Daily Mystic For Monday February 7

“Taurus” is the cool concept of the day, actually the next few days.

That’s Taurus people, classic Taurus themes – trees, agriculture, the voice, pentacles/coinage, fabric, physicality, and stamina – and the Taurus sector of your natal chart.

To what do we owe this emphasis? Well, it is a waxing – growing – Moon in Taurus, Venus (the ruler of Taurus) is potent at the moment and Mars trines Uranus in this sign as well. So it’s brilliant for Taureans and all of the things above.

If you have a wow-factor idea, cherish it and take your time in the planning stage. Or if you’re already into a desirable project or relationship, draw on Taurus robustness to retain creative control/faith – whatever is required!


2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Monday February 7”

  1. I’m very unfamiliar with Taurus. I have Chiron 13° in Taurus in the eleventh house. Better go do some research!

    1. Thank you Mystic for providing my research topic today. I feel like I’ve levelled up now I have more of an understanding of my eleventh house in Taurus. The Chiron aspect is so spot on that it’s hilarious, and the recognition has triggered healing and acceptance. If anyone asks my religion, it’s astrology, and Mystic is my guru. (I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this!) Time for a nap to let this new information integrate. 💖

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