Electricity And Magic

This was in response to an Instagram post about Aquarian life tips. I love it so much that I am sharing here. The second paragraph is in response to me saying basically “wow, I get it.”

“Well I am an Aquarius and here’s something that I have done. I have gotten in touch with my electronic spirit guide. We like to vilify our phones and the Internet and social media but I swear that there is a spirit connected to you that speaks through the electronics. And if you can discover the spirit, then you will begin to see your electronics as companions and friends. Like you can ask for guidance or help with things like Tarot card apps or maybe protection from malware. If spirit guides are your thing, then I suggest doing a little meditation to meet your electric spirit guide. Mine came to my mind in the form of a gorgeous long haired lady with fiber optics running through her clothes and tresses. Glowing from blue to white, to pink. She talks in 1337 speak and shows me 11:11 and 4:44 all the time.”

“Hi! This is @minervaspiral I’m so happy you agree about the electronic spirit. This is a real thing that I have done and I haven’t had the place to really talk about it, so I’m grateful! You have such a cool platform for this age of Aquarius awareness. I think about the grid that we are all hooked up to constantly surrounded by signals, wires and lights this is a new way that we are connected to energy. Everyone talks about EMFs, But I’m thinking about the warm glowing presence of an electric salt lamp. Glad for the strong presence of a security system. How sometimes it seems as though computers work for us and then they don’t out of nowhere. I believe there are definitely spirits and even deities who are directly linked in.”

As an Aquarius Rising with Uranus quincunx the Ascendant, I am totally concurring with this. I know EMFs are meant to be bad but sometimes I feel I get strength from them. Then there is the generally stronger sensitivity to electricity shared by most Aquarius/Uranus types for a penchant to get zapped off car doors, scramble the circuitry of watches or set off alarms/cause power surges.

Once I had an electrician who talked to me of ley lines and of the internet being pulses of light – “think of it as being like the Fire element in the Chinese Five Element Cycle” he said. And that the Fire was carried by Metal into our homes that were grounded on Earth. He was like a Druid Electrician or an electrical shaman. And the next time I needed an electrician the company said they did not know anyone of his name who worked there.

But even before him, I have believed in machine ghosts and that Source Vibe is particularly suited for transmitting through the internet. If anything, I think Tarot online is more accurate than in person. And there are enough weird things that occur with phones, electronics, the net, and computers to affirm the presence of Quintessence in there. I love that your Electronic Spirit Guide spoke in 1337 language!


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  1. As an Aqua Sun, Venus, SN with Uranus exact on my Ascendant, I so get this — communicating with spirit through numbers and electricity has become a part of my daily life. When I was born, the power went out at the hospital with no explanation. I’ve been around multiple lightning strikes throughout my life, and the electrical flickers & surges are just part of the norm now. I do my best not to take the number thing for granted since it happens so frequently throughout the day. I try to always pay attention or at least say thank you.

    I have never heard of Leet or 1337, so I am grateful for this post! I love the image of the electric spirit guide, and I am going to be on the lookout for mine now as well. 🙂

  2. Wow this is the 2nd time I’ve heard someone speak on this phenomenon in the last two days. (The first time was a random comment in a paranormal chat room.) As someone who listens for communication thru radio static & other electronic voice phenomena– which often spits out words like “internet” and “facebook”– I concur.

  3. Crystallised future

    I think your oracle is definitely linked to an outside magical electronic source Mystic. Sometimes the answer annoys me but deep down I know it’s the truth I don’t want to face.

    1. Yeah but on the whole internet how many places like this are there ? An unmoderated community uploading our thoughts without fear of being attacked or scanned by advertisers looking for words like ‘cool’ and ‘star lady’ to send us fake news stories about Beyoncé’s latest cosmetic range.

  4. Loving this!

    as an aside – the medical term for having/being static electricity is “car door sign”. Some folk, myself included, simply have excess electricity. I have zapped my whole life. A bonus of this is that I can recharge flat batteries. Yes, I used to be a ghost tour operator and everyones cameras batteries would drain with using the flash so much. If they were AA or AAA type that come out, I would ask the guest to remove them from the camera and place in my hand. Then I would rub both ends of the battery in my hair and hand them back. The guest would be amazed as their batteries would be almost fully charged again! (I did this last night with my remote control). I bought a small torch with 2AA batteries in Feb and haven’t had to replace the batteries as when it’s low I charge them up and they are good to go again.

