Your Mercury = Your Car

Your Mercury – sign, house and aspects* = your Car. If you’re a car owner or you have been before, ponder this for a few moments and you’ll know I’m right.

To a lesser extent, your Mercury also reveals your driving style but Mars is also a component of that.

Even if you don’t drive, your Mercury shows your fantasy car. I don’t drive because I am sincerely crap at it but as an example:

My Mercury is in Aries, 3rd house, quincunx to Neptune, trine the South Node.

Driving technique: good at speed on an open straight road without obstacles or other drivers. Everywhere else: impatient with obstacles aka everything.

Favoured defensive driving technique: If in doubt, accelerate.

Fantasy Car: The 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera in Lava Orange.

Soundtrack For Driving: Minimal tech – zero vocals.

How The Aspects Show Up: Mercury-Neptune aspects merge timelines and your map reading is prone to Freudian glitches. Mercury in Aries will not be dictated to by sat-nav.

How about you?

*If you don’t have this info, my Astral DNA report will tell you!

Images: Kate Bush – January 1978 – Angelo Deligio
Emma Summerton – Vogue Paris 2012

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Cap Mercury, conjunct moon, in yes, 5th House.
Used to have a 2 door red tiny chevy (5th house), that felt instinctively like home (moon) the first moment I test drove it.

In honour of all of my cap, I got a good deal on the loan and sold it 10 years later for about 1/3rd the price I got it for, which is insane! Oh, btw, I repaid the loan in about 3 years. #CapFinancialPlanning.

The part I don’t understand is why I named it based on a dream I had. No aspects to Neptune.


Ooooh, you did say ponder over for a few minutes.
My 5thHouse’s ruler Leo is my 12th house (dreams). BLOWN. AWAY.


Get out of my FACE! I can’t even…this is brilliant…my dream car/fave car is a Maserati. Anyway, the emblem for a Maserati is Neptune’s Trident inspired by the Fountain of Neptune in Bologna. My mercury is in pisces. How do you even do this Mystic?!?? BRILLIANT!!!

Year of the Phoenix

Merc in Libra conj Jupiter trine Mid Heaven – Driving technique – Considerate and likes merging and loathes pusherinerers Favoured defensive driving technique: Waving Fantasy Car: something futuristic which flys itself Soundtrack For Driving: Old Soul singalongs and Ska classics How The Aspects Show Up: love an open road with a history of hitchhiking


Mercury in Pisces Conjunct Descendant, Opposite Jupiter, Square Moon in Taurus. Cars have always equaled freedom for me. I grew up in the Central Valley of California and driving is in my blood. I also have lived in remote places so I have spent a lot of time in my cars, so they’ve always needed to be comfortable because I’ve lost count how many times I’ve slept in my car, even when I’ve had the option of elsewhere, and sometimes purely because that was the option I had left myself with. Soon after arriving in Australia, a major divine intervention… Read more »


Mercury in Aries, Sun in Aries.
Fleet-footed on the ground, lead-footed in the car. Speed is my thing.
Wayward younger years spent roaring around on back of English motorbikes.
Ultimate fantasy car: 1956 sage green Ford Thunderbird. V8 motor.
Convertible, breeze blowing through my hair, smile on face. Freedom.

Wish Upon a Star

Mercury in Cancer 4th house. Explains why I love driving at night and find it visually easier.
I also prefer white cars. Mercury conjunct Jupiter in Leo 5th house. Music is a must.


Same, same. Music essential! Mercury in Cancer, conjunct Jupiter and South Node all 5th house with Uranus and Leo Sun peeking through. Love a fast car, never British racing green or aggro red. Yes to,white, mines pearl. Leadfoot, confident driver after first owning a motor bike. Prefer open roads to sort dilemmas, straighten thoughts, moonlight and a bit of loud music on the six CD stacker. Old school Van, Bob, JJ, window down, heater cranked, much to the chagrin of my pooch settled behind the passenger seat. Constant companion, excellent traveller, just not keen on blues harp Present car, hopefully… Read more »

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Wish Upon a Star

Oh MM you just completed my story.
When I was in my early 20s I just loved hitting the Hume Highway at night. It gave me space to think and dream. And then the odd truck driver sounding his horn and smiling to remind me I am young and free.

With your astro line up you sound like alot of fun. What do you do to enJOY yourself?


