Mop Cleaning With The Most Virgo Woman In The World

The American television personality and celebrity cook Rachael Ray is the most Virgo woman on the planet. She has – wait for it – the Sun, Ascendant, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Moon, Pluto, and Uranus in Virgo. Her Leo husband, fortunately, has Venus, Uranus, and Pluto in Virgo.  Hyperbolically Virgo people are his thing.

RR says on her rare days off, she writes and then cleans until she crashes with fatigue. “I don’t relax well.” She also looks like the sort of person with whom you could discuss the gritty details of anything.

In this transitional year,* cleaning, gardening, and cooking have become more therapy/comfort/magic spell/blessing than obligation. These are also a good route into the Uranus in Taurus paradigm, that is – safe ground in turbulent times.

Her “are you cleaning your floor with a dirty mop?” video is iconic. Can anyone trump this level of Virgoness?

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  1. I’m not sure I go along with all of this.
    I once knew a girl who was Sun Leo with Mercury, Venus, Mars & Jupiter in Virgo.
    She was an absolute slut and her house was filthy. She bred long-coated dogs and spent hours grooming them but never did any cleaning !
    Maybe the Leo sun made her think she was above pushing a vacuum around?

  2. My Taurean mother is a neat/clean freak and I have questioned many things she has taught me over the years but not this. Are you telling me that it’s not normal to clean your mop? How do you get clean floors if you’re mopping with a dirty mop? I am Aqua Sun, Moon, and Merc so it’s not something I usually think to long or hard about, lol, but I do like my house to be clean…

  3. Not sure where to put this comment, but I adore the “…talk to the giraffes!”story ! These days I am not sure the spotted ones know any more about what’s going on than I do, but I am certainly looking at where/who the official intel comes from and how those sources are (un)reliable at best and propagandist, power mad, delusional, thoroughly corrupt or worse.🦒🦒🦒

  4. Mop cleaning … this place always stretches the boundaries of my knowledge. Makes me think about things I’ve never thought of before. Thank you 🙏🏽 I’ll meditate on this and come back to you when I’ve fully absorbed the teaching. Cause at this stage I’m like WTF

  5. Have the most awesome Piscean house cleaner buddy who considers her job ‘making a difference’ in people’s lives (we get funded for cleaning due to my special needs little Capricorn). Our Pisces Cleaning Buddy is Cancer Rising, Moon in Leo and Pluto in Virgo and is a Chef by trade. We are super pals now and she does a weekly menu box for my elderly parents as well! Pisces Cleaning Buddy is the type who brings a specially cooked meal to her elderly clients, does their shopping if they need for free and if they mention they haven’t eaten such-and-such in a long time she will whip up a special treat. Amazing person! And yes, she cleans all the equipment after each use and has individual mop heads and cloths for each house she cleans. Also, I would totally choose her as back up in a street fight, ha ha.

    1. She sounds beautiful to have around Sphinx, I would think she definitely makes a difference in people’s lives – a ‘ministering angel’ …if you will 🙂

      1. She is!! We were destined to meet, she moved to our area at the beginning of the year and her child ended up in the same class as my son too. Odd!

    2. My mother has a cleaning buddy like this. She comes every 2nd Friday for 2 hrs and usually stays for many more. Mum always cleans before she comes so they have more chatting time ☺️

      1. Haha, yes I do cleaning with her too and we talk the whole time! Then have coffees and relax in the garden. I live with all boys and I appreciate her industrious cleaning energy!!

  6. There are more Virgos in my life than any other sign ok like 3, and they are all massive hoarders, maybe they think it’s collecting, to me it’s clutter. They who won’t throw/give anything away in case they might need it ‘in the future’. Personally don’t think that’s a good excuse to allow oneself to live with ‘stuff’.Stuff just weighs me down and interfere’s with the incredible lightness of being.Is this hoarding a Virgo trait or did they experience lack in early life so need to hang onto everything.My motto is ‘don’t be afraid to give it away-it all grows back’.

    1. Pegs, despite being an Aries I confess my mars/Pluto/Uranus in Virgo can get cluttered/hoard-ish with things I might need in future. quite often I do use them eventually and I know precisely where to find them too, as I have the trusty Virgo filing system in my head. It’s mostly art materials…
      But it does drive me crazy and in have been doing a gradual deep purge

    2. Yes it’s about recycling and not wasting I believe, as much as using it in future and not so much collecting. Well in my case certainly. My sister crushes my heart when she comes in and crushes my beautiful boxes lol. Boxes I can use to make art and projects with my son. Cancer on the second house cusp is the ‘hoarder’ part – everything has a sentimental value (all those I know with this placement have as much crap as I do!). With covid we have had our ‘revenge’ as shops have run out of stuff and people have needed! You need buttons and fabric to sew those facemasks because Spotlight have run out? No worries, I have it and happy to share it! But you’re right, it is a colossal pain in the bum trying to store it and waste time on it.

