Spider Goddess Asteroid Arachne

Asteroid Arachne is in Taurus until April 29 – currently at three degrees.

She is the Spider Goddess and astrologically, is said to signify a grand talent and enviable powers of perception. That these could also arouse envy seems to come from the mythological Arachne, turned into a spider by an apparently jealous Athene.

BUT in one’s chart, she can be like a spaced out Mercury – psychic and revolutionary, brazen conduct or a transparent air concealing a nuanced sticky web indeed. She is asteroid 407 – check yours out via the Extended Chart Options on Astodienst and see. Or find where early Taurus is in your chart and consider whether you’re more spidery there of late.

Some examples of Arachne in charts: Actor Jennifer Lawrence has Arachne conjunct her Leo Sun. I’m not buying that giggly, “normal chick” act for a second.

Whistle-Blower Edward Snowden has Arachne in Aquarius, on his Moon. Pussy Riot Musician Maria Alyokhina also has Moon-Arachne in Aquarius. Stirrers both but they’re cunning and suave about it.

Novelist Margaret Atwood is Arachne-Uranus and the Uranian billionaire Elon Musk has Arachne in Aquarius on Mars and his North Node.

So where is yours and what’s going down in the early Taurus part of your chart?

Images:Β  Spider Woman – Marvel Comics

176 thoughts on “Spider Goddess Asteroid Arachne”

  1. This is EXACTLY conjunct my Pisces Ascendant. A little Ahead of it so, 1st house?
    Im not sure how to interpret, im open for questions πŸ™‚

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    Oh how cute. Neptune is currently transiting my natal Arachne in Pisces trine Neptune in my 1st House.

    The other day it felt like I had a spider on my head and left shoulder, but I wasn’t scared I was comforted. I checked head and shoulder but of course nothing was there.

  3. thankyou for commenting on this…my ex has just cone out of hospital from a spider bite…he was wondering a t arachne and what the msg was..

  4. Transit Arachne will soon pass my taurus-mars conjunction (11 and 9 degrees respectively) in 4H. I have natal arachne in 12 deg Cancer in 7H square natal pluto, sextile venus. I don’t know how to interpret it.

  5. Well had to go check this out.
    It’s bang on conj my Neptune to the exact minute in Scorpio my 8th. That then sits in my water grand trine to Chiron in Pisces 1st and sun/jup in cancer 5th. Seems she’s powerfully placed.
    In transit in my 2nd house currently and will hit my North node soon enough.

    It’ll take me a while to figure this lot out !

  6. Creepy crawly: she is transiting Taurus for me riiiiiight now! On the money! Natally, she sits in Libra, 8th house, same as Pluto. Gonna go do some research on this ASAP.

  7. She’s conjuncting my natal Saturn as I post this, and coming up to square herself in my chart.

    Trines my Mars, sextiles my Sun/Mercury – and obviously squares natal Saturn.

    Today I had a motorcyclist crash in front of my house. Did first aid, called Paramedics and managed the whole situation until the police and ambulance people came. Got told I did a great job. Is this a Spider Woman situation/reaction? My Arachne is in Leo and by default (even though it was difficult – Saturn in the 10th house I guess) I just went into a leadership role. It would make sense of what has been a real out there kind of day.

  8. Was hoping to find Arachne hidden under the big line-up of rocks from my 5th-7th houses but no – she’s alone and unaspected at 17 Leo 12th. Jupe is currently exact conj so I guess she’s a BIG spider πŸ™‚

    I can peacefully co-exist with big, ugly spiders as long as they are outside. There were a couple who lived in a tree in my former backyard. I used to love watching them emerge from the leaves at dusk and spin their webs. Such beauty and grace. However where I live there are tiny spiders that can kill a person very quickly, so it’s out with the toxic spray or a swift whack with a shoe for those. I hate doing it and I always apologise beforehand and hope the universe will understand πŸ™‚

  9. My Arachne is at 18 Scorpio. 17-18 Scorpio has historically been a powerful point in my chart although there was nothing (that I knew of) there. 21-22 Scorpio is also powerful, and is my Venus-Mars midpoint. It seems as if the 17-18 and 21-22 power carries through all the fixed signs, though I notice it most in Scorpio, where I also have Sun, Neptune, Mercury and NN.

    Fascinating. Thank you Mystic!

  10. I promise to never call someone a slur/name.

    But on the rare occasion when I see someone on some prejudiced/delusional steez and/or deflecting their ugliness on others I can’t help but say something. And ALWAYS under my ‘real’ pseudonym (irony intended). Once I state my observation I never read/comment on that thread again – no trolling necessary.

    I find it so strange why folks would troll folks. Yeah. There are def commenters I prefer and some that are so deeply uninteresting I just pass by their comments for the most part but if this was real life and someone was in a jam I’d help them out. But some folks REALLY hold e-grudges something serious, lol. Silly wabbits, go be productive in real-time πŸ™‚

    P.S. Excited for Future Taurus!!!

  11. Interesting.. don’t like spiders but like how it can influence us. So Miss Spider is in my 7th house. Alone, weaving and nothing in sight for her to snatch. And I mean no planets at all.

    7th House (partnerships): I had always been wondering about my 7th house of Partnerships. I have always been single so I thought maybe the absence of some planet energies have me being alone for my entire life. Ugh!!

    5th House (pleasure): right now is crowded with planets so the pleasure thermometer is getting hot… but being alone sux!!

