What To Read When…

Who needs an astrological transit reading guide?  Everyone!

What To Read When You Are Having A…

* Mercury Transit – EVERYTHING. The nutrition labels on everything, graffiti art as sigils, sanitary pad strips, street signs, all media – haute and low, who cares.  Mercury is an alchemical God of Magic, crossing all dimensions, subverting all barriers. You can know about the infidelity of a D-lister AND planned alterations to the Table of Elements. It’s when you make a connection between the two that you know you’ve jumped a level to Uranus. Or gone bats.

* Venus Transit – Sappho, Ovid, Baudelaire, Thomas Moore The Soul Of Sex, the clouds as you fall back in love with nature again, sonnets, Andre Breton, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, your mirror, sex tips, cosmetics brochures, courtesan memoirs or just nothing because you are too goo-goo/busy beautifying or making your own art.

* Mars Transit – Exercise Guides, bio-hacking forum recommendations, Navy SEAL ‘get ripped, get laid, get paid’ tips, memos back from your operatives charged with carrying out your missions every day. You prefer crap you can listen to whilst doing other things. If you could download shit straight into your brain a la the Matrix, you would obviously.

* Jupiter TransitThe Big Leap, the restaurant menu, Rumi & travel or university brochures. Your itinerary, university reading list and real estate listings in places you could technically get to in a couple of days if you just, you know, went. Growth is your God and naysayers will be ejected.

* Saturn Transit – stoic philosophy, spreadsheets, calorie calculators, memos, your bank balances, curated news feeds, share prices online but actually you would rather just hire an expert and have them brief you. Source. Signal not noise. Fluff and clutter are on notice that you are going to kill them. Time is your most precious resource – not to be squandered.

* Uranus Transit – the first chapter of practically everything. Or you just dive into any page at once, driven by pure random raw awesome instinct. Niche medical research and alternative astrophysics. Information lives on a subliminal universal neural network that you can access at any time, so long as your personal electromagnetic frequency is humming correctly.

* Neptune Transit – the auras of plants, subtitles in languages you do not understand of movies that communicate to you via their mood or styling, Jung and his acolytes, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Song of Amergin, the I-Ching, Tarot, The Time Falling Bodies Take To Light.

* Pluto Transit – classified documents, shit you should probably not have access to, Trickster Makes This World,  The Anti-Fragile, Robert Greene, your obsessive-compulsive but absolutely genius personal journal.


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  1. I suggest that Moisés Naím’s “The End of Power” is perfect for a Uranus-Pluto transit.

  2. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    I am so doing the neptune transit one. Now I read my fave (dead) authors by opening their books randomly and looking for symbolism/synchronicity in the text. Worked a treat last night! Who needs ouija?

  3. Still Pluto transiting and am reading a lot of phoenix risen from the ashes of something shit type bios and just realised how appropriate is was that The Gift of Fear by Gavin de Becker (violence expert/Scorpio) was one of the 10 or so books I chose to pack for my current between houses limbo land.

    I’ve noticed that there is absolutely a correlation between my reading habits and major transits, my Venus/Saturn transit was all about food, very serious nutrition! The Venus/Uranus = a lot of poetry.

  4. I love this post so so much. The only bad part is making my Books to Read list even longer. I’m already struggling to not order more books! Everything is so damn interesting. Within the past month, I visited the used bookstore and the antique bookstore and bought a stack at each. I can’t read that fast and what feels now changes frequently. I’m not flaky, just Uranian to the core.

    1. Yes – agree!! This IS Fab – Mystic!

      and LOVIN this Mercury vibe in my 8th.

      BM (Before Mystic), i thought it was empty – now she’s shown me that the coolest folk live there.

      Thank you Mystic, your info is GOLD. X

  5. Having my mercury so tightly conjunct my mars means I’m always having a mercury transit and a mars transit in a way. I have always listened to audiobooks so I can download the info whilst doing something else. Just doing one feels like a waste of time, unless as lately I am consciously JUST READING on my kindle as a kind of meditation and to teach myself to focus.
    Having a Uranus transit right now …. so yep, bat be the way me feeling.
    Jupiter is my ruling planet so I’m always mid some kind of expansive adventure or travelling or grokking wisdom from some great guru, usually my own uninformed opinions which at the time I’m CONVINCED have been downloaded straight from the source of infinite wisdom itself. Typos and all.
    My mutability ensures that tomorrow whatever I swore by today will be proven either untrue, be obsolete or merely a corollary to another devastatingly obvious truth, previously hidden from human understanding by veils of ignorance. And so it goes on..

