Asteroid Amphitrite – The Original Ocean Goddess

Amphitrite – “all-encircling Triad” – the pre-Hellenic Triple Goddess transformed into a mere Sea Nymph by Hellenic writers. She was forced to marry Poseidon (Neptune) because this god was “greedy of earthly kingdoms,” which implied that the earthly kingdoms used to be owned by the nymph herself.”

Barbara Walker – The Womans Encylopedia Of Myths & Secrets.”

Amphitrite was the original Ocean Goddess turned Mrs Neptune.Β  Her Roman name was Salacia – “the salty one.”

Leaving aside arguments of whether the astrological Neptune is actually a feminine force, Amphitrite is an asteroid – number 29 if you want to fling her into your chart using the extended chart options of Astrodienst.

The Queen of the Sea, this most ancient of Ocean Goddesses – half the British navy used to be named after her – probably deserves her own planet but in the meantime, where is YOUR Amphitrite and does she resonate?

Amphitrite as “Queen of Atlantis and wife of Neptune” in the Emile Square, ItalyΒ 
Ancient Roman Fresco – Centaur, Salacia and Neptune

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  1. She’s at 25 Scorpio in my 6th House -I’m a Marine Biologist from a land-locked country. She successfully lured me to her shores and I have never left her foam-capped curls. She is conjunct Saturn in my house of love – indeed, I tend to find love at sea or with men working at or with the sea, and when my heart aches, the sea always fixes everything. Nice find, this salty asteroid goddess! Will look into her more. πŸ™‚

  2. Ha! Smack on my Descendant in Leo. 7th House. Definitely explains that particular chapter in my life where I amused myself for a whole summer with some sailors.

  3. Oh wow, this is EXACTLY conjunct my ascendant. Another missing piece! Thanks for this Mystic Medusa, I love learning new things! πŸ˜€

  4. Basically I was a fish in a past life and would be pretty happy to be one again. Even the life of a little shell animal on a rock platform would suit me.

    Natally I have Salacia and Amphi in the 8Cap.

    Amphi is almost exact sextile to my Sun (-5ΒΊ) and trine Saturn.

    Salacia is conjunct Mars and part of the Grand Earth trine with Pluto and Moon/Asc.

    No wonder I swim in the sea for solace and transformation.

  5. This is on my 3rd house cusp at 22 Pisces – close sextile Mercury and quincunx Mars. I looked up some musicians’ charts, and a few of them them had strong placements (all very Neptunian types). Conjunct Bjork’s 1st house Scorpio Neptune, for one.

  6. ok this is kind of cool. She fits in with my fire trine of Neptune (sagg), MC (Aries), Saturn (Leo).

    but I also have 3 asteroids / the 2 centaur (? need to learn more) planets aligning with those too – Amphitrite conjunct Neptune, Eris conjunct MC (7′), Pallas conjunct saturn.

    So these goddesses of Very Interesting Things are shadowing the conventional planets and a public chart angle, and in a slightly closer trine than them too.


    1. hey even more interesting. each of the goddess y planets/astroids are partnered with what looks like [to the vastly inexperienced me] an interesting correlation. but one that is determined by a masculine-feminine dyad and also the pre-patriarchal (for want of a better term, sorry) pantheon

      amphi + neptune
      Pallas + saturn
      Eris, on Aries MC, but, opposite pluto (15′)

      urgh now i am (cough) getting out of my depth.


      strategising, resolving, organising, my 2nd house Leo realms of what I value, possessions, stability

      6th house Saggi realm of daily habits, service,maintenance procedures, dayjob

      10th house realm of public image, how i am seen, my vocation/calling,

      1. I have some of that male-female stuff going on too. Lilith conj mars (8H), venus conj jupiter (8H), and Amphi looks like she is headed towards my Neptune conj moon (2H) since she’s right there at 0 Sagg. I also have pluto in libra in my 11th.

        Maybe I’m taking it too far, but I was thinking it’s weird that pluto is 11 deg in libra in the 11th, and it’s the scales of balance. My 8th is in gem, which is also a double sign. Looks like an 11. Oh and I see 11 all the time.

  7. Currently opposite my natal Sun at 17 degrees Cancer! Started walking the beach again and combed the tidepools finding special treasures!

      1. Finding treasures in tide-pools is one of my favourite things in the world!

        I love that old beach combing character in one of my fave movies ever -*Local Hero*. There’s also an enigmatic sea loving woman in it called Marina… all very Amphitrite-like.

        my Amphitrite is in 24ΒΊCancer 9th House – sitting pretty between my Sun and Moon.

  8. Mine is in Aquarius 12 degrees and trine Uranus. My moon is also in Aquarius. In the 4th house. Looks like I live under the water……..visit me in my subconscious terrain! Don’t forget to click the clam shells!

  9. 0 Sag in my first, which is ruled by Scorp. I think I am reading that right. I have neptune conjunct my moon in my second. I feel like my first house is trying to push her ashore to centaur land.

  10. Her Saltiness is in my first house, Aries. Pisces asc. Neptune conjunct north node. Clandestine, chicken of the sea hydroponics.

  11. Ugh was confused and ridicuolusly annoyed all today because my ex was in my dream last night, and in a completely opposite to reality manner, I jumped up in his arms and had a slobbery romantic novella type kiss while gasping out how much I missed him in between. Vomit. Ugh, Ive never been that kind of woman, like, ever.

