Happy New Mooning!

How good are Mars-amped Virgo New Moons?*

I’d suggest a quick round of celebratory fist-pumping but we’d probably snap our trapezius or take out a lightbulb.

Seriously, go easy out there – it’s zippy but erratic energy. It’s also a good moment for a Tarot read and the Alchemy Tarot has been updated and expanded so check it out.

It’s a member feature but I am opening it to everyone for the next 24 hours. Remember, it’s best to muse on whatever card you receive than keep clicking through it. The latter is more fun and I personally am an avid ‘clicker’ on things but if you let the single card percolate for a bit, anticipate magical results!

And if you’ve tried the new Astral Magic report yet, what do you think?

The idea of “activating” your personal Venus area and so on may seem whimsical but it’s a solid technique. You can also use the chart it generates to help select new places to live or desk directions. Eg: while Saturn has its strong points, you don’t necessarily want your abode to be facing your Saturn direction.

Frivolous in such turbulent times? Not at all. Magic – and astrology – have been helping people out-weird the weirding for centuries, millennia even.

If you want something grittier, my Future Everything rave is more geopolitical and straight down the line.

I hope you like the revamped Alchemy Tarot – 12 Card is next and yes, the ‘save as’ pdf is nearly ready to be back as well.

*The Daily Mystic for Fri to Sun features a more nuanced take and the full-alert was in Thursday’s, in case you missed either.

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Alchemy Tarot is bang on!


Mystic, on the magic report, does it relate to the building you’re currently living in or, the place you were first living in? ( I realise its probs current & I need to make sure because apparently my Virgo rising is getting worse with age or, the virgo moon is currently playing my neuro-diverse strings like a concerto)

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My moon is in Virgo and very sensitive, so an extra-thick line of salt at the door, fully stocked medicine cabinet, and list of minimalism hymns should see me through!

Wish Upon a Star

I’ve just absorbed my report.

What really draws my attention is that my Taurus Earth Moon is at my front door. And yes I am restless at home. I was going to buy a lamp for this area but haven’t as yet: thank Goddess. I will buy a round moon like selenite lamp. Then I will attend to my Venus in the West.

Thanks Mystic.


Really loving this new moon. I’m finally growing into my Virgo


I ordered the Astral Magic and am going to cruise around with my compass implementing said suggestions. The offspring Scorpx2 is in Brooklyn NYC (I’ve never left Seattle since birth, water sign problems lol) and will buy for her!!!!! She’s moving on Wednesday so good timing!!!!


Thank you mystic. I kept my weekend quiet as per your advice and enjoyed the arrival of some peaceful Virgo moon life management insights.

Still baffled by my inexplicable Work Crush however. Both forms of oracle I have consulted (a lot) are telling me to Do Absolutely Nothing which is driving me a bit crazy but I will follow the instructions.


That’s not a bad idea! Maybe I can try it after the Mars retro? I’m worried that I might disrupt the current Neptune / Pluto transit that I’m living with. Lovely venus might not be compatible with healing hermit phase? Idk


Seriously LOVING the new Alchemy Tarot cards!!…Thanks darling x♥️


Love the use of “How good are….” hilarious!!! For the Australians and the new era of more relateable politics…


Hey! I loved the Astral Magic, done a few things already and I’m feeling better about those areas. One thing though, I’ve Neptune right at my front door! I know the report doesn’t do outer planets but this feels significant.

Wish Upon a Star

It felt significant to me when I read it.

I got visuals of scintillating stars, shapes and colours at your door. There but not quite there like magic or glamour.

I am a Pisces Rising after all !

Wish Upon a Star

p.s. I can’t wait to get my report tomorrow.


Enjoy it!


I’ve added a fuchsia plant to the doorstep and got rid of the clutter around the inside door which was for the thrift store. Last week, before I got the report, we finally had a light fitted out there. Before that we just had security lights but they didn’t illuminate the front door and switched off before you got there anyway. Now we can see the keyhole if we are arriving home in the dark.

Wish Upon a Star

Yes eradicate that keyhole searching nebulousness with a good light.


Must check the new Alchemy Tarot. Yes to meditating on one card.Trust yourself. ‘Zippy & erratic’ that WAS me. My school report said ‘curious but erratic’. A boy saw it at the local meeting-milk-shake bar, took it from my hands and said ‘it says she is erotic’. At age 12 in the 60’s he could not have known the difference. Could he? Virgo new Moon had me collecting all of winter’s tree leaves, 3 huge & 3 months of Queensland Maples’ worth of them. Thanx Virgo. Have been deep into The Hathors. It’s ‘channeled’ info for which am sceptical about… Read more »


I enjoy your musings – the long-running spooky-paranormal satirical podcast ‘Welcome to Nightvale’ had an ongoing gag about The Dog Park. It was ‘out of bounds’ for scarily unspecified reasons!!!


‘Don’t lay no boogie wookii on the queen of rock ‘n roll’…Long John Baldry.
Our 3 local dog parks during covid were the social scene outdoors being safer. Leash free people.
Maybe Nightvale’s dogs were actually werewolves?

Pearl Icicle

I appreciate you shooting the breeze…you have made me interested in this music you write of, where can I find it?
love x love (✨)


Spotify…….. like your name it sounds like a strain of dream weed.
I know as have been looking thro’ newsletters as it’s sale time in Northern Hemisphere.
You will not regret listening to H von B. It is truly ‘heavenly’, so could be used for space clearing. A brain & space wash 🙂


Pearl as i saw your posting on Daily Myst about the astro sites you look at may i say that this could cause confusion & many as certainly not as positive as Mystic, in fact can be boring as batshit. Taking liberties here sweetie & don’t want to stem your curiousity, but her take is what you take to heart to give you what you need to know.
Love times Love with 20-20 vision.

Wish Upon a Star

Just listened to some Hildegard vocals. I now understand why you use it for space clearing.

Thanks Pegs.


Hildegard Von B, wonderful xx


Hi Pegasus, hope you have recovered from your entanglement with the Audi 🌝🍀


All copacetic Calcifer. Have new wings that my nail therapist sold me for a song, a 6 cylinder and super comfortable.
Had a huge fine to pay from going thro’ a stop sign, and licensing bureau wanted a medical report.
Taxi drivers said she must have been speeding when shown accident spot. Of course she was 🙂
Thank you for asking.
All rocking along in your world i trust?x


Ah, good to hear you are fine!
And a new car, that’s wonderful too because Sagittarius needs to be able to move 😉


I love my Astral Magic report, I was surprised by how many things lined up with my chart eg plants where they were recommended and necessary. I have a two storied house so there are a few ideas I can tweak for optimal energy.

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