When Mercury Is Retrograde In Leo…

When Mercury Is Retrograde In Leo…

You can get huge wisdom-hits by recalling the history of – yes – your hair.  For example: What was the aspiration in mind when you went ultra blonde once upon a time? Punk? To look more bourgeois? Stay the shade you were at 17?  What prompted your most drastic hair moves? Straightening? Roots covered? Extensions? Trace the evolution of your hair since whatever the age you were able to take creative control of it for some genius realisations.

It’s hard to avoid nostalgic recall of flamboyant people from your past. Not necessarily the intimates and long-time confidantes. When Mercury Is Retrograde In Leo, you remember the glamorous narcissists you crushed on so hard it nearly took out your psyche. Characters who despite their selfish intentions (or lack of intent) somehow forced you to creatively regenerate, like a seed pod that only ripens in lava flows or forest fires. Peripheral people who blazed in and out of your life SO fast but inspired maximal living while they were there.

You can receive sustenance and a spiritual high from Art. Being moved by cinema, painting, literature, music and your own ideas flow is better than more or less anything in a Mercury phase like this. Art is therapy, drug and love interest bundled into one. Even your vision of your life narrative to date is like a cinematic montage.

Stationery restyling is magic and desirable. Notebooks that zap up your Qi to merely look at them.  A talismanic new pen with which to write your larger-than-life bold thoughts, ideas and communiques. Your inspiration music or rituals upgraded and highly effective.

You don’t want small talk. Nor deep talk. You want BIG talk.

When Mercury Is Retrograde In Leo, you rediscover your inner Sol Invictus – the Invincible Sun.

“In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, aninvincible summer. And that makes me happy. For it says that no matter how hard the world pushes against me, within me, there’s something stronger — something better, pushing right back.”

Albert Camus



Image: Anna Gael – Poupee D’Amour

40 thoughts on “When Mercury Is Retrograde In Leo…”

  1. I have indeed been disproportionately concerned about my hair lately, haha. While on holiday along the coast of the Adriatic sea, every single evening I’d be in front of the mirror like, “heavens, when all this swimming and glaring sunlight is over, I’ll probably be bald, such a toll it’s taking on my hair!” (normally I don’t care). And, more recently – “should I stop dying it with henna which I’ve been doing for almost 10 years and regrow my natural, albeit boring, colour?!” Well, should I?

  2. is this a bad time to get a haircut??? bored sh!tless with my hair….aware of the upcoming venus retro…maybe I should do sthing now…ish????

  3. And talk about timely! I just finished posting, looked over at the ‘current planetary positions’ thang on the right and saw that the nn is in exact opposition to my natal node!

  4. My most drastic hair move was last year when I took Buddhist vows and shaved it all off as part of the ceremony (symbolising releasing attachment to ego states), and then again down to a number one this year when I went on retreat recently. I know that there was a post here a while ago talking about the power of hair, and that a lot of people felt that their spiritual power was linked to their hair, which is something that I totally grok being firmly of the belief that our sensuality and spirituality are not at odds. But I also have my south node in Leo in the 12th, so ritually letting go of my sometimes overwhelming need to be loved and adored and moving towards a tangible path of service (nn in Aqua in the 6th) seemed like the way to go. I must say that after I shaved it off I really noticed that my intuition skyrocketed, and that my sensitivity to the emotional/energetic tone of people/things also increased…

    1. I shaved my head (almost) bald at age 12 as an act of rebellion. I really was sick of beauty standards and wanted to be free of it all.
      It was easy to care for and I miss it occasionally.
      I dream of shaving it all off and starting anew often. I’m inspired by your ceremony.

  5. I have no planets in Leo or my 5th house, but that hasn’t stopped me from knowing my hair cycles and the power a hair style has to change the way I interact with the world. Hair milestones include going curly at 12, my first short cut at 20, growing my hair long when pregnant and having babies, and then cutting it all off with glee a couple of years later (twice). I now am back to short, with an asymmetrical cut I love. I know this: the shorter my hair the more powerful and confident I feel. I can even become quite masculine.

  6. My first hair disaster was at age 7 (first Saturn square?) — I chopped off a bit of my own long hair and then my mom made me get a buzz cut, so humiliating and traumatizing! ……and periodically I’ve had hair disasters ever since, including TWO recently, one in March and one about a month ago, that were color disasters, not cut. I’m going in for a hair ‘correction’ this Friday, with a completely new stylist, but a bit nervous since it’s during Merc retro……..although, am I right in thinking that a *correction* during a Merc retro is ‘ok’? What I’ve found out over the last few months is, yes, I do want to keep the blonde. Not ready to give that up yet. It does enhance, and a lot of people in my life think it’s my natural hair, so it’s not a radical look on me. This bumpy hair period the last several months and now getting a new stylist for the first time in seven years is seeming to coincide with a lot of renewal energy in many areas of my life, that has the energy of ‘same but different’, or everything old is new again. That feels comfortable to me and I’m ok with it! (like the Uranus in Taurus effect, as per MM’s other recent post…?) 🙂

  7. Just want to thank you Mystic for the brilliant revelation in the daily Mystic for Tuesday regarding the international monetary incident of 15th August, 1971 & the upcoming dates of October (20th-23rd) astro correlating to this event.
    This is going to be a very interesting Autumn (N hemisphere) – esp with the upcoming UK-Europe (Brexit) talks falling around those dates.

