Not Every Karmic Connection Is Cool

Not every karmic connection is cool. Instant repulsion is just as universal as sudden onset love or thrilling familiarity. It’s Karmic Aversion Syndrome.

The repellent force field of it is intense. Maybe it’s a South Node thing, but you’re certainly not interested in knowing anything more about them, least of all their natal energy. 

You know what I am talking about.  It is the opposite of instant attraction. Two people meet and immediately experience strong but negative chemistry.

The last time it happened to me was this thing (being deliberately vague here) about six months ago. A woman I had never met before locked glances across a crowded room. I felt instant repulsion, and I have no doubt it was mutual. It was potent enough energy that the drinks waiter asked: “why is that lady giving you death stares?”

He was concerned there might be an incident. But there was no inciting act or motivation. The only security required would be the Karma Police. And I felt the vibe before I even clocked her appearance, demeanor or any other form of tell. 

Then, through no fault of either of us, we ended up being introduced, and it got worse. I shuddered and could not control it.  We could barely stand to be in the same few meters of one another. I grunted. The woman shrugged.  “She’s usually really lovely,” said the host in puzzlement. I didn’t care. 

When it’s Karmic Aversion Syndrome, you don’t want to know a single thing about the other person. There is no curiosity, just that visceral reaction of needing to be out of their orbit a.s.a.p.  It’s as irrationally intense as the far more pleasurable instant lust-crush that feels karmic. 

What IS going on here?  Could chemistry/D.N.A./neurotransmitters explain this in a less whacko fashion? Or is there some ancestral/past-life thing going on that certain souls trigger a super unpleasant memory? Because even though the slate is clean in this life, whatever went on eons ago left a trace.

Thoughts? Have you ever had a hate at first sight karmic connection?

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  1. Repulsion complex triggers when I am in groups of women- colleagues and I have to scram. Their “nice” words don’t match their energy- disconnect makes me nuts. I have 9th Uranus and 10th Pluto- kind of paranoid in crowds-groups.

    Irritation towards one woman in particular- friend/colleague- who always acts sweet, but is patronizing. Presses my gotta-go-Gem-Mars button. Her NN and mine are exact opposite.

    With loaded 12th I figure it’s all karmic-LOL!!

    Middle Virgo son is Venus-Mars Scorp and Gem Moon- Talk about reactive-scathing! Working on that filter so he remains employable… I tell him not all truths need be spoken.

    My mum was Pluto-Sun across Kataka/Gem- and Leo Moon. Imperious and often said of a hapless Muggle, “She brings out the beast in me.” She took no prisoners-

    Sister-Leo Moon Libra Sun-Neptune had huge karmic aversions or attractions- often swindled.

    Leo-Sun-Pluto husband fueled by karmic hates- battles in courtroom. ” There’s something about that guy…” he is usually right. Pisces Moon-Mars and Kataka Venus.

    Last year ditched a qi vamp distant in-law – roundly detested. Toro with Sun on Algol- no boundaries, complainer, so pushy. Many say they lack guts to banish her and envy that I did. I was patient for 25 years- then one day poof-done. Saturn Return II broom!

    1. I’m with you on the nice presentation/hostile energy combo instant repulsion… Often comes with a side serve of patronising attitude…
      Makes me want to steer well clear…

    2. Kind a need more detail on the punting the toxic in-law. Hanging on *distant.* Hoping for a astro how-to for *near*….or maybe committed to finding my own astro how to bc of your inspiring example.

      Funny how my natal 3rd house Pluto (most aspected planet, big player/ally in my life and chart) conj Black Moon Lilith – Uranus hanging out there too – just…makes for a psychic sponge effect/homing device for mental chatter, projections and past – present life imprinting/wounding …it’s taken me a while to see it and truly understand it. So in a room full of female colleagues (or worse, a group of unprocessed moms) I can easily envision how that room full of young souls have plotted my death or are ready to cull me from the heard given their own vicious lifetimes-long never ending escape from the mirror of [grief and separation.] Holding that mirror, I AM often the trigger for this repulsive reaction. Better to know and not take it personally. Better to turn it into your – my work. Ha!

      With all the other natal aspects in my chart, I think there’s enough oomf to clear a room (maybe even a crowd) and hopefully an in-law or two. Def enough help to make turn it into a fun parlor game of one.

