Daily Mystic For Thursday 17 February

The Full Moon is peaking as I write – in fixed Leo opposite fixed Aquarius square the fixed Nodes – yes, fixed everything. It is reminiscent of last year’s fixed square grind so while the benefits include clarity + resolve, it’s easy to feel stuck.

But brilliantly, Jupiter is sextile Uranus – representing an opportunity to beneficially apply all the hard-won lessons from the last year. Whatever felt the most difficult is potentially alchemizing into something ingenious. AND Pisces Season begins early this year, raising the Mutability factor and speeding the pace of change.

The Virgo Moon is nearly here as well – your monthly zone of zipping around solving micro-irks with awesome alacrity. Yes, you. See the Moon Calendar for the exact time but is the lunar backdrop for Thurs/Fri. Think: speedy solutions and ultra-organized with a surreal Jupiter-Uranus innovative twist.


2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Thursday 17 February”

  1. I have to laugh as I managed to split a large toenail on one foot and jab the opposite heel on the other foot with a blackberry thorn. So moving neither forwards or backwards easily. Very in keeping with the stuck astro. I do have renewed hope however. The Bega by-election being won by the local obstetrician (Who in the community would not know him!) and a Mum (an Independent) with a miniscule budget who can only afford homemade campaign signs may be about to topple the big Liberal party machine in Willoughby with the help of other parents and local citizen associations. This is brilliant and a sign I am sure of the changing times. Here in Melbourne we have private school educated MP candidates being placed in multicultural electorates quoting from the muppets to people whose second language is English. The arrogance of it on both sides of politics is incredible. If what is happening in NSW is any indication, I await our turn at the elections with glee. The rise of the local community caring independents I suspect has well and truly begun.

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