Are There Astrological Indicators For Left-Handedness?

Are there astrological indicators for left-handedness? Anecdotally, it seems to be linked to more prominent Uranus placements.

I know, of course, that there is a traditional Fire + Air signs = “logical” or “masculine” and Earth + Water signs as  “intuitive” aka “female” distinction. It makes sense in a Yin-Yangy sort of way but it’s not particularly satisfying – is there any data on the astrological factors most likely to correlate with left-handed people?

As I am sure you know, the thinking goes that if you are left-handed, your thinking is governed by the inarticulate but intuitive right-brain hemisphere and right-handers think via their left-brain, which is ultra-rational.

The Left-Handedness of Modern Literature puts it far more eloquently, screenshot below.

So I’m left-handed, as is my daughter and we’re both Aquarius Rising but she benefitted from a school system that never once tried to alter her mind by making her write with the other hand.

Were You Made To Be Right-Handed?

Whereas, like many Gen X Pluto in Virgo people, I have horrible memories of teachers storming over and snatching the pen out of my left hand when I was five. It was the Seventies – not the Dark Ages. I gather it was even more intensive for baby boomers.

Is it an Aquarian thing? Heriditary? Neither my parents or any older relatives are/were left-handed but maybe they weren’t allowed to be? Remember the word ‘sinister’ doesn’t mean scary or evil, it means left-handed. They were conflated. The French word ‘gauche’ translates as clumsy or naive and, yes, left.

I was speaking with someone very learned on this subject the other day and when I confidently asserted the ‘established fact’ that 10% of the population are left-handed, she said it was supposed to be 50% but that left handers or ‘right brain’ thinkers had been bred out – deliberately.

Were Left-Handers Bred Out On Purpose?

Why? Science has associated left-handedness with divergent thinking and sure, it was pretty much a guaranteed death sentence in the 15th to 18th Century, as it was considered a witch indicator. Then again so were black cats and being female with a brain.

Later it was connected to “primitive tribes” or seen as an indicator of “lunacy.” In 1907, Robert Hertz, a French Cancerian sociologist became the first mainstream thinker to try and turn this around.

Hertz* not only argued against the scientific view that a “left hand too gifted and agile revealed a nature against the right order” – he said that this repression damaged society, making it imbalanced.

It was brave to write this in the early 20th Century – left-handers were not allowed to enter professions like law or medicine and it was still widely seen as a defect, at best.

He hoped that the bias was in its last days back then – is it done yet? Are there astrological indicators for being left-handed? And what do you think of the idea that we are missing left hand/right brain perspective in society?

*The natal astro of Robert Hertz shows someone more than equipped to change cultural paradigms: he had an unbelievable array in Taurus – Mars, Saturn, Moon, Neptune, Jupiter, Venus, Chiron and Pluto – with most of it trine Uranus in Virgo.

Sadly he died just shy of 35, killed in action during World War 1. Being left-handed was no barrier to enlisting although the guns were all made for right-handers.

Top Image: Angelina Jolie – Photographer Unknown.

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  1. MoonstoneMagnolia

    There’s also an author, whose name escapes me, who prescribes writing with non-dominant hand for inner child work. It works by stimulating other unused side of brain…. for me, needing to concentrate on writing (usually easy) the creative side flowed and answered questions with childlike honesty in childlike spidery writing. I used a pencil which helped, more tactile.

  2. FASCINATING! I’m a right-handed idealist (see also: Leo Sun, Sag Moon) married to a left-handed realist (see also: Aries Sun and Taurus in extremis everywhere else). His mum, also left-handed, the most methodical Pisces you’ve ever met. My childhood bestie, also leftie, a Cancerian who grew up to be a super emo defence lawyer who, I kid you not, represented perpetrators of institutional abuse against litigation. So you know, I’ve never liked the application of a logical v creative or rational v intuitive binary, like you can’t possibly hold such multitudes, and move along the spectrum as necessary. Some things demand a fact check, others a gut check. And sometimes the fact-checking feels soooo gooood but I’ll blame Venus in Virgo for high vibing on all this data.