    8th House (Reincarnation – sexual / committed relationships): Again another house that is empty… well True Node natally placed.. nothing else. Nada… oy!!

    1. Crap… I ALWAYS forget about the natal / transition planets. So, Miss Spider is transiting my 7th house. She is natal placed in my 12th House:

      12th House (Self-Undoing: The description for this house also includes (got from Internet) Mysticism and mystery. Places of seclusion such as hospitals, prisons and institutions, including self-imposed imprisonments. Things which are not apparent to self, yet clearly seen by others. Elusive, clandestine, secretive or unbeknownst matters. Privacy, retreat, reflection, and self-sacrifice.

      So, although it is self doing to put me into seclusion, being mysterious etc. I find it weird that I will be working at a hospital next week. First time EVER for me to work in a hospital.

      Miss Spider is placed near my sign but not close enough to be conjunct.

      BUT, what does it mean if my natal asteroid is placed “almost” directly across from the transitioning asteroid?

  12. You WOULD have to mention ticks, katman!…. now THERE’S a vermin i have zero sympathy for….. b&#tards.

    Apparently, spiders and ticks have 8 legs (just legs).
    And interestingly, you, will appreciate this, katman – crabs have 10 (including the claws) – so – ha! arachnoids, suck on that!

    PLUS, crabs can grow back their legs. Some even easily discard a leg to predators to get away – then grow it back…Ha! Now there’s something to ponder.

  13. Odd, Arachne is exactly conjunct my Jupiter in 15 degrees Aries in 7th house. I have to really think about what that could mean.

      1. Nice. (S)he will weave her relationships into a ginormous web that will sustain her on every level?

      2. Hmm, not sure about that. Both of my marriages ended up limiting my life in some way or another. On the other hand, I’ve had some real luck/skill in forming both community and world-wide career relationships. Yes, I’ve always been the connector, the person who comes in and seems to help set things in motion, introducing key people to each other as well, extending my “web of influence” so to speak. I see patterns and am quick to use them to move myself and others into the right spot–hard to explain without going into the details of my field but this makes so much sense. Funny, I’ve always underestimated this knack of mine but this Arachne/Jupiter conjunction in the 7th has me really thinking of how I can expand on it. If I can’t be happily married, I can at least be happily connecting. Thanks, AnkhRising 8.0!

      3. I can imagine that a jupiter aries 7th house means your 1 to 1 connections are Big and Pushy. For a brainy gem who needs space to trickle along the information rivers and gather flakes of gold, …? ha, here’s a random thing I just remembered, gold-bearing ore is cooked with mercury (the pure liquor metal) to extract the gold metal. It’s a hideously toxic process when done in a low tech way (read about peru, i’m sure you have being a gem) but hey there you go. mercury gets you the gold.
        (pure randomness)

  14. arachne is exact conjunct my 21 degree leo sun. i have nothing in early taurus, but mars is at 21 degrees taurus, opposing pluto.

  15. I was, as a child, on a bus and the bus driver taking us on a field trip was really angry because the otherkids were acting upppppp

    Faced with the “DO NOT make me pull this bus over and go back to school” I turned around and glared at them. My peers. I *shuuusssshedd* them so hard.

    “If you guys keep me from getting to this museum I will be weirder than you tell people I am”

    *eEmphatic desperate 11 year old voice* “you guyyyyyyyys, shhhhhhh”

      1. Sorry that link was supposed to go to a spider identification meme on how to kill each kind of spider.

    1. Hope you don’t have to pull the plug on the comments, but yes totally: your serenity & space to create & share your craft must come first– Saturn in Sagg in the Zap Zone 101. You have such generosity of spirit & are a Force of Awesome, Mystic, as are 99% of commenters here… Herbs as sacred & rare as these must be protected for longevity xx

      1. (I’m still buzzing from the Aquarius new moon. I may never come back down… We’ll see what happens πŸ™‚ )

      1. Totally. This space has helped me heal so much. The odd troll I can take with a pinch of rock salt. I don’t expect everyone to love me – 90% will suffice bwahahaha no but in all seriousness we need to respect each other’s opinions and differences. It’s a community and it’s easy to forget that it’s also an astrology blog (guilty as charged yr honour) it’s such a cool place for people to talk about things they might be struggling with IRL and I’ve received so much support here and even the odd criticism that’s been levelled at me has had truth to it and been helpful. I find generally people here play nicely. I really hope that it continues to be the awesome community of PIABs it’s always been and that we keep our tongues firmly placed in our own cheeks before we start accusing each other of placing them anywhere else. There’s a metaphor in there somewhere I’m sure. But I have no idea how MM does it. Posting and writing is hard work, especially at the level she does it and with the consistency. I wouldn’t have the energy to play sandpit monitor too, or even. I’ve often wondered how the hell she manages the lot of us – it’s basically leadership of a community however you dress it down – it’s fuqin hard work – and like how many of us run blogs like this btw? AND she manages to churn out lovely, inspiring images, positive posts, look on the bright side or LOOK OUT style scopes, consults, create site improvements CONSTANTLY and hello, some actually have A LIFE as well. Seriously, I don’t know how I’d have gotten thru the zap zone without you guys, even the haters and it ain’t over yet so really please. I will comment less intensively and read more of what others have to say and hope that helps to protect the space. Standing ovation followed by moment of silence for the awesome MM and our staunch PIAB crew.