  2. This happens between me and my new boss woman… the minute I heard that somebody got the job, I felt sick… it’s getting worse every day… she tried to make friends first, a best girlfriend kind of thing, then a trusted ally-mentor kind of scheme and as it didn’t work, now she set up a DAILY 30minutes-meeting with me for the next TEN WEEKS to control me… it’s only a matter of time that I quit…

  3. I’ve read about a case like this before (in a book The Essence of Gemstones by Renate Sperling) and it was a past life thing, a soul recognition of a past relationship that was negative not positive.

  4. The only astrologically verifiable such incident was on meeting a new friend’s husband.

    Turns out his Scorpio Sun was exact conjunct my Scorpio Moon, my Leo Sun exact conjunct his Leo Moon.

    1. so what do you think that means Andy – couldn’t it mean you would really relate to each other? my Leo bestie’s Moon is on my Sun…and how did it play out over time?

  5. wtf!animosity

    it is the frequency in dischord
    felt like hail on thin tin roof
    it’s dental drilling nerve ends
    anaphalaxic at the root
    an out of phasic enmity
    destructive interferently
    in a field quite incoherently


    as for vice-versus, the lusty may be constructively interfering

  6. are you just each operating out of your own subconscious wounds? and it doesn’t actually matter who the other is, just how you can exercise something in yourself?

    and ah….sounds problematic?

  7. what about when you are floored by a strong sensation of lust without even having had the chance to see someone properly. Happened to me at the beginning of the year, quite something.

    1. Yes it is quite something. I’ve had that a few times. Twice – it turned out really well. A few disasters too.

      So, I reckon it was all in my head… over active imagination. Neptune fog 🙂

  8. Sounds past life.
    We tend to go through with the same soul groups,
    Sounds too close to the bone to deal with this time round !
    Did your top lip curl ?

  9. I read the other day from Eric Francis that a planet in hard aspect to the Galactic Centre can have a polarising effect. I have Asc conjunct Galatic Centre, so I guess I’m used to being a polarising figure before I even speak. I’ve given up trying to stupidly ingratiate myself using witty (?) or self-deprecating repartee in order to calm people down who I sense view me with suspicion sans any known reason. Such people are obvious in my life I can pick ’em I a mile off and in the past I have unwittingly considered them a challenge to ‘win over’. Now I can happily concede that most people will have a fairly guarded reaction to me before I’ve even opened my big, honest, mouth. And as I age– zero effs now given.

    I had a similar reaction to your’s (Myst) when I walked into a job interview; it doesn’t happen very often that I’m the one to instantly dislike someone, but I instantly disliked this woman, within nanoseconds of clapping eyes on her. We carried out the interview as a formality, because that’s what I was there for, but perhaps now I’d just turn tail and walk straight back out the door.

  10. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    I’ve felt it too. Weird as hell. A bristly undercurrent. Personally I think what I experience isn’t karmic, but some kind of astro clash. Like people with some specific aspect or energy make me want to run. I’m not saying those specific aspects are the ones, but there is some astro-aspecty thing out there that makes me feel uncomfortable as hell. It’s a weird fixed energy that I cannot deal with! Being way too mutable.

  11. This has happened to me few times. When I was younger I was far too kind to realize what needs to be done. Get away. Cant like and be liked by everybody. Hopefully there is space for this person in the same town, school or nabourhood 🙂 It is not that there is necessarily something wrong with them or You. But there might be a karmic struggle from the other dimensions in play. I have experienced this with an ex. it was about the last man standing alive scenario. Dangerous all over again. Once or thrice I have noticed animosity out of this world by another female. Just because I dont share the same insecurity about my hair, weight or my own attractiveness. Never really have. So then there is just no space for the truth. I know I will have to tell her what the bottomline is. Or I will just keep away. Honestly us women are so unconfrontational that I only hear the gossip about myself. I have lived now long enough to deny the role of being someones unconscious shadow in the mirror. i am a therapist by education and I know a lot about these wtf constellations. Most will deny their shadow and we all hate to be reflected back. I hope I learn form these meetings to be finished with these in this lifetime, but who knows.There is a reason these people pop by.

