What Does Eris in Aries Mean?

Want to know what Eris in Aries means? Try tuning into now. Eris (aka Underworld Queen Persephone) is in sync to Venus and Rebel Lilith. To be born with Eris in Aries is not a specific astrological thing. Eris is extremely slow-moving.

She has been in Aries since 1926 and will be until 2048. But where Eris does pack some thwack is when she is in close aspect (conjunction, square, opposition or trine) to an inner planet or point of yours.

She puts herself on a level of intransigence and perfection; she has a taste for the definitive and absolute: if she cannot control the future, she wants to attain the eternal.
β€”Β  Simone de Beauvoir

If that’s you, you’re infused with Eris energy, ready or not. Eris is inviolate and anti-fragile. She was originally named Persephone, being a planet hidden in the shadows next to Pluto and larger than him. The only reason astronomers changed it to Eris is that there was already an asteroid Persephone.

To me, she is Persephone, the maiden who went willingly or not (stories vary) into the underworld, forming an uneasy alliance with its denizens, mapping its labyrinth, conquering demons and emerging empowered.

Everyone alive now has Eris in Aries but if she is in alignment to – say – the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Venus, you’re more attuned to the Queen of the Shadows.

Her energy is not isolationist like Lilith, though she can self-exile when required. Eris represents strength and wisdom gained in dark places. She is the transmutation of shame or trauma into power, sharp instincts, and unshakable serenity.

But like Lilith, however, Eris is a feminist force, now beginning a lengthy catalyst of a square with Pluto.


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  1. Wow so glad I discovered this blog today. I can definitely relate to: “Eris represents strength and wisdom gained in dark places. She is the transmutation of shame or trauma into power, sharp instincts, and unshakable serenity.”
    I have Eris in 2nd house conjunct Saturn within 1.5 degress, conjunct Par Fortuna within 3 degrees. Trine my Gemini Sun and square my Mercury in Cancer both 4th house, and opposite Mars in Libra 8th House.
    It has been a huge process but I can now see the Serenity. Thanks Mystic. Now I will go and read peeps comments.

  2. I must say this is one of the toughest Dark Moon in a long time.
    Maybe it’s because is in LEO (aka my 12th house) but I am really experiencing a super low vibe that I try to fight as much as I can.
    This new moon in my first house, with Venus joining the party and Mercury going out of shadow cannot come soon enough.

    1. im feeling it too…totally done in…ordered some high spec b12…got a headache even tho i never get headaches…urrghh god ive hardly done anything today…

  3. So that’s what’s going on..much weirdness this week. Very aggressive energies towards me and I deflected like a pro. It was opportunity for practice anyway !!

    Started an english lit class yesterday and it nourishes me..

    1. Whoah, that’s great. Class is what i think i’m going for, of a different genre. Thanks for the positives!

      When you say “deflected” i think armoury, which is metal, which in my sense is living (it is not science, and i do not attribute any to it, it’s all about feeling as understanding the element). The idea of nourishment as an organic process that fortifies the armour of deflection is a very helpful one. Cheers!

  4. I had a dream about you Mystic. You were driving an old black jeep with the top down. Number plate MYSMM8 lol. We were neighbours. So strange.

      1. Lolol it was the old army design jeep. You were in the passenger side in your driveway waiting, in your bikinis. I live up the north coast of nsw

  5. A person with a taste for the definitive has no taste for nuance. How can such a person attain eternity? Lol.
    Feeling the limitations and trying to enjoy it. πŸ˜‰
    My Venus-Saturn-Mercury square my natal Eris.
    Transiting Eris conjunct my Chiron. Transiting Moon in my natal Sun. I am the dark moon. Rawrr.

    1. I hate Simone de Beauvoir.

      There, i said it.

      Had to read so many of her books at the behest of AquaMa. She really shits me. (Sometimes the latter, too, but no love lost between SdeB and i.)

