The July Horoscopes Are Up!

The July Monthly Horoscopes are posted – heaps to parse in there!

And, how weird is Neptune turning Retrograde? It has that classic Neptunian signature of standard, basic things proceeding not just slowly but turgidly, with intervals of what the fuqery or serendipity.

But the metaphysical stuff is smooth-as, like you’ve suddenly been granted first-class in that regard.



Image: Lawrence Schiller

28 thoughts on “The July Horoscopes Are Up!”

  1. July 1st celebration of my existence – nothing could be more satisfying than listening to Born Slippy by Underworld at my exact birth time. Which is hilarious, fun and tragically 90’s.

    July 2nd so much emotional energy going into the propagation of supporting others. Not a single well meaning comment only mourning my loss. My eldest brother was born on this day and I’m missing him so much. Realising how gossip destroys people, toxic relationships are unavoidable realities of life. Both his father and mine being violent and abusive men, we shared the bloodline of our mother.

    Heavy going topics in life and explaining to my mother about suicide and this mindset, some weeks back. For once in my life I’d like someone to be on my side. Sadly that’s not the case and it’s exhausting being the strong one who was born to rescue people.

    Needing a new birthday ASAP apparently I was too impatient. I’m ok just releasing some deep personal grief and loss and realising I need to prioritise again. There is a time limit in life and no one has the answers to my questions. Making peace with the painful parts of the past and paying the toll for your kindness and innocence being taken first. Mining the resources until you hit another layer. Cheers and tears (keep your tears hydrated).

    1. Congratulations on your birthday, S!🌞
      Hope this new solar year will bring you some healing and clarity on priorities. If you are a 8 degree Cancer Sun, you have Saturn in Pisces trine your natal Sun right now (and in your Solar return chart) which is not easy but constructive. Take care 🌟

      1. Thank you Calcifer 😘
        Very close and it’s also some midheaven activity which is activating these realisations.
        It’s been tough going indeed. Actually asking for what I need from a family member and hearing their excuses.
        Just when I think I’m back in the fold no, you’re still out in the cold. Should have been me and not my brother in 2020 and that’s what I live with knowing.
        Painful but that’s the reality and I don’t want to exceed my threshold anymore. Knowing this and protecting myself needs to come first. I’ve outlived my value to this person and those they manipulate (which is many). I’m tapping out and working out my exit strategy. It’s no wonder insanity was the less evil than the real world.

  2. By the way, the picture is so pretty… again! Wonder if it is from a movie I have seen in a distant past… ‘Splash!’ with Daryl Hannah, maybe?

  3. Pah! Nothing to add at this stage. But I do feel like torching everything. And am envious of the person here posting about restoring fabulous gardens and pond waterfall. I know envy is poison but that is sooooo far from my reality how can one not. But congratulations on fleshing out the dream too. Respect.

    1. But also envious of what they consider brutal is. Yeah probably should not of written today. The vibe.

      1. But to balance things and sound less narky and ungrateful I do like my own little possie and view from my abode and am actually quite lucky so I will retreat and apologise for my earlier malcontent.

        1. Why did I write? Sorry folks. I should of been less impulsive and kept my thoughts in the air instead of here. Apologies!

          1. Quite the journey you took us on there! Experiencing envy is one thing, and being able to recognise and lead ourselves out of it is something else.. we’ve all been there, or at least many of us have. You’re doing the work and that’s the important bit. Sending happy thoughts. & enjoy that view!

            1. Aww thanks so much for the kind words. I just had the complete red faced cringe attack remembering what I wrote earlier and came back to see how bad it was. Apologies to all who came for the ride too. The mood monster had overtaken me and I had no business connecting to anyone while in that state. Unfortunately other unwise choices were made this weekend too. Sigh. Pisces moon at 27 perhaps? Or maybe natal Saturn and Mars at 1 doing nodal stuff. More likely is just my own bad behaviour and no excuses at all sadly. Thanks Sam. Onwards and upwards.

              1. And Venus 27 too. Meh it’s all going on. Personally I think I have just been the whole box of Jatz crackers lately!

                1. Neptune is crossing your natal Venus & Moon!? This is an extraordinary transit, really.

                2. Thanks Mystic! And the gang. As it turned out it seems I was completely in sync with this full moon and went on the full hormonal roller coaster this weekend. Bonkers. But really, thank you too.