  12. Scorporation, Inc.

    If you could gather the wtf animosity person’s astro, then maybe you could begin to glean the astro signature/patterns. My guess is that mutual repulsion leads to avoidance (unlike mutual attraction, which leads to immersion). If you seek, so shall you find.

  13. If this ever happens,and it has a few times in my life, I feel higher forces are in play and just leave it alone – it was meant to be that no connection be forged. If you trust in your instincts and your intuition ( are they the same thing?) you have to accept that sometimes things just are. No reason. Or none that we understand. It worried me once – it doesn’t worry me any more. Life is too short to try to make pieces fit if they clearly don’t – only time it is really diabolical is if you are working for the person you are not connecting with – then you may as well just start looking for another job.

  14. Virgo/Taurus with Mars on the horizon. The most strong recent of these experiences was almost a year ago when I was out with close gf. She pointed out her abusive bf’s mother to me. I turned and instantly felt a gust of very powerful negative energy emanating from her. I turned back to my gf and said “Oh, I really don’t like that energy. Be so very careful of that woman. I also had a strong sense of trickery and concealment. Every time her name came up I felt again, compelled to warn my gf. If I had to guess, I would say Aries or strong Mars together with something Neptunian. I guess I could find out but generally don’t wish to focus on her.

    Now, down the track, my gf has left this man. The mother has recently threatened my gf to harm her with powerful brujeria. She has set about this in a determined way and most certainly would have the knowledge of the how to.

    Now, maybe my Mars recognises her Mars and maybe there is a lesson to be reinforced here about any of my own Low Mars indulgences but I have a problem with this idea being too dominant. My radar was spot on and we should always heed these warnings. My gf kicking herself for not heeding my warnings. Women particularly are prone to self-blame and also to accepting projections. This is how our radar can get turned off or become foggy……let us get some balance here because we do need our radar!!

    Separate of this experience I have also found that sometimes an initial negative reaction can turn into it’s opposite, but frankly this has never ended well for me.

    Great post. Good food for thought and reflection Mystic.

  15. My ex told me a couple of years ago that if I didn’t like someone straight away I would give them the cold shoulder, frozen body, not even look at them. I was stunned. I never knew I did that. My daughter confirmed it the other day.

    1. I had this happen to me recently. A bandmate introduced me to his girlfriend, she rolled her eyes, wouldn’t look at me nor acknowledge me then got up and left.
      I still have no idea what I did wrong. FYI: I have zero interest in her boyfriend.
      I am unsure what I did to offend her.
      She attacked her right before a show. Strange energy. I still wonder what I did.

      1. To clarify she attacked her boyfriend right before a live show. Very crazy, unbalanced behavior. I got bad vibes after meeting her.

  16. Is this a Pisces Moon thing?

    Well if it is, I do have natal Pisces Moon and this sort of thing has happened to me a lot in my lifetime, in a variety of ways. It’s usually me, sort of clueless and not realizing for awhile that someone doesn’t like me and then once I realize what’s going on, I feel unsafe and it feels unjust and I try to figure out ‘why’ inside my own head, I never have talked to the person about it.
    Unfortunately, it’s always been women. I’m a woman and other women generally don’t like me, that has been the pattern.
    Also, there has been a pattern of women who have all looked alike or at least had similar characteristics, that don’t like me, or who even take something from me.
    Seems like something very unconscious for me since I don’t seem to clue into what’s going on for quite awhile, so maybe I’m unconsciously projecting something, too, as someone above suggested, that hooks these women into not liking me and maybe I’m not even consciously aware that I don’t like them either..? Gosh, I feel so naive…….says the gal with Pisces Moon…. 😉

    On another note, really dealing with confidence issues lately, and the worry that people think I’m just plain stupid, both in person and in writing online.
    I have Mars in Pisces conjunct Midheaven and Saturn in Aries in the 10th house. My life is all about career right now, so maybe that’s why these issues coming up? I’ve heard Mars in Pisces can have confidence issues….

  17. I can tell when I’m in the presence of evil…I feel it coming off of them. They get angry when they know that I know 🙂 lol I somehow interfere with whatever scheme they’re hatching. It’s kind of like an arrogance detector. I don’t have to say anything. It’s all in their eyes.

