Have You Heard The Interstellar Plasma Hum?

If you hear the Hum, you might be delighted to know that it is possibly galactic. Ever since Saturn entered Aquarius late last year, astrophysicists have been making unprecedented, ridiculously cool discoveries on a more frequent basis.

But they’ve really stepped it up since the first Mercury-Neptune square in late May. Check out these clear proof of cosmic intelligence discoveries announced in the last ten days alone.

The pandemic, as well as the not-exactly-shocking news of big-deal corruption/the venality of politicians, has kept the ‘magic is real’ news off the main feed but it is pretty rad.

A selection:

May 25 – A new Dark Matter map reveals previously concealed paths between galaxies.

May 27 –  The first ‘photographs’ of the Galactic Center are published and there seems to be a dramatic, perpetual regenerative process at the heart of it – a  non-stop “magnetic reconnection event”.

May 27 – Einstein could have been incorrect – New Physics is a possibility. That is, no more ‘big bang’ theory to explain the origin of the universe.

June 2 – Something – as in something else is controlling the particles known as Dark Matter – and it’s doing it from a hidden dimension.

June 4 – Voyager 1 has detected a mysterious cosmic – or plasma – hum in interstellar space.

I’m one of the alleged 4% of people who hear the Hum – if you are as well, you’ll know it – and I’ve ascribed it to the smart grid or tele-fuqery. But as the interstellar plasma hum is a low, steady hum of about 3 kHz, could it be that?

It would obviously be much cooler if the hum were cosmic or an interstellar reach out to Earth via the Schumann resonance. Who would you trust more – the cosmos or your local power distributor?

79 thoughts on “Have You Heard The Interstellar Plasma Hum?”

    1. VVV-WIT-08 sounds so shrouded in science code – until you read that WIT stands for “what is this”. Really!? Wonder if they have a WTF category for totally bizarre star systems.

  1. I seem to be late to this thread party. Glad to see photo of my MC ! How exciting. And Einstein, well of course he was going to be usurped eventually. When will we understand that knowledge is a step process. Once you find out one thing it only ever leads to another. There is no finite pinnacle. Surely some brain bot has this in meta physics somewhere way more capably put than my pseudo intellectual musings. And we had a superb thunder storm for the hour of the eclipse. Stunning. Grazie thank you and merci to all involved in that one. You upstairs you know who you are.
    what about the radio bursts from deep space now that seem to have gone from a possible one to over 500 ? Seems we’ve picked on universal SKY or BBC. ? I hope it’s a touch more… more… honest ? Less partisan ? Great work Mystic as usual.

  2. Its been a wonderful day. We had unexpected rains all morning and I stayed in bed until 10 (Thank you, work from home situ). The hum intermixed with rain pitter patter removed the need for any other sound. I did not listen to music today, no TV, and no talking either (except mandatory family phone call). The naps have been easy, the self dialogues in parallel universe have been derilously insightful and intimate. I am floating on nothingness, truly happy in my own mind, body and soul. Such a wonderful feeling…thought I would share with you all.

    1. Bliss. I stayed in bed until 930am with just the hum from the sleeping cat curled up next to me. That gentle purr is a great frequency. And right on the eclipsed new moon we had a huge downpour and thunderstorm as if to herald some change. Glorious day.

  3. Getsomebalance

    I absolutely love Mystic’s articles and page. Highlight of my day. I also love the comments from members. Everyone is so wise, wonderful and woke on this page. Would love to hang out with you all around a big camp fire. Imagine the energy. I am not hearing the hum at the moment. Haven’t heard it for years. Too many others things to pull me away. The loudest I heard it was when I was at the Grand Canyon USA. Not sure why? But it was deafening and electric. Stay healthy everyone x

    1. That would be some huge campfire that would be alight forever, the Leo’s would ensure that as a symbol of their beloved hearth fire. The rest of us would be making a new blue print for how things could be if we ruled.

