more likely to mess up when trying to stay sensibly small or cultivate stillness to contemplate. You can, however, be blindsided by envy from others.

Mars in Capricorn/the 10th House

This is a Mars undaunted by responsibility and accountability: no matter how heavy the burden, Capricorn/10th House Mars people are more relaxed in leadership than they are in any other role. Some see it as climbing but you know it’s more to do with getting the opportunity to shape and build things.

Mars in Aquarius/the 11th House

Your core Mars attribute is the ability to scry the future and risk seeming uncool while you quietly busy yourself with preparing for it. When the zeitgeist finally catches up, you’re unphased by attention or positive feedback because you’ve stoically gotten used to going without. It’s the Mars most effective at shock-value achievements.

Mars in Pisces/the 12th House

This Mars often wields ‘soft power’ to a ridiculous extent – ie: influencing a variety of people and paradigms from behind the scenes. Supernaturally inspired like Mars in Cancer, Scorpio, the 4th or 8th house, your key talent is fluidity – the sorts of scenarios that can cause others to grind to a halt or become stuck just flow right off you.

Of course it’s more complex than these quick definitions but again, we’re talking about Mars – play to your Mars strengths for an immediate lift and then other things will fall into line alongside you. This goes triple in times like this. Thoughts?

Image: Louise Bourgeois – Roof Song

60 thoughts on “Your Pluto In Aquarius Pivot”

  1. I for one am SO GLAD that Mars is finally out of gem after all those grueling months. I have mars natally in gemini so it was a brutal slog for me. So far, Mars in cancer has been a balm of relief.

  2. There was a 90 minute program on Pluto with all the visual streaming from spacecraft Horizon.
    It has a ‘Heart’ a large space with no mountains or craters and has ice volcanos.
    The planetary scientist, yes that’s a gig with a title, used interesting language describing the terrain.
    This doco made Pluto more alive & real to me. It has a River Styx. How appropriate.

  3. The intel is off the hook, as always MM.
    Signed by AI generated El Toro Mars sliding into third base. Have also eaten my weight in garlic mushrooms this AM.

  4. CelestialAudrey

    Mars in Pisces 8th house. Always has me stumped. Would love thoughts, suggestions, insights. πŸ™πŸΌ ❀️

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      It sounds compelling. But sorry I am not a seasoned astrologer.

      But would love to know what this means too. It sounds like being in between worlds.

      1. Hi CA & Wish, I have natal Mars cj MC in early Pisces. Definitely surrounded by conflict a lot in early life, which only abated when I became a self-sustaining, independent adult (and away from conflicted persons & situations). However I remain super-sensitive to conflict “vibes”, can “smell” it either ten kms or ten years away, and so I’ve become quite conflict avoidant in mid-age – despite being Aries, and which I think is a Mars in Pisces thing, no matter where it is in your chart!! (Of course I still get angry/impatient – but am acutely aware of how dangerous those states are).

        Also I have had chronic anaemia issues (unable to absorb or retain Mars metal iron in my blood). My only advice is trust your underwater antenna. And stay away from guilt/low vibes.πŸ™ƒπŸ’–

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          Despite being an Aries. I had an Aries male boss and he always stayed out of shitfights. I admired him for that. It was like he had Teflon coating.

          If you are sensitive to those situations it is a priority to avoid them. I am sensitive too so I can relate.


    2. Two watery themes with Pisces and 8th house. One is like a deep still pond that can get obsessed and perhaps mesmerised by what is reflected and the other equally entranced by what is moving and flowing through everything and everyone. Neither of these views hold a centre inside the self. Mars is all about bringing it in and feeling it. Making shit real and being aware of yourself in your body and/or an experience. High Mars not hothead I don’t think before I engage Mars.

      One window to gaze through and there will be many with Pisces… but Mars and the 8th house would perhaps not agree. Mars will want decisiveness, Pisces won’t hold defined edges and the 8th house will be looking for proof. How do you blend these themes?