  18. I had this happen a few years ago. Friend invited her to a dinner. We were so rude to each other, everyone was shocked. No particular reason, I just instantly hated her and it was mutual. Funny thing is, I can even remember her name or what she looked like. Maybe pheromones?

  19. I remember DIon Fortune wrote about this. Some people, you just have instant antipathy for them. I recall she wrote a little doggerel about it, that stuck with me for all these years:
    “I do not like you Mr. Fell,
    The reason why I cannot tell.”

    BTW sorry for any typing errors, I can barely see what I’m doing, I just got back from an eye exam and my eyes are still dilated. After the exam, the ophthalmologist gave me a grave look of concern and asked if I ever had an eye injury when I was young. I said, “no, I don’t think so… oh yeah there was that incident in Chemistry class, I wasn’t wearing eye protection when a test tube exploded..” As I was explaining it, I noticed she was sitting there with her mouth hanging open in astonishment.

    1. It’s much older than that, like late 17th century. It goes:

      I do not like thee Dr Fell
      Exactly why I cannot tell
      But this I know and know full well
      I do not like thee Dr Fell

      And i hope your eyes are fine.

      1. Yeah, I’m sure she was quoting far more ancient folk tales. I don’t recall the circumstances where she used it, or who originally wrote it. But now I have an urge to read her novels again.

        My eyes are fine, although until you mentioned it, I forgot about it, and now that I check, they are a bit inflamed. Oh man she really poked around my left eye, I thought there was something seriously wrong. Maybe there is but she just didn’t tell me.

        I have been having some general problems. First there’s my tinnitus, which is really annoying since I am going deaf just as I made some musical breakthroughs and I’m playing guitar better than I ever have in my life.. for about 10 minutes and then I can’t even hear the pitch of the note I’m playing, I feel like Pete Townsend or Beethoven going deaf. Then I’m having vision problems, just as I’m hitting my artistic peak and doing microscopically detailed printmaking processes. I feel like Monet painting water lilies as he was going blind from cataracts. There’s a famous painting of Monet sitting at an easel outdoors in the rain, painting water lilies in oils (you can do that since the rain won’t wash away the oil paint). And then I’m having trouble with my voice. I quit smoking and I am losing my voice, it’s very frustrating because it’s supposed to get better when you quit, not worse. My doctor referred me to speech therapy.

        So I was bemoaning my miserable fate to a coworker, and she said, “oh Charles, what will you DO?” Suddenly I just had one thought, I sang it to her, “That deaf, dumb and blind kid, sure plays a mean pinball.”

  20. First time my ex took me out for dinner I walked a few steps behind him to listen to my feelings – And what came up was “this man will take everything from me without mercy”. And then our evening continued. Its come to bite me in the bum every time.

    I was pining over him today and just have to remind myself of how pathetic his excuses for the breakup was.

    Have only ever experienced the “locking gaze from across the room and having a silent conversation” with my first ever love…

  21. This is an intriguing topic. I always wondered about it too.
    Some people just crawl under the skin and annoy the carp outta me. I hate it. Hate being annoyed. Trying to rise above it.

  22. Remember Ellen Barkin in the Sea of Love…she snaps her fingers indicating that’s the magic she seeks. Karmic WTF Animosity and its opposite are fav research topics of mine…so beyond projection, law of attraction, the birthchart…it’s like when 2 peeps looks fab on paper but real time…no way. The law of magic reveals itself via finger snappin’ 🙂

  23. electric eel libran

    i’m going to guess:

    a.) look at South Node or North Node. I was very very repelled by people who strongly represented the sign on my NN for the longest time, hated with a passion until i learned to work its gift. South Node can also bring wtf-ery.

    b.) blame mars. esp if there is a rivalry.

    1. i agree re mars and also think venus. only happened to me twice but it was mars venus for sure. First time I had an instant dislike for a woman (this is very unusual for me, usually I’m indifferent towards people if I don’t feel a vibe and I never fuq with people unless they fuq with me first) I asked my boyfriend if he was shagging her. He denied it. I believed him. He was shit at lying so I would’ve known if it was true. Ten years later she slept with my boyfriend (not the same man).