  8. As a leo rising with a mum as a hairdresser, growing up, hair was a way of life! I am groking all the cuts, colours, styles, braids etc BUT above and beyond anything you know you have stepped into casa leo when BOBBY PINS are infestated across the entire house. He he

  9. Are there in actual factual fact seed pods that only open in lava or wildfires (she asked breathlessly) ??? Also, the stationary revamp is hilariously spot on in my case. I purchased gold markers and three new notebooks last night to keep track of all my big talk and so I can reserve my moleskin sketchbook for my big art ideas (!). Jupiter in Leo in the 3rd house here. Extravagant stationary and art supplies are a must.

    1. There are several species of Australian plants whose seeds will only germinate after intense heat e.g. a bushfire. Some others respond to the compounds in smoke, I think. It might be something to do with the reduced competition for light and nutrients after everything is burnt, and then that particular plant has some more elbow room and a better chance of growing and flourishing.

  10. Wow – I just made a hair appt yesterday with the plan to grow it out. Now have to check scheduler & see what the moon is doing that day! I have curly hair, so need to have layers cut in so I don’t look like a triangle. Have had my hair at my shoulders for a couple of years, but have been thinking that I would enjoy it to be rather long again (but with a style, not long and rangy).

    1. Do you do the curly girl/loc method? I’m growing my hair out too at the moment and doing this has not only fixed my dry hair (curly/wavy girls need moisture) but it’s growing at a phenomenal rate. At the very least coconut oil on the scalp will provide the moisture plus help it grow.

  11. this resonates because I only fall for Leo rising!?!?!? So all my love interests have had this signature. And then thinking on my first real hair adventure was when I finally moved away from my very toxic mother and really was allowed to find myself. I had always been very very dowdy and plain and even had no understanding of personal hygiene !! It had been that bad. So I got away and learned that I mattered and plucked up courage to bleach my hair with highlights. I walked in the the hair dressers a simple mouse. I wasn’t seen. I walked out on the same route and I got wolf whistles and shouts from the builders on the site opposite. I turned heads and was astounded. One slight change to my hair colour and suddenly I existed. Since then I have bleached to the stuff beyond and have crop short bleach blonde hair that you simply can’t hide behind, you have to own it. And my goddess I have loved every second. But then my cancer sun conj Jupiter is in my 5th!

    1. And just wanted to add… That the recent solar eclipse was an absolute Heller. It dragged up so much of my childhood angst with my mother. So much. So much. I am still pondering my own behaviour in the relationship and how much I need to own but it is like seeing her in the light I knew she cast. Horrible just horrible. But that said the episode had now opened a doorway for me to escape further and she cannot complain. Now I have to figure if I just Uranus my life up again and up tip the status quo I have with aqua ? In doing that my life will be utterly ground less again, free form and don’t know where I will land type. I don’t know if I am now so used to that that I would miss it if I didn’t or that I really need to stop it now and stay put for once. Hmmmmmmm. No. I have known this was coming and know what part of the outcome will be and understand it is the nature of my existence. So as long as I pack the parachute I should be ok.

    2. <3! I do so get this. It is amazing how hair can have such an effect or response from others – it is after all at the frontline of the image we project – it's our face-frame – like the frame of a painting, foto or art work. It has got to be right: too big & blowsy and it can overwhelm the piece of art; too small, dull or shabby & it will do it no favours and under-represent it. The trick is to find the frame that will make the piece of art come to life and make it shine. Like you did.

      I know that if i wear my mane out, i get 100 times the attention from everyone than when i have it pulled back. And oh my lordy, if i wear a skirt as well (which i hardly ever do) the attention i get from males is just on a different level…. which tells you something – but that's a different topic…

      I have never coloured my long dark coppery brown hair, but with all the silver coming through now, i have a deep hankering to crop it super super short and get it coloured platinum – kind of sci-fi look with my olive skin. With Uranus squaring my Leo Moon (& soon the rest of the Leo stellium) i think i'm going for it – but maybe wait for Mars & Merc retro to be over.

      1. Sounds like you can rock a hair do and know it’s power! So I would say go for it when the phase of the moon feels right! A short crop blonde is astounding. And yes males really do respond but mostly with confusion and intimidation. It’s how I like to roll or role?!?!?!

      2. *rolle*?…
        Thanks for the encouragement. I do need courage for this – It is a big step for a leo moon to shave off the ol mane & glory.
        The only aspect i’m not entirely happy about is that as the v low maintenance person that i am now – this crop & colour maintenance is going to be a pain in the ass & wallet….hhmmm ….

