Daily Mystic for Tuesday 23 April

The Moon has looked Full for days because it’s so close to Earth at the moment but the exact Full Moon is on Tuesday 23/Weds 24 (Tuesday 23:48 Universal Time) at 4° Scorpio.

It’s opposite the Sun in Taurus because every Full Moon is a Sun-Moon opposition AND square Pluto in Aquarius.

FYI, Pluto is also currently conjunct asteroid Kassandra, the prophetess/priestess to whom nobody would listen.

So, Water element Full Moons opposite Earth Suns are more likely to feature surges of repressed emotion than other F.M.s and provocative aspects to Pluto are likewise eruptive.

Add Kassandra to the mix for a pungent formula – sadness over not being believed, however long ago and/or having to balance psychic needs with earthly requirements. Pluto makes it a Moon for change and the outlet for it will be in Leo.

Optimally, exert lucid, Aquarian-style objectivity to mediate or transform internal conflict or ancient angst.

Trust that this will free up a tonne of trapped energy that can be put to immediate and elating creative use.

Tactically, if you don’t have to do a difficult negotiation or hang out with a power-trippy person before the Full Moon, don’t.

And if you’re in a scenario already, this is an ‘in or out’ Moon – if you’re engaging, be thorough or neutral. No half-hearted forays into power-plays or ultimatums. Staying out of them regardless, leaves you space for the soul-mining and consciousness-insights that can also come with this Moon.


Image: Anjelica Huston – Richard Avedon

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  1. thank you for this Mystic! Going on a first date tonight, and I’ve been confused about how heavy my feelings have been around something that has only been light and new. The Kassandra point is opening doors to me for why–a peaceful full moon to you! <3

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