      1. Ha, Simone aggravates me too. And Sartre too. Such bad energy. I have to like the people who I read to a degree. Dislike Picasso for same reasons.

        1. They were raging anti-Semites too.

          The whole Dorothy Parker era was full of brilliant but Neptune debauched writers- Where haute Mercury – was awash in Blue Devil Hoochie Juice.

          Sartre wrote from 6am-noon daily-

          I did read “The Second Sex”- then “Against Our Will”.

          Take away from de Beauvoir- Woman is The Other- and that (white, straight) Men are the Ideal/Real/Preferred. This was rad at the time.

          Certainly still affects payroll, employment, medicine and pharma research- dry cleaners (charging more for our shirts) and other venues.

          Not saying it’s irrevocable-

          That’s my 2nd Saturn Return pointing out the broad picture- but ever hopeful-

    2. I’m trying to imagine how the heck you are enjoying it πŸ™‚

      Unless it’s just giving a dark sharp edge to your live loving responses to n and d πŸ˜‰

      1. I’ve had eris and Uranus on my Aries sun for the last 2 years. Uranus moved off recently while eris remains. I’m a 10th house sun so you can imagine my last couple of years in that arena ! Being an enigma has its advantages, if not working very much is an advantage. I’ve basically been cruising in stealth mode and making it extremely difficult for anyone to agree to terms πŸ™‚

        My days have been spent walking and I’ve got an excellent beach bum tan but it’s sort of over now. The family are pretty much having tantrums over my brazen laziness and of course many clients line up when they are told, no … πŸ˜‰

        1. since Uranus hit my asc and has been in my first since 2011 I have also had a universe driven sabbatical ! I tired every which way to get up and on in business but no matter what I tried folk just hated me. Literally. This past year for no apparent reason everyone is smiling and hugging me and it is as though I have come out of the desert into the light and I must smell great or something. Uranus is going to be in my huge first house for a while yet but ah it could also be that Pluto has shifted from 10 to 11 now and things are a changing. And yes these days intransigence could be one of mine in a very centred individual way. I really do know who I am and what I can tolerate. But I make a point of allowing others to have their own centre too. It’s working.

          1. Emg, this does give me some hope. I think i have the beginnings of that coming-out-of-desert feeling.

            The work relating difficulties coincided with the end of a period in which i became on the outer of a group of friends. The group has been one that grew into budding friendships only in about four years. The ending of that was very Eris in flavour, i now recognise.

            The way i was put into question ranged from deranged projection to very passive disagreement and invalidation. It did make me doubt myself but it did make me ask myself the hard questions to try to meet others halfway. Or allow that they have a centre, with a version of truth that i could respect. It simply was not reciprocated. In the end, i had a disagreement with someone supposedly “lovely” that exposed their deep prejudice and almost willing cleaving to poor pseudo-science. I guess others aren’t so affected by it, and have no reason to draw that out of that person.

            Coincidentally, i found some heart in an advice column i randomly read: Don’t Sleep with That Nazi, or something πŸ™‚ I know i stood up for something important, but even the supportive friend was silent. And let me go.

            Thank you both for your wise empathy. What small doses of energy i can get back i must use to re-ground in happy creative sharing (if possible) fun.

            NN, Venus on the right, and Mercury Mars on the left, flanking my MC. That’s got to be good, right?

        2. That does sound spacious and lovely. I just looked to see that both Eris and Uranus traversed over my own Mercury-Chiron-Eris in intercepted Aries 5th house.

          The fun house has had a terrible dark time…more like a haunted house at an abandoned fair.

          I’m wondering if part of the hard yards has been that i have had to slog it out in a work role where i now manage people. For a while they seemed to hate me. I think that has passed, but it has been wearing me down, as it came on top of personal loss and loneliness.

          Loneliness is when you can’t find yourself, not being alone. I see it now in reading your story. It’s true i have been desperate for time to reconnect to my creative and happy side.