      3. There is always a narrative and a choice behind “bodily affectations”. Projecting one’s image is something we can’t avoid doing. Projecting an image of non-fashion is a fashion statement in itself.

    3. Hair is everything to me, I am fond of saying my hair is my superpower. If my hair is working I feel invincible. Right now I’m having major issues and even took to it with a pair of dressmaker’s scissors the other day. Uggh. I haven’t changed anything except am taking some new medication which might be changing its character. Seriously distressing but it is prompting me to look at potential new styles and colours for the first time in many years.

      1. Aww… your love of hair has always tickled me, & i understand your frustration with it now. Hair & skin really changed during & post menopause for me. My hair changed mainly because grey hairs really started growing then & they are usually stronger & a lot harder to tame – so i get this weird uneven look of wild hair in parts – ie. front and sides – only the most prominent areas :-/…..
        I’ve toyed with the wild witch look which is where it’s at if i let it loose – but it’s boring me to tears. And I now understand why so many older women chop their long hair off – something i always thought i’d never do. It seemed to me to be giving up. But now i know better – though one obviously doesn’t have to get styleless granny cuts like our mothers’ generation seemed to do. There are plenty of funky short styles older women can rock. Also colour – which is something i’ve never done before is looking like something fun to do. Which of course flies in the face of the current trend preaching about how bad dye is – which it can be – i am not denying it. But hey, i think that at this stage in life, this vice is one i feel i have a right to own if i choose to.
        So anyway, it could be the medication you are taking that’s causing it to change (like the pill can often do too) or simply it’s the menopause changing it … or both, most likely. But i’m sure you’ll have fun looking for other even more funky & flattering styles. Get with the Uranus vibe zapping Leo while the iron is hot (soz). Getting creative is the way out of hair mourning …… we should start a blog titled *mourning hair* ha-ha.

        ( gawd, this is way too long)

  12. Sparkly Pink note book for my “Grateful Journal” and Hair? The fairy hair I have didn’t really like the 1989 body wave.

  13. Yes. I feel like I am passing through the Sun. Leo people and themes trigger the heck out of me BUT, also I can see a way from the trigger spiral to the next-levelling of self no matter how micro or macro that particular evolution is.

    AND especially this:

    Characters who despite their selfish intentions (or lack of intent) somehow forced you to creatively regenerate, like a seed pod that only ripens in lava flows or forest fires. Peripheral people who blazed in and out of your life SO fast but inspired maximal living while they were there.
    Being moved by cinema, painting, literature, music and your own ideas flow is better than more or less anything in a Mercury phase like this. Art is therapy, drug and love interest bundled into one.

  14. I was watching a movie and checking the actress hair going all: “I want my hair like this (colour and haircut)!”. I must admit I was almost distracted by it.
    I am not gonna go for this now: I think past the New Moon in Virgo in September. (it’s on a Sunday and hair saloon will be closed, so the Saturday after that, defo).
    Bout my hair: I have moved from wearing them very long and for a long time (almost 10 years) to wear them way way shorter (jaw length). Now I can’t go back to uber long: it was my blanket, my safety device and I don’t want to hide under it anymore. But I have realized I keep watching peeps that wear longer and blonder hair than I have.
    Also this Mercury Retro is serving me to prepare for the toughest sessions of EMDR (that I am sure will take place during the Fall season) and also I’m thinking of restoring my MBSR meditations. Yes it’s in my 12th house.

  15. I just went through all my old drawings and schoolwork from ages 7-10. Very healing. I got rid of most of it, kept some, and sent lots of love to little me. Those were some hard years.

    I was taken aback by how open, honest, and brave I was. And how few of my core interest have changed.

    Need to get a horse, though.

  16. Mercury retro hair wisdom from a natal lunar Leo:

    1. Never let anyone choose short hair for you – short hair is your choice only. See Samson and Delilah.

    2. Lunar Leo + corkscrew perm = overkill.

    3. Blonde microfoils are a winner – blondes really do have more fun.

    1. Oh, I almost forgot:
      4. Cut your hair according to the moon phase. Growing your hair? Get it trimmed on the waxing moon. Keeping it short? Get it trimmed on the waning moon

  17. I recently unearthed an old script from some fun times in amateur theatre, which prompted me to ask somebody I hadn’t contacted in a long time if, in their memory, my hair was short-ish then. There was something the Oracle threw at me about being 21 which has had me going back in time to then and it was the same era as the theatre, even a comment from another past person about the age of 21. There may as well be neon lights, right? I’m planning on breaking the veil by seeing an optician and getting new glasses; I’ll be damned if I’m not going to see clearly anymore.

  18. How about this? I discovered Saul David Raye and the Atma Project playing “10 00 Suns” – music for Peace, Healing and Awakening. Seems to me it fits the bill.

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