A New Sidereal Birth Chart Option

I’m delighted to announce two cool new shop items – a Sidereal Zodiac version of the Astral DNA natal report and the Future Aries Audio Rave!

The alt-Astral DNA is by popular demand and while it’s a really cool offering, please read the description before getting one: it is the same interpretations as the Tropical Zodiac Astral DNA but the data is calculated differently.

Future Aries is the first in a series of Future everything – it’s short (30 mins), super-informative and empowering. The purchase includes two versions of the astro-rave – with and without the high BPM synth-core backing – as well as a transcript.

28 thoughts on “A New Sidereal Birth Chart Option”

  1. Corduroy jeans

    Can’t wait to get Future Rave, once the dust from past few weeks settles, and I can (hopefully) hear myself think!!💗 (Sidereal will scramble my synapses, for now – not trying to be funny – astrology is a tricky, tricky science for me, so don’t want to confuse myself further! E.g. I know people love Placidus but for myself, if I just keep it simple and stick to whole signs (with Asc in Taurus), I find natal Saturn in my 4th house of foundation and origin, and Pluto in my 6th house of health so, so apt, given my history. It puts my Pisces MC-Mars in my 11th house (ruled by Neptune in 8th house Saggo), and for reasons which are very either inexplicable OR opaque, this also fits. (And a Mars in Pisces makes me very unavoidably alive to other people’s Martian undercurrents/drivers, without necessarily being one myself – but I do try to “own” mine, having being witness to other’s disowned Mars..) Anyway – still learning. Happy Full Sun all!! 🌞

    1. Corduroy jeans

      Hope you okay, WaterGem. Can you clarify “strong”? I find new moons easier to “put to work” than uncontrollable full moons – at least, when it comes to banishing stale/negative energies!☺ Take care ..xx

      1. Thanks for checking in Earthstar🌏✨ I’m ok – it’s a bit hard to put into words (and as a Gemini I hate that). It’s a sense of low energy which is definitely in myself but somehow also seems to be in people and even animals and plants around me. Usually like you I like to banish the stale at this time of the month but it feels like that would take more energy than I have. Seems like I will have to let go rather than banish – looking forward to the new moon tonight and wishing you a wonderful new moon

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      I am floating alot in my dreams lately.
      Like I am getting the grip of doing it effortlessly. Last night I was being chased by a bear in a huge office complex. The bear could jump very high but just not high enough. Then some annoying public servant locked all the doors to lock me in. Then got a special ray gun to shoot me down. Then I learnt how to be invisible.

      A lovely lady opened the doors for me out into nature. I was free again.

      This just expresses my need to stay above the fray. And to fly again, metaphorically.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        oh I just made the connection as I was sitting on my lounge. I looked out to my small back landing and there was the friendly magpie, been around for the last two weeks, perched on my strawberry hanging basket. At first I thought the critter was going to peck my tomatoes. But no, it was eating the locust that was feeding on my basil. What a Sweetheart.

        So I googled its meaning. The Aboriginal one felt right.

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Magpie represents success. It is a successful hunter, it is successful at maintaining its territory, and it is a successful maintainer of its family unit and environment.

        How Apt. This new moon is in my 4th house and I’m a Gemini Sun in the 4th house.

        Not only is this darling protecting my vegies from pests and other birds I feel it is also protecting me.

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Here is Mystics description of this new moon in the 4th house:

        A metaphysical rebirth and a good omen for your household or living arrangements, this Power Moon is extremely accessible. The Dark Moon in the two days prior is a liminal space; you’ll be extra psychic. 

        Extra psychic. Before at the witching hour I put my bin out. I could her a quiet help from the new young lady across diagonal from me. I want to go over and check in on her. But I think she might think I’m crazy. Or worse nosy. So I won’t. Well it is a dark moon. Maybe she’s just feeling a bit sad and I’m picking up on it.

      4. Wish Upon a Star

        Maybe I can learn from the magpie. Instead of running away or becoming invisible. It is time to stand my ground and maintain my territory.

    3. Wish Upon a Star

      Well my neck is releasing alot of stress. I have memories of what caused the stress and they are being released also. So for me the releases are intense and healing.

      1. A very interesting dream and set of messages Wish – feels like you’re really listening in this dark moon space! New moon blessings to you

      2. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks WaterGem from a fellow Gemini.

        3 Geminis conversing before the imminent New Gemini Moon.

        Surely this will dispel the stagnation.

        Go Well WG. AND New Moon Blessings to you !