    1. The Venus Fly 2.0

      I can’t do audio books! I was always that kid in school that was asked to read speeches etc and droll readers drive me beyoond insane. But than again, I’m an actor not to mention a damn sextuple Taurean so if the voice doesn’t pull me I charge out of the room.

      I wish I had more time to read. I have so many plays, scripts, cookbooks, novels, short stories historical essays and sex manuals on my shelves I’m aching to read but dammit, too damn time poor. All I can manage is scripts these days 🙁

      1. Being read to is hot. I don’t have anything against audiobooks, but I do no recommend listening to Into the Wild while driving cross country. But being read to is so amazing. Or reading to someone else.

  6. i honestly didn’t get past mercury because i was laughing hard enough i had to come compliment you before i went on

    1. ok, a) this should be tagged DIY astro because this is some rogue wisdom here.

      b) this should be required reading for any intro to astrology course

      c) and my favorite part of studying astrology is coming up with new ways to imagine how the planets communicate to each other when we have nothing to do with it. like, pluto and mercury walk into a seedy bar. they’re not thinking of all the earthlings their making say totally inappropriate things to their mates! they think saturn and jupiter are pool balls in the corner. they’re gonna have words.

      so in short, yes i write planetary fan fic i guess. and you just inspired a new set of characters.i will pay any necessary copyrights to hear “You can know about the infidelity of a D-lister AND planned alterations to the Table of Elements. It’s when you make a connection between the two that you know you’ve jumped a level to Uranus. Or gone bats.” come out of another characters mouth

      so apparently i love this

      1. The zap zone has been just all of theseat the same time I took so many direct hits the last few years that i am proud to not be institutionalized. That I came to know joy in darkness is almost a dizzy triumph. I’m sure it’s not altogether pleasant to watch, but I sense I’ll come out on the side of the,
        I couldn’t think of the word so I closed my eyes my phone auto suggested:


        That’s uranus.

        1. Me too! I like your planetary convo comment. I often think about my own and what people/situations affected that. I guess that’s probably pretty common, but I’m pretty sure my chart is activated by the people I meet with my 11H Pluto. I know exactly who triggered my authentic experience of 8H venus in Gemini. Totally hip mid-westerner I met through an odd series of choices and a move to somewhere random. He is fun, well read, has his pulse on new music, artistic genius, and adventurous. My friendship with him was a game changer.

          I am totally Uranian too and make connections all the time. It’s so fun.

          1. I think my lacking direct social contact for a long time either made many nuts or clarified howiI communicate. Trying to explain that I talk to the archetypes in the planets definitely sounds bats but I’m now mostlyok with that. WhaWhat’s problematic is seeingpeoplethe real peoplein my life as combos of archetypes. I try to just acceptwhat they offer but most peopledontdon’t seem liklike they know themselves or believe what they’resayingso iI find the incongruencedeeply confusing. At this point though I’m afraid I’ve got so self development focused that I kind of have to respond to peoplethat come “in orb” as if they are totally alien cultures. I always wanted to find commonalities but i think that it’s it’s both naive and manipulative

            Im a student. Anything is possible

            Those peoplewho triggerthat auauthenticity – its like I was taughtyou stay with them and cobblesome life together. But if the lessonfor me hasn’t been letting them go I’ve got all the wrong scars

            1. Ohgodwiththetypos



              1. No, I don’t think it’s bats I think it’s incredibly interesting. Sounds difficult and exhausting at the same time. I love people who see the world differently.

