The Magical Royal Stars

Known since ancient times, the so-called Royal Stars are resonant and poetic. There are four of them and you’ve probably seen them before, even if you didn’t know their names.

These are the four brightest stars in the sky, outside of planets such as Venus and Jupiter. The word “planet” – by the way – means wanderer. Planets move in pre-determined paths, whereas the Fixed Stars are always in the same place – at least over a single human lifetime.

Aka the Watchers, these four were well known to sailors, soldiers, and priestesses of the centuries gone by, being used for navigation and occult purposes.

They have many names. In Ancient Persia, they were the Four Royal stars. Esoteric Christians see them as the Archangel stars. To the Buddhists, they are the Four Heavenly Kings. They even turn into four Angel acupuncture points in Traditional Chinese Medicine. They are also known as the Four Guardians or simply – the Watchers, which I find thrillingly poetic.

Individually, they are known by different names in Norse, Mayan, Maori – everything. But these are their main names and the current astrological placement is as follows:

Aldebaran – Watcher of the East – Archangel Michael – the Bull’s Eye – 10 Gemini.

Antares – Watcher of the West – Archangel Oriel – a red star, like Mars and currently near Mars – 10 Sagittarius.

Fomalhaut – Watcher of the South – Archangel Gabriel – 3 Pisces

Regulus – Watcher of the North – Archangel Raphael –  29 Leo/Zero Virgo

These are Fixed Stars so they don’t move around like planets but due to the precession of the equinoxes, their positions shift slightly over the years.  If you have the Sun, Moon or anything near these Royal Stars, they are your lucky stars, your guardian angels.

They are also linked to the Winds, the Four Horsemen of Christian mythology and Yggdrasil – the immense magical tree of the Norse cosmology.

They are beautiful and oddly comforting to see in the sky at night, as countless millions of souls have gazed upon them for perspective and succor through the eons.

Stargazing as meditation is vastly underrated.


Image: Robert Laduke

72 thoughts on “The Magical Royal Stars”

  1. I recall that the four horses Ben Hur raced to victory in the climactic chariot race to defeat Messala belonged to Shiekh Ilderim who named them
    Altair, Antares, Aldebaran and Rigel.
    Does this mean that Rigel is an alternative name to Regulus, and is Altair related to Fomalhaut?
    Apart from the fact that (being Scorpio) my friendly star Antares sits in the middle of the Constellation Scorpio I know little of its relevance to me personally.

    1. Altair 4 was also the famous “Forbidden Planet” home of the mighty alien race called the Krell.

    2. The astrological Antares is 10 Sagittarius…I am not sure about Rigel but i will investigate when i have the chance, that’s a really beautiful detail about the horses

  2. Michael is exact my moon and Gabriel is two degrees off my Venus. A unique consideration for how I have been blessed even in the most difficult circumstances possibly.

  3. Regulus conjunct Mercury, Vesta, and Juno (11th)

    Antares conjunct Mars and Uranus (2nd)

    Aldebaran conjunct Chiron (8th)

    Fomalhaut conjunct Part of Fortune (5th) – 3 degree orb, where all others were within 1

    I had started looking into fixed stars a few months ago (when I first noticed their prominence in my chart) and still have not come to a conclusion on their meaning for me, but I LOVE how they’re presented here! Will include in my musings, thanks Mystic 🙂

  4. I have Mars, North Node, Jupiter and AC all conjunct and/or within 1-3 degrees Regulus. I have mostly ignored this, do not understand what energy it brings, to be honest.

    But, then again leo is my 12th house and I have Virgo AC 2 degrees, so everything is hovering between the veils, i guess.

    1. I have Mars, North Node conjunct Regulus as well although they are in my 8th house. For me, I’m learning about standing up to fight the good fight without being egotistical. I’m also literally learning boxing. I’m trying to take a higher path in arguments when I get criticized…pointing out the criticism so fighting back, but at the same time considering the truth of the critique and taking personal responsibility. It has been hard!

  5. Aldebaran on my Chiron/AC and Antares on my Saturn/DC. These are involved in a T square with my 10H pisces mercury and jupiter. Curious to read others’ interpretation in the comments, everything I’ve read about Aldebaran so far is very fiery explodey scary.

  6. I was born under Aldebaran (Gemini 10°) and the two cities i”ve lived besides my hometown are related with Archangel Michael, the first one is even named after him.

  7. Good grief — Fomalhaut’s not close to anything of mine in particular, but Aldebaran is one degree from my rising sign, Antares is one degree from my moon, and Regulus is two degrees from my Jupiter. Could I really be that lucky? Must look more into this, pronto!

