My New Sagittarius Neighbor

Want a really rad, real-life example of aΒ  Sagittarius character? Meet my new neighbor. Neighbors fall under the “3rd house” category in astrology and my Mercury there means that i have always been blessed with good neighbors. I don’t even need the proverbial high fences. Why they are nearly always Sagittarius is a mystery to me.

But my new, latest Sagittarius neighbor tops the lot. Tall, imposing, and a redhead, she has dogs named after politicians and a penchant for disco. If my dog barks in the back garden, she throws over a treat to shut him up. Zero angst. She thinks it is funny.Β  But then again, everything is funny.

She is actively and ebulliently immersed in the university education of her adult sons. Ms. Sagittarius will “read up on” the subjects being studied and then initiate outspoken debates based on her findings.Β  She successfully runs a variety of businesses – it’s all “on the side” but there are a lot of sides.

Saggo Character Indicators: Dress-Ups, Lecture Ranting, And A Sporting Equipment Collection

My new Sagg neighbor will drop everything if there is the prospect of a party involving costumes. Halloween the other day saw her dressed up as a giant butterfly with – this is the genius touch – the chrysalis still trailing behind as a sort of veil.Β  Annoyed that not enough little children came to her house for trick or treat, she took to the streets with a sack of lollies and accosted surprised kids with her offerings.

Her rediscovery of a “fondue machine” in the garage (she is the only person on the street with an actual garage and it is full of sporting equipment and gadgets she “might need”) manifested very quickly as an Elizabeth Taylor in the Seventies sort of event, complete with lurex threaded kaftan.

Her garden is all cactus because “you can’t kill them” and she is the living embodiment of the Sagg mantra: “never complain, never explain.”

NOTE: this is not my Saggo neighbor in the image – it is a Saggo – to me – vibe.

Image: Walter Chin

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Wish Upon a Star

I have a new Saggitaurus neighbour.

He has helped me with good connections and he has a great laugh.
Such a jolly presence.


I have always been blessed with the most awesome neighbour’s. Supportive, fun and we’ll……just pure delight of neighbour’s throughout my travels and play e’s I have settled. In fact, it would appear that my greatest love has come from my neighbour’s home (via her mother’s place). This most delightful woman was walking with her mother and her Mum suggested she continue walking up my hill/driveway and her mother intention was introduce her to me, lol! Clearly, I love her Mum for seeing the beauty in me to support such a gorgeous connection. I am soooo blessed. I totally love your… Read more »


Naomi Campbell (in the image above) has Sagittarius mid heaven conjunct Neptune, with Sagittarius moon in the 10th house. No wonder!

Taurus Vixen

She sounds brilliant! Good for you for having such an amazing next door neighbor.


love this post and pic! i live in a cohousing community with 3 other households, and they are sagg/leo. sagg/scorp, and aries/unknown but money on a sagg-pisces combo. all completely fun fun fun people with a lot of idealism, love of adventure, and wild and abundant gardens thrown in. but then, i always have great neighbors. saturn, vesta, and POF in 3rd leo, though cancer rules the house. the only community issues i’ve ever had (knock on wood) are through men in my life — father, ex-husband (entirely responsible for the housing debacle that was my saturn return), brothers —… Read more »


And David your garden sounds perfect. Mine is being colonized by lots of native groundcovers. I think if people found out how brilliant the native basket grass (oplismenus species) is, in full shade to full sun, the whole turf industry would go bust. I have bona fide widow makers that drop huge limbs after rain -grey gums, the worst, but they are full of gliders and possums and hollows where the black cockatoos and kookaburras nest so they are staying. I figure when my time comes it will be death by tree, but I’m ok with that. I mow under… Read more »


πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

curiouser and curiouser crab

Lovely Syrynx. Will investigate that grass. Love love australian native gardens that run a bit wild and bring us birds and wee critters. Not so happy about the wallabies/possums eating tender new citrus shoots.


And roses! Why do they have to have such expensive tastes?


