A Born-Again Birth Chart?

Dear Mystic,

On Oct 2, 2015, having been through 3 months of cleansing myself of everything that fucken Saturn had thrown at me for 29 fucking years, I died. After a massive heart attack, I was dead for 20 minutes. I had tubes in every orifice,  medical staff doing CPR and was zapped eight fucking times with electricity. 

The thing I recall about being dead for 20 minutes was not being an entity (such as a human shell), but that of a quark or sub atom particle, drifting in the eternity of the cosmos. I was part of everything and connected to the awesomeness of the universe (that is the only label I have that will allow people to perceive the space I was floating/drifting in).
It was so peaceful and calming.

I believe it is the way it goes when we die, that our awesome conscious is all connected. We return to that valued source. The trouble is in this world, people have to block this out and travel down the complex road of human society with all the other non ‘seeing’ humans. 

Finally, I was alive yet again. It took Jesus three days. It took hospital staff 20 minutes. So here I am wondering what the fuq.
I am the same but not the same. So why am I here? Is it going to be different?

Will I become a better Scorpio? Will I still be the violent warrior? There are so many Qs and so few visible A’s. Answers take time. It has only been a month, this 2nd time around. I am now seeing a shrink and my doctors are amazed at my recovery. I know that with the right guidance of my Spiritual Ancients, allies, and guides I will be on a better path.

Mystic will know as she is an ally to me. I am sure she has CCTV watching my every move as her readings are so fucking accurate.

Thanks for your insight and valued input to my life. The questions I have for you ‘Mystic Medusa’:- After a traumatic event like death, then resuscitation, does a person stay in the same horoscope profile?

Or would it change? There are so many questions I have been seeking answers for after this event. Do I have two astro charts now that I died and come back? Lol.

Love ya Mystic
Regards Colin

Dear Colin,

Okay, you win the award for the most mindblowing email.  Welcome back and thank you for the compliments. Your astrology at the time of this event was sensational. It was your second Saturn Return AND it was on your North Node. What happened with the first Saturn Return/North Node scenario?  That would have been November 1985.

They say North Node in Sagittarius people like travel but you’re one-upping everyone with your astral trip. And you got eight electricity zaps, eight being the number of Saturn.

But to answer your actual question, I don’t think that you get a new birth chart, as such. But that if you can get the exact time of your revival, that chart would definitely hold many a clue as to your next direction. Especially the Moon, Midheaven and Rising Sign degree.

The most significant factor of this near-death experience, at least astrologically, is Saturn on your North Node. That is your North Star, your very life purpose. There is something distinct you were bought back to do. Saturn is not exactly nebulous. And if you get the chart for the revival moment and see where Saturn was in that chart, voila an answer.

Also, Pluto exact squares your North Node – this event was Saturn on your North Node square Pluto. Pluto rules you. This is not your first Plutonic situation. Additionally, your South Node is in the 8th House – You’re accomplished at transitions and comfortable in the indigo realms.

What does everyone else think?

Image: Nome Edonna – Caverns of Hypnogogia

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  1. Joy with Joy.

    My NDE occurred 4/15/1999. (Better called an NLE — Nearer to Life Experience — it is this outer physical world that is “dead”).

    Using Dymock Brose’s Age Harmonics, Emerson’s Part of Death was conjunct the Sun, orb 0°21’A and conjunct Mars, all in the 6th House with Scorpio on the Cusp. The Part of Death and Sun were square Uranus in the 9th of Journeys Beyond Earth. Moon, Saturn, and the Nodes were in the 8th House of Awakening square Jupiter in the 11th House Friends in Higher Places. And Pluto in the 12th of the Trance has Ended was conjunct the Asc.

    20-year anniversary April 15, 2019.

    After years of resentment for returning to physical form, now it is easy. Both “here” and “there” with Joy, Gratitude, and always-present Loving-kindness.

    With reverent respect and radiant radiance to you, all whom you Love, and All Life.


