Weekly Horoscopes + Me

I am nearly fully recovered from Covid and will make a full return – with Daily Horoscopes + Daily Mystic returning to normal – on Thursday. The Weekly Horoscopes from March 12 are up now btw.

Thank you for your grace and patience with this, as well as the wonderful messages – it all made a huge difference as I was able to zonk out sans guilt and I believe that hastened my recovery.

As for the astrology, I am going to post more soon but in the meantime, there is obviously a lot going on at the moment – personally, politically, geopolitically, metaphysically. No, you cannot get your head around all of it and emerge with the perfectly calibrated yet nuanced and succinct take.

And anyone with a variation on “all you need to know is xxx” or “the only permissible opinion is xxx” should probably not be trusted.

More soon!

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Which vintage did you have ? I had alpha in early 2020 or at least I consider it was the first batch out seeing as it wasn’t even a thing. That was a nasty little critter. Then just had the omicron which was a breeze. Three days of sinus area and back pain. Again weird little critter but all good now. In fact feeling better than. Have for a few years if I’m honest ? Omicron seemed to give me 24 hours of a zen like state, it felt so utterly chilled. Or it could have been Neptune conjunction my asc ?

Corduroy jeans

Glad to hear you & MM okay, Emg. 💗 💗Also comforting to hear your metaphysical? take on this virus – and that you feel you have come out stronger. In my part of the world, Omicron (which I think MM may have had? albeit in a different city to me) is only just taking off, and it is the first ‘proper’ outbreak we’ve had in the pandemic, so it is a bit frightening – I just hope my genetic make-up, holds up, is all!! (with chronic coeliacs and anaemia). Stay well with King Neptune Xoo


Oh thanks so much. Omicron is way gentler. Do not be afraid. I loaded with supplements and waltzed through it.

Wish Upon a Star



Hi wish. Hope you’re well.

Wish Upon a Star

I am thank you. Glad to hear that you are feeling better than.

Enjoy that Neptune scintillation !



The rest of March is mad for me. North node return. Jupiter on my asc. Sun on my Saturn Chiron all together. All fused with a heavy dose of Neptune just in my 1st. I may disappear for a while. Or become omnipresent !

Wish Upon a Star

You do have alot going on.

So you made me check my transits again. Everyone saying how nice this full moon is. Not for me but a necessary healing crisis. Sun transitting my Chiron in Pisces 29 plus degrees. Also Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune in my first house.

A very biomechanical healing modality called Finch was the initiator. Spent alot of time with other modalities with sketchy practitioners. So this finch manifested as an emotional blow out that was well overdue. Conclusion: boundaries established and emotional energy returned.
Finch is the type of modality that only needs about 3 sessions. So its not popular.

I won’t hate on those sketchy practitioners because they taught me a valuable lesson. Self healing and self integrity.

Gee you had a North Node return. I don’t remember mine, But it is in the distant past? But I’ve got my North node in Taurus so the next few years are important. And I’m ramping up.

Yes I’m feeling that you do need to disappear for a while. Fuq off any obligations. Ground yourself baby.

Then become omniprescent ! 🙂


Woof Chiron at 29 Pisces. That’s my Saturn Makes sense huh. And as to healing crisis, thank every one for the moment they bring and the expansion of consciousness.

Wish Upon a Star

Can you elaborate more on that woof?


Glad you’re on the mend MM!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Mystic. You work so tirelessly; I don’t believe you ever need to apologise to us for taking whatever time you need. Big hugs <3

Calli G

I’m glad you’re feeling better. And I hope you’ll be able to take all the time you need to fully recover.


Thank you for your amazing care and diligence but as others have already stated Rest Up whenever you need to. We Will Wait.


I hope you recover well and become even stronger than you were before 💕 


Wishing you health and recovery. Remember to pace and take care of yourself there is no need to rush back for anyone other than for yourself. Leeds University have put out some great information about managing fatigue post covid. check out their great tips for pacing and spacing


I second this. Hearing crazy things about inflammation and compromised neurological / cognitive functions as symptoms. Long Covid is no joke. Take it easy. We’ll all be here when you’re better!


Look after yourself dear Mystic, you owe yourself the love that you give to others. Xx


That’s got to feel good and hope you’re feeling back to full speed in no time now x


So glad you’re feeling better, Mystic! I hope you can still take it slow over the next few days & weeks. 💜


Glad you’re feeling better!! You must be protected at all costs!!