      2. Hear, hear!

        Jeez, if this community can’t make it through the ZZ in tact, much less awesomely transformed, with all the amazing guidance we’re getting from The Mystic – what hope is there for the rest?

        Respect for Mystic, respect for the site, and respect for ourselves.

        Lets kick the ass-end of this ZZ in style!

        *sound of Aretha playing loudly in background*

      3. Lovely shout out to the Divine Myst Invicta! It’s an amazing job she does. Being home alone with two little babes, this blog not only gave me company, but inspired and taught me at a time I so needed that inspiration and support! It’s been a trip, I hope others have that opportunity in this blog down the track, it’s been an oasis for me!

    2. Hey that would be ironic – especially for such a potent new moon in Aquarius, when it so supposed to be convivial for groups, diversity, shakers and stirrers…

      There are only some who are particularly aggressive, adding fuel…And then they are there majority, happy to impart or share what pearls of wisdom they can. Maybe a risk every now and then is possibly better than succumbing to any saturnine restrictions?

      1. Did you have the chance to read the two comments i made re this issue?

        Again, i LITERALLY do not have the time to moderate the site 24-7, refereeing fights and dealing with the barrage of he said-she said emails that always result from such exchanges.

        If i WERE to give myself the time it needs, the Daily Mystic email and most likely Monthly Horoscopes would need to go.

        There would also be a LOT less blogging.

        MANY sites have a policy of NO personal abuse or snark – it is not just me.

        Please read my comments – I have no problem with freedom of speech or diversity etc.

      2. Makes sense to me Mystic!! You shouldn’t have to moderate. I have been the brunt of some people wanting to force me to be submissive and quiet on this page. It doesn’t work. I haven’t been on to post because I am busy. I find it a shame that we can’t just accept a persons comment, share a view about their comment without bring abusive and move on. Also isn’t their anyone who wants to help those that are learning astrology? There are great people on this page that know their stuff.

        I enjoy your site, will continue to enjoy it and I am Thankful to you and all subscribers participating.


      3. Had a thought, can also relate to Mr Davidl’s predicament, as guessing he is enduring possible natal Uranus in Cancer (insights of sister/ woman hood) so would be at times under flashpoint with transiting Aries Capricorn square…Maybe 3rd house action? Or a house controlled by gemini activated under some hard aspects, as you already know, this is karmic stuff, so placing limitations interestingly play into the square atmosphere?

        Just a thought…Freewill; debate, fate?

  16. Hi! Does anyone have a sense of how to interpret Arachne right on top of my Jupiter (24 Taurus), in my 3rd house, loosely squaring my Saturn and trining my Venus? I am new-ish to this fabulous site, and always so impressed by how astroknowledgeable you all are. (Even when there is vitriol, it usually goes over my head!).

    1. I think arachne and asteroid stuff is often more of a fun astro-detour, if you have jupiter in 3rd trine venus and square saturn, i’d think that these are the big ‘uns to learn about first. πŸ™‚ maybe you “spin a good tale” or trap people in a pleasurable web with your words πŸ˜‰ x

      1. Thank you Pi! After posting, I felt sheepish and experienced first-time-commenter-remorse, to immediately be making a request, rather than contributing some juicy planetary anecdote. Lazy self-indulgence of jupiter square saturn?! I don’t know, but thanks for your thoughtful response! I remain super curious about the astro-detours, despite not having the basics mastered. Will spin a possibly arachne-fueled-tale next time! x

  17. I missed the drama over the last day, but I agree you don’t have time to deal with the fights.
    Can’t we all get along? I do have a bit of idealist streak that we can discuss without fighting.
    carry on…take the high road. πŸ˜‰
    To quote the MM dailies:
    Work Hard. Have Fun. No Drama
    Priceless advice.

  18. My Arachne is squatting right on top of my 2nd house Libra Sun, conjunct Mercury. (Trine my North Node and my 6th house Lilith in Aquarius, although I’m less clear on what those mean.)

    My imaginary friend when I was growing up was a tarantula named Charlie, which is strange because in general I’m terrified of spiders. But I do like to weave a good tale.

    Other than that, I got nothing. Must reflect on spidey-sense…

  19. Arachne EXACT conjunct my Saturn at 8 degrees Aries in the 10th house! …..What in heck could that mean?!?!?! Good lord!

    Well……..today was a very difficult day for my career, but maybe a blessing is disguise?
    I turned down the retail job after all. I just couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t…… The catalyst for the decision –because I had been mulling it over and thought, oh, I’ll just stick it out, do this job for awhile, but NOOOOOO! — The Universe had me have a complete panic attack on BART because there was a train delay, stopped underground, which triggers my claustrophobia, and I got off the train before it went underneath the Bay, which would have further freaked me out because I can barely deal with that even on a good day….. and I got off the train, called them and said, this just isn’t the job for me. Again, train incident being catalyst, not real reason for my decision.
    …….and it really, really isn’t the job for me…..I’m not cut out to do this type of work and have never done it before, so it would have been a lot of training…..plus somewhat heavy lifting, my back couldn’t take that over time..
    Now to pick up the pieces……what am I going to do for extra money??!?

    So would Arachne conjunct Saturn make me be able to manifest the Arachne energy more concretely in my life, 10th house, public life, career, but in a way that has more gravitas? With more negative consequences for me? No idea….. anyone?
    …”psychic and revolutionary, brazen conduct or a transparent air concealing a nuanced sticky web indeed…. stirring it up, but being cunning and suave about it”….? ? ?