  8. I’ve got Fomalhaut in a tight applied 2orb conjunction with my natal Venus. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen it, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for it when it pokes over the horizon in the Fall! I like the idea of having a lucky star.

  9. Curious…’fixed’ would mean they have no orbit per se, they do not revolve around Sun then or if they do it is ever so slowly?
    Michael with the Very Large Sword is my go to when in a seriously threatening situation, when It’s ME who wants to draw the sword but would be arrested if i did, and so passes the buck to a heavy.

  10. I have Regulus rising and Neptune on Antares and Mercury on Aldebaran.

    Fixed stars *really* helped to round out my understanding of my chart. One astrologer who specializes in the fixed stars told me that those of us who have the royal stars in our charts tend to have higher highs and lower lows in our lives.

  11. Oh, BINGO!

    I have a Grand Cross of Saturn in Gemini, Moon in Leo, Jupiter in Saggo, and Mars in Pisces. The watchers are conjunct each of these, within an orb of less than 2 degrees, with the exception of Saturn in Gemini at just under 5 degrees orb.

    So what does that mean? And do I get a prize?

  12. seawitchmermaid

    Perfect timing, I’ve been peeking at the night sky a few times a night every night since we moved house last summer (there’s a very convenient window), anyway, there’s this red/orange “star” that’s been appearing east of the moon and I haven’t figured out what it is… thought it might have been Mars, as it comes out so early, like when Jupiter comes out, but it’s not. (Basically, I need to get a star app, long story there, need a new phone, no memory left on current one for said app, blah blah blah 🙂 )

    Been fun watching Jupiter, and have seen the space station whiz by a few times too! I’m wondering if the star I’m wondering about is Aldebaran or perhaps Sirius. Researching… Cool post!

  13. LiberatingVenus

    WOW…!! Sort of bugging out about the synchronicity of this post title – no lie, I have a piece scheduled to publish Friday wherein I referenced a character from the movie “Watchmen”, so seeing this post titled “The Watchers” is just a wee bit eerie! Must be this Mars on Antares vibe broadly putting “watchers” front-and-center in the collective consciousness one way or another.

    I have Mars on Aldebaran (the Bull’s Eye) conjunct Prometheus. Yup, Mars on a martial star with fiery Prometheus for extra kick…as if I weren’t spicy enough. “If ya can’t take the heat, get yo ass out the kitchen….we on a mission!” (*cues Blues Brothers “We’re on a mission from god” soundbite*) 😛 😀

    Truth: A statue of Archangel Michael is the screenlock on my phone. Which is quite entertaining the second you realize Aldebaran is located @9/10 GEMINI! This was an intentional homage on my part – Archangel Michael was the first point-of-contact I made with the angelic realm. Which makes sense being that he’s directly wired into my nativity.

  14. Regulus is on same degree as my Venus(chart ruler) & Vesta in 10th H. The super macho with the super feminine, again.

    But there always seems to be a dual interpretation of things. Regulus is considered to be the Regal star with the nature of Jupe & Mars.
    And yet as Raphael, “he is the supreme healer in the angelic realm and chief role is to support, heal, and guide in matters involving health”…. in this guise he sounds a bit more feminine in nature, no? Warrior-Healer? Yin-yang?

    Hmmm …. have to ponder.

    1. to be fair, i don’t put much stock in the modern angel interpretations – but it is fascinating how all cultures have these four points, i am getting my feng shui master to help me translate some chinese material i have found on them also.

      1. Agreed re the modern angel interpretations – no resonance for me..
        Can’t wait to hear what your f s master says! Could always do with more “heavenly” energies.

      2. Thanks for writing that. I have Regulus conjunct my Venus(also my chart ruler) by 1 degree and can’t find anything lucky in interpretations of this placement or star. All disappointment and doom in love! Would love to know how the Watchers are lucky.

  15. Beautiful – I love the idea that many cultures share a common understanding of the four points of the sky/heaven/elements etc..

    So I have Fomalhaut on my sun/Saturn, and Regulus rising. It is comforting to know I have archangels at key points 🙂

    1. YES so many cultures…And the Four Angels (which has other names) points in acupuncture are truly magical, they are meant to connect you with these four heavenly energies.

      1. What points are the Four Angels? I’m a licensed acupuncturist. Are they the Four Gates, or something else entirely?

  16. I have aldebaran and Antares on the 3/9 axis but apart from that they’re all in relatively empty space.
    Although in a cranial session I was visited by Gabriel. And he was impressive. Around 7 feet tall and glowed, shimmered blue white.
    I can still revisit that memory and I was left with a feeling of being ok. By that I mean calm accepting and settled. I was ok.