  2. I also died…for about 5 minutes…from an freak accident although health-wise I was in perfect condition…I kept moving for 3+ miles, keeping my bones and muscles in alignment…when I was floating upwards and then thought about my dear cat, I knew to “swim backwards” into my body (I’m a Pisces Sun/Cancer Rising/Virgo Moon…and with my 2nd “birthdate” I’m a Libra Sun/Leo Rising/Cancer Moon…February 21 and October 21 respectively!). I refused surgery, rehabbed myself, am a vegan…and besides working with children went back to being an artist…but removed myself from the painbody-human-tribe I was surrounded by at the time of the “accident”…I’m participating more in music…was initiated into Kriya Yoga over 10 years ago…it’s a mindtrip, but when I let go…nothing’s a problem…I’ll probably write a book…whatever suits a mind that was 5 minutes dead…but I’m still teaching in schools and passed a fairly difficult NASM certification this past summer…my soul has intelligence! Thank you for your experience which gives me added insight…

  3. Funny, I just picked up Castenada for the first time in 25 years…. And got it in a completely different way- Colin your voice comes through so powerfully, my dad died a month ago exactly on the eclipse, I was awake and at that exact time (I found out later, we were on different continents) I felt this powerful swoosh of energy and for some reason I started praying…my life has completely transformed in the last month, the castenada thing- I think the shock shifted my assemblage point, and has opened a different doorway to life for me just by association- we def need these interpreters between worlds, and to live with death daily as in Buddhist tradition.

  4. Awesome story! I love it.

    Have you ever heard of the concept Indigo Children? Have a read if you haven’t…

    basically a generation of people born to change the world in a nut shell.

    A lovely commenter above mentioned its your time to talk to the NON PEOPLE of this world.

    Maybe you should really delve into spirituality, meditate, seek out gurus, open a wellness clinic, meditation clinic, explore yoga, become a hollistic healer OH MY THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS..

    OR – do you meditate? Maybe you should start and guarantee the answer will come

  5. You also asked some questions.
    I wanted to ask why you say “will I still be the violent warrior”
    Is it important to you that you are/remain violent (or non-violent)? Or a warrior?
    A Libra rising Scorpio may indicate that you have a 12th house Scorpio Sun.
    I am wondering if -and my apologies if I am off track – do you have a connection with certain kinds of institutions?
    The 12th house is also compassion, forgiveness. I also consider things like ceding ‘control’ to something bigger than ourselves. Whether that control is relinquished consciously e.g. “I am in god’s hands” (etc) or forcibly imposed (the lockup) maybe. Or just a battle/struggle with something slippery and impossible to grasp until we decide not to grasp it and just shrug and live in the mystery. Ya know.

    Libra things might mean a desire for balance, fairness…. Or scorp   Sun…retribution?
    Aries 7th house cusp, is all the “action” brought to you by “other people”?
    Where is your mars?

    Things will be different if you choose/allow it.
    Peace 🙂

    1. 12th House Virgo

      I like what you said about 12th house Sun here. It does seem 12th house will require you to relinquish control, even if that means incarceration or insanity.

  6. Nothing you can really say to this, eh? Not to be too blunt and too forward (Mars/Merc/Uranus led Capricorn Stellium, sorry) but I hope this hasn’t sucked all the juice out of life’s Lemon for ya. This Cap can only prescribe sex, booze, good company….oh, and starting a bigass fight, over anything at all, physical or verbal or hell even astral, good cause or bad. Nothing like getting angry as hell to make living seem sweet again. I say that as someone learning to reclaim their anger from repression, learning to stop being a ghost. Remember, guy, you’re no ghost. Not yet.

    1. Not that I should be giving advice to a guy who died though. Can you keep checking in here, Colin my man?
      I wanna hear about your further adventures, we all do!

      Oh, and Saturn/NN is weird as fuck in synastry, idk about natal. I have mine on some dude’s NN, and I don’t even know him but he’s constantly in my fucking head. DNW.