      3. Corduroy jeans

        Hiya girls, 💗 sorry am late back to the party ! And thanks for clarifying WaterGem, I half-guessed it was the “undertow” feeling as Mystic so aptly terms it, but didn’t want to assume. I hope things start feel a whole lot lighter, soon 🙏✨ I too, felt everything was ‘weird’, but it was the Mercury rx trine Plutes, AND the Mars-Jupiter conjunction (near my sun) that made everything seem edgy/on fast forward. Maybe that’s just me though? Anyway, New Gemini Moon starry blessings!🌞
        Ah Wish, am so a fan of your dreams. And sleep habits!! I need to get mine sorted – lately, all I can recall of my dreams are young women telling me something I urgently need to understand from across a cafe table, but it’s like the words are muffled ,and they are sitting behind a glass wall with water sheeting over it. Annoying! At least I wake up with some messages though – the first to do with crafts, the second with Penny Wong’s brilliant Pacific trip?? What does all this mean?? Oh and think I need glasses. AAAAGH. Love X

      4. Thank you Earthstar – yes that ‘undertow.’ I’m beginning to feel a hint of lightness emerging today. Lovely reminder from your Penny W dream that there is a hint of hope emerging there too and I really wonder what you will see through your new glasses! This Mercury rx has been quite the interesting transit✨

      5. Wish Upon a Star

        Interesting dream about the young women trying to give you a message. Don’t worry the messages will eventually get to you.

        It sounds like divine feminine energy. High Priestess stuff.

        I like Penny Wong. Very smart, grounded woman.

        Good luck with the glasses.

  2. This Sidereal chart has created such a dichotomy in my mind lol, but also has given some delicious food for thought! Leo sun to Cancer sun and Libra moon & rising to Virgo. You have to believe that certain information flows into your life when you’re ready to receive it. This is most definitely one of those times, thx Mystic ✨

  3. I love this! I totally see it the same way as you Detta. I dont fit into my tropical chart any more, it is very earthy. Virgo rising, multi taurus. My ayourvedic theacher had problems believing i had a lot of earth, and not fire. New chart is Leo rising, multi aries. Still taurus Sun. I really hated the Virgo rising. Humility is really not for me.

  4. I am blown away by the sidereal chart!!! It is, as if it has come at the most opportune moment to describe the person I am becoming, as opposed to who I have always thought myself to be. Definitely there are similarities between the two…yet, it feels a shift. I am amazed….truly amazed by this! Thank you Mystic!

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      That’s an interesting way of looking at it.

      I am still digesting my sidereal chart.
      Me a Taurus Sun, Aries Moon and Aqua Rising.

      Mainly fire and Water. A very competent Ayvedic Practitioner did ask me how do I manage my fire and water?

      1. I was quite attached to my persona of Scorpio sun, Capricorn Rising and Aquarius moon. I was somewhat surprised at how much I connected to the new insight!!!

  5. Whoa, my fiery-tipping sidereal chart is a complete turnaround from my earthy-leaning tropical chart — Leo Sun, Leo Ascendant, Aries Moon Virgo Mars, Cancer Venus, Leo Mercury and Taurus Midheaven (Tropical me is Virgo Sun, Virgo Ascendant, Taurus Moon, Libra Mars, Leo Venus, Virgo Mercury and Gemini Midheaven). Feeling an affinity for Whitman: “Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself (I am large, I contain multitudes) – LOL.

    Mystic, I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to integrate this info

  6. Thank you! I have always wanted a good sidereal interpretation and I so relate to the placements, perhaps because my normal chart contains all these elements in different ways anyway. Having a Cancer Sun, Taurus AC, Libra Moon with Merc/Venus/Sat in Gem (instead of Leo Sun, Gem AC, Scorp Moon, Merc/Venus/Sat in Cancer) feels kind of right. Which is cool and worriesome. I mean I put a lot of effort into studying my chart as is, so it does put me to questioning, which is more accurate? Lol, I will need to ponder. And Is There Really A 13th Sign Of The Zodiac? is an excellent post. Amazing work MM.

    1. This is still freaking me with how resonant is is for my partner – the world’s most down to earth Gemini – as in the sidereal version he is Taurus, Cap Rising with a Gem Moon. It’s a bit uncanny because I always feel like he doesn’t represent the Gem vibe despite the proliferation of placements there. But then all the Taureans I don’t gel with become Aries, and all the crazy Aquarian people become Capricorns, so I am not sure it’s working with my predisposition for putting people in Zodiacal boxes from a distance.

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