    2. T’would be such a cackling good time. 😄x
      Have not heard the hum – I don’t think, despite super-sensitive hearing – but I would probably have ‘felt’ it, as Skarab mentioned below – and then also blamed it on some crazy shizz that scientists are doing under mountains !🤣💗

  4. Daily Emails are so easy to navigate. Much appreciated Myst.
    Nice to see something sensible in the morning inbox amongst
    ‘want to see nice photos of Czech girl’, a tens of ‘invest in bitcoin’ letters.
    Just how do they get your email?

    Yes that bust mentioned was bigger than huge, the biggest in the whole world ever. Very clever.The ones on the unexpected receiving end made me laugh, they all look like C-grade movie stars, take all their cues & clothes from movies, for the roles they play.
    For all that now gone-to-the-government moola their taste in attire, investments & motor vehicles is atrocious. Damn nouveau riche!
    The True Mafia wear grey suits to see their bank manager, drive 6-8 yo cars, wear no bling.

    1. Am still trying to work out whether i missed the boat not responding to ads to meet single or married hot women in my area. These ads never come up anymore, even while i am trying to work out really different ways to maintain work-life balance under covid while appeasing my sag moon sense of adventure. Mind you, i did get a bit distracted by the bowel screening kit, i mean really, my own shit through the post or hot women! What was i thinking!?!?

      1. Hello Millie, Cap rising much? We have enough hot women here to satisfy our inner Sappho. Poo screening kits are only sent to over 60’s so don’t worry your knickers over that one. Melba has lockdown addiction there. SA escaped it all & my adventures happen in 2 nearby leash free dog parks, it’s my social life.

  5. ‘I feel this pang inside-
    Is it my soul trying to break out
    Or the world’s soul trying to break in’. Change ‘pang’ to ‘hum’?


    Reading about his meeting with Albert Einstein in a book about atoms & photons having a mind because they have choice. Wonder if they choose to hear or not?

    1. Eh?? Tagore met Einstein? Two poets meet, and poetry is Truth or truth is poetry, no matter whose form it comes in. Just delighted to know they spoke together! But OMG my Neptune Jupiter Moon Sage is WOWING out at the atoms and photons having CHOICE. Of course they do! What are we made of? (What is everything made of? Wow, is it CHOICE?) Pegasus, you are indeed a Sage and a lot of MerGoat, and it speaks so much to me. Wish you could my guru on the next spiritual quest i have lined up, but heheh that one will be a Virgo/Mercury type when i have got myself ready.

      1. Tagore: When our universe is in harmony with man the eternal, we know it as truth, we feel it as beauty.
        Einstein: This is purely human conception of the universe.
        Tagore: There can be no other conception, this is a human world….the world apart from us does not exist. It is a relative world, depending for it’s reality upon our consciousness.
        Einstein:Truth, then or beauty is not independent of man?
        Tagore: No
        Einstein:If there would be no human beings anymore the Apollo Belevedere (in the Vatican) would not longer be beautiful.
        Einstein: I agree with regard to this conception of beauty but not with regard to truth.
        Tagore: Why not. Truth is realised through man.
        Einstein: I cannot prove that my conception is right but that is my religion.

        It goes on to say that this once famous meeting between the two great minds is largely forgotten, but was startling prophetic as after all belief & disbelief are human creations too, that the most fantastic of possibilities that we are the creators of reality.

        Reading this is my version of Sudoku ie: to keep my brain working:-).

  6. Corduroy jeans

    Forgot to add below – can’t believe International Dark Matter Day is October 31 – i.e. Halloween !!👉 www dot darkmatterday dot com

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Heyyyaa to the coolest Saggie ever !!😍 I am feeling it to be cosmobiologically intense Pegs. Also freezing over here in the west – how is SA?? we put a woodfire stove in just as Lilith conjuncted my asc (am having a Lili return too, now). So much elemental fun. Even for a novice like me. Am trying to use it as a cosmic letterbox (only messages of love, but of course.😉💗).