      The only other time was a friend of my housemate. Didn’t trust her. She made my skin crawl. 20 years later she ended up being an agent who handled my work bookings. Total bitch. Would book me for jobs and talk down the rate, send me to jobs that were vile. Told lies. Lazy. Until she wanted something from you. Social climber. Pretended to be peace love and mung beans but was really a snake. She was hooked up with venus transits. I watched this over the few years she was back in my world.

      Both of them looked similar now that I think of them together. Mousy. I suspect it’s a genetic/dna thing. My people conquered theirs in days of yore. The Russians are studying junk DNA and think ancestral memory is stored in it. I believe it.

      1. Random astro tangent that may or may not matter: asteroid DNA will cross the Aries point this week. Tomorrow, maybe? Perhaps it has something to do with the pain and weepiness people have been experiencing. Which, love to you all. Xxxxxx

        1. I saw your initial post about the mad sudden unfolding re hospitalisation of your partner? Have never really conversed with you so felt disingenuous saying anything then (some random with no previous context saying something about a thing as important as that always seems a bit strange to me – like going to the funeral of a person you don’t know or something) but I was sending big love vibes nonetheless and hope things are getting better for you and your loved ones.

          And I wonder if there’ll be a breakthrough in research as the asteroid crosses Aries 0 – that would be awesome and gratifying to astro asteroid watchers. Especially with mars at Libra 0!!!

          1. Thanks, AF. I understand the awkwardness, certainly, having been there myself and then later feeling guilty. No worries, mate. (Have always wanted to say that – apologies if its the most obnoxious thing ever.) Big love is super, super appreciated. Thank you! Wish I had progress to report, but no. He’s waiting for me, and I leave this Friday the 13th.

            Research breakthroughs would be excellent. Let everything that’s been incubating through Pisces come rushing out… I’d always associated the asteroid more with ancestors, but the science angle is cool.

            1. ‘no worries mate’ the most obnoxious thing ever? LOL Possibly. It’s a curious colloquialism that has been the subject of much debate at my house. It’s used in so many different contexts, but no worries, I’m taking YOUR no worries in the spirit intended. 😉

      2. junk DNA. not junk at all eh. yes i agree with your line of thinking over various comments here. [over my more basic mirror/envy thing]

  24. Once with a guy at work. Something about the way he smelled, his clothes – honestly, not sure what. I thought of those things after I immediately hated him. Thankfully, never had to interact with him again.

  25. Just re-read the post. The way you describe it, which is across-room mutual instant dislike and then some, part of me would want to figure this out with the person ie in conversation, acknowledging the wierdness. Anotther part of me would just make an exit and keep a psychic watch on the situation.

  26. My theory is that they Mirror something about us, or there is some kind of recognition or envy (rivalry? As mentioned above) yet to be defined. How to deal? Not sure. Cautiously? and with trustworthy networks/informants in place. Also some navel-gazing, watching ourselves as closely as the other , analysing our own responses.

    1. Mmmmm. I’ve read this in psychology theory too and I don’t think it fits what mystic is describing. It’s too generic. What she describes is so personal that it’s a shock to the soul and leaves you wondering wtf for weeks or months afterwards. The same depth as that ‘meeting of eyes across the room’ affect in instant attraction. I’ve had both several times and the initial repulsion/attraction always plays out true to the first impression. I now run in the oposite direction if it occurs – for both. The intensity is too much to bear.

      1. I agree with the moved on here. The ususal mirroring relationship happens daily, specially with narcisisists. It a lot different. More disturbing. it is not only jealousy. But knowing about the mirrors helps.

    1. I’m of the same opinion/observation as you. There’s one particular person that I’m thinking of. The first time I met him I had an instant repulsion to him. He turned out to be the biggest sociopath I’ve ever had the misfortune of encountering. Shudder.

      1. Intuition kicking in.
        I disregarded my gut instinct reactions to a this guy. I was repulsed but a mutual friend said I was being an overly judgmental snob. My gut was right sociopath.
        Possibly a deep Karmic gut reaction. I am not sure I believe in past lives or not, still open minded to it, but yes, very possible past life connections.