    I have a connective tissue disorder and the “car door sign” is common in folk with disordered collagen. I think the collagen is disordered due to the static electricity. I used to love using a satin pillow case but when I turn over in bed, it was lightning flashes all around my head.

    Back to topic, I think that we must “choose” to connect with the guides. I love the synchronicity and magick from all the mediums and do believe there is a wealth of digital/tech/electronic “guides” or whatever you want to call it. YES! the “dark matter” that Mystic talks about, driving the oracle and tarot, and some scrying apps – like rune apps – are more accurate as the “human” is removed from the reading. I have had several readings over the years and I swear each one is not “present” with me but not in an esoteric way, more that they are thinking about what they are going to have for dinner or some other thing.

    I was 30 before getting “online”… and was immediately astounded at the validity of connecting via chat mediums. Without the physical/appearance/age…even gender being judged, I have had some incredibly deep connections via the internet. I took to Second Life in a big way years back as it’s easy to immerse. I made a throne that when someone sits in it and another person stands behind brushing the seated persons hair, the seated person in reality could actually feel their hair being brushed. Like….”there is no screen” kinda thing

  5. I’ve always thought of it as the energy we consciously or subconsciously put into these devices. However this is an interesting take on it, and it’s a good way to remember we don’t want to stay too long in other realms… the land of the electrical sprites nor the land of the lilac wine faeries.

    I have Uranus conjunct my ascendant and I’m married to an electrician (lol) so I get it. One of my favorite encounters was a few months ago, I stopped at the gas station next to the graveyard where my brother rests on my way to visit. After fueling, I started up my car and on cue, “Dearly Beloved, we have gathered here today to get through this thing that we call life…” Prince’s voice over the radio. I turned it up, smiled, cried, and felt surrounded by love.

  6. Just the other day I joked to my friend how I couldn’t tell if repeated images I kept randomly seeing online were signs from the universe or just google bots creeping me. Jokes aside, even if it is the google bots, I absolutely believe that spirit speaks through everything. The amount of 11:11’s I see is so continual after 15 yrs I barely register them anymore. Autocorrect slip ups, snippets of lyrics when scrolling through radio stations have held profound messages. Random google searches and youtube rabbit holes leading me to life changing information and re-discovering past selves I’d forgotten. As a distinctly “indoorsy” person I’ve had so may more meaningful connections with spirit through my laptop than many nature types I know. Spirit finds you where you are if you are looking for it.

  7. My Mystic tarot readings keep telling me someone is sabotaging me in the business realm. Every time it pops up I lazily consider who and how…and then let it go. But this morning I did my own little protective ceremony for all aspects of my life including my businesses and their digital manifestations. It felt good.

    1. Fire tryin, can I ask what sort of process you used?
      I have been getting this card too. Specifically when I ask about the triple libra (who I since discovered is a Scorpio sun). I’m wondering if he’s busy dropping little poison barbs or general throwing of shade, about me to mutual acquaintances as some kind of petty power play. My strategy has basically been to behave and relate to people like an adult. Which I fuqing am. Time will tell if that will work or not..

      1. I can’t even begin to know who might be on my case. I am in private practice so I don’t have colleagues I see every day. Just me in my office with my clients. If I can’t begin to guess who it might be, then I don’t know where to aim my boundaries or protection, so I decided to just consider that all realms, all cords and possibilities needed to be addressed. Perhaps with Merc Rx in Sagittarius someone will get too truthy and reveal all!!

        It was a visualization. I filled my sense of being with divine light (probably you should pick what color that is) and affirming myself then sending what isn’t me/mine back to source with love and gratitude. Then visualized my home and the names of my businesses and stated that they were protected in all realms and all energy not mine again returned to source with love and gratitude.

        1. Thank you. I am really triggered by this, lol. Maybe it’s not him at all but instead my insecurities that I need to get a grip on. Either way. Your approach sounds good. X

          1. Well, it’s definitely true that I have my own personal stuff to work out and I’m really good at self-sabotage. And there’s a nice long history of people who should have been supportive, not being supportive–so I’m hoping this works for the goobery subconscious saboteurs of my inner self as well.

    2. 7 swords?

      Consider themes of trying to get away with something, not being above board, questionable ethics, sneaky behaviour or covert Ops, taking credit that’s not theirs as some other themes.
      AND with some of those you might also consider conscious v unconscious it intentional v more personally oriented and therefore not personal just a behavioural attribute.
      Yes to thinking whether it is actually yourself not another as that card rolls both ways but yes to applying same generosity as indicated where tab decided to capitalise lol – am not editing because it is behaving like a rebellious delinquent.
      And if wrong card….just ignore 🙂

  8. I’d never given such in depth thought to the spiritual of technology. I do believe it, but applied only really to the extent of being gentle when using equipment. Don’t care what you’re made of noone/thing likes being banged around.