  7. Thanks for all your wonderful and insightful comments.
    MM and I had emails regarding this blog of DE, she encouraged me to write it, she also gave me some advice as well.
    Which has turned out to be very accurate.
    It feels like my spirit/conscious/awareness (insert own label here) has not caught up with my human form as of yet.
    It feels like I am not in tune or aligned with self.
    A regeneration (a la Dr.Who) is taking place.
    The old self, thoughts/ ideas/assumption/bad programming/ misconceptions etc. are still being re written.
    I feel the change.
    I have anxiety attacks, due to not being able to understand the concept of being here again/still.
    I don’t think it was my choice to return to this ‘reality’ but a choice by something more powerful,
    My own thoughts, are that the allies who have chosen to guide me, obviously thought I had more to learn before departure.
    These allies are not of this world/realm but do reside here. If you would like to feel their presence, go to Black Mountain in North Queensland. If they like you, you will feel it. If they don’t like you, you will feel it.
    At present I am re reading Carlos Castaneda’s book ” A Separate Reality”.
    I read it as I am allowed to and at appropriate times.
    Trying to recall or remember what exactly happened in those 20 mins of down time, can be blurred by the concepts of the reality in which I live. Is it correct what I experienced or is it something that I believed to be?
    Then I read this in the book some 2 days ago.
    Don Juan explained to Carlos what death would be like.

    “Death has two stages. The first is the blackout. It is a meaningless stage, very similar to the first effect of mescalito (or gold top/ blue meanie mushrooms to me), in which one experiences a lightness that makes one feel happy, complete, and that everything in the world is at ease. But that is only a shallow state; it soon vanishes and one enters a new realm, a realm of harshness and power.
    Death is very much like this.
    The first stage is a blackout. The second stage is the real stage where one meets with death; it is a brief moment, after the first blackout, when we find that we are, somehow, ourselves again. It is then that death smashes against us with quiet fury and power and it dissolves our lives into nothing.
    Death enters through the belly. Right through the gap of the will. That area is the most important and sensitive part of man.
    It is the area of the will and also the area through which all of us die.”

    This is also what I thought of the experience. But the nothing we evolve into is not harsh, It is serene and empowering. It is the second stage of death that is confronting.
    The re entering of old self was an easy transition.
    Now is the waiting and processing of all relevant information as to what my purpose is meant to be.
    I shall not seek it too hard.
    After the anxiety has subsided and my spirit/conscious/awareness catches up to this body and mind, I will proceed with no destination and learn from the journey.
    By the way I am not 29.
    I am 59.
    The past 29 years have been enduring the challenges of Saturn.

    1. I agree, no need to seek it, it already found you. Relax and allow yourself to be led. So when the time comes, your actions and words will be free of personal intent and theorised agendas. Allow the new material to pass through you, not be of you.
      Not one human has ever or will ever be able to understand or comprehend the meaning of the life cycle. Not even one part of it.
      FFS you died and came back and you still have no idea. Surrender and accept that and you get the message. We are the feet of the universal mind. Feet don’t need to understand. Enjoy the things only earth life can bring while your still here. Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy the physical by worrying about the meta physical.

      1. “Enjoy the things only earth life can bring while your still here. Don’t miss your opportunity to enjoy the physical by worrying about the meta physical.”

        Beautiful reminder!

        My girlfriend (see comment upstream) said pretty much the same thing to me in conversation one day. Then she summed it all up with THIS humdinger: “We get the pizza AND the penis!” LMAO! Feel free to substitute the word “pussy” for “penis” as you prefer.

    2. 12th House Virgo

      “Death enters through the belly. Right through the gap of the will. That area is the most important and sensitive part of man.
      It is the area of the will and also the area through which all of us die.”

      Fuq yes. I could geek out on this. I have never read his work but have encountered other who have. I just feel like I have no need to read someone I already understand and agree with.

      The gut is amazing.

      “Now is the waiting and processing of all relevant information as to what my purpose is meant to be.” The premise is flawed here. “Purpose.” “Meaning.” Who can say when you have those? What external proof do you need? Take it. Now.

      Your gut knows. Its staggeringly simple. Horrifyingly, beautifully simple.

    3. Oh dear gawd – he’s already on Carlos Castaneda…!

      You’re gonna be just fine, buddy – I promise!

      BTW, totally think your new handle on MM should be “Lazarus” – just sayin’!

  8. Interesting your comment re: feeling like a quark or sub atomic particle. This ties in neatly with the concept of the 5th dimension being ‘inner space’, consciousness of being the basic fabric of the universe. We will eventually realize that our next upgrade of consciousness has nothing to do with either galactic or intergalactic matters but rather the sub atomic ones. This whole CERN / Higgs boson exploration is exactly where we will find the keys that open the door to 5th dimensional awareness.

