Daily Mystic For Friday 29 April to May 1

For multiple reasons – some mystical, others practical – so many of us have felt rootless and agitated of late.

Places that felt like home have altered or the atmosphere has soured. Is it the location or your feelings? Who has the luxury to lurk around trying to assess such a thing?

Of course, in some cases the last two years of pandemic protocols, drama and the end of the Pluto in Capricorn era – 11 months to go – have made people feel more at home or connected to a particular area.

Where-ever you’re at on the spectrum of “settled,” built-in assumptions regarding how/where you ‘should’ live are history. This weekend’s New Moon Eclipse is Uranian – aka genius but potentially unstable – and in solid, grounded Taurus.

Anticipate a eureka-flash or illuminating – perhaps provocative – development regarding where/how to establish yourself in this new, emerging terrain. I know I said this earlier in the week but it’s worth repeating: between now and Monday, the sharpest insights won’t come from cognitive pyrotechnics or scrolling through screeds of intel online.

The knowledge is already there, waiting for you to realize or remember it. Turn back onto nature and/or your physicality for maximum receptivity.


Image: Salvador Dali’s Ace of Pentacles

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Not settled at all. I need to find a new home. This week, I was bereft to find out that the new owners of the property I rent are going to completely moonscape the land.. Not a tree left. All the gums, wattles, bottle brushes and fifteen fruit trees removed. There is not a diseased native tree on this property since we took over, and four trees they are not technically supposed to be able to remove they have wrangled permission to remove and what are they going to build, a concrete monstrosity that looks like a grey prison block.… Read more »

Penelope Darling

Oh that is so sad and upsetting. Perhaps it is possible for you to take some cuttings?


I am going to save as many trees and take as many cuttings as I can.


So heartbreaking! You really build up a relationship with your garden and plants. It can be hard to explain to people who don’t care about nature. Xx


It is heart breaking. It is sad to see the disconnection from nature.

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