Happy Birthday Pluto!

Happy Birthday Pluto!  Our site’s resident mare is turning 13 today and as per this post here, it is Mega Mystic members keeping her in clover, hay, lucerne, love and safe happy pasture.

She was a strung-out, over-worked racehorse turned unsuccessful brood mare (probably from all the crap they did to make her go faster/make more money when racing) and now lives in sanctuary, looking after little baby rescue foals when they come in. She has had a fantastic Jupiter in Libra transit!

So THANK YOU to my MM members – you not only help out animals (I also personally have some rescued cows) but you are also helping to keep this site an ad-free, digital tracking free realm.   If you want to find out more about horse rescue and sponsorship, visit SAHA here or if you are interested in finding out more about Mega Mystic, go here.

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Happy belated birthday to Pluto! <3


Yay Lady Pluto! Many happy returns elegant avatar of Epona! And have to admit, even though I have been so busy I haven’t done as much Astro study here lately, I kind of re-subscribed thinking of her. I mean I would have eventually anyway, but she was my justification. 😉 She is good ju-ju Pluto berry juice.

sierra clemons

This makes me so happy!


What a lovely lady, & an auspicious BD today — 101010. She must be a special creature. Very glad to be a part of her renewed life.

Thanks for the updates & pics! xx


Aw, Happy Birthday Pluto! You are loved! 🙂


Happy Birthday Pluto! You and I have the same biirthday! This will be our best year baby!


Happy birthday marsbar!


Thank you!


Happy birthday marsbar xx




Happy solar return and a fab year to you both 🙂


Thank you muchly!


Happy birthday marsbar! (And Pluto) Wishing you a tasty year 🙂


And it will be! Thanks Pi!


A guru of what? Lol!



I am so glad I gave my contribute to help this beauty live a second free life!

Caroline B

One thing I know for sure, a special place in the heavens awaits those who rescue our animal friends. Thank you Mystic and birthday wishes to Ms Pluto xx


Lovely lucky Pluto


My birthday was yesterday and I am feeling the best I have in years, so I hope dear Pluto is looking at green pastures for years to come


I bred an arian colt foal from my lovely old mare and he was Aries beyond. April 14th
I had to saddle and ride him away early as he was so precocious and totally Ott. He gave other horses older than himself a lead past scary things like flapping plastic or running cars, he was fearless and fun. He never offered to be anything other than willing and able. Such a great guy. Pluto looks amazing, she’s got quality written all over her. She no longer looks strung out!

dark star

HBD my fav outer planet spirit horse!


happy birthday, darling pluto!


Our Pluto is special. All the other horses have their birthday on the same day. In Southern Hemisphere 1/8 and northern 1/1. I believe one of the tenets of the HLO is the right of all horses to have their birthday on the actual day of their birth.
Vive le revolution !!


Happy birthday Pluto! ( special apples for Pluto ) So many happy tears, thanks again for doing this MM, you’re amazing xx ❤


My emojis disappeared *le sigh* …


Happy Birthday Gorgeous Pluto! xxx

Catherine Cox

Wonderful thing to do. I worked with horses for years and they are so compassionate and loving. I used to teach riding, dressage etc. I rescued my beautiful horse who was on his way to the knackers yard. He had been owned by a very talented rider who had then gone bankrupt. In his sadness, Cromwell (the horses name) was starving himself to death! We bonded and he flourished, I was offered thousands for him. When I broke my leg very badly in a riding accident, I had to learn to ride all over again. He let me ride him bareback without a bridle n was so gentle. Huge trust. When he died I gave up riding. Still miss him. That was 1980

The Lion & The Centaur

That’s a beautiful story! I have worked with horses a lot. It’s the perfect balancing for mind and soul. Not to mention body. They’re heavenly creatures.


Damn, I share the same birthday with Pluto?!?


Happy birthday to you!


Thanks!! <3

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Another reason I love this site.

Pluto is the perfect name for her


Happy birthday Pluto! What a lovely life you must have now, with darling little foal babies to love and comfort.

Thank you Mystic, for turning our subscriptions into something meaningful and heart-centred. xxx

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