  3. MoonstoneMagnolia

    Ps. Segue to….. Would Gemini equate with ambidextrous? Strong fourth house, Gemini moon, with little other air or earth. Enjoy writing with both hands, a real pen or HB freshly sharpened pencil …. wish I’d studied journalism instead of “boys 101”

    1. Love your cyber name! Yes to a real pen, love my Waterman with propa ink and yes to fresh sharpened 2B.

      1. MoonstoneMagnolia

        Thank you Pegasus. Tonight after a bleak few weeks, ordered “home decor “chart (reward, love a reward). Without giving away too much of Mystic’s magic, Suggests moonstone for theme and describes as being sensitive to visitors. Spot on, which wouldn’t expect with rest of my placements. Also three new asteroids which make sense and the numbers, suggests seven powerful… I’m born 25/7 and looked down at time of order 7.07 pm, July the 7th month, no coincidences. Seven one of my lucky numbers and yes, had often lived in a 7 house number and love numerology and numbers generally like enneagram, basic maths, sudoku…. off topic from lefties….

        Many facets to moonstone magnolia…. the two small m’s (m=4 in numerology). I have none in my birth name (helps with order and practicality) or 8’s (business acumen) anywhere (2 x 4 =8) .. was going to change it, glad tonight I didn’t. Favourite song, colour my dearly departed brother painted my bathroom many moons ago. Favourite flower, favourite birthstone with garnet…etc.
        Also ordered sidereal chart (two rewards) where my moon regresses back to Taurus, ascendant Aquarius, sun cancer, two extra Gemini and Libra (instead of gnarly Scorpio) planets, still squared but softer …much air and fire now…. previously all slushy water and fire. Sidereal kinder, think I’ll adopt it. Explains two handedness with extra Gemini

        And you Pegasus, your 2B pencil, etching type charcoal artwork? I’m no artist, just hazarding a guess…. Something to smudge artistically? Bit heavy for writing or crossword/sudoku to erase, leaves a mark…. or do you like a stub of a 2B behind your ear for easy access? They’re never full length are they? They melt.

  4. MoonstoneMagnolia

    My now departed mother (Leo Sun/ suspect Cap rising – like Doc Martin but more direct, without the blood phobia, I got that) and brother (Pisces Sun) born with a severe ear nerve deafness, both Lefties. My dad (Pisces Sun) unsure as died when I was a baby and mum hated detail. Left that up to Venus in Virgo daughter. As we were a family of three, I was the odd one out, but enjoyed using Mum’s left handed scissors etc. Till she died, whenever an opportunity, she’d leap on anyone doing the Times cryptic crossword with a pen in their left paw “are you a left handed Leo?”. Inevitably answer was “yes”, as are several of my left handed artistic friends.
    I studied bookkeeping, shorthand and typing, much to Mum’s horror, where I loved the debit and credit ledger, inkwell, nib pen and a blotter. Later, remedial therapies, specialising in reflexology and shiatsu (did a lot of barefoot). Both ambidextrous, like typing on a manual typewriter, way before computers and laptops. …. Still enjoy being ambidextrous …. (Leo sun, Cancer stellium, Pisces ascendant – rules the feet). Feel like a Leftie and proper Sun Leo in the wings, but not quite there (all that water dampening fire planets) YET.

  5. Off-topic, love, love, love the Daily Mystic for Wednesday the 6th of July!
    So beautiful the photo of the woman driving her car while smelling a rose…

  6. Leo rising, leftie here. My mum did try and put my spoon in my right hand as a baby but she told me I kept picking it back up with the left and gave up as it was evident it felt natural to be left handed.

  7. ‘Left handed no barrier for enlisted’. That showed how skewered the thinking was then. Not ok for day to day life but ok for war.