  7. I remember a lot of books having a big impact on me during my first house Pluto transit – particularly the first half of it when Pluto was in Scorp near my Venus-Neptune. Some were

    Women who Run with The Wolves – Pinkola Estes (all about tuning in to your instincts/dropping naivete/valuing your own female power)

    Beyond Fear – Dorothy Rowe

    Families and How to Survive Them (a total revelation, at the time, about the dynamics of my family of origin, origins of my issues, and so easy to read/funny in places) – Robyn Skynner in convo with John Cleese

    Painful people – by Aussie psychiatrist Joe Dunn (a super easy read which helps you pick personality types – particularly the toxic ones – really fast. So helpful to a Neptune rising type like me)

    Re Saturn Transits (particularly 12th house and maybe 1st house if you are still feeling like crap by then), The Road Less Travelled is a beauty, which I read during my last Saturn in 12th cycle some 30 years ago.

    Oh, and for any students out there who are struggling to find time/remember all the shit they have to learn, Superlearning. Really surprising to me at the time. Bach improves learning capacity apparently…and the authors would have highly approved of Mystic’s binaural beats

    All highly recommended.

  8. Oh, the Saturn description is intensely astute – the big fella is snuggling up against my Sag ascendant right now. Much of what constitutes ‘social media’ that I had previously immersed myself in feels unbearable these days.

    But – one should always save some room for Pluto. Cheers to Mystic for introducing me to Nassim Nicholas Taleb – what a fascinating and lucid thinker!

    1. ha, a saggo friend of mine cut down her fb contacts from over 500 to 40 😉 I would also recommend “Resilience” by Eric Greitens for any saturn transit, lots of good advice how to handle things, if sh*t hits the fan

  9. i LOVE these lists, myst. always takes me some time to ponder my current sitch though. will be using this to enlighten myself about my transits.

    mars has just passed over my natal toro mars in 5th, and is moving along into the 6th to join vesta. i want to listen to music whilst i am doing stuff, and usually i do, but the past several days i’ve been like UGH because i don’t even know what to choose and it has to be background and/or awesome for brutal bouts of kickboxing.

    feel like i am always reading everything. that shampoo bottle in the shower? yes i’ve read both the english and french probably a hundred times. natal merc at the very tippy-top of my chart in virgo and the 9th.

    1. The Venus Fly 2.0

      I have been saying the same damn thing (“I read everything – even shampoo bottles in the shower!”) for like 20 years. It’s how I learnt basic French word association ;P

      1. i love having full french translations of stuff to read! it’s on every damn thing! keeps me sharp.

        1. The Venus Fly 2.0

          Are you in Canada right now? In the States everything was part Spanish but those three years in Vancity taught me quite a bit of French phrasing ;P

  10. The Venus Fly 2.0

    Jupiter in Leo transiting 3rd house in Leo – my ex turned me off Rumi for life. Travel brochures? Don’t have time with all the study work required. Haven’t cooked a meal in 3 days so restaurant menu’s feel like poison to moi. But I DO have renewing my passport on my ‘To Do’ list.

    Saturn in Virgo transiting 7th house in Sagg – need to be on a STRICT schedule when it comes to sleep, money and time management. See how going off tangent creates squandering of time. Sooo ready for Saturn to leave my 7th house, this Taurus has truly had enough of Saturn energy to last me a lifetime.

    Uranus in Scorpio transiting 11th house in Aries – I operate on instinct.

    Neptune in Sagg transiting my 10th house in Pisces – doing a tonne of study on archetypes, psychology, grow plants (but neglecting them, that again, it IS raining a tonne) and have been a Tarot kick like crazy the last 8 months after a 14 year sabbatical from decks.

    Pluto in Libra transiting my 8th house in Capricorn – stopped journaling since I started studying – don’t and cannot make time for it. Bored of talking via the written word to a diary.

    Yeah, I don’t know what transits REALLY mean, as I am not fluent in the Astro language. But I DO know that I am need of fresh vibes and realize only hard work can get me where I want to go to make the options I need available to me manifest. The same ol’ same ol’ will NOT cut it!

    1. The Venus Fly 2.0

      TYPO – haven’t cook a meal in 3 WEEKS. Eating out depleting funds and vitality. Made juice this morning with golden delicious apples and felt ‘normal’ again.

      1. it’s amazing how “normal” eating real food can make a person feel! i had a similar experience this morning. usually i eat pretty well, but neglect veg and stuff because…why? i don’t know. anyway, i made a smoothie with a fresh mango, some full-fat greek yog, and a spoonful of coconut oil. first sip and my body was like, “whoa, dude. THIS.”