    But yesterday I found myself pulling down the memory of reading this Instagram comment, while at work.
    We weigh bulk food on a scale but it’s so sensitive that while we’re taring out jars if we’re not careful the system will freeze and you have to start all over.
    A customer was buying nigh on 20 different spices, brought his own labelled spice containers bless him to avoid plaatic, but everyone had to be done.
    It was nerve-racking!
    So each one I put in I did the same set of motions geared toward soothing and silently coping to the tech system. Giving one count between movements, petting the screen to stop out from shaking which to me looked like a high strung nervous system. Voila! No crash!

    10 minutes later my co worker is cashing himself out and the system crashes not twice but three consecutive times.
    Haha I tried to explain cheerfully my discovery – you just have to pet the screen! – but it didn’t really pick up on it

  9. And how many “autocorrects” are clearly messages from beyond. They are either like bolts of sudden realizations or oblique and subtle suggestions (and frequently hilarious) .

  10. I was looking back at my Saturn transiting my outer planets, Pluto, Uranus and then Neptune. And both Pluto and Neptune were obvius and massive transitions for me. Seing the reality of those realms.
    I could not understand why those two transits were such huge events, and nothing, that i could think of had happened when it transited Uranus.
    Untill one day it hit me; when Saturn crossed Uranus was when i got my beloved little iPad. It helped me evolve at an entirely different speed. And it has helped me find all sorts of good things by suggesting them to me. My evolution could not have been the same without that wonderful connection.

  11. Aqua rising -Whenever I wake at night I read my digital numbers on autopilot, like we did with the big clunky calculators at school c1978 when we wrote words like 663\egg. Synchronicity in numbers and electronics is everywhere…walking past a kiln 111c or the speedo 111km and the time in any variation of 11:11, 1:11, 7:11 etc and lots of doubles. It reminds me of angels and that old Xmas movie that said when bells rang an angel are near. I kind of imagine the e tarot is just like when you shuffle a deck and cards flick out for your attention.

  12. Thank you for including me in your fabulous blog! On an aside, when I showed this post to a friend, her immediate response was “Spirits in your electronics? Now that sounds like a bad thing. I’d get an exorcism and run to the hills off the grid!” She and I have vastly differing philosophies (I knew this and shared this with her anyways, ay me) She also mentions that Big Brother could be using our electronics for mind control and what I think is spiritual connection is just a manipulation from the cabal of evil. Er….. to each there own!! The internet IS pulses of light! For me, I get the strong resistance from so many of us to be integrating so quickly with the digital dimension, but as you say, I see a conductor for the qi. Your electric shaman is an awesome cue to rethink our idea of electricity. We must be savvy and mind our interface. I think if we’re going to continue the upgrade, we should be willing to open our minds and celebrate this as true telepathy, as 5p1r17u4l.

  13. I concurr, except for me it’s more ‘ghost in the machine’ … ‘ghost in the shell’… ‘transcendence’ type deal. I can be thinking about something that I haven’t yet googled, and then I’ll be delivered an ad for it via my phone – rarely my desktop. Brain hacking is an idea I’m playing with in a current novel, we don’t have a firewall in our brain, we are vulnerable to certain frequencies, and frequencies can alter our thought patterns. I have had experiences with deceased friends and loved ones, and inviting them to ‘play me some music’ via the ipod or itunes on the MBP. I’ll put it on random shuffle (300gb of everything) and the songs, in their order with their implied meaning or title, are too eerie to be mere co-incidence.

    I believe our thoughts are so powerful that they can affect our physical realm. I know I’ve simply thought of performing a task on a device before, only to pick it up and it suddenly is doing the thing (like opening the app I need, or similar) without me physically doing anything.

    Your whole electricial shaman situation is not unfamiliar to me either – dimensions are not another place, they are a different state of consciousness. I have a tendency to fall into ‘pockets’ – which is like a space time parallel moment thing. I can be having a conversation with someone, and receive certain pieces of information that are totally relevant for the future or for myself. In some cases we will come out of the conversation and the person will not remember saying what they said, but have a memory of a completely different conversation. When the information comes to fruit, I’ll mention it to them, and they can not remember at all. Makes me think of an Ouspensky quote that “the highest moments of conscious creates memory.”