    Transiting Arachne conjuncting MIA Taurus’ Sun right now……The communication on that is about to re-open, so THAT should be interesting…

    1. Hey Its me – fellow Saturn in Aries…Hope your birthday was a very good occasion. Well I have this asteroid at 12 degrees Aries 8th, so its being zapped I suppose…The good news is I am returning to study, just also enrolled in Tai Chi, and think 8th house is about resources; usually other’s (institutions, banks?) but also its fairly potent. I have it almost sextile my midheaven. Its a pioneering spirited thing to have bold Aries…perhaps the secrecy and spidery side of Arachne is well suited to steely saturn? Determination…

      1. Aye! πŸ™‚

        Yes, I remember we have close birthdays and year, if I remember correctly?

        Tai Chi sounds good! Hope you enjoy! It’s so grounding and health-giving, and a good type of discipline.

        Determination, that’s a good thing to have. I have it, and then I go off track with it. Like, I felt like I absolutely needed to get a third job, so I went out and accomplished that all within the space of about a week, but then realized it was the wrong solution… I do need extra money, badly, I’ll have to manifest something else quickly! Stress continues…

  20. 😯

    I think I may have mentioned it here before but I had a dream a while back about an aztec spider, I can’t quite remember the context of the dream but I felt that the significance of this type of spider was pretty amazing. I remember googling to find out more & came across this – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Goddess_of_Teotihuacan

    I’m generally a little afraid of spiders, I think it’s from growing up in the country where they are the size of a small car πŸ˜‰ .

    I have Arachne in the 1st house

  21. I have arachne exactly conjunct my venus/mars/lilith aries conjunction in the 10th house. I think I’m perceptive, not sure about the rest of the description. I will say I’ve always been fiercely protective of spiders as a species. I hate it how the human race in general tend to have this irrational fear of spiders and either a)kill them upon sight; or b) scream and run a mile. Spiders for the most part are completely harmless and just want to lead a happy life, plus they’re environmentally friendly,,,,yet they are utterly discriminated against for absolutely no good reason other than the fact that some idiot, at some point in the last 100 years, decided they were to be feared and that belief anchored itself into the collective conscious, and now everyone hates spiders.

  22. “…So where were the spiders, while the fly tried to break our balls
    With just the beer light to guide us
    So we bitched about his fans and should we crush his
    sweet hands ….”
    Spiders from Mars

    David Bowie, Arachne in Aries.

  23. So I have Arachne in Sag (SURPRISE!!!), 2 degrees from my Moon and 3 from my Neptune (4 from my North Node, so a bit far to be counted probably).

    I don’t feel suave or cunning about anything at all!

    (That could be the Sag though.)

  24. Arachne in Leo 12th house quincunx Sun trine Neptune sextile Pluto and quintile Jupiter. What does that mean? Does it mean I keep my feelings very hidden???

    Feedback is welcome

  25. ugh..typos typos everywhere.
    Sorry, my scrawls make no sense.
    Eat my shorts Arachne!
    Quit sleeping in my pants!
    I need some air….

  26. I once pulled on a pair of denim shorts that had been laying on the floor in a studenty-hovel type digs place where I thing a boyf and I had been making out. I was in high school..but I got stung on the ass by a scorpion who was sleeping in shorts. Lol. Fortunately it was the non fatal type of African scorpion. It was weird. I’d forgotten about that completely.

    1. You reminded me once i was camping and woke up with a scorpion in my shorts. It didn’t sting me because it was cuddling for warmth, but i kicked his ass out.

      1. Thanx Pi for the memory. I Had some good things to say back them when i was more wordy.
        Guess the ZZ has muffled me…..
        Miss some of the commentators from 2012, we (MM’s subscribers) were more tolerant 3 years ago.

      2. Yeah it was a nice vibe! Some of the convo’s I had then informed the way I think of some things to this day. I just read something on that post and realised I have actually quote a line from someone else from that post every now and then. πŸ˜‰ You always have great comments muzzled, muffled or muddled or not Pegs.

      3. Yes its to go back to the older posts. I’ve missed heaps and the comments still interesting/worth a read.

  27. bull with sting in tail

    Had a huntsman baby ( 50 cent piece size ) jump , off my shorts as i retrieved them from my bedroom floor this morning,looked at me , and just waited to see, i went to the shower, he pissed off

  28. Arachne at 13ΒΊ Taurus in 7th. I guess i’m due for an Arachne return.
    I truly respect spiders but I’m not a spider lover – though i’ve unwittingly shared my bed with 3 of the bird eating variety :/ …. the hairs on my back still bristle from that episode, and not in a good way …but it kind of took care of my arachnophobic tendencies.

      1. yep, and cold terror…sweat,… involuntary and convulsive body spasms…ringing in head… prehistoric sounds emanating from my dry throat… dry retching…then slept (dunno how) like a baby.

      2. WTH?! how big were these things? like, you were sleeping and spiders were ON your bed? in? underneath? I’m imagining those fuqing giant, smooth, mechanical-looking things (no fur) with grey abdomens the size of a small lightglobe. no?

      3. The arachne: think huge, hairy, tarantulaesque, fist-size bodies…huntsmen on plutonian steroids.

        Why: getting under bed-covers for warmth, i was told by bemused guest house owner…after event.