            1. empirical science is only the vehicle for recognition and will only reveal more magic! I think it’s an “and” scenario 🙂

          1. for sure. there was a mining disaster a few years ago and it was always referred to in the news by the name of the mine but not the location and whenever it was mentioned in the news or I read about it I would have these crazy surges of electricity go through my body and when I saw the images of the land this also happened. Then months later I saw a map of where it was and recognised that it was the place my great grandmother lived because I’d read the word written on the back of the only photograph I’ve ever seen of her. My grandfather was born there. That land is hard wired into my DNA. I’ve never been there but I feel it.

  27. my pisces sun son did mushrooms tonight, got way to high. He woke me up at 11:45 tripping balls. My older Aqua son is helping me babysit.

    Totally sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Today is awful. Aqua son woke up a jerk. I got upset. Torro and I got in a fight where he said he was leaving. made up quickly. Then this.
    Torro is pissed.

    Failure as a mom.

    1. aw, shit – I feel like that today too CM. It’s just, shit’s getting a bit crazy. I’m gunna try the Neptune vibes tonight xx

      1. Yep. I looked over at a pot plant last night I’ve had for 12months to see 2 gold top magic mushies sprouting up. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I even googled to see if my memory was playing tricks on me. 20 years ago I would’ve been gleeful. Not sure I’d even go there now. Neptune temptation you reckon?

    2. alternative perspective – that’s not the kind of thing you want to share with someone you don’t love and trust when you’re already full immersion. you go to the circle of trust. i figure the fact he could come to you tripping balls is a sign that you’re a pretty awesome mum. Later you will hear this from him.

      1. Thank you.
        Yes. He took them at home after we were all asleep.
        Had some funny moments and some good ones where he looked in my face and said, Beautiful.

        I asked what do you see when you look at me. HE said everything, the whole universe!

        But that was before he lost touch and started screaming high pitched and miserable, shaken and isolated in whatever dark world he went to.

        Grateful, I am the one he runs to.

      1. Yeah, I am being called by datura. Scariest of the scary and not something that I would EVER consciously choose. But there she is, beckoning…

        I agree with it being an affirmation of his love and trust for you. It’s a beautiful thing! Hugs for the strain on your already stressed psyche and family though. Xxx

      2. He lost his mind for awhile. BAD! When I wrote that last night we hadn’t gotten to the worst of it. I knew it was horrible when Torro who had been pissed, got scared. He was behaving like he was on a bad acid trip, not a mellow meltdown on mushrooms.

        I’ve never seen anyone this tweaked on mushrooms and I grew up in the south. We would pick them out of the fields. I amalso an ex psychedelic hippy who use to go on Dead and Phish tour. I’ve seen really messed up people.

        He said he’s done it twice before and barely felt anything. He didn’t do much. He just had a bad reaction which can happen to any one at anytime.
        Plus he’s small, not fully grown. He’s young.

        So scared, but today he is okay.

        1. Electric Eel Libran

          Could be that he is allergic to mold/mushrooms/fungi and therefore should not be shrooming for his own health..or maybe he got a bad batch like contaminated? I mean i have no idea…could also just be a bad trip. Hopefully he learned his lesson and won’t be repeating that. I’m glad no further injury happened!

        2. have you sighted the fungi? He might’ve taken something that looked safe but wasn’t. Not that I know anything about parenting so please ignore if not relevant but if he’s experimental like that possibly a good thing to hook him up with a fungi expert so he knows which ones are ‘safe’? Forewarned is forearmed? Knowledge is power…

            1. Thank you! He’s fine just so embarrassed he was angry and sad.
              oh well….the life of a pisces boy in puberty.
              I did see the shrooms in his vomit….LOL. Pretty sure they were okay. But yes, definately worth a conversation about double checking what you get.

      3. Part of what scared me…..
        His dad knew a girl who never came back from mushrooms. Have heard of another.

        One of his best friend’s sister died this spring. She overdosed on Ecstacy. A beautiful girl, sweet, and I loved her. She’s gone. Her mom and I have been friends since before our sons were alive. Too soon for me.

        I didn’t know if he had done anything else. He swears he didn’t. He’s sooo young, too young.

  28. It feels like the last week, just joking there’s a need to get out of town. There’s a reason. Sometimes you can become friends, in the end. There’s a woman from the 90’s all my friends loved her but all I remember is her stealing most of my vintage stuff from the restaurant that I loaned to one of our mutual friends.