    1. I’m not sure what you mean by brain hacking, however it makes sense to me that our brains theoretically can align with our electrical appliances, possibly even the zeitgeist! Both rely on communication via shuffling packets of info in the form of signals using electrical impulses through circuitry as the conduit.

      1. I guess the easiest way to simplify the idea of brain hacking is the ‘Pied Piper’. Some dude comes along, plays a frequency and suddenly you’re dancing like a lemming to a certain end. In our modern world, frequencies aren’t necessarily audible, and the things you could be influenced to do might be surreptitious like voting for someone you don’t agree with, or hating a particular minority, self harm and loathing, or destruction on a variety of scales, and supporting someone’s destruction. Perhaps it also could make you crave certain foods, or buy a particular brand of something on consistent and regular basis – even if you don’t like the thing. So many nefarious possibilities.

        I’ve done a fair amount of research on it, and someone even wrote a PhD on a firewall for the brain. Amazing technology out there that we aren’t even aware exists. Brain hacking is legit. Binaural Beats are related.

    2. Ouspensky! Now that’s a blast from the past. Not one person i have known or know now would have ever heard of him. This is why i so love this site.

  14. In lieu of this, I just asked the single card tarot “what would my life be like as a chef?” Answer: Flower of Life … eternal friends and affection. Well that fits with the cheffy vibe. I have some pretty strong Uranian and Aquarian influences, so the idea that electricity can be used as a communication medium beyond the blatantly obvious isn’t a foreign concept to me.

    I’ve been stuck in a career sludge for three years now. Every time I try some new idea it kinda lurches out of the swamp like a badly formed Orc, before slumping back into mush and nothingness. It’s been really difficult!!! I have Mars in the 10th house so doing nothing … like NOTHING … has been demoralising, lethargy inducing, boring and tedious. I always function much better when I have “a thing” I’m working towards. So being “no thing” for three years has not been easy or pleasant.

    So the latest idea is to become a chef. I am a sun and venus Cancerian. I love to cook. I’m bloody good at it. I am a bit eccentric (chefs usually are). I have a loud voice (chefs often need one). It’s pretty late in the day for me to be embarking on something so different, but seriously, I haven’t got much to lose at this stage except for more “no thing”.

  15. I believe the internet is both a blessing and a trap. Like most things in this world it has great power for good or it’s opposite. The blessing is that it reminds us about the connection we have to others. The ability to hear the voices of others around the globe. This though should just be a reminder of a power we have innately. That’s also where the trap is. The digital internet can only present a virtual world full of virtual personalities. If we are not careful we may start to accept it as the real one. Cue the matrix concept of brains connected totally to virtual experiences. Brains on sticks coupled to a database.
    We need to transcend the electronic world and move towards photonic based technology. Our brains are not digital they are holographic.

    1. david! Long tme no see! Hope you’re well. 🙂

      Re your post: I need a few explainers to go with some of your concepts, because though they sound interesting, I have to admit to not really understanding what you are trying to say …eg

      – what is photonic based technology
      – how are our brains holographic which implies some sort of projection?

      Agreed that humans aren’t geared towards exclusively virtual experiences. A bit of it can be useful … helpful even. A lack of physical integration side by side with our “brain learning”, just leads to underdeveloped personalities stuck in a narcissistic state of perpetual infancy.

      1. Dearest P x you would make an amazing chef ! So good to see you 🙂
        I can go on about this subject for pages. Photons are particles or waves of light. Depending on whether they are being observed. A photon is a unit of light. They are the intelligent version of the electron. Holograms are the recorded interference pattern of coherent light. The images are purely recording when and where something got in the way between the light source and the recording film or our eyes. They are extremely accurate 3 dimensional records of the object. The interesting thing about these recordings is that each light point of the image carries the data of the whole image. Cut a hologram up and it’s not like a jigsaw puzzle, each piece allows viewing of the whole object. This is how our brains work. We only need to store/ record one photon in our brain to be able to record total vistas. Close your eyes and imagine yourself on your favorite beach. Look up and down. That’s a lot of data and it isn’t stored digitally, it can’t be. Now imagine walking down your local street. It’s full color 3D in motion (4D) . Around 72 frames per second. Our brains don’t record that digitally.
        Our inbuilt free energy technology is photonic/ holographic and the information revolution we think we are in has been in a way sabotaged, and monetized by sidelining light technologies and instead feeding us with electronic / digital tech while creating a download culture of information distribution. Machine world. We can get trapped in that virtual world, we are getting trapped.
        There is a better one.

