Daily Mystic For Wednesday 8 June

If you’re feeling besieged by one or more of the stress scenarios swirling around at the moment, remember: the unwind of Pluto in Capricorn was always going to be gnarly.

An update of my Turbulent Times series is imminent and it will be helpful!

Meanwhile, if you have an important decision or dialogue in play, ideally wait until after next week’s Full Moon before finalizing or furthering the matter.*

The Full Moon is actually great in many regards – a legit cosmic consciousness portal! However, people who aren’t aware of what’s up will be erratic and possibly vexatious.

But the main reason for the delay is to so that Mercury can make the third of three Mercury-Pluto trines in a row (June 9 to 12), and re-enter Gemini.

It means you’ll (a) avoid trying to do potentially tricky conversations with Full Moon agitation and (b) benefit from useful information and/or more options that emerge in the interim.


*The exception would be if your circumstances are dramatic or a situation/person is escalating. 

1 thought on “Daily Mystic For Wednesday 8 June”

  1. Very helpful Mystic🌺 have a very gnarly financial thing that has been going on since January, I feel the knots are loosening..good to know that we are almost there, thank you.x

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