Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes

The Weekly Horoscopes from April 23 are up and yes, you will observe that Mercury is about to enter the shadow-zone of its next Retrograde.

It’s going to glide back and forth between Taurus + Gemini between late April and mid-June, creating some interesting juxtapositions and 3x Mercury-Pluto trines in a row. Yes, trines – the friendly ones.

I can see negotiations fluctating between hyper-Gemini “it’s all on the table…anything could happen…I’m in…no, wait, we’re out…is that a drone?…who are you again?” and ultra-Taurean “my stance on this will not waver – ever.” If you need to reach an agreement on something, hasten. Otherwise, delays will work in your favor.

As for the Mercury-Pluto config, it’s brilliant set-up for deepening rapport and consciousness. I’m making the Daily Mystic for Fri-Sat-Sun all about this mercurial paradigm and I’ve already touched on it in the April Monthly Scopes for some of the signs.

Speaking of Daily Mystics, the latest ones are all on the MM members page and that links to an archive – so if you don’t want to get the D.M.s emailed, you can always find them there. Update: the MM members page just got updated to be far more useful and a good go-to for everything.

Also, how good does the Ericofon look?

19 thoughts on “Mercury Retrograde Horoscopes”

  1. Happy Earth Day (April 22nd): Headlines from today –
    U.N. warns ‘now or never’ on climate change action; “Invest in our planet” is the theme, and Google dedicates doodle with time-lapse imagery while countries and businesses continue to ignore the warnings.
    Meanwhile, mass graves have been discovered outside of Mariupol in Ukraine, and a Russian General lets slip a secret plan to invade another country and seize Ukraine’s Entire Coastline.

    The double-speak has been breathtaking since February.

    1. I just think that communications have been clouded for some time now and wonder if it has to do with the dark side of Eris of vicious competitiveness and the desire to win at all costs, but not as much as the desire to see other people lose, perhaps having more to do with some particular aspects she is making to personal planets of countries and leaders. Very aggressive and ruthless energies in play right now.

      1. Eris was holding up a mirror to the ugliness that was hiding in plain sight, thinking she wanted to see people lose is myopic. She gave those players an opportunity to win at all costs because she knew that was what drove them. Don’t hate the pitcher hate the game. I would look to Pluto Jupiter and Saturn for the drive then turn to the scapegoat of lesser influence for the trigger. If there was to be a scapegoat at all. Scapegoats are after all decoys. After you’re done with Elon Musk, refer to Ryan Cohen for the GOAT biden blames russia for the collapsing US economy. Scapegoating, it’s a thing.

  2. The “Ericofon” is also called “the Cobra”… just sayin. It “comes to you” and other sexual speech in the ad makes it easy to imagine the beautiful woman slipping the phone under the sheets. Sex sells.

    Re: Mercury Retrograde:

    I can see negotiations fluctuating between hyper-Gemini “it’s all on the table…anything could happen…I’m in…no, wait, we’re out…is that a drone?…who are you again?” and ultra-Taurean “my stance on this will not waver – ever.” If you need to reach an agreement on something, hasten. Otherwise, delays will work in your favor.

    This brings to mind Elon Musk’s rather hasty bid for a hostile takeover of Twitter, which had created a “poison pill” to prevent him. As Musk doesn’t like losing, this retrograde suggests that Twitter would benefit from a long and drawn-out “analysis” of the bid, which seems to be the Twitter position.

    Musk first secretly purchased over 9% of Twitter and his Twitter account boasts a following of over 81 million.

    As for Musk’s real intentions for owning Twitter, little has to do with “free speech” but would end up being owned by the right-winged conservative media.

    Musk’s proposal came the day after Tucker Carlson declared Musk the “last hope” for online conservatism in a monologue that basically begged Musk to buy Twitter.

    Conservatives in the US and abroad embrace Musk as their Twitter savior. US conservatives have, for years, claimed that social media disproportionately stifles conservative speech as Twitter tried to crack down on abusive or fake accounts while also trying to avoid being a press-release playground for the rich and famous. In reality, research finds conservative content is some of the most widely shared on the platforms.

    In fact, the truth is that conservative billionaires own the media. as told by a Forbes article from 2016. The ultra-wealthy control the news.

    1. Sooooo.. can’t wait to get my chubbs little fingers on that, too!!! (And so wish I could claim even inspiration from that genius artist/designer – or even from the earthstar fungus – for my MM handle/avatar, but the reality is I am a simpleton and chose “earth” because it’s my lucky Ba Zi astro element, and star, because, well, it’s ‘strology innit? 🤣🤣🤔

    1. LOL… I can’t figure out if this looks like a retro sex toy or an Atari controller and I want to play Battleships?? 🤔🤔

    2. My neighbours had a phone exactly like this in the 70’s same colour and all!
      It was a complete bitch to use though; if you answered the phone and it was for someone else, it was so damn easy to accidently hang up by putting the phone on the table, instead you had to balance it somehow on it’s side. Oh and it was heavy!

      1. Style over function … meh, not so sexy then.

        But wait, so the drawing is totally correct & instructive: the phone functions best if it’s used while one is floating horizontally in zero gravity … now it makes sense!

  3. i love the current MM page with everything in one place! I hadn’t realized how many Mystic updates I had missed!!!

  4. I bet the big black ones were popular after that ambiguous ad, interesting to see advertising was playing the sex card without battering an eyelid. Merc Rx noted on calendar

    1. Hey Jacqui, pretty sure the big ones were popular, with or without ads & Merc rx..😉🤣 also, what sex card? 😂

  5. Hi Mystic, Can’t tell you how spot on last weeks Cancer horoscope swinging between paranoia and ‘just stay calm, everything will work out in time.’
    Exhausting …..but today’s news is’s just a long haul, but then Pluto has gone retro in Cap. after all. Digging in….

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