Easy does it and rest easy, MM!! Here’s to a full recovery!


From one sickling to another, hope you have a speedy recovery!

I don’t know if what I have is covid, or some weird manifestation of the energies with nausea, cold sweats and literal body pain, but I do feel better today, dreaming about my daughter’s cats talking to me! Lol.

I wrote a poem about one of those cats and had each line illustrated in December. Today I finally started to put the book together, what with the cats nagging me and all… I had to!

I wish I had a bathtub but will follow your wise, and not bargain basement advice to immerse myself in the shower with self-care, once I can take the scrubbing, anyway.

I created an NFT image of my dream of living in the ocean. How do I upload an image?


How very lonely and depressing the inbox is without your daily genius in it ☹️Very happy to hear you’ve turned a corner and looking fwd to your insights on what is fueling the Genghis Khan like savagery of Putin (if you decide to cover it of course). Was devastated to see the images of a Children’s hospital in Ukraine being bombed….


Beyond heartbreaking 💔…. you know as I grow older and wiser (I hope lol) I’m beginning to truly understand how perceptions can distort a persons reality. He’s planned this invasion for over a decade, I’m very nervous to see how this all ends.


Great to hear you’re feeling better, Mystic! Sending you all the wellness vibes ❤️


Sending you love my dear Mystic! The Covid caught up with me too recently. So glad we are both recovered. ❤️


Glad to hear you’re feeling better Mystic x


Love the raven heart pic! And glad you are well on the way to fabulous wellness!


Great to hear that you are in the mend . Blessings

Wish Upon a Star

So I fed my soul today. I dug my hands into lush, fertile soil and replanted some lettuce and basil and put into my new greenhouse. That sensation was so regenerating.

I’ve been noticing very disparate energies around the place. I also noticed two very beautiful, red closed waratah flowers hidden deep in the greenery of my front garden.
The spiritual sustenance I got from them were immense. They were speaking to me.

So I got out the acrylic paints and used my fingers to draw the story on the canvas!

So cheers to feeding the soul and senses !


We miss you but don’t worry about needing to be back! That’s the beauty of self employment, that even though we end up working harder than we would have with a 9-5 we also get to take that extra time when it is legitimately needed.

Speaking of self “employment”, I just discovered that Anna Delvey is an Aquarius with a Taurus moon and I feel so called out yet seen. 😆


Glad to hear you’re on the mend MM!! Absolutely right to focus on you!!! 💖

Wish Upon a Star

i just wanted to remind people that Mercury went into Pisces today.


Glad you are on the mend 🙏🙏🙏💞
I agree with your ending words too….
The Uncertainty IS necessary(super challenging and not enjoyable)


Here’s to your healthy return whenever you feel well enough! I’m sorry you had to go through this.


So glad you are feeling better MM! <3




Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Hope you take all the time to heal you need.


Are you a Virgo, MM? I recognise that guilt and forcibly want to push you back in rest mode until you feel fullt ready to be back. Please be well. You are invaluable and we need you to be 100% recovered.


MM is a Pisces with Mars in Virgo? Perhaps her Mercury in Aries is the force that galvanises!


And her Libra Moon brings beauty, balance & bodacious-ness.


Take your time to feel 100% again, my friend is a nurse and she has said it takes a little longer to feel better if you try to do to much to soon.


Awww, I’ve been thinking of you and hoping you are better. So nice to see this post. 😀


Thanks 🙏 for letting us know – please take your time and recover well – times are weird and intense! Rest well x 🌷🌹🥰


Great to hear MM, please take it easy xoxo


Feel better and please continue to rest up if needed!


aaahhh you just rest w/o guilt please!


Great to hear from you, Mystic but do take your time. I have heard from people around me who have had covid that it took longer than they expected and that they had some fallbacks… Not to worry you unnecessarily but easy does it! 🌟


Take it easy if you need to, Mystic. Health i wealth. Love you!


Yay! Good to hear you are on the silk road of recovery, may your health return on winged feet! But also, luxuriate a little if you can, on the abundant hot air streams and fevers of the stratosphere that propel the eagle to great heights in the peace and calm far above the surface of the planet. Your wisdom will be appreciated when you return. Take your time. Saturn knows we need it!

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