      2. Jack Frost arrived right on time June 8. Wood fire’s are the very best heat, no hot air blowing at you & warms you internally and definitely elementally. Much creativity came from looking into the flames 100.000 years ago.
        Hi 5 backatcha Baby Girl.

      3. Got to agree on the wood fire thing. I can’t live in a house unless I have a wood fire. None of your gas stuff or electric. It really does feed me. And now having acres of Ligurian wooded hillside I manage my wood too! Letting the young trees grow and letting in a touch of light here and there, the grass and herbs grow and the deer grave in the dappled light. Bliss. That feeds me too. I should be super skinny with all this energetic food!

      4. That should read the deer graze. They graze. Honestly trust auto correct to ruin my poetic moment !

  7. And not to mention that Voyager 1 can send information to Earth from that distance! This is cool MM thank you.

  8. Wish Upon a Star

    I had a dream on June 4th, the night before my birthday.

    Basically aliens gave me health information that was precise. I won’t elaborate as it brings up regret.

    When I was told I knew in my bones that it was correct.

    All is good now with my health.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks Centaurus.

        I’ve got my 7 year ahead report.
        Is that what you mean?

      2. It’s a chart done for the exact time the sun returns to its natal position which may be on your birthday or either side of it…within a couple of days. Its not about the day but the exact degree. It will show the themes for the year ahead.

        Sun house placement, ascendant and angles will all change. It’s a very different chart to your natal but of course the sun is in exactly the same spot it was at birth.

        You can compare to natal of course but that’s really just the same as looking at transits and their influence to your natal chart. I see the solar return as an opportunity to looks at things from outside the box or wheel as the case may be.

        For example next year I have Jupiter in the second house and in air which is what I have natally but the signs are different and expression will be different. It might be hard for me to spot that as Jupiter will essentially be trine Jupiter natal. Planets on angles are always worth paying attention too and are in some ways easier to access or spot.

      1. Wish Upon a Star


        I was waiting for that question.

        No. They put me through a series of machines. It felt very cold and clinical but not foreboding.

    1. Happy Solar Return StarLight. I remembered then forgot. Hope you had a sweet day on Saturday lovely one. Wishing you an abundance of Health Wealth & Prosperity forever. ‘Birthdays’s come but once a year-aren’t you glad you’re not a birthday. Weak i know but hope it bought a smile 🙂 x & hug.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Yes I did laugh. Thank you.

        Thanks for your kind words. Hugs back at ya.


    2. I think HIV+ told us to look at our sexuality it’s energy & how we. use it.
      Covid is telling us to take a look at our health.
      It truly is our wealth. My latest meditation is going to be on the Healing Temple & how to visit it in my mind.Design it in detail, what’s in it, who’s going to do what to where, & how i’ll feel before & after.
      Sorta like creating your light body. Have to write it out, then speak it.
      Thanx Star for the inspiration.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Glad to help.

        Yes I have been getting the message lately. If you don’t have your health you have nothing.

        I like the idea of the light body. Just today I was feeling I need to stay away from my friends dramas and consolidate and protect myself. I’m just too sensitive.

        Thanks for the validation. The penny is finally dropping for me.

        Self nurturing is the answer.

    3. Many healthy and happy Returns to you, Wish. I have soooo many questions about your dream: did you see them or sense them? Did it feel spiritual/cosmological, or do you believe in extra terrestrial life forms as kind of like terrestrial ones, questing for knowledge through exploration? There’s more…but in sum, I am glad you have the understanding of your health, sorry you have regrets and I hope you live well with them, AND happy that you can make Solar Return Wishes because they will be wise ones xx

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks m.

        I have never had any experience or any real interest in aliens.

        The dream was pretty matter of fact. A friend was gifting me (well it was my birthday) with the very special privilege of these tests.

        I suppose the crux of the dream was I had a ball park idea of some thing. But the aliens gave me an accurate answer.