        Deduction noΒΊ 1: Do not break rule no.2 – ie., never arrive semi-comatosed with fatigue, after dark (and failing to see gargantuan cobwebs in recesses) – to lodgings in far-flung places. It might be the arachne axis of the planet.

        Deduction nΒΊ 2:” What doesn’t kill you makes you….”

        Though i still freak at the Shelob chapter/scene in Lord of the Rings.

      1. “… along came a spider that sat down beside her & frightened Ms Muffet away!”

        — from Memoirs of an 8th House Arachnid: The Blue Years (2008)

  29. Arachne, near nothing, hanging out on her own in my 11th house. This must be why I am the resident spider catcher at work. Pick them up in my hands and deposit them in the “spider tree”. Anything with 8 legs is not scary.

    1. i am more grossed out by how willing people are to spray toxic, insecticides around their living space to kill an animal. not in my house! Unless it is my absolute, final, last resort. Even when I was in redback-land, or white tails, they got a fast merciful kill via heavy shoe rather than some kind of toxic nerve-agent where I have to watch them twitch and die a slow and painful death. Pisces sun can’t stand the slow cruelty and cap moon is the executioner. Other than that: I am a catch and release person, too.

      1. I even apologise before killing them. “sorry mate” Even if they are potentially deadly (red backs) or pests (e.g. cockroaches).

      2. I have voodoo about hurting spiders.. I never kill them. I take them for a long walk.. I adore that they kill flies!

      3. BUT I do kill those little grey moths that eat silk and wool. STOP EATING MY BEST CLOTHES YOU HEARTLESS MONSTERS

      4. I’m with you. Peace and love to all creatures.

        Except clothes moths. They can fuqqing die.

        Also mosquitos, they suck.

      5. ah yes, this! I often soak a hanky or scrap of cloth in my most strongest -smelling essential oil – usually a combo of lavender, grapefruit, cedar, etc etc and leave it in cupboards, drawers (not against any delicate fabrics – oil stains!)

        should re-do this….
        pantry moths, grrrr
        now I leave fresh rosemary and sticks of resiny dried sage, and bay leaves in the cupboard, seems to have kept them at bay after my last pantry moth murder-fest.

      6. omg yes, if one more cashmere sweater gets moth eaten I will exterminate the entire species. Straight up fuqin genoside.
        No mercy. You eat my Ralph Lauren cashmere, you die. Simple.
        I do have these wooden rings, cedar wood I think that I bought online which so far has kept them at bay for a few years. But oh the horror, the horror!

    2. My resident spider is called Matilda. She has 3 flies in her web hidden in a corner.. She can’t be seen unless you life up the curtain.
      Matlida you’re’ doing a great job girl. Bless your sticky web.

      1. my faves are the garden spiders that live in a coiled up leaf in the middle of their web. safe from the eyes of feathered predators too, then πŸ˜‰

        also the st andrews cross spiders and their meticulous web-keeping habits: a leaf flutters in, is snagged , spider runs down and detaches leaf from web, lets leaf fall on the ground… web remains un-damaged and invisible to prey!

  30. I’m still really intrigued by the fact that my progressed Eros is now @ 22 degrees Aqua and my natal Eros is @ 25 degrees Aqua.
    Is an Eros return even “a thing?”
    If you have Venus returns and solar and lunar returns then I’m thinking an Eros Return HAS to be “a thing”
    Perhaps that’s why I’m finally taking tango classes and paying more attention to my creative life in general.
    Tried to learn to tune my acoustic guitar last night ..Just a cheap one I picked up several months ago. I didn’t want to splurge on something if I wasn’t going to use it. Tuning it using youtube tutorials isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. Then again, what is?

    But seriously…Is an Eros return “a thing” ???
    If so, does anyone have any experience of it they could share with me?

    1. Get a tuner thingy that you stick on the neck. They let you know if you are in tune!
      Good luck! You only need 15 mins a day to improve, πŸ˜‰

      1. Thank you Sphinx. I wil do that.
        I’m so feeling this Uranus on my Chiron in the 5th as a creative awakening – all the fun stuff I’ve wanted to do my whole life that little miss virgopenny has kept sweeping under the rug because they are not “useful” or “productive” and dare I say it they are even “self indulgent?”
        Oddly the more I actually focus on the stuff I enjoy and say no to the stuff I don’t, the better and more authentic I feel. That and the constant washing machine like anxiety in my stomach. God I feel so torn between texting someone I KNOW I SHOULDN’T TEXT and err, not texting. Should definitely go out and get some air before I need to work online later with someone…ugh screenshare stuff.
        I think cabin fever and isolation combined with not doing the things I want to and also procrastinating on the stuff I SHOULD be doing because I KNOW it’s going to make me feel better accounts for a lot of LZ type thoughts and actions. As soon as I actually do the thing I’m afraid to do or procrastinating away from I feel fine. There’s so much “diversion therapy” in any unworkable crushes. It’s a bit like that total contradiction in terms know as “retail therapy”
        Ha, as if buying stuff can make you feel better. I think imaginary, delusional, fantasy relationships are very similar. It’s pure escapism. True self indulgence, as opposed to say, learning to tune my guitar for instance.