    I was trying to figure out why this happened all of a sudden when I realize some things: the dream played out like the lurid fantasies my ex used to verbally narrate to me while I cringed in silence, I am having an Amphitrite return which is on my DC which is also directly conjunct this ex’s name, my ex has a ridiculously strong but Lo Pisces moon also undergoing a Neptune transit so he is everywhere except where he is supposed to be – on earth with feet planted on ground and mind focusing on biz – and probably other factors going on that I really dont want to scratch below the immediate surface of…

    I just finished saging my house and am laundering everything.

  12. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    I have her in Scorpio, in the 9th…I do love riding to the beach on my new motorbike to a level of obsessiveness that most people would struggle to call ‘normal’….I mean I LIVE for it. Take away beach, bike and bikini and I wither and die…

  13. Well this was a fun discovery. Amphitrite in the 5th house sign of Aries. She’s square to Saturn (9th house in Cancer) and semisextile to Jupiter (4th house in Pisces). I noted I have no natal planets in the 5th house (isn’t that a wee weird?) If I were to “translate” this with my humble knowledge I would say she’s the wind in the sails upon the seas and to Hades with her male counterparts.

  14. 4 sag, opposite Lilith-merc and squaring Hekate. Neptune is all standing up at my DC, and she’s running away retro down the hill of my 6th house. To the sea, to the sea! To be free, to be free, just meeeeeeeee…

  15. where are you katman? you have converted me to dylan. never cared much for his thing before. but i get it. he is playing away while i make some stuff. i was going to skip over it but thought, “oh come on give the guy a chance”
    brain must have been in the correct zone πŸ™‚

      1. Am actually listening to New Morning right now ….

        I dont give a damn if I’m running from the law
        when my money’s not enough and they come and take it all
        No, I’m getting kinda rich on the side of any soul alive

    1. I try my best to be just like I am
      But everybody wants you to be just like them
      They say “sing while you slave”
      But I just get bored

    2. cool. rest assured it is never the popular songs that reel me in . I have usually heard those 10000 times and wish never to hear them again. usually the reason why i don’t care if i never hear the other works too. so.

  16. Amphitrite conjunct ASC in Leo while Salacia conjunct Moon in Capricorn. Explains my love of water and ocean, I guess. Either that or I marry a man wielding a trident.

  17. 17 degrees in Leo 2nd House.

    Today I put my feet in the ocean. First time in years. On the site of an old roman temple now church

    I am the sea and nobody owns me – pippi long stockings πŸ™‚

  18. Mine is in Cancer, 12th house. That’s a pretty watery placement, appropriate for an Ocean Goddess! I’m Cancer rising too (but they’re not conjunct). Actually, she opposes my Neptune conjunct Moon in Capricorn. I really have a ton of Neptunian energy for a Virgo…I have intense dreams pretty much every night which can get tiring!

    My dream last night was nothing short of disturbing…trigger warning: death. There was a serial killer on the loose, in a hotel with a lot of floors. But the walls on the periphery were floor to ceiling windows with shades. This badass girl was BEHIND the shades to stay hidden, and she could get to all the floors by climbing up and down. The killer was climbing behind the shades too (sorry, it’s hard to explain). The badass girl had a gun and was both running FROM the serial killer and running TOWARDS him too. Kill him before he killed her. She finally caught up to him on the top floor but it was too late. This floor had all the pets. She found all of the people crying. She opened the door to find he had killed every last pet…mostly little dogs…and then hung himself. She even had to prod the body to make sure it wasn’t a trick. Yep, he was really dead.

    I told you it was messed up. Not even sure I want to know what my subconscious was telling me there.

  19. Conjunct Moon in Aq in the 8th. I certainly have emotional tides! And wash myself anew when necessary (of people, emotions, hair colour, clothes…).

  20. Mine’s at 17 Taurus in my 4th house. 3 degrees away from my IC hmmmm… and maybe opposing my Neptune at 11 Scorpio up near my MC – if that’s not too wide an orb. Yeah, 6 deg maybe too wide. But still, it’s near to opposing my Neptune so I’m gonna give it some thought…

  21. This makes so much sense!! I have never vibed on Poseidon or Neptune. So much a dominating masculine vibe for the most ancient and most Yin element? The sea has always felt like feminine force to me and as a diver I feel like I know her quite well…

    Aries Amphitrite in the 10th. Now, when we can we set about re-naming Neptune?

  22. What a find…this one is everywhere but makes no hint of it. She touches every shore but she’s not casting lightening bolts this way and that. No seedy pursuits, or rumbling cataclysms, or great stone-heaving wars of conquest, or curses. Every fish is fed, and the days pass as brief pauses of cloud over shimmering seas. Just a note of triumph when mentioned in the arts, and how one of three most powerful brothers sought her above all the nymphs in creation.

  23. Hmmm. I have her conjunct Neptune, she’s at 5, Neptune at 3 Capricorn.

    In the third.

    I wonder if she is why I feel a potentcy with Neptune in Capricorn when traditionally “they say” it’s not a good placement. I feel a kind of world building potential. Like a nebula birthing stars, creation out of chaos, form out of formlessness.

    My sun is at 28 Sag, and Neptune is my closest conjunction to my sun, also.


  24. I’ve always liked this story and I’ve looked her up before but then forgot’ed. Looking now, I’m having my Amphitrite return. She wants something, eh?
    It’s in the twelfth. What is something other than riptide? Something happy.

    1. Flood waters, high tide, bringing in fresh water nutrients and life to dry land. Feed the molluscs, rinse the rocks, wash away the footprints on sand. You never know what the tide will bring.

      1. Good one! I shall go on my mental shore.
        Coiffed for WHOA! and armed for EWWWW. Pi, you get the rubies.

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