  9. Cooooooool story. Totes confirms everything I have been thinking about source and interconnectivity, etc.

    A resurrection chart would be awesome. I reckon I’d be hunting down a good psychic medium too for some additional answers.

    I sometimes wonder about birth charts my father was born twice. Poked his head out slightly, doctors recorded a time, decided he didn’t like it, popped back in until they they found some forceps and ripped him out, scratched a line through the first time and gave him a new one.

    1. Welcome again Colin. I read this yesterday and have been pondering on it since. The reason(s) for your return may take some time to manifest. These things often do. What a brilliant launch into the new.

  10. Maybe a bit on a tangent, but this year my beloved, beloved boy cat died and my mum died (crazy parents, not close to them). I think I had a visit from my cat and my mum the night of their passing.

    The day I had to put my boy to rest, that night I had a dream that he was racing around the house in a green cape. When I couldn’t see him, I could call him and he would appear. He was a bit scuffed up in my dream, but not affected by it. Before I woke up I told him to go to the light – I would miss him but I wanted what was best for him. Crazy thing – I took a week off from work after he died to recuperate and comfort my female cat – right when I returned to work, an aquainance contacted me and asked me if I was interested in adopting his girl Maine Coon who no joke is related to my boy cat! My boy cat is actually this girl’s uncle!!!! I wasn’t sure about getting another cat so fast. I had a feeling my female cat would need another companion at some point, but I didn’t want to rush things for either of us. I ended up taking in my friend’s girl as it seemed like fate and she has been an amazing addition to the house – and she is so much like her uncle!!! I miss my boy so much but she has helped me and my female cat so much.

    With my mum, she was in hospital. One night I had a dream that I had just bought this great new apartment (I am a renter, would love to have the money to buy a place so I could have more security). My mum came and was having a look around my apartmrnt and kept trying to get me to give her a spare key to my place, in case I ever locked myself out. I was wary because I was worried she would come and let herself in as she pleased, and I didn’t want that. I can’t remember if I gave her one. When I woke up I got the news she had passed.

    I have a Sun/Neptune conjunction. Maybe this is psychic stuff or unconscious stuff or maybe these really were visits. After my cat died I bought all these books about life after death and animals in the afterlife.

  11. Have you read any Brian Weiss Colin?
    There is a story in one of his books of someone under hypnosis talking of when they were joined up as part of some kind of grid/net, its been a few years since i read, however the imagery formed felt like what the Aust. Aboriginal people call ”Songlines” like a big fishing net, he has come across a few of these people..
    He’s in New Zealand at the mo, and on his way to Oz Melb. His books are economically priced on book depository dot co dot uk .. He’s a fascinating Scorp in his 70’s…Are you still tingling from it ?

    1. Hmmm, yes, sometimes known as grid engineers. I first came across this concept while living western face Mt.Warning. The local indigenous explained that the grid / songline passed through mt warning and headed towards Uluru. There was a problem though, transmissions were being modified and translated by the not so secret ‘Pine Gap’ facility, built right on a key node of the grid.
      Grid engineers would gather at Mt warning and Uluru in attempts to mitigate the problem.


      Most grid engineers I met considered themselves either walk ins or Twines ( where 2 souls reside in one body).

      1. Cultural origins or responses aside, could ley lines be considered an equivalent in (say) Euro or brit landscapes/?

      2. Yes, though technically ley lines are the lines where the earths tectonic plates meet, the term is now used to describe the various indigenous terms like songlines, dragon lines etc.

  12. hi Colin. Wow.
    Saturn doesn’t let us stop until the work is done. So I guess your work is not done.
    Heart attack at age 29. Wow. What was your condition before the attack? Healthy but family history? Extreme stress of some description?
    Perhaps there is some fruitful analysis to be done there. Families and “hearts” having a complex and intergenerational relationship, sometimes.
    Thank you for sharing this experience xx

  13. Hi Colin – I had a not dissimilar experience in July 2011. I didn’t quite die, although I wasn’t far off it and when I came out of two days in a coma, I almost died again. The monitors had been taken off, the nurse was nowhere to be found and I couldn’t breathe properly. I realised that I had about sixty seconds in which to make a decision to stay alive, because that was the only way I would live. The decision presented itself very clearly as whether or not I wanted to ‘step off the planet and go into the universe’. Those were the exact words.