        And in texting this reply the penny dropped. The friend was me and the alien answer was cosmic.

        Me being Pisces Rising it was all about the feeling. The universe was the parent just correcting my homework.

        I know it sounds obscure . The information is very private.

      2. So interesting, and i’m glad i asked out of curiosity. Your take on your dream is similar to how i would have viewed it if it were my dream, as i’m not so much into alien beliefs, either. But i like to understand more than assume where someone is coming from. Your dream and recognition of its message is deeply personal inner clarity, i see that.

      3. Wish Upon a Star

        Yes a beautiful feeling or inner clarity and letting go of regret.

        Thanks m.


    4. Basically you got a full medical work up from those in the know as a birthday gift. Go Girl.
      wishing you a beautiful solar year.

  9. I heard a hum while in Switzerland a few yrs ago. Didn’t quite know whether i was feeling it or hearing it. My partner couldn’t hear it. I thought it could have been a cafeine induced neuro disdorder (though i only have one cup a day) but decided to put it down to the crazy shit scientists must be doing inside/under those mountains. I convinced myself that i could feel & hear the large hadron collider, lol. But strangely, though Bristol is a hum hub, i don’t recall hearing it when living there. Strangeness.

  10. I’ve heard the hum, but only at one urban location, which makes it seem much more likely to be of earthly origin. But happy to think otherwise.

  11. I know I’d feel a lot less irritated by it if it turned out to be a cosmic/interstellar reach out!

  12. Eclipse Tripper

    OMG. I think I have heard the hum! It was on again in the last 2 weeks, and on and off mid-late last year?! its a real low, slow resonance and I mostly hear it at night…

  13. Corduroy jeans

    I saw all these articles, too – so brilliant. Also did you see NASA has just announced two trips to Venus in 2028? Code named Davinci+1 and Veritas (I think..)?

    1. Corduroy jeans

      (Announced shortly after Venus trined Jupes. Kinda weird the two code-names reference Venus’ archetypical meanings of art and truth (via Libra’s scales), eh?)

  14. I thought I was going crazy. I can tune it out though. It becomes more apparent when I am drawing my Tarot cards, or praying/meditating. So interstellar hum sounds like a cooler explanation than needing a tin foil hat.

  15. The Lion & The Centaur

    I read a scientific piece about parody & politicians (it was probably about Trump). I struggled to understand it and I struggle even more to translate it to English, but it was something like parody exists in between the society’s/person’s point of view, which is in the middle of a circle called ‘normal/real’ and the horizon which lines the bigger circle of ‘possible’. But when reality pierces the horizon of possible, human brain refuses to understand it. That’s why the world didn’t *really* react to the idiocy of Trump’s behaviour. We couldn’t understand that it wasn’t parody, as it shouldn’t have even been possible.

    Anyways, these news are beyond fascinating – but as in Trump’s case, (and after the world failing to recognize the threat of first climate change and then covid), this is just too much and I feel like my brain is simply not taking this new info in.

    1. The South Americans didn’t see the Spanish galleon invasion offshore as those ships it was beyond their realm of possibility.

      1. So true, we can’t see what is not (yet) part of our knowledge. A humbling thought

  16. Wow Mystic… The Sagittarius part of me (Sun & Merc) is intrigued and thinks ‘Yes, that could very well be possible’. While my Moon in Taurus always gets a bit shivery when contemplating the big, wide open… ⭐️ Hope the Hum doesn’t disturb you too much!

    1. By the way. ‘The Hum’ reminds me of the 80’s Howard Jones song ‘Hide And Seek’: ‘There was a time when there was nothing at all, nothing at all, just a distant Hum’…

      1. yesss! besides the lyrics, it’s a sublime piece of music <3… it’s my go-to when I need a good cry.

      2. I also find it very beautiful, isa! To think that Howard Jones was not yet 30 when he wrote this incredibly wise song… There is also so much love in it.

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