  29. I had this happen when I was pregnant with my second son. A couple of times at hospital visits a certain doctor was on – it was a mutual uggh every time we set eyes on each other. Anyway, fast forward to going into labour. From the moment it started I knew there was something not right – so off to hospital quick smart. Get into the delivery room, midwife takes one look, steps outside and I swear she hit the panic button. Who should come tearing through the door – that’s right you guessed it. There I was having a life threatening placental abruption being attended to by someone I couldn’t bear the sight of – funny that, eh?

  30. One Pluto hardwired to another Pluto?

    I used to receive instant hate very frequently — I have Pluto square Sun/oppose Ascendant.

    Speaking of Karmic connections, only a few of them play out I think —

    This weekend I met someone whose NN conjunct my Moon, whose Moon conjunct my Saturn and whose Mars conjunct my Pluto. I was curious how all these would play out.

    We talked shop, shook hands and went our way.

  31. Raché(Aqua/Tauri)

    “It’s as irrationally intense as the far more pleasurable instant lust-crush that feels karmic.”

    Yes. Exactly.

    I’ve had things with women that have felt like this and people try to play it off as “cattiness”. Nah. It’s gender-neutral.

    I usually don’t notice it with men unless it’s a friend of a friend or lover, I guess same with women….friend of a friend or lover. But more pronounced there because we’re expected to be a pack or whatever and more likely to not arouse conflict unless absolutely necessary.

    The thing here is that when I get this feeling initially typically the person is someone I cannot deal with but have to or someone I am uber-repelled by but quickyly become BEST FRIENDS with. 50/50. So I try not to judge too quickly…usually these people for me that I have the strong reactions to are Scorpios or fire signs…

    give people a chance. you never know. literally all my best friends have been people i initially hated. 😀

  32. It really could be anything, but yes absolutely a karmic link that isn’t triggered until in the same space as someone else and if negatively then it may be due to what went down.

    If it feels more that than anything else, eg the way they wear their hair or smell etc then a tie cutting/clearing can be done with permission of their higher self quite separate from individual identity levels. This may also provide some insight into.. well history so to speak.

    I am always a little entertained when something starts like that and then people get together, eg I can’t stand the sight of him… we’re engaged! Lol.

    Just goes to show you never can tell and sometimes answers are not to be found in ways the brain understands.

  33. Mystic: I think you’ve posted the photo on this site of Prince Charles and Prince the Artist at some Event – the mutual loathing is visceral.

  34. Every Aries male I have ever met has hated me and tried to start a ‘war’ with me. Very strange.

    My Taurus ex-boss got very threatened by me when I asked for more training. He falsified complaints against me and unfairly dismissed me. I did past life regression and found that I was married to him in another life where he was abusive to me. He was a traitor in a time of war and I informed the village and they had his head chopped off!!

    Apparently I am paying back some karma of some kind by getting betrayed by him in this life.

    Also a lot of water/earth signs don’t trust me when they first meet me. They seem to find me too confronting because I speak in truths. Often when people don’t like you immediately your ‘aura’ represents something that they don’t want to confront in themselves.

    We are all walking around with something written on us. This will attract or repel ppl. This is my reasoning.

    1. electric eel libran

      I’ve got no love or luck for male Aries either! lol! i get so tired to hear that I’m sooo compatible! not! unless they mean sparring buddy! Buddy i will bury u!

  35. That’s so funny. Sorry if probably was not. It sounds like part of an already drawn out divine blue print. It’s worse when you fall in love and find out that he’s a complete jerk.

  36. This happened to me just a few weeks ago and I’m still recovering. I didn’t know I could be so hateful … or hated! Sorry to say but I can think of at least five other times this has happened in my life: and with people with whom I would have LIKED to have been friends! Ah, the mysteries …

    1. how is this different from ‘anti chemistry’?

      I have known a guy for 3 years now who adores me. My mom adores him. He is perfect, kind, smart, caring, wealthy and one of the most compassionate ppl I have ever met.

      And yet after being around him for 30 minutes I feel like I want to get out of there. Part of it is probably I am sensing his attraction to me, and there is no attraction on my end, hence the reaction. But it’s very strong, this anti-chemistry. It’s very inconvenient, haha.

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