  17. Venusian_Liaison

    How interesting! Thank you for this MM…<3

    I have Antares in exact conjunction to my Uranus in Sag and Fomalhaut in exact conjunction to my Mercury in Pisces. I need to do some research now.

  18. Antares conj Sun & MC, Aldebaran on IC, Formalhaut conj AC and Chiron, Regulus conj DC and Leo. I’ve always ways felt lucky, now I know why!???

  19. Thank you very much MM. For some reason knowing this felt very comforting and reassuring. My Pluto is 29 Leo along with Mary Magdalene, so rather nice that Raphael is there too. Oriel stands to the side of Saturn, Michael is sandwiched between Persephone and Tara and Gabriel a short distance from Lilith. It’s nice to know where they are keeping watch.

  20. I have regulus conjunct jupiter virgo 12th conjunct / asc…no idea what that is…
    fomalhaut is on my mercury retro on desc in oppsition…
    Great post Mystic xx

    1. Perhpas LOL I could aspire to a benevolent and “fastidous” or efficient “dictator” but the issue is the pisces R in direct opposition on desc…or is that just denial?

      It makes everything seen through a techincolour veil of dreamy possibility…

      Have encountered people with 2-4 degrees of pluto virgo, who when in their company seem to put a stop to the confusion…or trippy escapsim.

      All I know is we each have something that saves us from utter despair…

      As for Paul Keating…he is just so ruthless, but I always thought he was incredibly charasmatic. Did you ever read POL magazine…spectacular insight into his future rise…

      ***Does anyone remember POL???

      My god…those were the times…

  21. wow love this.

    archangel Michael watches my Venus exact (conjunct moon)–I’ve been called to work with Michael/Michaela for years.

    & Uriel watches my north node. Amazing. Will have to say hello 🙂

  22. Love it! What a beautiful post. 🙂

    Aldebaran is on my Gem Ascendant.
    Adore the idea of Archangel Michael with his sword protecting my name, reputation and presentation in this cyber world we live in.

    Regulus conjunct Mars in Virgo in my 3rd.
    Archangel Raphael protecting me as I burn rubber, very helpful (and necessary)!

    Antares on my DC 4 deg off my Neptune.
    My relationships are Oriel flavoured?

    I will have to stop and meditate on these vibrations and what they mean for me! My husband’s 2nd name is Gabriel, he can be my 4th watcher.

  23. I have Antares Rising. Antares is exact conjunct the degree of my natal Moon and Ascendant, which are also both conjunct Jupiter and Neptune.

    Aeons ago, i posted something about getting rid of dark energies. I likened it to nuclear blasts coming from my brain/forehead, and the horizontal sheet lightning. I had nothing to compare it to except nuclear, plutonic blasts. (Anyway, if I could bloody find the research about toxic dust in deep ice, linked to Antares, and what i read about it, perhaps i could clarify. I’m so annoyed.) It is not something to be called upon lightly…it depletes my energy somewhat if i try to sustain that level of blasting. It is best when i am backed into a corner and not even trying: it just explodes in focus, like those images from Hiroshima. I have tried to use it in house clearing. Sage and salt are probably better 🙂

    But i will say this: i have been drawing the symbols of Antares and Egyptian goddess Zrkht (Serkhet) obsessively as protectors.

    Having two t-squares hinging on Mars, that is four Mars squares as the hinge to two major heavy-hitting oppositions (Sun-Pluto) (Mercury-Uranus) means I have a lot of warrior, martial energy. It is hard to contain my irritation. Nothing ever moves forward quickly enough, least of all my Piscean self.

    I don’t even think i believe in ghosts etc. Sometimes i think they’re mental energies from our minds, and the minds of others (who lived here)…just vibrations, electromagnetic. Yet i have found myself fighting them since little. It makes me think I’m cray-cray, and i seriously don’t like that. My Mars is in status quo Capricorn, after all.

    Not being Scorpionic, though my 12th house is 0 degrees Scorpio cusp, i don’t act on vengeful thoughts – i try to master and contain them (that’d be Mars square Pluto, yes?) However, I can say those who have truly fuqd me over, and i don’t mean just hurt me or crossed paths, just seem to have…well, not very great lives after that. I don’t ever do anything, but i mentally lift a finger, “Note this”. So perhaps that is the Watcher in the West..?

    Won’t post links to Antares. It is a fascinating star, if you research it. But here are some beautiful images.