  8. Glad UK right handed bias is ousted in the comments here *traumatic af [Gen Xer]

    My mum tried to make me change cutlery use to “normal” as a toddler & held my hands with hers, I still remember how sick it made me feel, crying. After seeing my reaction, she promised never to do it again. Since I have realised, especially when making art or, in flow, I use both hands happily. I can write any which way I choose; backwards, sideways etc

    I am severely dyslexic apparently. A kind assessor, in my twenties told me, “the world is made for right handed people, you will always feel tired & need breaks” she wasn’t wrong. When it came to working in a hipster-heavy hospital, thank heavens my clinical supervisor recognised I did most things using my left hand.. including theatre assist. They frequently (time permitting) swapped operating table sides for left-dominant practitioners. It outed so many old fashioned people who clung to out-moded “my way or highway” territory pissing, which sent the Head nurse, Bronwyn, crazy.. I loved watching her lose her shit about it. Fascinating

    As the bones in my dominant right wrist are now fusing, I take lots of time to practice left handedness – just in case – writing isn’t great but then again *voicenotes, who can be arsed with that when we have technology but drawing & painting (insert broken ♡ emoji here) I have to hope everything can be relearnt & re-membered.

    Apparently in utero, babies have a preferred side & having seen (ex-midwife) incredible adjustments some humans make with shortened limb & post amputation.. I conclude humans are mostly adaptive, regardless of evolution & star charts.

    Hertz though.. brilliant man, ahead of his time.

  9. Uranian left-handed parent (who also learnt to write right handed) was always scrupulous about putting the spoon / etc in the exact middle of the bowl so that the offspring could choose for themselves when first learning to manipulate tools and objects.

  10. Barbara Hand Clow mentions the theory of the bicameral brain in which “the experiences and memories of the right hemisphere of the brain are transmitted to the left hemisphere via auditory hallucinations.” Or the God part of the brain speaks to the Human brain. Apparently over time and due to mass trauma induced by world floods we became more left brained, independent and with the evolution we lost our inner balance. I wonder if being ambidextrous has given me a more naturally bicameral brain, as the trance or altered state has always been natural to me. Certainly I experience my inner voice in my right brain and actions carried out feel like my left brain at work.

    1. Interesting. I was born with a left ear impairment (now partially deaf in both ears) and always almost used to ‘hear’ feel different pitches and what I call ‘tunings’ or communications mostly in that ear. I find it extremely easy to go into trance like state. I’m right handed but I in the 70’s and 80’s schooling was often accused of daydreaming (well I couldn’t hear half of what they were saying anyway). My son was ambidextrous until about 5 he became right dominant but still writes letters and numbers backwards and makes books starting from the back to front. In my observation most children start off ambidextrous. I’m sun Virgo, he is moon virgo, Neptune squares all my personal planets, I have mercury retro in virgo in the 3rd, he has moon in the third also affected by Neptune, we are both gemini rising.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks for reminding me of my childhood. I used to go into trance like states quite often. Words seemed irrelevant to what was really going on.

        Mercury and Venus in Cancer. Pisces Rising.

  11. Mmmmm good post, Mystic.

    Once I have got over the flip-flop of imputing importance or otherwise to one or other of the opposites of any kind, I find myself back in the realm of unity – the childhood “participation mystic” but now at a more awakened level of consciousness. A place where resides the unity of the separated functions of sensation/intuition and thinking/feeling. Jung is so good on this, with a primary mode of perceiving the world (sensate or intuitive) and a secondary mode of processing that perception (through thinking or feeling). Development through life brings the opportunity to add the missing functions and to work towards the achievement of wholeness. Of course, as evolving humanity we have had to split in order to find our individual identity.

    I am awed by the riding of the kundalini energy as she rises through the dual (masculine and feminine) pathways, the ida and pingala, meeting 3 times in the central column of the spinal cord at chakra points and crossing to the opposite sides of the spinal column before reaching the cave of the brain (3rd ventricle) where the mystical drops of white and red essences from the pineal and pituitary glands meet to create the second birth, the birth of individual regeneration, as juxtaposed with the physical births of the generations of humanity. A mystical saying, “I give birth to my Self.”

    Alice Bailey (theosophist) describes this as the first (of 5) initiations – the Birth in Bethlehem – the creative inner child. And great artist/masters of both their left and right hands we see in Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.