      2. @Sphinx miss virgopenny IS terrifying. She represents all my unresolved mother issues and has a “lock up your creative urges” vice-like grip on the Saggo side of me. So when I go to far, which with a Sag moon in Jupiter, Jupiter rising in Saggo and Jupiter in Sag happens a lot it “go to the basement and think about what you’ve done” while (an actual thing that used to happen a lot as a kid and still does in my head) it’s exhausting. I wish she’d fuq off. Especially on days like today as she a total buzz kill.
        I’m going to look for another shrink. The first one I saw was so miss virgopenny AND extortionate, in the middle of nowhere and just weird that it kind of put me off the whole “i’m going to find a psychoanalyst” trip but seriously days like today I know I need to find one.
        I hate these days when I’m supposed to feel good and then I feel shite- you know, like “rad dating energy” type hype and I’m sitting here trying to write, thinking “what’s the point in going out anyway?” and “so much in my life has to change before I am even close to being ready to BE with anyone anyway.” I should just get on with writing and studying. I know that. Sometimes I hate the pressure I feel – I know I’m putting it on myself but I’m just not ready to socialise yet. People tell me I SHOULD but deep down I know I have work to do and it being Saturday night and Mars & Venus hooking up well, so what? Until I do what I need to do, the work that only I can do, nothing is going to change. God I’m so bored with myself. The other night I had a free ticket to an Anthony Robbins workshop and I was too apathetic to even attend. LOL … It’s actually quite comical. Like one of those “all I got was this lousy T shirt” T shirts.
        I had a ticket to a Tony Robbins workshop but I couldn’t be bothered to go.
        How pathetic am i?
        It’s stupid but I do chase my own tail and for what?
        I should get back to work.
        Have a lot to do before Monday morning.

      3. @Pi oh re the diversion “therapy” of fixating on the unavailable / fantasy crush which is really closer to having a substance abuse issue than therapy. Real therapy IS hi functioning self indulgence, not just bubble baths but like “shut up and play yer guitar” or write, paint, or yes, actual therapy. LZ time space qi hoovering is just lo functioning self indulgence and on a par with getting wasted IMO… I’m calling myself out here. I’ve done that a lot in my life because it’s risk free and easy. Except I end up like the little match girl, waking up cold and so psychically and psychologically the risks are actually truly terrifying. Screw you miss virgopenny YOU can go to the basement and think about what YOU’VE been doing to my psyche all these years. I’m locking that bitch up and throwing away the key till I find a good shrink. Queen Me has important creative work to do. So she can grump away in the basement while I stomp around the house dancing, singing, writing, letting creative me run free. I’ve earned the right. I pay rent here, not her. This is MY LIFE!

  31. Progressed Arachne @ 4 degrees Cancer in my 7th house, closest progressed planet to her is my progressed moon in Cancer but although my moon is also in the 7th house in Cancer, it’s quite far away from her, not conjunct. Oh well, I guess we can’t all be Spider Woman hey?
    She’s a cool superheroine. Love the picture!

  32. LOVE spider webs. And would wear that pic’s outfit in a hot minute. But I do NOT like spiders in my house. I really want to love spiders and saw this amazing spider necklace. But the little hairs on its legs just freak me out too much.

    Nope. As long as they stay outside my house we and spiders remain cool. They come indoors it’s open season. I’ll stick with my snakes and scorpions, por favor.

  33. This Spider is crawling along in Saggitarius in my 7th House. Typical – even as a Spider I have a hoof…attached to a hunky male body. Hurray! Squaring my Pisces Moon in the 10th House.

    1. What do you mean by early Taurus? I’m a 29 degree Taurus Sun. I have my Mars and Venus in 3 degrees in the 11th house and currently my Mars is transiting Taurus in 29 degrees.

      1. i go a bit too fast and forget sometimes. try to just +pi at the end just in case. if it’s inconsequential i just leave it sometimes , as for any other time, if what i am going to say is so blunt i need to change my tag/whatever, then i go away and rethink what i was going to say!

      2. How can ‘your’ Mars transit Taurus at 29 degrees?

        Mars is now in Aries. Therefore (current) Mars is transiting whatever house and planets you have (natally) in Aries.

        Your natal planets don’t (and can’t) transit current planets. The CURRENT planets transit your natal planets.

      3. Because I accidentally typed transiting when I meant to type progressing.

        Thank you for policing my comments, though. Nice to know you care so much to even emphastically e-shout a little, lol ;D

  34. Hello Arachne! Natally she is next to my Moon in Virgo in the 4th. I am only scared of spiders if I dont know where they are. If I see them and they vanish, I cannot rest (in fact I go nutso) but if I know they are in their spot and I’m in mine, we’re sweet.

  35. Oh Mystic you just got a big shout-out from Abbe May on JJJ! She’s naming her name album Bitchcraft inspired from you & said some lovely things about you. Knew I loved Abbe May & now even more. She obviously has excellent taste. X

  36. I love spiders! I am forever saving them from someone’s boot with the nearest glass and card.

    My Arachne is in the 4th / Libra.
    Trine my Ascendant and Lilith.

    = I was thinking that perhaps my Lilith and my Arachne being connected to my appearance would mean I seem brazen, but perhaps I am more interested in expressing that in a domestic situ.

  37. Spiders make me shriek! I have arachnophobia.

    the spider goddess in transit is crawling away from mercury edging towards my sun.

    natal Arachne has spun her web smack on the cusp of my 7th (pisces) / 8th (aries) house opposite saturn ( wide orb 6 degrees) She is in pisces but a half a degree from aries.

