The Mars in Scorpio Poem

Mars in Scorpio – by Robert Cole

“Held over in a Mexican jail
for carrying Acapulco gold,
his freckled smile in close-up
like a missing person’s photo.

He explained his fate away
as Mars in Scorpio.
A mattress sleeping it off on the floor
and an axe, his acoustic guitar.

His polaroid eyes from the jail,
a sty in the corner;
ampules and capsules
strewn across the rattan.

A switchbacked scorpion
squirmed at the sill –
the black kind, not lethal?
big as a lobster.

We cut a tarot pack.
He asks me for my time of birth.

The mechanism of the scorpion reverberates
its silencer; moves off by remote control.”

I can’t even recall how I found this poem but it’s haunting.  I can barely find anything online about the poet, Robert Cole.

19 thoughts on “The Mars in Scorpio Poem”

  1. Reverberates all right. Mother has Sun/Mars in Scorp; I have Scorp rising conj Venus/Neptune on same degrees.

  2. Wish Upon a Star

    My Mars in Libra 8th house stares at my Saturn in Aries at the opposite side of the room and says “Grow a pair.”

    He squares down Mercury in Cancer and she squirms.

    He sextiles the Sun in Gemini and they bask in the afterglow.

    He always knows he will survive!

  3. Wow, this is accurate and haunting indeed – can confirm. Two of the most important men in my life that I’ve known for decades now have Mars in Scorpio, one conjunct my Sun, one conjunct my North Node.

      1. I’m not sure if he sees it that way! We had a lot of points of connection (per Mystic’s excellent soulmate reading), but couldn’t go the distance. My Hekate on his Sun; definitely a crossroads for me, there was a life before and a life after.

  4. My young adult Virgo son has Scop Venus/Mars- Gem Moon keeps the brooding at bay. Always buys lunch for the transient guy near his job. Aspiring criminal defense attorney- just took the bar exam.

    On Robert Cole, Brittany is full of old magic-

    1. I have venus, mars and neptune in scorpio and always been attracted by police work, especially undercover investigation. I’m well aware that it’s not like on tv, but I’m seriously thinking of making the most of my impending old age and learning how to do that, meaning that generally speaking most older people tend to become invisible, and on top of that the comfy dull “older people” look would be perfect for camouflage work.

  5. As a natal Mars in Scorpio (in the first house, look out! hahaha) person, I love this haunting poem. Saving it for future re enjoyment. The edgey, melancholic mood of it reminds me of one of my favourite books, “In Search of Captain Zero” by Alan Weisbecker. A rather true story of surfer/sailor stoner entrepreneurial adventure and misadventure. I know Hollywood made a movie of it, but the book is so good.

  6. Thank you for this. I killed a scorpion at night it was some weeks ago. It was the exile inside and contents of my mind that felt relief, a sign I finally found my way out.

  7. This was fascinating! My current beau has natal Mars retrograde in Scorpio conjunct his BML, and I think about that placement of his pretty often. What a funny synchronicity.

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