  12. My boomer dad is an an un-changed leftie having been supported to stay that way by his Dad who was a leftie who was forced to change. He, in turn tried encourage left-handedness in me well before I went to school by giving me my spoon in my left hand as soon as I was old enough to use one. Ended up wearing most of my porridge regularly and he gave up.
    There was a YA historical fiction book called the Sterkham Handshake about a pretty lawless clan from the scots/english border who were all left-hand dominant, so much so that their castle spiral stairs were built to favour left-handed swordsmen . That side of the family comes from that part of the world so I often wondered if there was a basis in fact.

  13. Very true and ridiculous ‘lefties’ were not allowed to use your left hand up till about 1970.
    My uk great aunt born in 1900 when in school at 14 years old was scolded by the teacher ..
    She threw her inkwell at the teacher then walked out and never went back.
    She had her own mind.🤣

  14. It doesn’t seem far fetched that somehow lefties would be bred out… dominant society fears and methods for control almost always seem totally irrational to me.

    In late 2000s I went on a long road trip with a gal who I met at a meditation retreat, she had her right hand paralysed in an motorcycle accident where she lost her partner too. She had to learn to do everything with her left hand. Being with her inspired me to learn how to write with my left and I found my poems to have a different feel altogether that way.

    Curious how the left right brain balance happens as more people use both thumbs to type and are losing the ability to actually write. Taking it the next step curious the changes that will come (on many levels) with the shift of tech and voice dictation versus writing.

    1. The loss of true scribes on the way. This boomer still using a fountain pen and hoping technology is the end of those terrible ink staining biros with rolling balls.
      HOW do you type with your thumbs on mobiles? Mine don’t reach the letters.

      1. love love love a fountain pen! but can’t seem to find any decent ones anymore (and I can’t afford a montblanc et similia). bic pens never stain though. I hate using felt tips, even the fine ones such as rapidograph. no idea re the thumbs either. I learnt machine typing at school (another boomer) and shorthand and I can play piano, yet the thumb thing baffles me.

        1. I got a pre owned fountain pen on the section of Amazon that runs deals on items that have been returned and packaging is gone but the items themselves are still fine. Was less than a third of the price of a new one. I use ink from a bottle rather than cartridges and again. Super economical. Can’t bear disposable plastic shitty pens. Saturn transiting my third house so it was an absolutely crucial purchase. EBay might be a good place for a pre owned one too?

          1. My Waterman was bought duty free and gifted for a couple of hours work, but cartridges altho thy can be filled with a syringe from ink bottle =less expensive.

        2. Rapidographs and Isographs are magical to do fine design and drawings with.
          Used to cost $35 now around $200. They use ink and my choice was brown which i discovered was a signature of a French left political party.
          Bloody Biros don’t know how people can write with them!

  15. seawitchmermaid

    I’m right-handed but one of my kids is a lefty, which I’ve always loved! He’s Aqua moon tween with Sag sun and rising. I’ve never thought of the points you bring up here but they make SO much sense (and are very sad). Also I loved learning about Hertz here.

  16. Lefty. It suits my out of bounds moon.

    Mercury Jupiter mutual reception fire/air but I don’t know. The only one in my fam and stuck with it – even when made to write right (haha..allegedly) when my left was out of action by a teacher….yes…the 70s. I flip with lots of things but not everything. Weirdly Gem bro is all right except eats left.

  17. Wish Upon a Star


    Using your opposite hand will strengthen neural connections in your brain, and even grow new ones. It’s similar to how physical exercise improves your body’s functioning and grows muscles. Try using your non-dominant hand to write.

      1. Yes there was a crazy guru (Stuart Wilde) who said do the opposite of every thing you usually do for growth.

  18. Wish Upon a Star

    This subject makes me feel unsettled because I am right handed.I am a Gen X in Virgo person. I don’t remember being left handed or being taught to right with my right hand. My elder twin sister and brother are lefties and are just 2 years older so I assume they were left to their leftness. So I would have too?

    I have alot of feminine planets in my chart and am a Pisces Rising. That’s why I think I may have been left handed. But the right hand of my body is stronger.