    I knew that if I stepped off the planet everything would be all right. *I* would be all right. More than all right. The universe was right there for me – not unlike your experience of its awesomeness. I knew if I stayed that I would have a few years of absolute awfulness to deal with, because of things that were going on in my life. But I chose to stay. It was my brother’s birthday. And all those doctors and nurses in ICU had spent two days keeping me alive. It seemed almost rude to leave.

    Those years were awful but they’re over now. NOW is what feels like the rebirth. It wasn’t until I read your letter that I realised that, fuq yeah, it feels like a new birth chart should be done. Mostly, though, I’m writing this comment to acknowledge your experience and to thank you for writing about it – because now I feel less alone in my experience. Namaste

  14. Hi Colin,
    My NDE was in 1981. I mostly remember the Light, a feeling of great Love and a Peace beyond my understanding. I was told I had to go back. When I looked down I saw a car smashed to pieces. Then experienced a gruelling re-entry to the body – certainly not something I ever want to go through again. At the time, there was only one book available to buy about all this ‘Life after Death’. However, now there are many thank goodness. I have recently read a new book by Roisin Fitzgerald called ‘Taking Heaven Lightly’. I think you might find it a helpful read, as she asks the same questions and she has found some answers. We certainly come back with a different view of things, especially death and dying. I have found occasions – and usually I ‘know’ when it’s appropriate – to talk about my experience. People seem to gain something from this and from what I gather it is a sense of relief for them. I wish you all the best in getting used to being back. It took me two years to stop wanting to take the ‘suit’ off. I felt quite trapped being back in a body.

  15. Holy moly! amazing Colin! Welcome back and congratulations on your recovery progressing well.

    I love that you emailed this!

  16. No new chart. Our life begins when we enter the world in the form of a human body. You came back to the same body that you left. So I think you are still the same.

  17. The new birth chart idea is very cool. It makes me wonder how deep this transformation of yours went that you are considering this.

    Have you read anything on the concept of ‘walk-ins’? Sometimes the focal point of consciousness moves elsewhere and another takes it’s place.

    I think a new chart is a totally valid idea in this circumstance.
    I hope you can get the exact time of your ‘rebirth’ and report back how that chart would look!

  18. 12th House Virgo

    “I believe it is the way, when we die, that our awesome conscious is all connected. We return to that valued source.
    The trouble is in this world, people have to block this out and travel down the complex road of human society with all the other non ‘seeing’ humans.”

    Yes. People have to block it out. And, unfortunately, making death meaningful is also a way to “block this out.” We are dead. We are living. We are “that valued source.”

    Sounds like nonsense. But, like Carl Jung said, “I don’t need belief. I have experience.” And so do you. So, I just caution you about looking for meaning.

    Words do this no justice. Just noise.

    So, I vote no new birth chart for you. Why be bound by time when you have seen you are beyond time? You can google the f*ck out of your transits. What will it tell you but what happened? Enjoy. Good luck.

    1. Omg. As I was reading your comment 12 V, I thought “I love being dead.”
      As in, we’re already dead. I don’t know. I started thinking like this after doing a lot of thinking after a family member died a few yrs ago. anyway plenty of ppl here have more experience than me (Colin mainly indeed)

  19. Amazing email! But also scaring me/hitting close to home as I head into Saturn return with major health problems 🙁 I hope your recovery continues to go well and that you find your new purpose or path with the new perspective

  20. Welcome back Collin. It’s so nice to have someone come back for a change! 🙂 I hope you find the answers to your questions – and with Pluto on the case – I’m pretty sure you will. Though the main question, you already seem to have experienced the answer to, and that sounded pretty damned good to me. Blessed peace and calm from all the BS. Your story is very inspiring. Enjoy your second time round on this crazy plane(t).

  21. First – welcome back Colin 🙂
    Second – holy fuq I think Colin deserves the candle, Mystic. Or a (second) lifetime subscription. Email of the decade imho.