          1. Hello lovely πŸ™‚

            Am amid my own Saturn transit and unable to apply myself to anything but what I’m currently immersed in so my comments here are all but random and brief. The comps have been a fun interlude to the wheel or an attempt to escape to another reality. Serious chat isn’t where I’m at right now.. honed focus and contained energy is as well as addressing my desire to bust a rut the hell outta Saturn town and distract from the tasks at hand.

            Anyway, it’s been ages and I saw your post so I had a quick read.

            I hope you don’t mind my comments..

            If the 5th is intercepted then so is the 11th which is activated with Jupiter giving you a different feel to that space. He might be doing his best to show you what you need to see regarding friends and associations and asking you not to sacrifice the self for the other. The constant dilemma/push – pull of that axis is me or us right and it may take you by surprise initially because of the interception. Any hurt could be linked to Saturn over the 1st (trine Chiron?) and the boundaries that must be set on who you are and how you choose to engage with the world and may be bringing you discernment and the structure to hold your truth regardless of favour. Loneliness is a Saturnine word to me so all work we do in the sphere of the self is oft a lonely kinda walk but I prefer to see it as an intentional solitude to cease the external signal noise and return with only the distilled essence of the self not the coating of others projections and it also affords one the opportunity of reclaiming our own projections. Wholly the most valuable work there is imo.

            Would that then make Virgo and Pisces your duplicates? Virgo would cut into your 11th and Pisces 5th so again with polarities I think about the exacting nature and cosmic all nature and how that translates in terms of push-pull or balance.
            And where is your Saturn? And since you mentioned the 5th. I recall your natal Mars in Cap so is that square Mercury/Chiron?

            My Cap Mars has some challenges because of the Saturn feel that the sign can bring so I am probably talking from experience a bit too.. and also musing my love/no love relationship with Jupiter as, imo, he is a bit more chaos than all bountiful expansiveness benevolent god and he needs to be accessed and integrated to access Saturn at an optimal level and all things are Saturn for me. I think he is almost a different kind of trickster or game changer vibe that can send you on grand quests yes.. but sometimes false quests that can leave Saturn who comes (in orbit) next with a bit of a big clean up job hence the containment.

            I’m heavy 8th house so Pluto is not really shaking me and he’s been touching all my personal planets.. 3 down – 2 to go – so I’m well seasoned but I imagine Pluto 2nd could give rise to questions on what you value in the world as well as your value in the world and Cap is hard on self and Pluto does do existential crisis rather well but also phoenix and a Cap Mars can always transcend any mountain and most of the time has probably put it there themselves as a bit of a weekend challenge.. not to trivialise but to add my trademark wry humour.

            Anyway.. hopefully not projecting or offending as this message is brought to you with love and strength of spirit! xx

            1. Oh god how i have missed you! Your thoughts are always welcome.

              There’s so much transhitting going on, you’re right! I forgot about the 11th. Sometimes i remember but couldn’t really grasp it.

              And you’re right again! I bookmarked some upcoming short art courses, and i think the right one is at hand. Will be my upcoming weekend challenges, after i process this weekend’s attitude challenge πŸ™‚

              Jupiter transits have definitely had Trickster smackups. That’s been a bit hard to be sure of, since here people speak of tricksy shake ups by Uranus or Mercury more often. I guess it’s the way those planets operate in my chart, and the comfort levels with perma-irritation the squares and the uranian-aquarian aspects make for me.

              It’s actually all about hope and grand visions, gambling and adventuring, busting loose and being confident. These come too natally easy. Have supported me in dark times i wouldn’t have survived otherwise. It’s a bit of a shock when your old school support systems are now pulling ground away. Deeply spiritual.

              Pluto has always shadowed my Sun. Always that doubt of my shiny good self and what may be its underlying unpretty motivations. But he is a key player now, through the Capricorn Mars, that hinge of all the internal challenge points in my chart.