    3. Well if you strip it back…. Mars is a fire action energy which is most definitely Yang (masculine) and in the sign of Pisces which is Yin (feminine, intuitive) there is already a conflict brewing lol. The 8th house always for me represents an early life conflict that needs attention, and has caused some form of wound/disruption BUT when overcome will be your greatest source of power! However being in the 8th & in Pisces will open up hidden realms and intuitions that fuel a quest for knowledge, with a strong spiritual connection that may take time to realize. Sounds like fun lol

    4. First word that popped in to my head re Mars/Pisces/8th H is the watery action word of “solvent” – from the Latin solvere to “loosen” “unfasten”…. or solve.

      A solvent is a substance that can dissolve, suspend or extract other substances, resulting in a solution – without altering the chemical components.

      In other words, do you have an uncanny ability to stealthily get to the bottom of things – to unravel & unpick concepts or problems & to lay them bare, to separate the wheat from the chaff, truth from untruth?

      1. Absolutely agree, Centi… just, wow. At all the intel..😍
        This website & everyone on it are sheer treasures – have nothing but heartfelt, simple gratitude.πŸ₯²πŸ™

        1. We may have served up too much information to digest in one sitting tho
          lol. Much love to everyone on this site toooooo. What a lovely bunch of articulate, knowledgeable and unique people ✨

  5. This is the second time in two days I’m reading or seeing people on shrooms lol. Instead of taking shrooms I’m getting my highs from Reishi & cordyceps in food now, 20yr old me would never lol.
    My Mars in Cancer in the 10th has snapped right into healer mode however the whole journey has been deciphering my own code, which has been a combination of 5D Heart based healing, acupressure using my meridians, chakra targeting and swapping out order of what Centre needs most attention to start my day, eating foods/herbs associated with those energy centers and remaining in a state of neutrality…….. WHEW that’s a lot, but this multidimensional being deserves the attention! Hope everyone is enjoying the supercharged Aries fire energy, especially from the last new moon & using the energy to manifest ✨

      1. Sesame seed says thx Pegs! I really appreciate your comment and can only hope to live a life as authentic as you have.

          1. Anytimes my love! I love reading about your life and experience traveling the world, experiencing many different cultures & countries. I’m a wanderer at heart too, even though I’m finally ready to throw down some type of anchor (maybe lol). πŸ’›

  6. I’d be down for a shamanic warrior mindwarp retreat with shrooms and spartan ice-bathing in caves situation though. A nice simple back-to-base reset. Clear the psychic slate. Just saying

    1. Ohhhh. Me too, Sam. Though knowing my luck the hallucogenic shrooms would also be the high FODMAP variety, hence I would be crippled with cramps while melting into the psychedelic floor.. Or something!🀣

      1. Off your comment I googled (normal) mushrooms and FODMAPs, there were varying outcomes. I also checked which genus the psilocybin species was in – Psilocybe, fwiw – in case there were pharmacologically inert cousins with a FODMAP rating that may apply to the psychoactive species. However it seems that nearly the whole clan is active.. Good for them. I only went to page 2 of the search results though. Your mercury Pluto may wish to dig deeper x
        Anyway, the FODMAP advice for data-less food was to try a bit and see what happens. So, maybe micro dosing, in this context ?

        1. I forgot all about fodmap for shrooms but I do pay a bit of attention. I have mushroom coffee (years now) and somehow had seperated that entirely from this construct. Haha. Hmmmm. May need to rethink this.

          Think oyster mushroom is different to the rest (low fodmap) if you like them CJ.

