Horoscopic Genius

If you’re an MM member, you may like to know that the Horoscopes home page has been radically revamped to make it more useful and most importantly, less clicky. The Daily Scopes + Current Astro is right there as in one glance, the Weekly + Monthly + Daily Mystic Updates a click away. 

Any probs or display issues, please contact Support and mention your browser/device type!

10 thoughts on “Horoscopic Genius”

  1. Yes less clicky 🙂 The info is more in depth too
    (it may take me a while to get used to the planetary position table being further down and on the right, but I’m not complaining)

  2. MoonstoneMagnolia

    ♥️ The new look and personal daily Mystic in my time zone without needing to change each time. All very user friendly, detailed and beautiful to the eye. Your Mars in Venus must have been working overtime. Delightful, from Venus in Virgo 7th house perfectionist, Pisces exact conjunct Pandora ascendant.
    5 glowing silver moonstone stars from me.
    Thank you Mystic.

    1. Brilliant! And yes, the timezone will now always show your computer or device time – and Moon Calendar will soon as well!

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