Daily Mystic for Monday 14 November

Happy Monday! It’s a much more mellow vibe post-Eclipse and with Saturn + Uranus gradually moving out of their tight grind of an alignment.

The atmosphere is as wacky and surreal but the pressure is easing: challenges and evolving times are much easier to deal with when they don’t seem to also evoke your personal failings or saddest defeats, which Saturn influence has a way of doing.

Today sees the start of a super-lengthy Leo Moon and it occurs with the Sun/Apollo (the ruler of Leo) in a brilliant alignment with Neptune. This equals creativity and self-determination to the max.

Leo Moons can be problematic in that they bring lower-Leo narcissist types so fortify against any of those characters in your life but otherwise, cue some fresh music, reappreciate the mood-improving power of style, design, color, vibe etc and prepare for 61 hours of heightened inspo!


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