Weekly Horoscopes from December 23


Mercury backs out of Capricorn and into Sagittarius, initiating the “psychedelic” phase of your Mercury Retro. It’s less lost keys or data mishaps, more wildfire clandestine crushes, crossed timelines and elating esoteric concepts. As Dec 24-27 is a supernaturally active Venus-Neptunian Full Moon, anticipate surreal romance or relationship flashpoints and creative regeneration amid potential decadence.


The classic Aqua style is to alternate between being bizarrely blunt and galactically remote. It’s not always as effective as you’d like but asteroid Circe is evoking a rarely glimpsed Aquarian trait: Wiles. Craftier and ultra-aware of your impact, you can make money and/or love gains over Yule. Mars trine Eris from the 26th to 30th could pull in a suitably appealing candidate for your vibe experiments.


The Capricorn Sun supports Saturn in Pisces, giving you a distinct break from pushy, mundane pressures and maybe the help of a a saturnine, worldly person or actual Sea-Goat. At the same time, Venus in primordial Scorpio is in fab alignment with Neptune over Xmas, manifesting magic you thought was defunct. To Do: Reinforce your cynicism re business/work offers that seem contrived or sycophantic.


You’re direct, incisive – awesome on demand – and yet so often attractive to people who prefer to loop around the point. This week, Venus goes all-out on the sort of romance or affinities that specialize in subterfuge: you may as well align with the vibe. Reserve your  forthright nature for the enterprising new-era opportunities buzzing around as Mars trines the Moon’s Node in Aries from Dec 23 – 26.


Do you have a new, fiercer variant of Deja Vu? Or are some people of your acquaintance really repetitive? Either are possible – the times are weird – but Mercury Retrograde in your 8th house revives conversations you thought were final. Now until mid-Jan is not a moment to drift back into any form of intimacy with an ex-lover, ex-friend, ex-anything. Or if you must, keep money and biz far away.


Your perma-status as expert on the Current Thing has been eroded by not only Mercury Retro but cosmic benefactor Jupiter. Unlike Mercury Retro’s mild reminder to constantly vibe-check and update your sources, Jupiter represents a profound spiritual/emotional awakening. You can’t condense it into a soundbite but this worthwhile process completes by New Year’s Day: You’ll emerge gleaming and on-Zeitgeist.


A Mars-Node sync suggests exhilarating vocational developments this week – an idea, discussion or communique that zaps you up a level or two. Your actual Xmas Day is potentially your trippiest in years, infused with Neptunian weirding, supernatural vibe and mind-altering substances/people. The Full Moon in your sign on Dec 26/27 is not the usual catharsis – it’s consolidating!


This year’s ideal Yule would prioritize luxurious seclusion. Transcendental Neptune is accentuated and Mercury will be Retrograde in Sagittarius, sign of the escape artiste. Subconsciously or not, you’re going to want to ‘art direct’ anything too fixed or mundane. If you can’t score space to commune with the cosmos or launch a creative vision, consider getting some of those ear accessories that subtly modulate auditory input.


Asteroid Eros, Venus and Neptune are engaged in a harmonious config with vast benefits for – yes – Virgos. Lifting love,  affection and abundance, it’s a brilliant influence to cruise through Christmas with. Anticipate some form of fabulous dialogue or news. Mercury Retro means chez Virgo may not run completely smoothly but dim the exacting Virgo Vision and focus through your rose quartz tinted Venusian goggles.


In the mood for an ultra-candid conversational flow or super-ebullient self-expression? You’d have to ditch euphemism and your laconic detached air but the benefits would be unprecedented, especially between Dec 26-29. The whole week is amped as reliably over-the-top Jupiter turns direct in your money, metaphysics and sex sector, summoning back wayward love or business interests last seen in Aug/Sept.


Mercury Retrograde roars toward a December 26-29 rendezvous with Mars in Sagittarius, reckless but also kind of charismatic. For you this could equate to a financial folly or a clever, enterprising coup. It can also feature on-off-on-again love interests, the gregarious, there-when-they’re-there type. As Neptune wafts indigo disco mist over the week, use your nous to discern between glitter and gold.


Perhaps you should be making merry but Dec 23 to 29 represents a rare opportunity to assert an audacious agenda: Mars in Saggo is aligned with the Moon’s Node and Eris in Aries. Think: raised risk appetites, bold biz moves, epic creativity and rapidly developing romantic chemistry. Mercury Retro is now in Saggo but that just encrypts your motives to others, suiting your ‘never explain‘ credo.

Image: Pyke Koch