    I am so glad I was taught to touch type at secondary school. And I was very fast. I have an inclination to write. Some writers prefer the pen. But not me. When I use both hands it is like electricity activates both sides of the brain and thoughts just flow. Maybe it is something to do with me being a Gemini.

    And as I have gotten older I have naturally become a bit more ambidextrous. Oh I think I have answered my own question. Thanks Mystic and peeps for the medium and audience.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I vaguely remember being told that it is not good to write with the left hand because the left hand will smear the ink as it moves across the page. Mmmmm.

      I wonder if languages that write right to left were told the opposite. Arabic and Hebrew to name a few.
      Is being left handed valued in those communities?

      1. Yes that was a thing but I think it was more of a justification to force (oops I mean encourage right thinking lol) a switch. Is a challenge with a fountain pen or calligraphy but I have the kind of handwriting everyone comments on and didn’t have to develop a weird style of holding a pen etc to adapt. The spine on books was always more of a pain in the butt to negotiate.

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          I vaguely remember my preps teacher being gentle and nice. Maybe I was gently coerced into wanting to please her.

          Oh yes the spine on books.

          1. You have a better memory for that far back than me. Quite possible if you liked her.

            Being left handed isn’t an absolute for any of those traits any more than being right handed is an automatic sign they don’t exist.

            Spines have improved somewhat but geez you had to be right on the ruled line and neat and the deeper you got into the book the more it wouldn’t stay put. Now it’s all screens. Spine? What spine…and sitting in front of a screen all day means that’s kind of a multi layered question 😄

  19. Not sure there’s an astro signature….I’m ambi, writing with left (happily no one tried to change this, just) and doing lots of other things with right as it feels as natural as writing with left does. I’m Sagg, Scorp rising, Mars in Leo, Saturn in Aqua, stationary Uranus on MC in Virgo, nothing in Taurus. No one else in immediate family – all older – is a leftie (including father with Mars/Jupe in Taurus) or remembers being forced to change, but my three male nephews all are lefties – an Aries, Cancerian, and Scorp, all of whom like me have fixed rising, but it varies between the elements – and non have much Toro to speak of. The one thing we all have in common, which fits with some recent recent research on the aetiology of lefti-ness, was mums who was stressed during pregnancy – most particularly mine, and I’m the only ambi.

  20. Why didn’t Leonardo get accused of Witchery? Ambidextrous, mirror writing, “knew” inventions but he must have been protected because he was able to acquire and look at corpses.

  21. Aquarius rising here but right-handed. Didn’t feel suppressed, but also, spent bored hours at school practising writing with my left-hand so am ambidextrous to a certain degree.

  22. Thank you for this. As a 60s-born Aqua ( Virgo rising, Moon Scorpio) my left hand was suppressed. (many in my family were).To manage the brain dissonance I developed the strategy to have my book turned perpendicular to the edge of the desk. This way I could write sideways using my right eye to track the words. I also learned to write upside down and back to front with my right hand, I just struggled writing the required way. If I could not use my left hand my brain still would not allow my right hand to fully conform. Ironically, the struggle resulted in me going blind in my right eye. In recent years modern technology gave me the vision back temporarily, but the process has resulted in bizarre somatic pain in my left arm and hand.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh aquahair that sounds horrible. All the suppression and struggle manifesting in blindness in the right eye.

      Have you ever thought of somatic body work to release all that suppressed energy?

      1. I have done the somatic work it is useful. Also found psychotherapy helpful. In the end though there is the personal and there is the societal journey. Whilst I have to transcend the personal, societal change is the bigger issue. The Saturn transit in Aquarius prompted the eye surgery and it has been a fascinating journey. I am thinking Pluto Aqua is going to be a wild societal thing, where we will see that typing allows us all to proceed from the left-right debate. I am thankful that Mystic posted this today of all days

          1. I was supposed to go back to my eye surgeon last week, but could not because of covid and had to be rescheduled. The pain in my left hand has been intense. At the moment, I feel there is this insane building of pressure for change in all the things that led to the suppression. A sense that there needs to be enough pressure for people to actually make change, the sort of thing that creates a revolution.

            1. Wish Upon a Star

              Pressure for change in all things that lead to suppression. I can relate to that.