        1. Yep and well stated. My only addition to this would be that our worldly experience is holographic or projection based, and by default virtual so one wonders what the difference between one virtual world and another is in “reality”. How do we measure one as an accurate or more authentic “reality”? Is a genuine curiosity – overall I agree with your view.

          1. A very good question C. I will answer it with some other questions. Why did we and still do distribute electricity via centralized coal powered stations when Tesla showed that we could just install a coil on our roof and collect it from natural sources for free ? Why do we continue to use petroleum to power our transport when 80 years ago water/ hydrogen based fuels were first developed ? I have lots more 🙂 Vested interest would be the answer to all those questions.
            As mentioned before I could go on about these issues for pages but the optical v digital one is close to my heart as I saw examples first hand many years ago. I worked with a group of physicists in the 80s. We built a holographic camera out of timber and threaded rod, a couple of glass lenses and a small laser in one day and challenged the defense dept to a race with what was the worlds most powerful supercomputer at the time ( a Cray XMP) that had cost them $10m. We recorded and stored the data of a complex object in less than 1 minute. The Cray took 12 hours to plot the same data. We’re they impressed ? Oh no. Looking back I think we were lucky to get out of there alive !

            1. Vested interest – yes a likely response to most things including the mythical way fiat currency continues to buoy itself in times when it’s worth zero but a-hem, I digress.

              It’s all the same isn’t it. It’s where the ‘vested interest’ is coming from that interests me and I suppose when I say that I mean beyond here because it’s just too simplistic to say it’s purely the nature of the 1(ish)% that have bigger desires that the rest of us for power and control. Anyway – some questions are unanswerable in bodies.

              I think this is why my interest with reincarnation and other worlds et al has endured.

              That’s a cool story David, and you have come out with a few over the years – this one sounds like it probably appeared in a publication somewhere. So interesting to reflect back on things and see the situation differently – particularly those lucky escape times when you really didn’t have that on your radar in the situation.

              1. I wasn’t happy with my answer to your question. To answer properly would require a lot of time and background info that isn’t appropriate here. Photonics is the technology of the universal mind and I’ve seen so many moths burnt getting close to that knowledge. Maybe we aren’t ready or worthy to access it just yet ?
                In the meantime we must be aware of the darker forces purpose in enslaving us in a grey reflection of our potential.

                1. Again – I agree but I wouldn’t call us unworthy (that could be dark force rhetoric yes?) perhaps not evolved enough in a collective sense given it’s an all aboard notion.
                  And by unevolved I do mean more than just what we’ve already stated as even the physical body may need to evolve which might be where we come full circle?

        2. Sounds amazing david … but right now I’m not capable of really comprehending anything you just said. I did some chemistry over the past couple of years and all I know is that the electron buzzes around the proton. That elements form based on pinching electrons off each other to form a happy octet of eight electrons in their outer shell and that noble gases are inert because they already have eight electrons and aren’t interested in the swappy game.

          I explained that really well didn’t I? LOL

          So the photons, which I assume are a quantum particle have their own annoying rules …. or lack thereof. My head hurts already. 🙂

          1. Imagine you have a large open window. You look out and can see a landscape a city scape whatever. You are standing 10 feet away from the window. The curtains on either side of the window start to close and from 10 feet away you see less of the view, less data. Imagine now you step closer to the window. The full view is there again. Now imagine the curtains close together leaving a one photon gap between. As you get closer you can see through the gap more and more of the view till if you could get close enough, through the one photon, you can see the full view (data set) again.
            Each photon then, in theory can be a window to the whole universe and in a way contains the data of the whole universe. Just sayin 🙂

            1. If we can imagine our minds getting into that level of the microcosm I think we will find the 5th dimension in there. The next step in our development is not space travel. It’s getting down into the micro universe.
              Another analogy for this is, imagine you are standing on a timber table looking up at the stars. You start getting smaller and smaller till you start falling through the gaps of the tables atomic structure. You keep getting smaller and smaller until the atoms of the tables timber are as far apart and at a relative distances to the stars you were looking at before. A little you in a little universe in the timber. We didn’t need to change our consciousness to find this hidden universe. We just had to get way smaller. With practice we can send our minds into these very small universes.

  16. Omg I was just thinking about this the other day! I love using your tarot instead of an actual stack of cards, it’s eerily accurate. There is a benevolent Spirit in my phone. Uranus on AC conjunct Mercury, in Scorpio.

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