Definitely looking up those ground covers. Love grey gums. The colours and textures of greys make them my favourite gum. The contrasts with the dark green leaves, beautiful x


Oh my, these stories. I have saturn in the third, and it squares my moon, exact to within a few seconds. I have moved because of neighbours, even when I have owned my place and they have just been renting. This place has been my longest, I think I’m here to stay and my neighbours have been understanding, though one has definitely pushed things, using my water for his horses, turning up drunk and trying to take my brand new mower because his wasn’t working, no asking. I think we are ok now though. I kind of do the mental… Read more »


Brilliant post πŸ˜€ I love the sound of your neighbour – my Virgo sun in second house is at odds with my Mars, Uranus, Neptune and vertex in sag in fifth – trining my Leo ascendant – I’d much rather have fun but end up worrying about details a lot of the time and getting bogged down with health issues… But I’m studying an art degree so that helps me a lot – lots of of free-spirits and self expression makes life a whole lot brighter for me πŸ™‚ xx


I have a few Sagg girlfriends and they are the best! I might also add that they are completely non-judgy, honest, and great travel buddies. What is it with the 60’s though? One of them rocks 60’s mod, and the other one lives in glitter and rainbows. Apart from that, their only clothing stipulation is ‘must be comfortable/be able to run in it’.


Oh yes. The same applies with shoes.


You can’t run from Bigfoot in heels!

Sagg Moon

The Venus Fly

P.S. Your neighbor sounds dope!

The Venus Fly

Leo in 3rd with my natal Jupiter.

I’m a friendly, courteous neighbor who always, ALWAYS has that one petty neighbor who hates that I don’t indulge them. I think that has more to do with odds and astrology but I have bern blessed at certain stages with good fortune getting homes I want. Also known homelessness but again, was blessed. Guess I’m blessed! πŸ™‚

Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

Ha ha! I love this post. I totally get the ‘blessings’ thing–I have jupiter in Aquarius and I am totally blessed with amazing ‘community teachers’ if that makes sense.


I have Mars in the 3rd and Gem man has Chiron. Fingers crossed out good luck continues, I imagine that doesn’t sound lucky.
Our Virgo neighbour is our landlord. She and her hub rent to us informally and have never ‘inspected’ the house. They also have raised the rent only once, even then she apologised.
They rent another place directly next to us to a nice US family. Their cat beat our cat up though. πŸ˜‰

12th house virgo

My third house has Scorpio on the cusp – my siblings are insane – but its mainly Saggo with Neptune and NN there. 3rd house Neptune-Saturn square Neptune-Jupiter in 6th – The other day as I was tying kayaks to my car roof a detective approached me and explained he was there to see a neighbor. Apparently there had been a robbery – a middle aged woman robbed a neighbor at knife point – and my neighbor said she’d seen her around. I recalled a middle aged woman had come by my house at some odd hour. She seemed off.… Read more »


I’ve got Gemini 3rd house with Saturn in the late degrees of the 3rd in Cancer. I don’t exactly have ‘problems’ with my neighbours – but seriously, sometimes they shit me to tears. The neighbours on the left have loud sex and their bedroom window opens onto our upstairs lounge room (it’s also directly in line with the front verandah where I spent most of my time writing in summer). The neighbours on the otherside, she’s a mouse of a woman and he’s a retiree exorcist (yeah, this can come up in a conversation) who said our house was cursed… Read more »


Aww, Mystic, you have a dog! How lovely. Do tell us about his/her astro πŸ™‚ My third house is empty save for Circe retro 13 Libra, opp Vesta in the 9th. I’ve never really thought about my third house much, although bad neighbours were a major part of my marriage break up. In the last few years at my marital home I had terrible neighbour issues. Four families either side of us, cashed-up bogans. It began as ‘Friday drinks for the mums’ and mutated into drinking and throwing bottles, late night parties in the street, threats, abusiveness, damage. It was… Read more »


… I should clarify that I am not intending to generalise about ALL tradesmen/cashed up bogans etc… This was a particular time, in a situ that happened to me. Hope that clears up any potential misunderstanding πŸ™‚


Ahhh so my love of cacti = my moon in Saggo.

“Can’t kill them”. Lol


I’m Sagg sun (neptune and mercury) and I managed to very effectively kill my cactus. I watered it too much apparently. Blame the Virgo moon for that.


LOL. I have Mars in Virgo πŸ˜€
I can relate.


You can’t kill them *with neglect*

A Sagg archetype speciality is giving space ☺️ …sometimes a lot of space🏜️🌡🏜️🌡🌡


That’s so interesting. My 3rd house is Virgo and it explains heaps about my neighbors on both sides. We live in a beach suburb near the top of the first hill back from the beach. It’s an older street and most houses are getting close to a century old. People spend a lot of time in their gardens and gardens say a lot about people. If you walked down our street you would notice the Virgo gardens of my neighbors. Box hedges, perfectly sculptured, lawns mowed to within an inch of their lives. Seasonal flower beds colour coded and neatly… Read more »