On Hume Highway you’ll need a bit of Steppenwolf! Many moons ago did a fortnightly nine hour return trip for a year in “Sally” in WA. Red dirt, nothing to see but the open road, bending trees, relentless heat and a heavy heart as approached destination… No aircon, but I did smoke with windows down and speed, A LOT. A luxury after the motor bike with no face helmets, mosquitoes stuck to my face and defaced right cork shoes from the kickstart. In a black bikini. Enjoying myself mmmm At the moment … Learning to say no new mantra. Preferably… Read more »

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Wish Upon a Star

I’m glad I made your day. You inspired me to find that quote and that article titled “The Sacred and the scribe”. The article is about the connection between language and magic!” I will do it this new moon. The quote is: “Sometimes only a walk and the company of the moon will do.” I Cut it out and put on fridge. When I initially read my sidereal report making me a Aries Moon, Taurus Sun and Aquarius Rising instead of a Taurus Moon, Gemini Sun and Pisces Ascendant I felt unsettled. But after reading Saturn in Pisces comment in… Read more »

Wish Upon a Star

And add to the quote:

“And an animal familiar/s.”


My Mercury is in Aqua in 11th, conjunct Sun, trine Jupiter, square Mars

Driving technique: prosocial and generous with letting others in the lane; not focused on speed/time efficiency
Favoured defensive driving technique: Let them overtake
Fantasy Car: Tesla Cybertruck
Soundtrack For Driving: Astro forecast podcast or local community radio (no ads)
How The Aspects Show Up: satellite navigation with voice on; occasional pick up of hitchhiker; slower pace to enjoy scenery


Merc conj. 5H Aqua NN/Sun, trine Libra Asc./Pluto conj., sextile 3H Saggo Neptune. Maybe this is why when I *finally* learned how to ride a motorcycle, I knew I was totally *meant* to be riding a motorcycle and everywhere I travel, no matter what city, I always look to rent a boat first. Moto riding has deffo made me more cautious as a *driver,* but I love speed, though I am careful on the bike, not reckless. I think I was a rather Mars in Aries driver but I grew up driving in Chicago, where pretty much everyone drives like… Read more »

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Oh ha! My dream car is a 1972 silver Dodge Charger, and my dream bike doesn’t exist: It would be an 88 Honda Hawk NT650, with the ability to attach and detach a windshield. I had a Hawk, but the windshield, man. You need one.


Mercury in Virgo in the 12th house. I literally just got my license in quarantine at 48 because I grew up in NYC. I definitely like to drive fast and around curves. I hate red lights and other people but I am in LA haha!


And I was gifted a 1994 Acura Integra which drives like a sports car and I love it. I wanted a big black bronco initially but hey free is free!

Maria Spink

Mercury in Gemini was a total hoon wheelies, dragging people off at lights, burning clutches. Always wanting to race and fleeing around corners to see how I could handle the car, got a HR license In my 50s. Hence 66 now and a bit quieter. But looking to get my motorbike license. Never give up!


Mercury and Mars in 4th Taurus, took a long time to like driving, my L plates kept expiring(home body?) Rover 3500 1972, last of the great interceptors, automatic. I couldn’t avoid hitting a turtle and it took out my Speedo and taco-ironic. Now? A string of second hand automatic Mercedes, my current concept is other drivers go sh!t a merc don’t hit that. Must look up beauty therapist career changing daughter#1 has a Subaru with canons and now drives a 800 tonne capacity dump truck (12thH Gemini)

Sub rosa

Ahhh…the Rover 3500. My dad worked for Leyland and we owned all manner of ‘different’ cars through the years, unusual to the Holdens and Fords at the time. We stacked in a Marina of all things. And yes we owned a P-76 for a few months. The fave was the super cool looking Citroen. Not mothers cup of tea mind so it did not last and none of them were or did. Until we settled on second hand Volvos of course. Mind you I could not wait to get my license and the day I could I did and then… Read more »


Mercury in Taurus 2nd house conjunct moon. I love reliability in cars so have owned 3 Toyota hatchbacks. The hatch makes them seem a bit sporty and you can fit more in the boot than a sedan because you can put the back seats down. Next car will be a Toyota Corolla hybrid – super economical. my dream car to go on weekend trips would be a vintage Jaguar or bmw convertible! Not very practical, so unless I was super wealthy I’d just rent one


When I was 18 my dream car was an MG convertible as seen in OMD’s film clip in 1980


Ok and this might start a troll war but whatever your view on the AH JD trial .. (I am pro JD) however the comment on seeing her in the boot of a Honda Civic – and a lot was vile in that case so I’m sticking to point here- but Honda Civic was my first car. I lived in a house at the back of a v dodgy car yard in fortitude valley many moons ago, yeah a house at the back of a car yard. Sure- it was the 90s. But I fell in love w this little… Read more »