              Do you have any planets in Taurus?

            2. PS I have a neptune, moon , mars conjunct in scorpio and it is all been triggered by saturn this week and uranus

              1. This is intense. Curious as to where your Mercury is. Is it aspecting Neptune or your Moon at all? The lefties I know have Neptune/Mercury or a Moon/Mercury connection. Also heavy on the Water element.
                On a non-astrology take, some studies suggest that lefties most probably had oxygen deprivation during birth, which changed their “wiring”. They also suggested that converting lefties or putting yourself under strain to be ambidextrous leads to all sorts of problems, like memory and concentration disorders, spatial disorientation and others.

                1. My mercury is 0 Aquarius Chiron and North Node are all 0 Aries, My sun is 21 Aqua and that is what squares my delightful Scorpio stellium. Interesting re your comment about disorders i have had a long history of temporal lobe epilepsy but a phenomenal visual memory.

  23. Lefty here too, the only one out off 5 children. Was forced to use my right hand for the first few years off school, catholic, mmmm. No one can read my hand writing, so i was considered to be dumb at school and made to repeat a year in primary school.
    I’m a cap with with Virgo rising and a fiery Aries moon. I can do some thinks right handed like throwing a ball, but the leftie in me always seems to manage to do so much more. There maybe merit in the thought that left handed people see the whole picture differently. Know i always seem to see things from a very different angle to most please, including friends and family. lol lol

  24. I think there must be a correlation with Uranus/Aquarius as MANY left handers I know are Aquas, including my father and sister. Maybe it’s the “i wanna be different” nature of Uranus that does it? I have Uranus combust Sun and was ambidextrous as a child. Now a rightie.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Interesting, my older brother is an Aquarius with 5 planets in Aqua but a right hander. Mmm. Don’t know if he was an original lefty.

    2. My grandfather, aunt and me are left-handed. My ex husband too, I thought that my daughter would be too but she’s clearly a right-handed. I have a strong 11th house, but a stronger 12th.

  25. My grandmother a typical/atypical Aquarius stellium. She was left handed and extremely eccentric. However, my brother also has a stellium in Aquarius in the tropical system, but he is the most self-consciously, resolutely,’normal’ person I have ever met. In sidereal he is all Capricorn, whereas my grandmother an apex Aquarius in both. I have a theory that tropical is the role that was projected onto you by your environment as a child, whereas sidereal is the map of who you really are, which overlaps more for some than others. My brother was seen as a ‘problem’ child by the family, although no one else would remotely describe him that way. He prides himself on being the opposite of a rebel.

    My chart is completely different in the tropical and sidereal systems. In tropical, I am a Libra rising with a stellium in Cancer. I was the classic ‘parental child,’ and peacemaker in an abusive family, who essentially raised my brothers and sister. In sidereal I am a Virgo rising with stellium in Gemini. As an adult, I am an artist with a plethora of odd hobbies and no interest in having children. Every astrologer I have ever met (and I have met a lot at shows as an artist) has immediately guessed I am a Virgo because my artwork is ridiculously detailed. I work primarily in ink and watercolor, the mediums that allow for the fewest mistakes. My pieces often take 40+ hours and can be irrevocably ruined in the last moments. Only a true perfectionist would be drawn to that. When I tried out for the mercurial role of Mercutio in Romeo and Juliet in high school, the drama teacher said it would be typecasting (I got the role). Seeing tropical as a map of childhood projection, because is is based on either a miapprehension of where the stars are or a seasonal structure that does not apply to most of humanity, elucidated the charts of everyone I know and made a lot of discrepencies make sense.

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      Interesting theory. You eloquently back this up with life experience in a way that only a Virgo can.

      I am curious to unpack my life in this way too using both sidereal and tropical. Watch this space maybe. Or maybe it is too private to express. But thanks Melody for the paradigm shift.