      1. Oooooh Boxes…. I Love boxes. Cardboard and wooden 😀
        yes I don’t like waste, and can see a use for many little things. It’s a fine line to when I get frustrated with The clutter and can’t sit down and make whatever it is, so then I organise the clear-out!

  7. I have Mercury in Pisces and Sun in Aries in 6th, Virgo on 12th. My young son one day described me as “mum who is always washing and cleaning” before I went back to work haha. We had daily visits to the local park for play but that’s how he saw me, his moon in Virgo.I do feel very Virgoan in many ways.

  8. As someone with 3 planets in Virgo I fully endorse mop and broom cleaning. You can’t get something clean using a dirty mop…Happy new moon in Virgo everyone.

  9. The house I’m currently in is so gross I’ve parked on the couch and have asked the mice to just leave the couch as a free zone until I move in a week and a half. Every restaurant ive ever worked in needs to see this video. You didn’t want to know that.

    Everything’s gross.

    I had just had the thought, and long time comment section people remember id been relegating myself to forever alone status due to a viral issue in my life long before covid.

    I heard the term “crygraine” and decided to stop crying finally but just a few minutes ago I thought…

    “My god what if I never have an easy fun awkward first kiss again.”

    That just kicked me into a new stratosphere.

    I have peaked and am now impervious to anything else. 2020 will never get to the core of me. It will never beat me now.

    1. Hey, love, hang tight and i have no other advice. Just be gentle on you, take any caring steps for you, even if it’s folding something or cutting and nourishing your nails, or making an application for something.

      There will be so many people who need an awkward first kiss in the times to come. Even people who live in freer spaces. You’ll be fending off muggle troll boys before you can say gimme a man! ( Abba quote, not gender thing)

      Biggest hugs and loving empathy, where i truly can, SK, all the tears are just drops that make an ocean, it’s ok. I tell myself that, too, as that is how i start and end my days. Occasionally battle during, but try hard to get it over a bit before going to work incl getting out of bed at 430am. And sometimes have to cancel treasured and anticipated bits of things after work to do more crying…weird and strange

    2. YES to what Millie said. Be kind to yourself, treat yourself gently.You are loved. Mice are very loving too.Had some under the floor boards a few years ago, so fed them, then they mated as they thought it a safe space for their babies, plenty of food. Then i got a dog and they left home.

  10. Is Peter Walsh mansplaining cleaning to an octuple (sorry – is that even a word??) Virgo?
    I love RR, she’s fab. With Pluto, Uranus and Mars in Virgo myself, cleaning and laundry are equivalent to spiritual practices. My first thought on a sunny day is always, “Oooh, laundry!”

    1. absolutely Chrysalis 🙌 I look at the weather forecast to ensure good laundry sun dried crisp sheet action. laundry and vacuuming are wonderful immediate gratification and result tasks ……i have no planets in virgo but am highly organised very very into cleaning and order and to be honest looking at the photo of RR in the background that area is my worst nightmare a cluttered kitchen i like clean open spaces nothing on the counters action except the electric kettle for tea, flowers, incense holders and candles … i am a chef too clean kitchens is part of the training i guess 😆
      from a healing spiritual perspective all of my teachers in the healing arts have said that keeping areas esp corners and hard to get to places to be kept clear and vacuumed to keep energy freely moving …
      so ultimately yes i feel for me cleaning is a spiritual practice keeps energy flowing and the mind calm

  11. “Can you keep the mop away from my tea.”
    I Stan the fear of germ proximity, however irrational (the mops are all new and unused)

  12. I watched this video and wondered is this actually more to do with the Aussie man who is in this segment. Can’t help but feel he has taken his intel from Shannon Lush and Jennifer Fleming’s book “Spotless.”

  13. Ok, I am virgo rising and I lived with a really good sun in Virgo friend for a number of years. What I see with this lady is a clean, ‘professional’ presentation of virgo AKA, a TV virgo. I always noticed the tendency with my friend (and I can sometimes fall fowl until other more shadow-tolerant elements of my chart kick in) is to appear clean, with clear avoidance of getting down to the deep and dirty stuff. As with all things, there is a cycle to completion, which I find can be hidden/avoided by anyone presenting as ‘surface’ squeaky. I simply dont fall for anyone appearing this can-do.. the bigger the appearance of ‘Can’, the larger the Monica cupboard.


    1. I must say I did think this too. Virgo suns I know all have incredibly messy houses and routines. Appearing busy and together but with so many must do projects on the go, nothing is really tackled in depth. The grottiest kitchens and bathrooms I’ve encountered belonged to Virgos. Im generalising of course. My sample group for study has been relatively small.

      1. Haha I’ve been sprung. But TBH not a priority for me. A bit of dust never killed anyone and when I am on my deathbed I very much doubt I’m going to wish I spent more time featherdusting, hovering or scrubbing the loo. I’ll be too busy remembering yhe fun I had running my farm, looking after my animals and doing the things I want to do ☺

    2. I have some evidence/known familiar cases of Virgos like that, a lot about presentation and not so much about the room with the closed door. I think those are deranged Virgos, there are clean clean Virgos like my grandmother. I have Mars in Virgo and I am the opposite, everything can be an apparent mess but it’s super clean although most people won’t believe it 🙂 If I haven’t found a method to deal with it I prefer the mess Open wide 🙂

    3. I can relate to this as Virgo rising. I guilt myself for not reaching laboratory standards of cleanliness that I don’t actually care about because I live alone. I’m only truly concerned about how clean my house is when I’m expecting visitors or even like the plumber or furniture delivery people.