          1. Hi Sam & Centauri, you guys are fab!!! And so, so right re mircrodosing, oyster mushrooms (have also read canned champignons low FODMAP). Yep – going to harness my Merc-Plutes natal opp and deep-dive our friend psilocybe!!πŸ„
            In meantime will keep meditating – having some weird synchronicities, out-of-world experiences just with that!??
            Also, since you are both writer-types, check out British author (alchemy, divination, tarot and Silk Road, among other topics) Cherry Gilchrist’s blog at “Cherry’s Cache” – she has a great, succinct entry on what she took away from a Hilary Mantel masterclass in 2019.
            Off to source Australian canned champignon’s now, and keep an ear out for clinical psilocybe trials..

            1. Heya lovely CJ, thanks for the tip on champignons and also the blog details particularly when alchemy related. Will check her out.

              I can’t get into still meditation at the moment – Uranus on Asc for starters… need to keep it fluid. Love those moments though. Keep enjoying them x

            2. HOLY S**T thank you CJ. I was given the Wolf Hall trilogy by a relative for xmas and my Extremely Literary Mother (5 ..6? planet gem, aqua rising, Merc Uranus cj) loves Mantel.. I am not good at “yes guv’nor” type fiction that I took the first book to be [likewise bonnet dramas on TV] but maybe I need to be more forgiving, always get more from hearing from the artist themselves. it makes their work make sense

              also yes what’s with the accidental attunement ? I mean Neptune (and Mars is water now thank. god and also a node) but still. it’s a two-speed life at the moment. the things that keep a roof over ones head and then the actual life. I don’t mean this cynically. everything is important

            3. Psychedelic Times has a newsletter that comes out every 2 months. Tells about laws, trials, latest information with brilliant art work. Happiness psilocybin has been approved in Oz for certain treatments.
              Sometimes a simple change of brain lanes assists many with thoughtforms stuck in concrete.
              AND am looking on line soon for a pair of corduroy or velvet jeans for coming winter πŸ™‚

            4. Wish Upon a Star

              I’m confused πŸ˜•. Are you saying eating oyster, champignon mushrooms is like micro dosing?

              My local herbalist just told me about micro dosing cannabis? And the mushroom psychedelic have just been approved. I felt quite resistant when she told me. I am a Pisces Rising. Lately a lot has shifted in my dreams.

              But she has made me curious. Just scared as I am quite sensitive.

              Any suggestions peeps?

              1. Starlight, chamipgnons & oyster mushies +are +non-psychadelic. They are a contender in the healing arena +though.
                ‘Leafy’ has a newsletter you can subscribe to has all info on dosing.

                1. Wish Upon a Star

                  Thanks Pegs. Yes they are healing. My naturopath put me on them (in powdered form) after my cancer treatment when I was terrified. I am in remission now.

                  I would now just rather eat my medicine with some tasty butter perhaps!

                  I will have have a look at Leafy now.


                2. Yes & check out psychedelic times. Both have newsletters you can subscribe to for loads of information.
                  Happiness you are in remission & stay that way forever. Blessings xxx

          2. Bought a box of oyster mushrooms for the first time (instead of the usual shitake.
            Wasn’t sure how to cook them, so simmered them in butter & water. They seem all about texture rather than flavour which is very delicate, but loved touching them & of course the colour, a non-colour.
            ‘Shrooms’ also have a newsletter & send spores to start your own supply.
            Yup getting high on your own supply……?

  7. Love this …”No, not in a shamanic warrior mindwarp retreat with shrooms or spartan ice-bathing in caves way…” 🀣🀣

    1. I haven’t J, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening! Maybe the Universe trying to grab your attention..?

    2. I had noted as am considering a sextile. I will loose interest at some point though.. 20 years is too long lol.

  8. Taurus and 4th house! I’ma gonna house witch some stagnant junk and detritus and feel better about it, maybe $ell it too. Aqua rising/Pluto is making me a tad excited every-so-often about nothing or maybe its Uranus sitting 2 degrees off my Mars and a Merc return

    1. Potent astro with Uranus & Pluto acting on your first & fourth places of Being, J! Take good care of you, esp w Mars. I just had my Merc return at 13 Aries – opp natal Pluto. I went quiet if more introverted, but am super busy, and Aries is my 12th.