    I’m horrible in relationships…come into my web get stuck …then I eat you. sadly, this is me and yes, ive been prey too LOL

    I still dislike spiders *shivers* every time i see one of those creepy crawly things coming down on their little silk thread i want to faint!

    1. I hate spiders too. Arachne in the 7th house making no aspects to anything.

      However, objectively I know they are good for the environment, so i try not to smash them. If they are doing no immediate harm, I try not to disturb them or I will relocate them to a safer spot. I survived the bite of a brown recluse in my late teens. Doctors almost had to surgically remove a chunk of my leg.

      1. oh and the spider girl piccy up there…is it my imagination or did the person who drew it gave her 4-pack abs intead of a 6-pack?

  38. Hello all – could you please help me understand this? My asteriod is 28 Leo 33′ 4′ and in my 11th house. I am Leo Sun with Scorpio ascending. I’m not sure what this even means? Or how I can go about looking up what it means. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    1. One way is to go to the site called astrodienst, then click on the top where it says All About Astrology. There you will find instructions about how to read your chart and anything you want to know about the basics. You’ll get the hang of it. Good luck!

  39. Conjunct Neptune, SN in 5th House Scorpio. Maybe I was a dream weaver sorcereress in a previous life? (I’m kind of assuming a little bad ass given some of my karmic work this life – lol). Will be visiting my NN soon – which might be interesting.

    1. I too have Neptune conjunct Archane asteroid, and Venus, Jupiter but in the 1st House.
      dream weaver I like that description.

      1. Thanks ScopRising – I imagine your particular combination with Jupiter to amplify and Venus to add her blessings of beauty, sex and love must weave some very intriguing dreams indeed!

  40. In my Gemini 12th house but not aspecting anything. I have always felt that spiders were misunderstood creatures though πŸ˜‰

  41. Arachne conjunct my sun in pisces in the 5th house and I have always loved spiders, protect them, feel that we communicate. And soon, said asteroid Spider Woman will conjunct my natal moon in Taurus. At present I’m on day four the flu and my world seems to be crumbling down around me. Ultimate trust in the process of destruction and creation….. is that not positively black widow like? Kill to create.
    I resonate with the sticky psychic web that Mystic illustrates but I’ve lately been trying to understand an awareness for a long time of what feels like a vacuum in my psyche. Usually, i would attribute the spaced out mercury feel to the Yod in my chart but things like spider goddesses keep showing up. Another tool to perceive and feel connected to this world.

    1. so interesting too because I just yesterday shared a dream, from long ago, with recently disappeared boyfriend, where in the dream am a pregnant I give birth to hundreds of spiders from my womb. Maybe why he disappeared?

  42. 1 deg Sag in the 2nd house.

    I have a strong connection to spiders. I used to have nightmares about them since my childhood until I realized during my Saturn Return that they are little messengers. When they show up in my dreams, it’s time for a change in my life. I respect them so much now.

  43. 2nd cancer conj sappho and making a grand water trine with uranus-vertex and hekate-persephone-pandora. it’s a stretch. i do keep my stuff in my web and if i write lovely things to you, it’s because you’re MINE, in a posessive taurean way… but in general, i’m not a schemer. in fact, i’m pretty much an anti-schemer. so, transiting arachne on my moon-chiron-mars-sedna-venus should show if that’s a delusion, i guess!

  44. Natal Arachne is in the tail end of cancer and my sun is in the very beginning of leo, and they are conjunct. Right now transiting Arachne is conjunct my natal Chiron.

    The leo daily scope really resonated with me today – how Jupiter in leo isn’t all fun and games. It’s about busting out of people’s preconceptions of you. Yes! Jupiter is transiting my 10th, and with my work BFF partner in crime Sagg, I am doing just that. Here I thought Jupes wasn’t working his magic for me. Gonna start looking for a new job. Oh, and wait for it… I have a huge silver spiderweb on my classroom door and a cottony web with plastic spiders in it in the corner (door decorating contest). Chiron and the spider lady are making that shizz real.

  45. Rache(Aqua/Tauri)

    Arachne on Pluto in Scorpio, opposite moon, trine Mercury in Pisces. *scary*

    Elon Musk is Mars x NN club, good to know. πŸ˜€ I’ve seen him in person once, he was in a parking lot in Palo Alto and some guys ran up to him and started pitching him their businesses in the freaking lot. To make things more hilarious and surreal, the reason this happened/he couldn’t just leave was because his car was broken. ^__^

    I still want a Tesla, maybe someday…. But funny stuff.

  46. Aha, As soon as I read the name and description I guessed it would be very close to my natal merc and there she is, early Aries cusp of the 10th house conj natal merc and natal MC. Transiting Uranus has been all over these points the last couple of years and now heading to my sun.
    I’ll just add a note here, that I’ve read that there was once a thirteenth sign to go with each moon cycle and that the 13th sign was arachnid, the spider.
    In Native American culture spider is considered the source of communication.
    It’s even said that it was the webs of spiders that inspired humans to create glyphs and eventually alphabets.

    1. Quote from new sex order 2 days ago

      As far as your concern re: attacking me ? I couldn’t give a Fuq dear libra fleur.
      And anyway it’s much more interesting than all the ass licking that goes on round here.
      Don’t you think ?