    1. We have a candle winner! I am just waiting for her to respond to my email so i know it is okay to announce her name or if she wants to stay private

  22. Love this! Beautiful letter, so clearly written.
    The phoenix nature of Scorpio is really all about rebirth this month with the Sun shining through Scorpio’s eyes. It really resonates for other reasons I won’t go into.

    But, I have had a couple of epileptic fits that were very ..long. 10 mins one of them.
    I didn’t have witnesses to the last one I had, but I think I had two separate fits and actually got into bed between the two.

    That one was very important for me. I had no stress triggers (unless you count putting laundry away, lol) and it actually felt like a good thing.
    Afterwards I felt as if I had shucked off all the petty trauma’s of life up until that point. The angstiness, the frustration, the confusion all dissipated.
    I felt calm, happy, balanced and a new life began for me and I began working part time doing energy healing.

    “Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani might be fun to read right now.
    Really classic and miraculous tale of death and rebirth.
    Encountering that love and sense of belonging you had in death is such a blessing.

    Also, these experiences tend to come with a download of information that might take time to assemble itself formally in the mind-body.
    Many blessings Colin! This is a shamanic awakening. 😉

    1. Sphinxy ,
      What an resurfacing !
      Glad you are ok hon, and rather than harm done it seems it was undone …
      I have heard (the recently departed) Dr Wayne Dyer talk of Anita, and i almosted posted a link, however hadn’t read it myself, some summer reading me thinks.
      Hope the little peeps are travelling well Hon.

      1. Thank you dear star fleeced lady!
        Was looking at the Brian Weiss thing in Melbourne, I would have loved to go, but am away that weekend.
        😉 The epilepsy is fine, it’s annoying that I have to buy exxy extreme drugs which I have a distaste for taking and also visit expensive & arrogant neurologists who ask invasive questions. But I drive, so..
        You would like ‘Dying to Be Me’ I think, it is interesting on few levels!
        So much going on with my little ones, but I will save that for a later date. Hope you and yours are doing very much better after your big year. It’s good to see you here a bit more!

  23. Fellow Libra Sun/Scorp Moon and violent warrior here, ….and WOW your story takes the prize for sure! Good to hear from another sane person that death was pretty cool.
    I did survive death multiple times but I haven’t needed resuscitation yet. Both of the times Saturn was in Scorpio conjunct my moon almost exact.

    So did you have a choice in coming back to this plane when the docs were trying to bring you back or was the decision not you? You don’t have to answer but I am intensely curious!

  24. Holy shit, coolest email EVER!!

    Wow, amazing and thought-provoking story – thanks for sharing; it’s perfect for Scorpio season and Mercury in Scorp trine Neptune!

    I would say it depends whether on whether or not you *feel* you are a still the same person or if you feel you might instead be what they call (and brace yourself cause I’m goin’ full woo-woo here) a “Walk-In”. If it’s the latter, than by all means I say roll with a new chart.

    I’ve never had a legit NDE. The closest I’ve metaphorically come has been the Zap Zone and getting jolted by 1,000,000 kw of Uranus/Pluto for two years straight (and counting). I feel like a very different person, but it’s not the same as actually flatlining and being clinically dead for 20 minutes so I can only imagine what your actual resurrection experience has been like.

    PS – I would bet money you’re meant to write about your experience with Saturn in Sadge on the North Node. Sagittarius is the publishing sign, after all. Would want to see more of the chart, but that’s my gutshot read on it FWIW.

    1. LV -I had the same thought EXCEPT- I wondered if the walk-in was the pre death person who would not get the F out.

      Have witnessed walk ins in various low Qi peeps- and the critically ill who adopt utterly different personae. It ain’t always the fever…

      1. Sphinx, Maybe I read too much Dion Fortune in my 20s! LOL! Secrets of Dr. Taverner and so forth.

        I don’t think we understand all the permutations of agreements between conscious entities. It is cool to know that some make agreements, but I think much is yet to be learned.

        So grateful to Colin and the others who share their personal journeys out and back -and give us new perspectives!