  26. Was a leftie when I first picked up the crayon 🖍 lol…… which aligns with your Fire + Air formula (Leo sun + Libra moon) but religious conditioning from my very Catholic Polish mamma (Taurus sun + Pisces moon) had her tell me “no that’s evil” on repeat, which scared me enough to reject my natural instincts. I was later told I have trapped creativity in my left hand by a healer.
    On a brighter note both wrists have been alerting me to the fact that they are beginning to wake up. Cue incoming brilliance ✨

  27. Im left-handed!
    but right handed when i eat, and use scissors….maybe i unconsciuisly adapted, who knows…

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        I suppose the reason why I have so much angst about this is not so much to do with writing but more to do with drawing.

        A few years ago I was sick of getting intuitive messages for other people so I asked for this to be directed in a more practical way. I have always loved fashion. I started seeing exquisite images of outfits. But alas I could not draw them. I think I will start learning to write again? with my left hand. Hopefully this will open the gates of creativity and drawing.

  28. i’m a leftie and so was my maternal grandma. i’m an august leo and she’s an august virgo; we both have fixed-sign mars (taurus and scorp, respectively) and mutable moons (gem and pisces). even though she was born in 1920, she never switched hands! i can’t remember if she said that any of her schoolteachers etc had ever tried to make her switch, but she’s not the kind of person who would have anyway, even if they tried. we are the only two in the family though as far as i’m aware! we were always obsessed with each other and that we were both left-handed.

  29. I would like to think that a harmonious exchange between the right and left hemispheres of the brain would be ideal. My Aquarius moon and Neptune conjunct Sun in Scorpio created a highly imaginative dream child; I became an attorney to shift some of the high octane of my right brain to the left. Thusly, I batted left and right playing softball and am able to solve complex legal conundrums in my sleep. (The Middle Ages aren’t that far behind us I fear. At least not here in the US with the fuc*ery going on….)

  30. My Piscean Pa is a left hander born at the beginning of WW2, apart from being shunted around dp camps and generally having a tiresome time he also was forced to write with his right hand in whatever school/country/ language written. Just add it to the pile of traumas I guess. Am fire, air, water astro signature and I am ambidextrous to a degree and left handed for throwing and most things but use my right for writing. Apparently this is useful in art/surgery as it improves spacial awareness. Am the only one out of 4 to have inherited some of the sinister way.

      1. I can write backwards with my left hand and sometimes when communing with spiritual self I try to ensure my lack of cognitive interference by taking notes that way! But it is time consuming to translate later, so don’t do it so much. My spacial awareness seems hormonally related as much as anything!

        1. Haha, well that’s out of the box. I can write backward with dominant hand without over thinking it. I write right on occasion for that kind of thing but yes, translation can be tedious.

    1. Forgot to say I am gonna punt for being Neptune heavy for sinistrism if that is a word, at least as regards my family!

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Yes I’m a Pisces Rising and
        right handed. That’s why this post go under my skin. But I think it is time to let it go.

  31. yes, Capricorn sun Taurus rising Moon in Gemini born in ’52, I was left handed but harshly persuaded to switch to right by my paternal Scorpio grandmother while under her care during my parent’s vacation. She held a PhD in engineering & was a teacher. We didn’t get along. I am now both handed. Artist, mystical, resistant to being fkd with.

  32. Yep the only one in the family. Also the only one who would not eat meat from infancy. I could not go into a butcher shop the smell was so repellant as my sister salivated over lambs fry. Plus some other ‘recessive’ traits. Gingerism! Haha. I was lucky though. They never forced me otherwise and let me happily live on potatoes as per my wish. I am always so very grateful for it. I think you are right though. They WERE trying to extinct us. Just ‘left’ this here for all the other lefties in life.

      1. And definitely could be occasionally described as gauche! Meh. Proudly though.
        Is the Aquarius in Jupiter a thing too? Ok. I have said all I need to say now!

  33. My mother, brother and me are all left handlers. Mum is a boomer and was changed but interesting still uses her left hand to write if say she is doing a crossword puzzle.
    I’m Aquarius rising, my brother Taurus rising and we are both fire signs. I don’t know my mum’s rising sign.

    1. The crossword flip is interesting. Unless cryptic is kind of a logical puzzle but feels like it’s being approached intuitively and instinctively.

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