      So nasty!!!! U owe every one here an apology davidl

      1. A REAL apology, not half-assed I’m sorry ~if~ statement pretending to be apology. Dont get how my comment calling this out gets deleted when comment as bloody gross as urs gets to stand especially when u urself think conflict is better then “all the ass licking here” davidl. all very foul on the subject of communication

      2. I don’t understand why people are pissed am I missing something?
        In my understanding David was just sharing something he’s read, something which incidentally I’ve also read about. There are many school of astrology and I know precious little about any of them but if David actually said something offensive that requires an apology then I’m seriously missing something. Why all the vitriol. Can you astro bitches play nicely? This meant to be a fun and light hearted blog and occasionally people get deep and confessional, it can get cathartic but aggressive and angry?
        Because of a comment someone makes on a blog about astrology?
        Perhaps there’s a back story here I’m missing but honestly I don’t think anyone should be ganged up on and told to “apologise properly”
        It the internet people, not kindergarden.

      3. Excuse all the typos. Dyslexia. And was having some issues IRL here involving broken electronic doorbells, no hot water and so had to run three flights of stairs to fetch electrician, who had left by the time I arrived. IMO considering the temperate in London, having no hot water for 3 days and then arranging to have an electrician come fix it things and have more stuff go wrong so I STILL have to take cold showers is worth getting pissed over. I’m slightly annoyed but seriously, what is all this talk of arse licking and the anger about?
        I’ve not been as present on this blog lately as I used to be but it seems like there are some haters around which I don’t really get. I mean, why subscribe to a site if you don’t like the community of people who comment on it?
        If David said something really inappropriate, I guess I missed it but is it worth loosing your cool over?
        I’ve had people yelling at me down the phone for 3 days and accusing me of scamming them and had to deal with some real life nasty bullies and fraudsters actually stealing money out of my bank accounts, been locked in a constant whirlwind of actual real life drama and haven’t lost my temper – just handled it.
        Whatever it is, it’s not worth getting your knickers in a twist about it.
        this is the last zap of the zap zone people. It’s edgy, intense energy. Blaming other people is too easy. Please, I really like this community. Be nice to each other, or at least practice tolerance.

      4. Lickthis, I understand your disgust with this person. The best policy is to ignore him completely. He is a bit like our village idiot, and has a lot of unresolved anger issues.

        I don’t agree with sweatpea – that because he’s an Aries, we have to forgive him. That’s an insult to all the Aries, at least to all the great Aries that I know.

        The reason we have to go anonymous with this person, is because he’ll hound you forever. It is a shame, because I know two people with a lot to offer, who have stopped contributing to this blog because of him.

      5. Are you the anonymous that made comments about David’s family on FB? I definitely read those with a lot of disgust.
        Seems to me that he has been the one hounded on here, systematically.

        David has contributed so much here loyalty and real caring here over the years. Some his comments have been controversial.
        Most of us, Aries or not, are sophisticated enough to appreciate a wide variety of opinions and debate.

      6. You’re showing signs of postblog trauma syndrome (PBTS).
        Symptoms include:
        Changing sign in name to hide identity.
        (I understand, you are far too important to be captured)
        Identifying with the said blog entry to the point it ruins your whole day.
        If not treated, 1-14 days.
        Followed by anger, wrongful blame and calls for more attack.

        Read the thread again and work out where any offense took place. I made my initial entry with no conflict in mind. I just had my say. And it called for unity. But for whatever reason Libraaqua ? Decided that whatever I had said was going to get me attacked ? And sort of rallied the troops to not attack me ? That’s an attack right there.
        That’s where the offense occurred.
        My response was a throw away line with a hook on the end for miss libra. Is that you LA ?

        By the way I love the new name. Please keep it, something I said rang true for you or you wouldn’t be so angry with me. I look forward to discussing it further x

      7. Omg people get over it it wasn’t offensive it’s an opinion
        And there is truth to it
        Why focus on the sex? Focus on the individual!

        Asking for an apology? What for!?

        Understand people are entitled to their own opinions and they can voice it however they like

        Take the high road hunny if it doesn’t gel with your own beliefs – who cares!
        Don’t read the comment why should it effect you

        This is annoying stuff demanding an apology


      8. Mystic's Diplomat

        Anon, my thoughts exactly re Mars in Aries.

        This is starting to look like a case of Freedom of Speech vs. Do No Harm (or take no harm).

        It would be good to have both!


      9. Sorry but how did you become Mystics diplomat ? What you have said here makes absolutely no sense. You’d be much better off at the UN.

        I’m done with this place. Should have gone after the last poisoness attack.
        But I love the Mystic and I had to give it another go. Now this and a diplomat who can’t see the forest for the trees. Seriously.

        To those around here who have enjoyed my presence, farewell my lovelies x I wish you all the best.

      10. Kudos to you for not doing pass-agg or the anon game. I believe that you should ONLY be allowed to post under a paid acct name on here.

        If folks want to call folks out, do it under your REGULAR name. Some people are such cowards.

      11. Well I am sideless, but I really do think women’s issues, particularly feminism are a concern to all. It takes courage to speak up about these matters, in a bipartisan manner, to remind people how important & valid it is, and it would resonate with both the repressed and the oppressors. I admire your ideas, and believe nothing hostile was meant.

        Lastly for the record I am partnered with a triple Aries (YES) Sun, Venus Mercury (all 8th) square moon capricorn (5th) person, Jupiter in scorpio (3rd) with Leo rising, not exactly a walk through the park…Anybody can be a chauvinist, male or female, few are brave enough to admit the inequality most women (globally as a gender) endure.

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