Daily Mystic for Tuesday 7 November

Venus is in Libra from November 8 until December 5!*

These 28 days are not only Venus in one of the two signs she rules but the first Air element Venus since May.

It’s good news for diplomacy, flirtatious banter, relationship-enhancing dialogue and negotiations, the cerebral dimension of art, legal matters and a breezier sensibility all round. The astro-scape has been Water-Earth heavy of late, with barely any Air or Fire. Venus in Libra raises the Air, making for more balance.

Practicalities are still a thing, of course, and the end of the Pluto in Capicorn era economy is crazy but Venus in Libra nonetheless represents a more spacious vibe. You may even be surprised by who wafts back into your life, making conciliatory murmurs and maybe more interested in balance than before.

It’s also an epic phase for beauty and image morphs – especially the kind that restores equilibrium in areas where you’ve swung too far in one direction or another.


*Venus arrives in Libra on Wednesday 8th at 9.30 AM Universal Time – see the Moon Calendar for the time in your zone.

Image: Friedensengel

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