      2. Thankyou for the tip of the book Kell! I found a PDF of it and will endeavour to read it at some point. I was never much attracted to that era of spiritual exploration, not sure why, but maybe there are some gems I have overlooked.
        And it’s true, energy flows in mysterious ways the permutations of which are infinite, so really one cannot generalise for one’s own comfort re the agreements of others.
        I think I was just concerned for Colin and my own experiences lead me to see the comment differently!

    2. Oh pardon me, I didn’t see you mentioned this idea of walk ins.
      And I do agree that such an event would be worthy of a new chart!

      Kell I am not thinking that a walk-in and a personality shift due to illness are the same. For lack of better language to talk about it, I would suggest that such an occurrence could be another aspect of the self or an energy parasite or another entity. A walk-in situation is more of an agreed upon situation that occurs for the benefit of all concerned and not an ‘invasion’.
      Can be a very beautiful and exciting occurrence…

      1. No need to apologize, my darling – we’re just surfing the same wavelength together is all! 😉

        Also, re: Initiations – Right?! This has to be *the* ultimate, ya? I have a very close friend who is a legit shaman trained in the South American tradition (Andean lineage) and she had a NDE in the form of a near-fatal car wreck where someone hit her head-on at a high rate of speed. But it was this experience that served to set her on her Path. She’s a Saturn conjunct Chiron girl…pain is her greatest teacher and what she has learned through her own journey to wellness has been used to serve others. FWIW, I see Chiron as aligning with the Shaman archetype – he is the Bridge; the Walker Between Worlds. I’ve actually looked at the charts of many who follow a shamanic path and it’s always, always Chiron I see activated. Neptune is more the Mystic in my eyes; as in transcendental and decidedly not earthbound.

      2. A beautiful person (on this blog!) just sent me some books on shamanism that I’m currently diving into. Chiron, for sure is a shaman, also he is an educator. Which i really like about Chiron, he really was teaching others to heal themselves.
        As the Egyptian proverb goes, “Not the greatest Master can go even one step for his disciple; in himself he must experience each stage of developing consciousness. Therefore he will know nothing for which he is not ripe”.

        So the word shaman is interesting, because it implies being ‘chosen’, or ‘ripe’, a better word I think. And being a shaman is being part of a community and lineage too, like your friend is, no? Interestingly the Healer/Medicine Goddess in the egyptian pantheon is Sekhmet, who apparently rules Saggitarius symbolically.
        She is of the vibration of purification, blood, life and and a terrestrial healer.
        How is your Chiron placed? And your Neptune? Where is your shamanic heart leading?

  25. Welcome back Colin!

    I read ‘Saved by the Light’ when I was 15, it’s about the man who was struck by lighting & died for about the same length of time. Anyway I thought it was fascinating. Some say his story controversial now but I think people are probably just afraid of this stuff.

    I think you should organise your own speaking tour & speak on what you said:

    ‘I believe it is the way, when we die, that our awesome conscious is all connected. We return to that valued source.The trouble is in this world, people have to block this out and travel down the complex road of human society with all the other non ‘seeing’ humans.’

    People struggle with the complex road of human society maybe you can help bridge this with your experience, help people to understand. It’s fascinating, we kind of know this stuff through Buddhism etc but man, you’ve got the credentials!

    1. Domestic Triffid

      There’s a wonderful book called “Dying To Be Me” by Anita Moorjani where she had a very similar experience – and this is what she does – she gives talks about her experiences. This sort of first hand perspective on some of the great spiritual questions helps other people a lot…..

  26. As a a fellow Libra-Scorp Rising- Feeling way less paranoid re- near misses and Wow that was CLOSE vehicle adventures!

    Are you perchance loaded with any Via Combusta planets- 15 Libra to 15 Scorp? And is Saturn Scorp, or Sadge? Inquiring minds want to pay our life insurance premiums- just in case.

    Seriously, it is an honor to read your tale of beyond and back!!!

    Re your chart- I would look at your Progressed and transit charts. Maybe the Saturn /NNode bit will flow now that you have busted through several dimensions. N node is our groups too- our soul kinfolk. I suspect you will connect disconnect with great ease now.

    Welcome back- what are your dreams like? Thoth/Mercury/The Merlin carrying treasures between worlds…

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