              You have always been very close to Pluto work. In fact, to a point of the supernatural manifest in physical. I feel like this is a clear message of integration…pan out. At present, all the guides here are writing in a way i understand. You know only you can add this perspective so clearly.

              I’m happy and touched. Thank you so much, loveliness. So very much xxx

            2. Also, i’m not sure if i can swing it yet, but wondering which city i could visit in a short while, or over summer, for the sole purpose of sharing some time with good mates.

              The delay is partly budget but most of all actually to make sure i’m bringing my good energies with me to share! “Watch this space”

              …but in your time, yeah? No pressure or rush. Love you!

            3. My Saturn is in Taurus 6th.

              You’re absolutely correct. I mourned the time i didn’t have to be artistic, tried to channel it into work. Didn’t work, heheh. As the role was new i got swamped in admin and slog. Which makes me unappealing to work people who need a bit of light shiny banter, when i’m all talk to the hand, email me and i’l get onto it.

              I mean, i try to do the chat too but it’s an effort and i’m screaming inside at the time i’m not using, even while appreciating the ground it forges, and the small response i notice.

              Today, though, the vision i had is ringing strongly. I can actually see that by abandoning one huge task, and justifying it carefully (have already been doing that in increments) with executive team, i might just be able to herd the cats, by working the background a bit more, and building the support structures with my own time, in a realm i’d previously divorced from work life. If i can inspire them and lead by doing, it won’t matter if they all come on board…the Aquarians and Cancerian just might! The Libran should but is just too stuck in what i suspect is lo-Scorpionic self protection strategies that i busted open to the exec team, and has been planning a mini exit which is not enough exit for me, and that they also believe would take me surprise but i could see it a mile off, so whatever. The Virgo will not be inspired, by choice cos she hates me, but might actually enjoy the project, i hope, since i won’t be “directing” it, just making space and structure for it. The Taurus is just interested in food and hair/nails (i kid you not) and an easy efficiency to get home on time. I’m hoping to get an astro-unknown amazeballs person on the team because i think it will help heal their recent crap (that i don’t officially know about) and be a good fit for one of the aquarians.

              I mean, maybe that’s a bit Jupiterian vision πŸ˜€ but it could only work with more polishing of myself and some real Plutonian Saturnian hard yards.

              Integration. I found peace in separation of my friendships/art/fun and my work life. Maybe i can make a Venn diagram and still get the peace i need to refresh while making a satisfying and inspiring go of it in the leadership role.

              Appreciate very much your astro-thoughts, Centaurus xx

              1. I just love the description of all the character at work. Truly fascinated me as I wondered if you could fit them in your chart and look at archetypal energy and how it’s playing out. Yes yes.. I know it’s a bit out there but it might reveal something or just be entertaining.

                So I preface all my Q’s and musing as optional to answer here.. is just my download.

                What is lady Venus (natal) up to? Is she being challenged? Where are the oppositions happening as they show up as lovely folk who appear like their sole mission is to disrupt our Qi but our soul mission is to decode the white noise hopefully from a living being not a corpse (winks) as they are infinitely more useful to study even for us 8th housers who like to get under the skin of things. I’m definitely of the metaphor type not literal hehe.

                I’m asking because she’s the ruler of your 6th and your value and worth are being called into question it seems and the spotlight is on her/you with the MC activated as well. Saturn in your 6th is possibly inconjunct Saturn transit? I have been considering my own inconjuncts as I liken them to someone in the lounge at the front of the house talking to someone in the bedroom upstairs at the rear and this conversation goes on where one in every 5th word is grabbed and replied to interjected with sorry, what, I didn’t hear you. Nobody moves to the other room to make the conversation easier and nobody elects to stop the conversation until they actually get face to face, it just becomes this agitated dialogue that achieves nothing. I think I have been getting some actual hands on experience with my 4/10 axis that initially did my head in and now amuses me as I start to work with this energy a little. I’m by no means your go-to person on an inconjunct but I’ve found that a helpful way to look at a planet dialogue and moreso if you can put some human interaction in the mix to bring it to life!