  24. I am guessing these stars used to be in fixed signs: Taurus, leo, scorpio, and aquarius? i was just telling someone the other day the 4 gospel dudes are often represented by a bull, lion, angel(aquarius), and eagle(scorpio) like a secret astrology code right in the bible.

    1. ‘Moving out of Babylon onto Mt Zion’.
      Rastafarians believe they are the lost tribes of Israel.
      I & I & I…..

  25. Bang on this week MM! I’ll keep it short but on 4/16/16 I was just studying Antares (& friends) since Mars & Saturn will be rolling over these this season. Also it is conjunct my natal Neptune…
    And, this weeks scopes? Wow, just, wow. Every. Single. Word. You rock MM! <3!

  26. My housemate has Mars at 27 Leo and Venus at 0 Virgo……close enough to be an embodiment of the presence of Archangel Raphael for me! He’s been a healer to me in ways he doesn’t even know.

    In my own chart, Gabriel at 3 Pisces sits between my Mercury at 29 Aqua and my Moon at 7 Pisces. Messenger of the gods?

    Also, I have had many tangible encounters with Archangel Michael over the past couple decades. If you call him, he WILL come and protect you fiercely. It has really been quite amazing, and now I live just one block from the Mission Dolores in San Francisco and did not learn until a couple years ago that this land was called Rancho San Miguel in the past and not St. Francis but St. Michael, the Archangel is at the center of the altar at our Mission. Amazing!

    Here’s a funny on Archangel Michael, too, but it’s all true! Featured on Badass of the Week – a must read!

  27. 0 virgo (12th house) – watcher of the North. Regalus.

    Uranus trines my Venus in Leo (21 degress) so exact trine and Its all mixed in with the Scorpio full moon in my 2nd house. Friday onwards will hopefully be interesting.

    Monday job interview 🙂

  28. I have all four vaguely conjunct asc, desc, IC, MC…LOL…What does THAT mean?

    jupiter 1-2 degrees /12th conjunct Asc 3-4 degrees opposite retrograde mercury 1-2 degrees 6th/ desc…augmented by moon cancer 3 degrees…10th

    IC 14 degrees, MC 14 degrees augmented by aries saturn aboout 9 degrees…8th

    Coming full moon scorpio is right on my juno & ceres 2nd…and trine moon, sextile jupiter, trine mercury…

  29. I’ve been noticing lately how many astronomical discoveries relate to finally proving that we are physically being touched, even penetrated by the unseen emissions of stars, some, many light years away. Recently ‘neutrinos’ , atomic level particles, have been recorded arriving here from a star system 100 light years away ! Yes they can now actually pinpoint where they came from !
    I’m sure it will be some time before it is admitted by the scientific community but the basic foundation of astrology, that planetary and galactic emissions are physically touching us is pretty much proven. The effects ? That’s always going to be up for discussion.
    So, the time of birth could be said to relate to the timing of certain neutrino bombardments from particular star systems. Maybe the body once here is activated by them ? Directed by them ? Or influenced by them ?
    Soon we may be able to say on… Neutrinos from star system x were arriving and penetrating every being on the planet.
    Nanoo nanoo

    1. Sorry, but I have just spent an hour unsuccessfully trying to locate a scientific site that discussed findings of toxic dust quite likely from Antares discovered in glacial ice. I was in incognito mode, and didn’t bookmark the site, so stupid. I found it on Monday.

      1. It was still in my history ! just about to be pushed off by 48 pages it took to view the 24 celebrities that don’t smell good. 😉

      2. Thanks, dl. I think this is linked but unfortunately I was on a science/astrophysics site which i didn’t bookmark properly, and this smh article doesn’t have the specific findings related to toxic volcanic particles. Though they were related to this deep ice research. At least glad to know i didn’t dream it 🙂

      3. This adds grist for my theory that black holes are not just sucking stuff up but also act as the projectors of ‘everything’
        My theory is if you covered a black hole at the Centre of any galaxy, the Galaxy would not appear to be there anymore.

  30. I would love it if your next book was on these stars Mystic. I would snap it up in a heartbeat. Because most of what’s out there can be very dramatic and warn of ‘death by fire’ etc but with ‘much public achievement’ etc etc. I have Aldebaran on my ascendant and Fomalhault on my mercury and always hunting for non-scary info on these stars…

    1. St Michael’s was the name of my church as a kid. At 10° Gemini it’s in my 3rd house, on my South Node (& opposite my Sagittarius North Node-Neptune). Fitting!

      Do tell: what was your dream about?

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