I know you haven’t asked for advice but I related to this sitch a little. Being a multi-Pisces (7th house) slap bang in the middle of a Neptune transit I’d probably see it as an opportunity to make a great connection based on how we all love the same area πŸ™‚ First I would thank them – regardless of how I felt I would make up some BS reason to thank them (I’m a Pisces, obvs that part would be easy for me πŸ™‚ )… kindness will totally disarm them as I’m sure it was a pass-agg move on their… Read more »

12th house virgo

Virgo neighbor here. I do a lot of work on it, but my garden is still a freaking wreck. Yours sounds lovely. So long as you don’t have invasive vines growing over the little fence and onto my tree, I see no problem with what you do in your yard. I’d rather my neighbor have weeds and snakes than perfectly mowed chemical green grass, like my Dad did. He writes the neighbors anonymous hate mail because of how they kept their lawns. I hate law nazis.


Yes I agree!!!!! Eastern suburbs PITA’s iyam. Poisoning native animals ?!? Protected species hello report them to council, i’ll do it for you if you like. Tell them that asthma and risk of poor health is PROVEN to be directly attributable to air quality which determined by the volume of tree canopy within a 100m radius of where you live / spend a majority of your time. Tell them they could do with some more exercise, would it kill them to just use a rake once in a while to clear the leaves up if it bothers them that much… Read more »


So outrageous and out of order. I have Aries on my 3rd house cusp and to me that’s invasion. I want to serve them with a trespass notice, but probably other peoples’ peace-keeping efforts are wiser.
Bet all the kids in the area love your garden.

I have really noisy neighbours but I aim for sangfroid. It’s a small world after all. In a crisis I might need them.

I also have a Sag sun and am feeling distinctly un-Sag in relation to these posts. Must be the pisces rising.


The kids from both sides have found the gaps in the fence and they sneak in all the time. On one side the neighbors have ripped up the grass put down new fake grass and cut down a huge beautiful mulberry tree that was too much of a nuisance because the berries made a mess and the bats were shitting red stained poo … Our maple reaches over their side so he bought a leaf blower and in autumn he is constantly trying to blow every leaf off the gleaming plastic grass ! Generally he’s a lovely guy and his… Read more »

Unicorn Sparkles

I’m not a very nice person. My first thought was roundup sprayed on their immaculate lawn to spell out the word “boundaries”.


Wish I’d had you around to help with my bad neighbour sitch a few years ago πŸ™‚


Have you seen that movie Neighbors ? Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi made it after Blues Bros. it never got much press but it’s totally brilliant. The last movie Belushi made before dying from a severe coke addiction.
It’s genius is the portrayal of suburban paranoia. And of course the genius of John Belushi. Great movie.


Baaahaha I am tracking that film down immediately πŸ™‚
I certainly drank a lot of Chianti-like substance to get me through that period. However I was no match for the Corona-fuelled bogans relieving themselves on my verge.


I loved that movie, dark comedy and a bit edgy at the time (or maybe I was just a sheltered…)


It’s def dark and edgey. Too much so for 1981, most people didn’t realize the psychological games the director was playing on the audience.
The actors reversed their roles from previous movies and it really annoyed people. You have to watch it twice.


That’s not on! Your garden sounds lovely. A conversation is definitely in order, and you certainly are within your rights to charge them with trespass. You don’t want a neighbour war though – boring. I’d try to get some dirt on them. The nice thing about our neighbourhood is that everyone contributes something annoying and we all let each other be, because glass houses.


Ok, thanks for the tips, I wandered outside today and caught the eye of the OCD lawnmower neighbors wife. We had a nice chat about the kids and then I pointed to my front lawn. She immediately knew what had happened and apologized profusely. He hadn’t told her either. She explained that he does have a form of OCD and that my lawn was possibly keeping him up at night ! And that she would deal with him. She’s a pretty tough cookie so I asked her not to go too hard on him, and that I hoped he was… Read more »


Hajajaajhahaja oh please do that that would be awesome.
Start walking around wearing just one shoe, the stubbies you kept since you were 19, and so on. No shirt. Wear a LOT of patchouli.
Cut down the mulberry tree……?!
Ok so basically your neighbours are not human.
Love from pi “get a life ya morons” dolphin


Funny. You should get a pet aye-aye that you keep in your hair. No one would mess with you then.


This reminded me of my place. We live in a small community with lots of open space and trees. We do considerably less yard work than our neighbors, but we are the last house on a paved road before it turns to gravel. We are surrounded by huge trees, which blocks the sun anyway. When we first moved here, one of our lawn jockey neighbors was dumping their lawn waste onto our property. They must have thought it was the preserve’s property – it does look the same. One day I figured out who it was but I was too… Read more »

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