  9. MYSTIC! Just how did you know about my having to stabilise my ankle after a bout of Archilles inflammation. Went a long way on my stationary bike.
    Keep thinking of the movie ‘My Left Foot’.
    Why the left, they both at the moved same time!

    (Felt like listening to a couple of trax of Curtis Mayfield to file under memory mix playlist & voila there was a trak called ‘Readings in Astrology’.
    But actually danced to ‘No Thing on Me’. It reminded me i could *** the power of music*****).

    ‘Outwork anyone’ yup was said to be able to do the work of 3 people & to slow down ‘you make me dizzy’ was once said. Research, inquiry investigation.
    Yet this 6th house stuff in in natal 8th. Death & Money, the big things are worth an investigative inquiry, oui?
    Inheritances? Have been the beneficiary occasionally from friends quite substantial ones but never from my family.
    THAT’S a 12th House matter of mystery.

    The Alchemy Tarot is beautifully written, a joy to read. Brilliant.

  10. Once again the flipped chart kerfuffle puts me in 5th house mars in aquarius. Progressed moon just got to aquarius and the progressed ic is at 2 aquarius.

    There’s treasure in it but it’s free. and it’s more than just a manic pixie dream girl version of citizen kane but it might as well be.

    1. Darling personally i think ‘kerfuffle’ is a good description these progressed stars sun & moon charts.
      Astronomy could add to your understanding of the celestial bodies (apart from your own that is).
      ‘When in doubt look up’?

    1. I can relate. mars in the 5th and yes, even as an introvert I do need to be seen and am not uncomfortable with being front-stage anything.

  11. The Lion & The Centaur

    Virgo Mars in 8th… I would make a great vendetta strategist for a mob. This is definitely a placement you want to be conscious of, engaged with and shadow work done. I have unconsciously executed few highly effective revenges while maintaining plausible deniability in my conscious mind.

    So I’m just gonna go konmari some more to keep that Mars busy.

      1. *The Lion & The Centaur – so you should have “…& the wardrobe” (my random euphemism for 8th h) at the end of your handle !πŸ˜„ CS Lewis & I are proud of your advocacy for shadow-work..😊 xx

        ** PEGS !! I honestly cannot believe how many astro aspects you share with my beautiful Saggi Sun, Cap rising 11 year old. She also has Virgo Mars, but in 9th; as well as Venus & Pluto cj in Cap. Merc rx in Sag, Saturn in Libra, Jupiter 1st degree Taurus. Neptune in Aqua, Uranus in Aries. And yep she loves her animals, music & travel like you, too (uses a mini suitcase on wheels instead of backpack for school..!πŸ˜‚). Just thought I’d share…πŸ₯°

        1. ‘Mini suitcase on wheels’! What elegance, what a delightful image of an 11 year old, backpacks being for mainstream.
          This girl will go far, she certainly does many of my astro signatures.
          There are so many professions now in her era for animal conservation, marine biology & being a digital nomad living anywhere she chooses. Lucky Girl. x

          1. Thank you dearest Pegs XOO XOO I get such joy from your posts, so I hope you are writing books!!! My little one has become quite noted for her own writing skills, so I’d bet my bottom dollar you have the same ability – PLUS experiences!! #praydotell XOO

        2. Wish Upon a Star

          Your beautiful Sagg daughter is smart. Backpacks are so bad for the back.

          She is a trendsetter.


          1. She knows who she is, something I still don’t have!πŸ˜‚πŸ’– Thanks darling Wish. Inhope you are taking care of yourself and still talking to sky & trees. Xoo

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        I’ve got Libra Mars in the 8th, opposite Saturn in Aries. Trining my Gemini Sun. Lately my shadow work is happening in my dreams. Pisces Rising says it all.

        I’ve also got Taurus/Scorpio nodes like you?

        You can’t keep a good woman down hey Pegs?


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