Merc in Sag, 10th House – my best car ever was an ’85 Saab 900i Hatch, went like the clappers, but my student self was not able to afford the upkeep. My Merc Cap, 10th house mother and I both regret passing it on….. I then spent 12 years car free, but with a plane ticket ever in hand – freedom or die! I was also part of a great car share in NZ, but now days I have a Mazda 3 hatch to drive the Meanjin suburbs. Love to rock the hatch, as the best ones literally can be… Read more »


Mercury in Aqua and agree with previous comments that the perfect car for us doesn’t exist yet. I am quite fond of the Aston Martin DB5’s and 9’s as driven by James Bond though too. Driving style – I don’t like to be noticed, literally fly under the radar so to speak because I like to go fast. I can park in the tightest of spots and I am impatient but fine with city driving (Mars in Aries). Give me a wide open road for driving through the country and I am in heaven. I can’t imagine not driving, it’s… Read more »


Mercury in Pisces – always a convertible. My latest retirement ragtop is a yellow 2002 retro Thunderbird with a Jaguar V8. It’s a visual representation of my personality.


Mercury in Gemini in the 9th. I like speed and I definitely put miles on my car. Plus I’ve driven internationally multiple times!
Not sure my favorite car, but small and fast!


I don’t yet drive, but this post & the comments are extremely encouraging to my aspiring Mercury in Gemini! Experiencing that total freedom with the windows down, tunes playing + the beauty of open roads & quiet nightscapes sound like a real pleasure to me. My Mercury is exactly opposite Saturn, sextile Jupiter & sextile my Asc, plus conjunct Chiron. The responsibility I would have while driving has always intimidated me, but it’s really great to be reminded of the benefits 😊


A subject close to my heart. One that, thank goodness, I cannot indulge otherwise I would have to buy several acres for all of the cars I would want to purchase and then struggle with my conscience about self indulgence and environmental repercussions. Mercury in Sagittarius is only one of my four Sagg placements and I have Mars in Virgo. Personally, cars need to be practical and economical for me. They need to ferry, furniture, whitegoods, massage tables, plants and animals and firewood. However, if I could look the other way and had the funds, I would begin with a… Read more »


This discussion makes me wonder about my two Mercurial Gemini offspring. My son’s first word was ‘car’ and the only way I get get either of them to stop squarking was to take them for a drive (even in the middle of the night). When my daughter grew older and developed emotional problems we would drive and drive and watch the world go by. The only thing that soothed her. There is definitely a link here.


Ha. So when I first read this, my Sagittarius Mercury and I thought we had nothing to contribute. The important thing about my car besides the fact it’s red is that I don’t have to worry about it. It’s fairly no-frills, but newish so not likely to break down unexpectedly or strand me anywhere. Those are important things, but kinda boring. Case closed right? But later as I was off on one of my spontaneous little jaunts going no place in particular, just out and about with my tunes cranked and my window open to the breeze, it struck me.… Read more »

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EXACTLY!!!!!!! Sometimes when I’m in a dark mood I reflect on all the little true pleasures of being alive and driving is #1, particularly with the radio up, windows down and speedometer high. I LOVE driving fast and free, be it to the grocery store or down country roads. It is both the expression of my inner forever-young wild child and a reliable practice of meditation and stress relief. As a little kid I could not wait for the freedom and power to drive. I remember a dept store Santa telling me that a driving toy was a “boy” thing… Read more »


I’m seriously caught off guard at how attractive the cars make two already seriously attractive women. Would drop everything in a nano second to go cruising with Kate.


OOOps spat my morning coffee over my keyboard. A POST ON CARS!
Thank you Mystic, this has the undivided attention of my Saggo Mercury.
Visions of a winged mercury riding a flying horse way above anything like mundane traffic.


Pegasus I am so happy you survived that ordeal. I’m off to murder the GP who prescribed the antibiotics without warning you not to drive on them.
praise be 🐴

Wish Upon a Star

How are you going Pegusus?


Mercury 0 degree Aqua. My fantasy car does not exist yet. Always loved the idea of one of those jetson flying things


Me toooo! Sun conjunct Uranus.


mercury in virgo loosely conjunct the sun in libra, all in the third, and sextile to the asc in cancer and mars in scorpio. I looooove driving! I come from a small village, so in the ’80s more than now a car was indispensable and I started driving school the day after I turned 18. drove a lot until I moved to the city, then unfortunately never owned a car until 20 years later. it’s a lancia y, small car, and really represents me: emerald-green, with sand-colour interiors (exactly the colours of the water and sand of my favourite beach… Read more »


Lol this is fun! I have merc conj Venus in 8th house cap. I am also currently a Subaru Outback car owner but don’t love it.
my fave car was my Dads Pajero that I got after he passed away. Loved that car.
First Dream car was a red Ferrari a la Magnum PI, which switched to a classic Kombi in the 90s. Now I’d like a cool little electric car to zip about locally in plus a Landrover.