  14. I actually disagree with the video. And I’m a Pisces Rising. LOL.

    Here is my lowdown on how to Clean a mop.

    After use:

    1. You need to rinse the soap and dirt out of the mop first. Fill the bucket with hot/cold water and rinse away.

    2. Now you need to clean the mop. I use bicarb to soften the water, laundry detergent and vinegar. I use hot water and soak over night. This is important as the dirt leaches out overnite.

    3. Next day is the most crucial skill: Rinsing. You don’t just wash your clothes in soap and hang on line so why do you do this with your mop.

    So rinse twice in hot or cold water.

    Trust a Pisces Rising to use heaps of water.

    1. Omg. I’ve never cleaned a mop in my life. Never even thought about it. Possibly because I have not had a mop for years. If I was cleaning the floor I was on hands and knees with a scrub brush and toothbrush for the grouting. Then I bought a steam cleaner thing. The mop heads get chucked in the washing machine. Must say cancer stellium here and I live quite cluttered but it’s clean underneath. I have a Gemini niece who lives very tidy but there’s dirt lurking.

      1. As I lived with slate tiles & wood floors always cleaned on knees then I discovered the first mop in the video. WOW how easy was cleaning with that, a slidey handle to squeeze excess, can stand upright, me that is, the mop too.Twas thrilling THEN found I could machine wash the thick fabric head instead of bleaching it and it was like new again. Came with 2 heads and is now 6 years old. BUT doesn’t get into corners as well as a hand and knee job.Mops are not sexy, someone doing it for you is :-). Virgo Mars

      2. Your remark of a “steam cleaner thing” for mopping sent me down a quick rabbit hole and I’ve now found something to pick up this week to improve my cleaning mojo – thanks! Believe it or not, I didn’t know tile floor steam cleaners existed!

    2. I’m Pisces Rising. I have Jupiter, & Mars conjunct Saturn in Virgo 6th house. (I own two vacuum cleaners)

      I agree with WUAS – There is a process for deep cleaning the mop.

      Also I would never put a mop sponge in the washing machine, I have a serious washing regime & that would really fuq with my vibe. The mop sponge gets thrown away. I agree with S, I’m not sure this is how Rachael Ray cleans her mop. We would like to know though.

      I refuse to get a cleaner after seeing most don’t change their cleaning cloths from one house to another. No Thank YOU.

      I was also renown for having one of the cleanest cafes in Sydney from a Council Environmental Health Officer.

      1. I like the organisation of Virgo’s and wish I could be more like them. I studied foundation year visual artists in 95 with someone who was a Sun Virgo. She still ran her cafe in New Farm or The Valley in Brisbane. She worked beautifully with oils and was so particular with them (I was wanting her to get a bit more free with the process and loosen up). I could sense her tightness and rigidity. I know her business would have been run amazingly well and efficient too. She said of myself and a friend “You both could marry someone of wealth.” It was an exchange that has perhaps haunted and intrigued me somewhat. I’ve not come close to this marrying kind. I have trouble with viewing myself as attractive, it was my friend who broke down this conversation and determined it was a Virgo compliment.

        Bunnings have been advertising this mop with a seperate bucket inside. One for dirty and one for clean water. It’s been on my mind for weeks. Two buckets of boiled kettle water with metho and essential oil was my regime for polished wooden floors. I also like the ease of disposable wipes on the floor mop head. It depends on my body pains and psychology, as I have put my back out getting into cleaning the floors (twisting and pulling a nerve), that mop was a disaster waiting to happen and I was not responsible for buying it. A mop needs to pass height, disability and durability, be safe with hygiene products and my witchery needs. It’s a tall order and Dyson still have no clue here.

        1. The Virgo artist sounds fabulous.

          I’m also really intrigued about this bucket at Bunnings. Dyson’s products aren’t that great (i’ve had a few) or maybe they just haven’t been properly evaluated using a strong Virgo cleaning regime. I do own a Dyson stick vacuum but also have a Miele one for a proper deep clean vac. It’s heaps better than the Dyson.

          1. Yeah a very sweet and unique person, with a lovely name too.

            Well I did have a Dyson stick, the Animal kept breaking down and the charging was not effective. It ended up going in the bin. Apparently there is a wet and dry combo vac, that’s great and it’s good on pet hair. I’ve even visited forums on the subject too and it’s not a Dyson.

            However a market that my Aqua bestie and I think is necessary is Dyson technology to be used in pleasure devices.

    3. Yes perfect exactly how i would do it ….Bu carb the most underrated ingredient in the house along with good old white vinegar

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