                3. Neptune is transitting my natal Venus 28 degree Pisces too. But squaring my Moon at 27 Sag.
                  Not the most pleasant of transits. Challenging to be happy and grounded.
                  Trying to ignore it. LOL. xxx I hope you can find your centre amongst the maelstrom <3

  4. Just returned from a holiday by the French seaside. This night had a dream I was living in a similar place, among a group of nice people. Our houses were made out of stone and granite (typical for France) on a rocky terrain overlooking the ocean. One morning we woke up to find that the crystal clear ocean had come up to our doorsteps. But instead of being in a complete panic we were only mildly concerned and mostly curious. You could see pretty fish slowly swimming around. We decided to go for a swim and the water was warm and pleasant. Can’t think what the symbolic meaning of this dream could be, but it does feel Neptunian 🐠 🐠 🐠 The dreamy atmosphere lingered during breakfast. Think I will start doing some much needed weed pulling in my garden to come down to earth 😉

      1. Thanks for the interpretation Sam!
        Yes it was a dreamy dream ✨ The weed pulling afterwards in a rainy garden and for quite a few hours provided some good grounding. Pisces versus Virgo, dreams vs cleaning up

  5. The Lion & The Centaur

    High anxiety central here. I thought I had kicked this habit already… I’d rather have the surreal dreams pls!

    1. Sorry to hear you feel anxious Lion, am familiar with the condition. Have recently started reading Dr Claire Week’s classic book ‘Hope and help for your nerves’ (subtitle ‘End anxiety now’). She has an interesting perspective on the matter. Hope you’ll feel better soon 🌟

    2. There is strong geomagnetic action at the mo – it may help to track some of the atmospheric conditions – space weather, atmospheric pressure etc – both because it can be soothing but also to look for clues. Eg: if the atmospheric pressure drops suddenly or if it is low in general, I feel ultra-low but I love the kinds of proton storms that take out the lower end of radio signal.

  6. Eris aspects? A node in Aries? Capricorn things? Plus some water aspects? I can do this
    Also the term cyber-goth feels like some kind of key that has just opened up an aspect of my identity that I couldn’t get a handle on til now

  7. Very musing provoking- lol not thought provoking
    I have Neptune transiting my north node right now – 27 Pisces in my first house.
    Natally balsamic moon conjunct Neptune in 8th house – always up for a past life fantasy journey.

    Integrating the opposites is very current – Saturn on south node in Virgo. The Other 7th house. For example, if I didn’t notice Significant Other’s slight nudge on the computer power socket I was in a chaotic deceptive situation with my internet provider, trying to find the outage.

    At the other end of the spectrum (1st house Neptune north node 27 Pisces) on the sofa in a dimension of an elevated state of bliss with Significant Other who is not actually physically present.

    BTW every time Mystic mentions love zombie interests in relation to Pisces I override it with Significant Other historical implications stemming from meeting over a woolly mammoth.

    Conversely, Significant Other saying, “Oh I have found one of your hairs in my food!” Me in reply, “ oh thank you, I have been looking everywhere for it.” Saturn south node Virgo 7th house Significant Other.

  8. Taurus moon/rising and I am definitely feeling the theme of interior design! We bought this house in January and had like no furniture so bought almost everything. The first night we had no mattress and no heat, it was brutal! Step by step we got everything we needed but it took a long time because stressful events kept happening to distract me… and my uncompromising Taurean nature refused to buy *just anything* in order to check items off a list.

    This week I unpacked boxes in my new office outbuilding and decorated the space… It looks incredible and I’m so excited to make this my work sanctuary! The next day I got a midcentury dining table off Craigslist and some chairs from Scandinavian Design and it just pulled the whole main house together. In addition to giving us a place to actually sit down and have a meal instead of plopping down on the (green velvet) couch with a bowl in hand. I’m so happy I took the time to get things I deeply love and appreciate because now the house truly feels like a home.

    I moved a lot in my adult life and it’s been so healing for me to have my own forever-home that is such a reflection of me. I didn’t expect that interior design would be such potent Taurus moon medicine. Up next: restoring the fabulous gardens and pond waterfall. 😀

  9. Had the absolute craziest dreams overnight and into the morning. Like Neptune decided to put on a play rehashing old grudges, but at a carnival. Good thing I keep a dream diary.

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