I am an Aries with Mercury in Aries, trine my 9th House Jupiter, quincunx my Pluto in Virgo [my Mars is in Gemini] – all within 1 degree orb. I don’t actually own a car but I am repeatedly designated driver in long road trips, like LA to Vegas. I also keep being given other people’s cars to mind while they are away. I think I am a nominated driver on at least 10 other people’s car insurance. I car-sat a Porsche for almost 2 years as the owner was in jail (don’t ask). During my impoverished university student years… Read more »


How fun! And what’s with all the Subarus astro dudes? I have Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer in the 3rd. Trines Saturn. I long for an old Mercedes with the chrome edges and leather seats (white with red piping) but drive a 21 year old, dinged up Toyota Echo. Best car. Never costs much to service and if you have a tiff with a carpark pylon it is no matter. However I inherited it from my mother (Cancer) and my Gemini son drove it for 3 years before I totalled my other car. So it does embody the Merc/Gem/Moon/Cancer energy.… Read more »


Too funny!! My Mercury conjunct Sun in Virgo trines Mars in Taurus, both sextile Saturn in Cancer. Steady she goes for sure and I drive the heck out of that thing (thank you, Gemini Rising)! Once I could afford to go beyond beaters, my cars were tres reliable and I had them for a minimum of 7 years, only to sell them to pay for the next one (thank you, Earth trine with Mars!). An astrologer at first thought one car was a luxury one (nooooo) and when she found out it wasn’t she blurted, “but you’d never overpay for… Read more »


Oh this is fun! Leo Mercury 10th house, not conjunct but presiding with Saturn and my sun. Trine Chiron (7th) and sextile Jupiter (8th). I drive a Subaru Outback and my husband drives my old Subaru. He has libra Mercury conjunct his moon and pluto. The first car I really wanted was an older model red Jaguar, which my boyfriend talked me out of due to maintenance costs. Then I wanted to drive my mom’s old 1964 gold Mustang. But my dad decided it would be a good idea to have his friend fix it up for a low cost… Read more »


Lol. I love that your Leo planets “ preside “ with each other. Like a Royal council.


OMg here I will out myself as the chronic jalopy driver I am. My car is most definitely the most unglamorous and least integrated part of my, uh, “style” as I see it as a purely functional thing to get me places and I’d rather use the money I would spend on a nice car elsewhere (*ahem*, that would be on my other ride, my horse). Most of my peers are at a stage where they have a payment on a decent ride but after many carless years in the city I have regressed… to a forest green 1999 Oldsmobile… Read more »


Love ❤️


Yes I had my last car for 16 years – a Toyota so it just kept on going!

Wish Upon a Star

Toyota’s are good cars.


I crush on your other ride Brad Barbie 🐴



Scorpio x 7

Marin? Me tooooo!




Cool I’ll play! My Mercury is in Capricorn, 4th house, which also houses my sun and Venus. I have Mars conjunct Neptune and North Node in Sag in the 3rd. I drive a Subaru Crosstrek and I love it which vibes with the Earth / Home / practical logistics, but if I were to go with something fancier it would probably be a Tesla or some kind of understated expensive luxury sedan. My driving style is pretty much “beat the GPS estimated arrival” lololol which my Mars in Taurus husband hates – this all sounds about right. He’s got Mercury… Read more »


Hey, we must’ve been born around the same time, Woowoo! I have exact same astro (but minus the hubby.) I drive a practical hatchback which is very ‘pragmatic Cap’, but inner snooty ‘cannot WAIT ’til I’m filthy rich’ Cap definitely longs for an understated, expensive luxury brand vehicle. Weirdly, I hate pretention and pretentious people but the ideal boyfriend I’m gonna meet (c’mon, universe, he’s GOTTA be out there) will have to drive something fabulous or I will get all judgey-judgey and might not want to date him. So I’m a car snob even though I hate car snobs. Ugh!… Read more »

Calli G

My current car is a Subaru Impreza. My Mercury is in Scorpio, but I have a stellium in Mercury-ruled Virgo, which seems to align with the Subaru line pretty well.

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