        1. The Venus Fly 2.0

          I always get funny in between seasons – my body ‘rejects’ what it has been eating especially the transition from summer to wintery weather.

          I don’t know if I crave Italian (I do – but too much cheese gets me congested), Japanese (ALWAYS crave this in winter but I am craving new dishes versus my home-made Chicken Hotpots, curry from scratch and Gyoza soup) or ‘Nawlin’s gumbos. Or side-dishes.

          Roots vegetables. Greens, Protein. Stews. Soups. NOW I’m getting into ‘winter’ mode food wise ;D <3

          1. I totally go through cycles with food.
            I will eat a particular food with a kind of religious routine and love it until I hate it. I loathe cooking so tend to cook in bunk. ATM it’s red cabbage. I’ve been cooking up 4 at a time and prepping with herbs and spices then putting in big container in fridge and just making it the main thing on my plate. I’ll whatever else happens to be in the fridge – usually its some kind of cold cut in a packet I can just open like smoked salmon or chicken slices (I try to go for organic) I love avocado and tomato in combination, don’t think I’ll ever get sick of that. If I’m feeling adventurous I’ll make scrambled eggs with cheese (bad for me but I love it and chuck in some dehydrated kale. Failing that, a large hand full of nuts – any type, unsalted or any kind of nut butter straight from the jar. Shit single people get away with 🙂

            1. oh lawd, that all sounds perf. for a handful of years when i was going to uni i ate the same thing every morning and i loved it; got into a relationship and started living with the gem gem and that routine is long broken. need it to keep my 6th house moon happy though, tbh. i still 100% get away with eating nut butters out of the jar. 😉

              right now i am getting into summer-food-mood and TOTES excited to get my kale, etc growing.

            2. The Venus Fly 2.0

              I have been so busy with my creative work and dealing with my son that I literally have had to choose between work and cooking – so I chose ordering in.

              Tonight I just made a simple Dashi broth (I cook everything from scratch) and paired it with my son’s beloved soba noodles. I also whipped him up a vegan Chocolate Orange Pudding. I usually make all my own condiments, drinks, dressings etc but yeah, the energy or inspiration wasn’t there. But that changed tonight because I feel ‘clean’ again.

              I invited one of my colleagues over for dinner next month. I haven’t cooked for a guest in ages. No one I know in Australia is really a great cook so when I invited people over they were so ungrateful that it turned me off throwing my annual Thanksgiving Dinner. But this country boy Scorpio is crazy nice and we work well together so he and his girlfriend will come over and I will cook up a storm. He’s allergic to dairy so I will make my home-made spice rubbed free-range chicken, homemade BBQ sauce, my sweet potatoes in coconut milk & chipotle chilli, one of my famous salads with fresh herbs from my garden, pitchers of my sparkling rosemary lemon limeade soda (all natural, no sugar) and my decadent dairy-free Chocolate Mousse with the coconut whipped cream. The secret ingredient is using maple sugar – very expensive but takes it over the top. It has eggs but that’s it and it’s beyond fabulous.

              I just found a great vintage ice-cream book which should be fun in 5 months when the heat returns. My son loves Pumpkin ice-cream at Thanksgiving so I’ll whip him up a home-made batch seeing as Trader Joe’s doesn’t exist here but they stopped stocking it back in 2008 anyway ;P <3

              1. The Venus Fly 2.0

                Oooh, and my carrots in spicey maple glaze.

                Damn shame he’s allergic to dairy, my Baked Mac & Cheese with two cheeses is beyond glorious ;D <3

        2. Most definitely. I’ve always eaten pretty healthy, but switching to local, pure, in-season foods about 5 years ago was a watershed choice. Changed my life. At that time, we moved and started shopping at local farms with organic produce. In the fall and winter, we belong to a CSA. You can feel the difference and of course taste it. My spouse is an amazing cook who trapped my second house moon with his ninja cooking skills.

          Plus, it’s totally fun! What’s in the CSA box this week? Or, look at all the vegetables in their colorful glory at the farm stand. What can we make with this celeriac? Ooh, it’s watermelon radish season. I could go on & on.

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