                Saturn in Taurus might want to play it safe or as a defence strategy might slow down or dig heels but with dignity and probably on the QT. I speak as a Taurus Asc who, in conflict with my Sun wants to cautiously assess sometimes or.. slow down if feeling pushed until I’ve assessed what I need to and ticked off what I need to.

                Saturn is your own inner authority though .. always so in Taurus just says to me that you already are and to not invest heavily in placating others nuances that they don’t feel like holding in their own hands. Mars Cap would have to be useful to that and might be nicely aspected to Saturn and if so I’d leverage that as Mars needs to be used or he gets techy and can be worse than the Saggi foot in mouth affliction if he’s not getting to clearly express his requirements and he’s in a Taurus ruled house so…

                I think the main message I have is to not loose confidence in your own ability to do this and navigate the mad house. If the issues occurred before you then its systemic in the group dynamic and then perhaps you’re filling a role that was there before so in an archetypal sense what are they seeking? A leader, a target, an opportunity to stay stuck.. well forget lovely Taurus in her pasture of delights picking grapes with her manicured fingers but the rest of them. What drama are they insistent on clinging to? A Venn diagram might work well for that eh. What role/s are you playing to accommodate the drama. Saturn Saggi may well strip it away before the end of the year.

                I don’t know that you need to be overly informal with work colleages. If people don’t have good work relationship boundaries it invariably becomes manipulative or clicky or ownership rights set in etc… friendly but impersonal but genuine but not overly sharing. You’d breeze that in darling and you certainly don’t need to keep polishing yourself.. no no.. maybe you meant continuing to learn and grow? Saturn on the Ascendant stress.. apply that same fairness to yourself as to others with regard to assessment and generosity of spirit πŸ™‚

                You are probably evolving out of things and relationships as well. As hard as that is to experience it’s a co-creation and your soul is being nudged onto another path perhaps. Perhaps try to welcome that with some Mercurial curiosity. I’m sipping from the cup of my own medicine with that last sentence!

                I’ve missed you too! And the blog but I need all my energy elsewhere right now so I’ve had to ahem.. be disciplined f@ck you very much Saturn. No.. seriously, I’m actually ok with the curfews and conditions on my existence he’s applied.

                I might have missed things.. the space is getting smaller to type and I’m still a shocker for reading back what I’ve typed! I just add a disclaimer and move on hehehe.. oh dear and ah well.

                Yes, take a holiday! I’m actually off next week.. to the old city (!!) and south of the border for some friend time that’s long over due.

                One thing I know, bring yourself, your whole self not just your best self. Friends understand and accept and welcome their friends as they are. That’s how it is and maybe it can’t always be like that all the time when stuff’s going on for everyone but in essence that holds true and so it should.

                I will ‘watch this space’ and thank you for your lovely words Milleunanotte, they are some soul nourishment in the arid landscape of Saturn 7th.. which I’m grateful for after a year of heaviness that isn’t quite wrapped up yet. Love you too xx

        3. David, Uranus has opposed my Sun/NNode/Merc/Moon-

          My perspective of late is combative-oppositional- I struggle to get to neutral- before I open my mouth at work.

          Pluto squares from Cap in 2nd- laid bare basic beliefs/agreements about power and money and the price paid for raising three wonderful young adults. What I did willingly/wittingly. That was my 12th house work-

          Sounds like you are in that tools down phase of the warrior journey. When the stars align you will rise renewed, for the next conquering.

          Uranus is adolescent energy- see under sleeping late, unapologetic tangents..,

        1. Nonsense – you secretly long to stalk about the place in a chic suit, smoking, and spouting sombre existential shit. Think of Uranus in #Taurus already?!

          1. Well not gloom ? Hmmmm… I don’t won’t you to hide from me ? A mystery ? I want to ‘be’ with you ? Not be looking for you all night ? Eris honey, lighten up FFS ?

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